Bundle Joy Episode Pitches

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. Congratulations! DHX has hired you to make a Bundle Joy episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic you have full creative freedom, so don't feel chained to a TV-Y7 rating.
  5. What will you title the episode?
  6. Give a short synopsis of the episode's storyline.
  7. What will the moral of the story be, if any?
  8. Who will voice BunBun?
  12. >What will you title the episode?
  13. Moist Buns
  15. >Give a short synopsis of the episode's storyline.
  16. Bundle's water breaks, and Fluttershy has to deliver the foal all by herself, since she's the only one around, and the hospital's to far away. They talk, and bond over childbirth; Fluttershy wasn't originally planning on having foals, but after a talk with Bundle, her mind is changed. The actual birth isn't an issue for her, since she's helped mammals give birth before, so she's not grossed out by it—too much.
  18. Also, graphic detail of the birth. Aw yeah.
  20. >moral
  21. >implying
  23. >Who will voice BunBun
  24. Pic related
  28. >What will you title the episode?
  30. >Give a short synopsis of the episode's storyline.
  31. Cheerilee's class is finally advanced enough to open up a new chapter in their school books: Pony reproduction! She is visibly uncomfortable with explaining the topic to little school fillies and colts, tip-toeing around it and finally storming out the classroom all flustered as soon as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon start making comments about her intimate relationship with Big Mac.
  32. Their interest peaked, the CMC set out to find a replacement teacher and Bundle Joy happens to be the perfect candidate for the job.
  33. The episode would end with DT being her meany bitch self, only to get told hard by BunBuns, telling her that she carried about half of her class, including her best friend Silver Spoon.
  34. >What will the moral of the story be, if any?
  35. comfortable with who you are?
  36. >Who will voice BunBun?
  37. I unno. I don't really know voiceactors by name.
  41. TITLE: Seeded Buns (It's a three-way pun on "seated buns", as in how students sit down during class; BunBun getting "seeded", or rather getting pollinated and producing seeds; and literal seeded buns, such as sesame or poppy seeds.)
  43. SYNOPSIS: Cheerilee invites Bundle Joy as a guest speaker to teach the class about equine reproduction. We get a short flashback of her backstory (her cutie mark story, getting raped, and getting into the surrogacy business), and then she goes straight into a no-holds-barred about sexuality, conception, prenatal development, and so forth. The episode culminates in her conceiving her next litter of foals in front of the whole class, while Cheerilee gives a play-by-play of everything that's happening, and the audience is treated to a cutaway view of the insemination, and then an extreme close-up of 5 eggs being fertilized. The episode ends with BunBun promising to come back periodically to give the students updates, and hopes they can watch the birth as well.
  45. Throughout the whole episode, the ponies have anatomically correct genitalia. However, for the first 5-10 minutes, they're concealed by camera angles and scenery. The promos for the episode, including the synopses released online, would only include these scenes, and present a sanitized version of the episode's story. With luck, we can prevent any leaks, and the hardcore stuff will catch everyone by surprise, especially with the first few minutes being perfectly normal and not out of place in a TV-Y7 show.
  47. I just love the idea of some soccer mom sitting down to watch the newest episode with her precious darlings, leaving to get some cereal, and BAM, full-on nudity, ponies fucking, and detailed instructions on how to masturbate. The shitstorm of epic proportions that would follow would be so delicious to watch.
  49. Also, since I have total freedom, I'd probably use the opportunity to fix some problems I have with the show's canon, like reversing Twilicorn and alicorn Cadence.
  51. LESSON: The lesson would be a condensed, uncensored version of a high school sex ed/biology class. I'd also throw in something about how being a single/teen mom is tough, but it's not the end of the world. Also, life begins at conception. Hammer that home too, and conservatives' heads will explode.
  53. VOICE: She'd definitely have to be voiced by Nicole Oliver (with a very subtle Southern twang); she's got a knack for motherly characters.
  57. >Title:
  58. "The Milvus pony"
  60. >Synopsis:
  61. The CMC hear something suggestive or whatnot and decide to get their cutie marks by having foals. Applejack and Rarity hear about this from them and are mortified. They decide to tell the CMC about the tale of the Milvus pony, the pony who flies to all couples to deliver their foals.
  62. The plan backfires, when the CMC talk about the Milvus pony with their classmates, are derided for it, and decide to get their cutie marks in summoning the Milvus pony and, through a particularly disasterous scheme, meet Bundle Joy, who learns of their plans and decides to really tell them where foals come from.
  63. They agree to help her at her house in exchange and, expectedly, she goes into labor, the CMC get help, and the CMC learn more than they wanted to.
  65. >Moral:
  66. Adults will lie to you.
  68. >Voice:
  69. I really can't tell you. I don't really watch enough programs to get a grasp of which voices I would like. Furthermore, many voice actors have an amazing range of voices. Maybe St. Germain could make a good voice for her.
  73. >What will you title the episode?
  75. [Obligatory Pregnancy Pun]
  77. >Give a short synopsis of the episode's storyline.
  79. The CMC want to know where foals come from. They ask the Main Six who give the mixed and ridiculous answers… Well, except for Fluttershy, she just turns bright red, and slinks back into her cottage. They turn to the Cakes who obviously already have children, so they'd be perfect. However, when they get to Sugar Cube Corner they see a new pony who just so happens to be pregnant. Jee, I wonder who that is!!! They go over to her, and with out introducing themselves, they ask how she got pregnant.
  81. Don't really know where to take that…
  83. >What will the moral of the story be, if any?
  85. Curiosity killed the cat?
  87. >Who will voice BunBun?
  89. I'm no good with Actors, so I don't know.
  90. I'm the worst Director/Producer ever.
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