(FR) 4th wall Pinkie is scary (C+)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >day does anybody even care about what fuckin day it is anymore?
  2. >you are Anon, well of course you are, god damn
  3. >and you are beginning to suspect foul play
  4. >what kind of foul play you ask? Or are you asking me? Fuck you keep reading
  5. >where was I... you mean where were you
  6. >anyway you suspect you've been getting raped by Pinkie lately
  7. >how do you know this? Again with the questions!?
  8. >lately you've noticed peculiar habits of the party pone in just about every one of your casual meetings
  9. >whether it be exchanging greetings on the street or stopping by Sugarcube Corner it's always the same
  10. >it always starts with a look
  11. >a look not unlike the one Fluttershy used to give you before she tried and ultimately failed to get you to love her
  12. >about her... yeah she's still in the hospital after an attempt on your no-pony-zone in public
  13. >neat
  14. >getting sidetracked again aren't you?
  15. >anyway the look wasn't all, other strange things would occur as well
  16. >things like the aforementioned salami being covered in explicable juices almost out of the blue
  17. >one moment you're perfectly fine and the next you're sporting a wet patch on your pants
  18. >you'd mention the boner too, but you don't want to be considered a horsefucker just yet
  19. >you're off to ask the pink menace to finally get some answers
  20. >actually you aren't going anywhere, BECAUSE SHE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU HOLY SHIT!
  21. >"Hiya Nonny! Nice day huh? Ooooh, well that was fun! I gotta run now, parties don't plan themselves."
  22. >with that she speeds off back into town
  23. >guess what? Your pants are gone!
  24. >now do you understand what you mean? You know what you wrote, deal with it
  25. >you are Anon, and you suspect foul play because you might be
  26. >Fucking Pinkie
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