Onyx and Agate: Epilogue

Mar 2nd, 2014
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  1. >A slow clap, dignified and echoing, sounds in the area
  2. >The unexpected sound brings you to full consciousness
  3. >You're in a formless place, white nothingness is all about you
  4. >You turn to the sound of the applause and see the trenchcoated figure that had brought you to Equestria floating
  5. >"Bravo, Anonymous. You put on quite the show."
  6. >You feel your choler rise, but quickly die as you realise why you're here
  7. "Yeah, but the party's over now I guess. So what's this, the afterlife?"
  8. >The demigod chuckle and gestures to a patch of the void that swifly morphs into a technicolour tunnel
  9. >"Not quite yet. Walk with me, would you kindly?"
  10. >You feel almost compelled to do as he asks, maybe it's just the discomfort of being where you are
  11. >You proceed into the tunnel after him, gazing around at the kalaidascope of shifting walls
  12. "What is this place?"
  13. >The being smiles, as though entertained by your unknowing
  14. >"This is time. Past, present, future, everything can be seen here. But just as it is a line, it is a morphous ball as well. Futures shift, pasts change, presents burn. Perhaps this is merely a view of what may be or what might have been. Truly, not even I am entirely aware of what it is."
  15. >Trenchcoat strokes the wall nearest to it, which responds in an almost organic way
  16. >A moving image shimmers into view, of the stage that you had been executed on
  17. >Only something was wrong
  18. >Instead of Celestia standing over your body, it was an alicorn with a mane of hellfire and armour of gold, cackling madly
  19. "What the fuck is that?"
  20. >The being's smile widens and with a gesture the image fades
  21. >"That, my dear Anonymous, is the future you caused. The defiance of her sister and student made all the emotion she had bottled up for years form into the spirit that was Nightmare Moon, as well as your own Lucifer. She became Sol. But do not be worried, she was defeated before too many perished."
  22. >Another gesture and perhaps fifty souls appear on the other side of the wall
  23. >Many are crying, though a few are totally silent, and others still cackle madly
  24. >"The Elements assembled within an hour of her turning, an hour in which the powers of Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and Queen Chrysalis held back the terrifying rage of a mad god. I must say, I'm quite proud of you for the effect you had on the changeling queen, she stopped being selfish when you came into the picture."
  25. >An image of Chrysalis, your lover and queen, wavered into sight
  26. >She's missing much of her mane, and there are scorch marks over much of her exoskeleton, but she carries a beatific smile on her face
  27. >"Chrysalis was offered quarters in the castle, along with all her children. You helped secure that future for her, Anonymous."
  28. >Its words snap you out of your trance and you look at the creature responsible for all this
  29. "So what do I call you?"
  30. >It chuckles before responding
  31. >"I have a great deal of names that I've garnered over the years. They call me Puppeteer, Ventriloquest, Jester, Fool, the Laughing God, the Trickster, Loki, djinn. But most recently, those I affect call me 'OP'."
  32. >So this being was the trickster god for a dozen differenct cultures? Or maybe he inheretted those titles from another
  33. >Whatever the case, he was no mere human
  34. "So why me, OP? Why out of all the people in the world did you choose me?"
  35. >He shrugs before responding
  36. >"I chose people from many walks of life to receive ponies, across all different dimensions. Rich, poor, smart, stupid, upper, middle, lower class. You were just one of a hundred that I have brought a pony to. You are, however, one of a very few number to come to Equestria, and the only one to come across the planes."
  37. >He sighs and removes his ever present fedora, running a hand through thick, greasy hair
  38. >"I suppose I did it for entertainment, but also curiousity. So many on the internet expressed how they would treat their own pony, so I decided to see how much of what they said was true. And it does seem that humans carry with them the capacity for unconditional love for beings that aren't their own species. You are a prime example, dying for one so different than you, refusing to allow them to come to harm with an escape. It's touching really."
  39. >You swallow, was all that stuff just arbitrarily set up by this being...for fun?
  40. "So what now? I'm dead, so do I go back to Earth or something?"
  41. >He replaces his hat and rises quickly
  42. >"No, Anonymous. You've died there as well. I am here to bring you home, a real home. No more tricks, no more interference from me or any other deity in this life or the next. You've earned your rest."
  43. >He points down the tunnel, and a bright light appears at the end of it
  44. >Another grin from the god standing before you
  45. >"Cliche, I know. But go towards the light, Anonymous, peace waits for you there."
  46. >With that, he disappears, leaving you alone in the prismatic tunnel with your thoughts
  47. >You slowly walk towards the light, glancing at the tunnel walls as you pass
  48. >Images swim up from the depths of the spectrum displayed, showing you what happens because of what you had done
  49. >Celestia was cleansed, but forced to resign all her powers, save for the raising of the sun
  50. >She was no longer interested in ruling anyway, prefering to while her days away in her room, studying and meditating on why she had done such a terrible thing
  51. >Luna took over the position as ruler, fulfilling the duties she had once dismissed as boring and frivilous with a determination unseen on the throne before
  52. >The images fades and is replaced by another
  53. >Chrysalis cries in the arms of a mishapen monster, a being composed of different parts from several different animals and the mannerisms of a madman
  54. >The fleeting jealousy you feel towards Discord in the moment is replaced by approval when you appreciate the situation
  55. >Chrysalis could live for a millenium or more, barring anything taking her life
  56. >She'd outlive your children, and their children by centuries
  57. >Luna was busy running a kingdom and Celestia had locked herself away
  58. >Discord was the only immortal around to share that pain, not to mention he had once opposed the ponies as well
  59. >But you saw their relationship progress, somehow
  60. >They remained good friends and nothing more
  61. >Chrysalis, it seemed, was never with another being after you had gone, perhaps a true show of loyalty
  62. >More images float up and you see your children grow older, find lovers, husbands, and wives and have children of their own
  63. >The satyr genetics become recessive as the generations progress and fewer are born each generation, but they still exist
  64. >One little light of your children shines a bit brighter than the others
  65. >Noumena became a highly succesful business woman, establishing trade routes between numerous kingdoms of the land
  66. >She established a monument dedicated to the memory of you and her sister Mistake, as the first victims of Sol
  67. >You were remembered as a martyr and a day was dedicated to you and Mistake, called Simian day
  68. >She also headed a campaign to create a rememberance day for the soldiers and civilians that lost their lives in the Lunar Rebellion
  69. >She had grown up well, and you were proud of her
  70. >You're so close to the light, but one last moving image gives you pause before you step into it
  71. >It's Twilight Sparkle, but far older than when you had left
  72. >She has permanent fixtures to keep her wings from ever spreading, the damage had been that bad
  73. >But she seems content, a mildly wrinkled face smiling without any hint of pain or sorrow at her lost youth
  74. >She's in the old Ponyville library, you realise, and a knock comes at the door
  75. >She opens it with magic, and who should step through but Chrysalis, and a little childling hiding behind her legs
  76. >For the first time, you hear the events that go on, instead of just watching them
  77. >Your wife is the first to speak
  78. >"Twilight! How is old age treating you?"
  79. >The crippled alicorn chuckles lightly, clearly this was a normal thing for her
  80. >"Oh you know, Chrysalis. The joints ache and every day I just forget more and more. Who are you again?"
  81. >The two share a warm laugh, and the young satyr perks up at the positive feeling in the air
  82. >"Twilight, this is Virhe. She's the first child I've borne in a century."
  83. >This piques Twilight's interest and she closes the book she's reading and walks over slowly
  84. >"How is that possible, Anonymous died...."
  85. >Chrysalis, to her credit, doesn't show her sorrow at the memory
  86. >"A hundred years ago, on Virhe's birthday, I know. I had a bit of his genetic material still stored, in case I ever became fertile again. And she is."
  87. >Twilight crouches down to the little ones level and gives a smile only grandparents can
  88. >"Hello there, Virhe. My name's Twilight Sparkle, I've known your mother for a very long time."
  89. >The former princess looks up at Chrysalis
  90. >"Why'd you bring her here? I haven't taught anypon-- anyone in decades."
  91. >Chrysalis nods at her statement
  92. >"While that may be, you the only one who was there that day that's still around to ask. I don't want her to only know how I saw it, I want her to know what others thought as well."
  93. >Twilight gestures for them to enter and trots into the kitchen, with a spryness that belies her age
  94. >"Go ahead and make yourselves comfortable, I'll make some tea!"
  95. >Your queen and long lost child curl up on the rug, the young satyr nuzzling at her mothers neck
  96. >Twilight comes back with a steaming pot and three clay mugs
  97. >She sets them down in front of Chrysalis and Vihre, taking her place across from them and pouring out the tea
  98. >"Well, it was over a hundred years ago..."
  99. >The image fades, and the white light obscures much of the tunnel you travelled down
  100. >Well, it's now or never, you suppose
  101. >With that, you step through the portal and into whatever destiny had made for you
  102. >Warm sunlight carresses your face, a slight breeze rustles the leaves above your head, and the grass tickles the soles of your bare feet
  103. >Six colourful blurs come into focus as your eyes adjust to the glaring sun, two pegasi, two earth ponies, a unicorn, and an alicorn
  104. >It clicks in seconds who they are, but they react before you can
  105. >Twilight steps forward with a friendly smile on her face
  106. >"Welcome to Equestria, traveller. We've been waiting for you."
  107. >You scratch the stubble on your head
  108. "Waiting for me, what do you mean? How did you know I was coming?"
  109. >Her smile only grows as she explains
  110. >"This portal appeared three days ago, and Celestia, that is Princess Celestia who rules Equestria, sent us, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, to ensure that it didn't harm anyone. When we got here though..."
  111. >She trails off and looks down
  112. >A new, but oh so familiar voice speaks up with an air of wonderment about it
  113. >"I was already here."
  114. >You turn and see Chrysalis staring at you, mouth agape and eyes shining with attraction
  115. >"When this portal appeared, I felt a drawing towards it, though I knew not what it was at the time. I travelled with all haste and made it here before the ponies, and began waiting. When these six showed up, I could not bring myself to attack them, not around the portal, so I merely stayed quiet and waited. And now that you're here..."
  116. >She takes a deep breath before continuing
  117. >"It's clear that you were the source of the attraction. I can feel...such a deep love in you, far more powerful than any pony I have ever fed. You could sustain my entire hive for your lifetime. Please, creature, my children are starving, I beg of you to come back with me and--"
  118. >You place a hand on her muzzle and smile, to which she blushes profusely at but doesn't retaliate
  119. "There's no need to beg, my queen. I will gladly come with you to help your brood."
  120. >You turn back to the ponies, whose jaws are on the floor with shock
  121. >You know that a quick explaination is required
  122. "Twilight Sparkle, I beg you to not begin any actions against the changeling remnant. So long as I feed them, they will be no threat to Canterlot or indeed Equestria. Pass such word along to Celestia. Be aware, this is of my own free will that I go, and I will not allow you to stop me. Peace on you, Twilight Sparkle. Peace on you all, Elements."
  123. >With that, you turn back to Chrysalis and place a hand on her withers
  124. "Shall we go, my queen? I'm sure we have much ground to cover."
  125. >She nods dumbly and you follow her into the Everfree
  126. >Before you go, you hear Twilight speak in a soft voice behind you
  127. >"Thank you, anonymous being."
  128. >And so you leave to live in this next world that you had so desired in life, with the being you had desired to be with for years, in peace for so long as you existed
  130. END
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