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  1. Subeta Keith spending YOUR money and ignoring userbase
  2. Posted by Anonymous on June 9th, 2007
  4. Spread the truth. Digg article here
  5. I was going to hold off on this post, but to hell with it. deserves the rapeage that is being handed to them. These invoices show that Keith is using YOUR donations to buy himself shit (And not the 30 ps3’s… remember kids, as many as 3 tens)
  6. Let’s start with the smallest of such purchases shall we?
  7. $150.20 for a Fall Out Boy concert at the Honda Civic Tour 2007.
  8. Now, I don’t play Subeta, so I don’t know how much a gold membership is. But, lets assume it’s on the lower end, and say $5 USD. Thats approximatly THIRTY (30) donations gone to his ticket.
  9. But thats not the worst. I’m not even close yet.
  10. How about his $294 purchase of clothing? But, lets just say that six new tee’s. After all, it is summer now. So, lets bring on the bigger stuff. Thank you to the 59 people who bought Keith Kursen some nice new tee’s. You KNOW he will whore himself out on camera just to show you how grateful he is.
  11. Not much higher up on the food chain is his $315.53 purchase. Now, if you wan’t to say that his clothing buys were understandable, tell me how this is. He bought EXTENSIONS (some damn expensive ones too), and HIGHLIGHTS with YOUR money. The 64 people who gave money to Keith to do that must really like hair.
  12. Okay, now for a BIGGER jump. a $249 jump, for a total of (drumroll please) $565 USD. This order was broken down into two different items. After all, Keithypoo has to save your money. He bought TWO sets of sunglasses. One for $260 and the other for $275. A total for 113 users contributed to Keiths greed.
  13. An even bigger jump of $270 this time for a total of $835. It seems the higher we go, the less “necessary” these items become. A Volcom Hypno Hat? Come on Keith. A total of 12 items were shipped with that order, and a total of 167 users supported his spending.
  14. Had enough yet? Well, too bad. Because we also forgot his Gaia Online spending. How much, I don’t know. But all i know is he is getting “monthly collectibles“.
  15. So, Keith has decided he will take $2151 of YOUR money. Thats 430 “Gold accounts” he stole money from. Thats 430 Gold Accounts he did not claim on his tax return. So tell me. Is Keith Kurson, “beloved” founder of Subeta STILL innocent?  Oh, and that total is BEFORE his monthly rent, which is $1,722.
  16. Well, he MUST care about his users if he spends their money right? Well, you would like to think… However, this screenshot proves otherwise.
  17. Your wondering how many donations are coming in from subeta? Well, if you look at the side of this screenshot you will notice 3853 “Subeta paypal” e-mails. These are emails from paypal regarding subeta of course. So lets do the math here…3853… multiply $5 for a gold account… thats $19,265 subeta has raked in. No wonder Keith is angry. For a full year at his apartment it costs him around $20,664. Plus he has to buy his stuff. Come on guys, he needs his stuff.
  18. I dident feel like mentioning this about, but… Keith is also a trap. He spent $246 on… A DRESS.
  20. Amonst these other purchases, it seems he is raking in enough money from Subeta to also buy a Mazda 6.
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