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Witchery 0-15-1 - 0-16-3

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Apr 6th, 2014
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  1. Witchery 0-15-1 - 0-16-3 Changelog
  3. 0.16.3
  4. NEW: Armor Protection Poppet. Works like a Tool Protection Poppet, but for armor.
  5. TWEAK: Using Ruby Slippers now requires the player to be infused. The slippers cost 20% of the total power for the waystone teleport (40% if it is cross dimensional) and 40% of the total power if it is the teleport to bed (60% if this is cross dimensional). The cooldown on the waystone teleport is increased to 60 seconds.
  6. TWEAK: When wearing a Bark Belt, the number of park pieces will be indicated by small sticks drawn over the armor icons in the player GUI.
  7. TWEAK: Coven witches now also drop Witches Hands.
  8. TWEAK: Taglock Kits can now be used on Carpenters' Beds from the Carpenters' Blocks mod.
  9. TWEAK: Added a green enchantment glint to the held 3D models for the Mystic Branch, Spear of the Huntsman and the Horned Huntsman.
  10. TWEAK: Added support for the armor stands in the BetterStorage mod.
  11. FIX: When an Enchanted Broom is placed it will now be at 90 degrees to the player's facing.
  12. FIX: When a stack of Taglock Kits is filled on a player (or bed) the last one will now stack correctly with the others and not require some time to pass before this is possible.
  13. FIX: Statue of the Goddess can now cure Curse of Waking Nightmare
  14. FIX: Healing Potions and Swiftness potions dropped by witches and later converted into Potions of Harming II or long duration swiftness potions, can now be used for brewing infusions.
  16. 0.16.2
  17. FIX: Small bug with poison management of seeping shoes.
  18. FIX: Bark belt bark pieces were being shown when invisible.
  20. 0.16.1
  21. FIX: Fixes crash when using the brew bag without NEI installed.
  22. NEW: Adds German language translations for 0.16.0 features.
  24. 0.16.0
  25. NEW: Bark Belt. When standing on grass or mycellum this belt, every 5 or so seconds, can grow up to two pieces of bark onto each piece of witches clothes (total of 8 pieces). When hit by a mob, one or two pieces of bark will be knocked off negating the damage.
  26. NEW: Seeping Shoes. These shoes cause any poison in the wearers body to seep out from them (removing the effect), into the ground and causing a bone meal effect in a small area.
  27. NEW: Ruby Slippers: These slippers allow a bound waystone to be used without the need for a circle. Once every 30 minutes, the slippers can be used without a waystone to teleport to the wearers bed (if they have one). The slippers have all the other properties of witch clothing.
  28. NEW: Brew Bag. Up to 8 stacks of throwable brews can be placed into this bag. The bag is opened by right-clicking on it while sneaking (shift key held). If this bag is used from the hot bar without sneaking, a radial menu will be shown when the mouse button is held. Pushing in the direction of a brew will select it and releasing the mouse button will throw it. Sneak with a selection to clear it. Brew bags can be dyed.
  29. NEW: Some Altar-powered rites can now take an optional Bound Waystone that will direct their effects to the location in the waystone (in the same dimension!). The waystone is optional and will be consumed in the rite.
  30. NEW: Witchcraft: Symbology. A book that lists all of the effects that can be produced with the Mystic Branch, and how to perform them.
  31. NEW: Book of Biomes. A book that lists all of the biomes, foci items and glowstone dust cost for use in the Rite of Shifting Seasons.
  32. NEW: The Biting Belt can now store two potions and will only apply a new potion if the wearing is not under its effects already.
  33. NEW: It is now possible to place a Demon Heart into the world by right-clicking with it when sneaking (shift held).
  34. NEW: Demonic nightmare. Using a Brew of Sleeping near a Dream Weaver of Nightmare, a Flowing Spirit Pool and a placed Demon heart has a chance to cause a demonic nightmare. Such a nightmare has the additional problems of fiery rain and demons popping up.
  35. NEW: New recipe, Demonic blood and gravel can be used to make a block of netherrack. Expensive yes, but it has some uses.
  36. NEW: Rite of the Forest - Instantly grow a forest based on a specific sapling.
  37. NEW: Brew of Bats - Causes a swarm of bats to burst from the brew, stunning nearby creatures and players for a short while. Made using a Concentrated Bat Ball.
  38. NEW: Concentrated Bat Ball - Using this ball will throw the item a fair distance, being hit while carrying the ball will cause the player to drop it.
  39. NEW: Purified Milk, bottle of milk that can be drunk with a 50% chance of removing one random status effect.
  40. NEW: Charm of Fanciful Thoughts. Stops the additional negative effects a nightmare's attack causes.
  41. NEW: Curse of Waking Nightmare. The cursed player is haunted by their worst dreams.
  42. NEW: Spear of the Huntsman. Rare weapon drop from the Horned Huntsman allowing the wielder access to some of the huntsman's abilities.
  43. TWEAK: Nightmares can cause additional negative effects when they hit. Waking nightmares are weaker.
  44. TWEAK: Kettle recipe for Brew of Sleeping now uses Purified Milk instead of a milk bucket.
  45. TWEAK: Particle effects added as an Altar gathers power.
  46. TWEAK: A copy made of a renamed Bound Waystone using the Rite of Binding will also copy the name of the original (so you can use an anvil to name the waystone "home" and then copy it).
  47. TWEAK: Damage of Owls has been slightly improved to make Brew of Bodega mostly able to kill a Zombie Pigman.
  48. TWEAK: Both enthralled zombies hit by a Brew of Love will now become zombie villagers.
  49. TWEAK: Curse of Sinking makes the victim generally heavy.
  50. TWEAK: Stupify effect from the Mystic Branch causes flying players to glide to the earth.
  51. TWEAK: Using a Treefyd Seed on an existing Treefyd creates a new one with the same list of ignorable players and creatures.
  52. TWEAK: After killing a Nightmare, 30 seconds will pass before a new one spawns.
  53. TWEAK: Harvesting Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder from plants in the spirit world has been restricted.
  54. TWEAK: Players are informed at regular intervals as their time as a ghost runs out.
  55. TWEAK: Entering the Spirit World via non-standard means will result in forceful ejection back to the overworld.
  56. TWEAK: Owls and Toads "speak" less frequently.
  57. TWEAK: Rite of Summoning a familiar will also call familiars in a loaded chunk to the location of the rite, even if they have not been dismissed.
  58. TWEAK: The Mystic Branch now has a 3d model when held.
  59. TWEAK: Mystic Branch Nox effect is now cheaper at 50 power (down from 100)
  60. FIX: Treefyds no longer attack sleeping players' bodies.
  61. FIX: Coven Witches will do their best to avoid water.
  62. FIX: Finally got MineFactoryReloaded harvesters, planters and fertilizers working properly with all witchery crops and trees (hint: use grinders on the Mandrakes).
  63. FIX: Tinker's Construct knapsack GUI is now disabled when in the Spirit World (still possible to use the custom armor, but to change too much would probably make Tinker's break, erring on the side of caution).
  64. FIX: BetterStorage backpacks are dropped before entering the spirit world. Drop them yourself to have a predictable drop location.
  65. FIX: Hunger level is boosted when entering the Spirit World.
  66. FIX: Toads have the correct height now.
  67. FIX: Body of players in the Spirit World now rotates correctly when killed.
  68. FIX: Added key and waystone locations and louse/biting belt potions to the tooltip instead of as a postfix to item name, so the information is not hidden when renaming the item.
  69. FIX: The arms of witches robes did not render correctly when blocking with a sword or drinking a potion.
  70. FIX: Demons incorrectly attacked anything they touched, they should only attack players and villagers or anything that attacks them).
  71. FIX: Using the Squid Power with the Infernal Infusion to blind an enemy more than 14 blocks away caused a Null Reference Exception.
  72. FIX: Transfer arrows in NEI (that show all recipes for a machine) for the Distillery and Spinning Wheel were getting muddled up.
  73. FIX: Using multiple bound Vampiric Poppets simultaneously could lead to the first being found repreatedly when the victim of the poppet dies under specific circumstances.
  74. FIX: Mystic Branch nox effect more correctly drops broken lamp items.
  75. FIX: Harvesting Trapped Plants always dropped web-based plants instead of the correct plant.
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