Troll Badguy- Kusoru (クソル) Tribute Breakdown by Koogy

TSPolaris Nov 8th, 2012 1,995 Never
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  1. Breakdown that probably won't be very funny, but I had fun writing it as I watched. Lots of stuff goes on in the video is that kinda subtle, so many newer players may not understand unless they played GG.
  3. 1st Clip (Dizzy vs. Sol): Sol enters "Dragon Install" mode, which is terrible and never used in competitive play. It changes the properties of his attacks to recover faster overall, especially when blocked/hit. He runs around using Sol's standing kick (really really fast anti-air) trying to hit Dizzy, then does gunflame to negate the icicle. Then he runs up and whiffs Sol's main knockdown attack (crouchg dust) outside of range. However, because of the faster recovery, Dizzy tried to punish with crouching punch. Kusoru punishes with ANOTHER trip, leading to flashy, high damage combo. 8 / 10
  5. 2nd Clip (Faust vs. Sol): Sol doing his basic "sidewinder" loop, accidently knocking Faust outside of the corner due to his funky hitbox. He dashes in to preform his "vortex", preforming a generic jump-in, then leading to a string with a gap in it; forward+heavy slash -> grand viper. Faust does a reversal Super to punish. Kusoru guesses correctly, causing the "angel" to appear from the box, blowing Faust up and dealing 10 damage. Kusoru does a ridiculous punish combo using all his meter at the top of the screen. 6 / 10
  7. 3rd Clip: (Slayer vs. Slayer): Kusoru is an asshole, and mixes up a player for a few seconds with Slayers normal dash (teleport) into overhead, normal throw, or low. Last sequence is Kusoru preforming Slayers long slide, punishing a backdash into a 50% damage combo. 4.5 / 10
  9. 4th Clip: (Order Sol vs. Sol): Kurosu is Sol here, I'm guessing. He does "riot stomp" at mid screen, which is terrible and very easy to punish. Order Sol punishes with a silly jumping punch counter. Kusoru is not happy with this outcome, and continues to riot stomp over and over, getting countered with various weak attacks, occasionally getting a counterhit trade. Finally, he connects with Riot Stomps huge counterhit, leading to an air-combo. He begins to preform Sol's Sidewinder Loop set-up combo (crouching heavy slash -> jumping heavy slash -> sidewinder), but the Order Sol bursts, causing Kusoru to grab the burst instantly out of start-up. 7/10
  11. 5th Clip: (Order Sol vs. Sol) Kusoru does sidewinder combo, does Sol's Super (50% meter used), then immediately cancels it (additional 50% meter) to taunt, then kill with his uppercut. 8 / 10
  13. 6th Clip: (Order Sol vs. Sol) Kusoru preforms his favorite "RIOT STOMP", which normally is ridiculously easy to punish. Order Sol goes for his hit super, however Kusoru cancels his Riot Stomp at a really specific time, allowing him to spend only 25% of his meter, and bait the other player. He does some generic Sol stuff, then does the Riot Stomp. This time, the Order Sol player preforms his near instant fireball super. Kusoru cancels his Riot Stomp again. 10 / 10.
  15. 7th Clip: (Johnny Vs. Sol) Kusoru does generic Sol pressure, and inserts two fake fireball commands. Normally whiffing one means "don't move". Whiffing the second one, the Johnny player backdashes immediately after, probably to use the invincibility from it to beat whatever attack he thinks Kusoru will throw out. Kusoru delays, and does his punch super. 10 / 10
  17. 8th Clip: (Potemkin vs. Sol) Potemkin does big combo to Sol. Potemkin preforms his forward+heavy slash to force Sol to block on wake-up. However, Sol does Grand Viper, going underneath it. Not really funny so much as a really unpractical use of that attack.
  19. 9th Clip: (Zoom out to like 8 different clips) I'm not explaining all these, just the middle. Sol tries to get out of Venom's corner stuff, eventually getting a knockdown. He does a quick Bandit Revolver cancel using 25% of his meter to hop over the other player, then airdashes back at him. The Venom Player mashes on ground throw, and Kusoru baits him with a completely invincible "gold burst", giving him 100% super meter. Kusoru does a really ridiculous, easy to defeat block string (jumping attack -> bandit revolver cancel) x3, then does a command grab. 7/10
  21. 10th Clip: (Potemkin vs. Sol) Sol grabs Potemkin, messes up his combo. Potemkin comes down from the air, and Sol does Riot Stomp cancel into immediate normal throw (common set-up). Sol does generic mix-up into knockdown, Potemkin player bursts because he's about to die. Kusoru guesses right and punishes with a (ridiculous) riot stomp. 7/10
  23. 11th Clip: (Johnny vs. Sol) Johnny blowing up Sol, messes up his combo at the last second. Sol recovers on the ground, and guesses Johnny is going to backdash / jump away, and preforms an instant air-throw. 10/10
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