Glitchless + OoB

dannyb21892 Jun 16th, 2017 510 Never
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  1. This is the same rules as glitchless any% except we can stand on out of bounds areas as long as you can arrive there glitchlessly. This causes two major changes:
  3. We can do child gerudo gate skip the easy way.
  5. We can do shadow early by damage boosting up onto the seam.
  7. This causes a huge route change:
  8. -We can do child spirit and get requiem and silver gauntlets in child 1. This skips the need for child 2 and prelude entirely. So now its just child 1 and adult 1.
  9. -Silver gauntlets can actually come BEFORE dodongo's cavern. This allows us to skip the need for saria's song and goron bracelet for strength.
  10. -Since we aren't doing child 2, din's fire needs to come in child 1. This means magic as child as well, and it turns out farore's wind immediately after Jabu is better than as adult before Ice Cavern.
  11. -We no longer need to beat forest, fire or water temples. Beating those dungeons is the trigger for Nocturne of Shadow cutscene. But with shadow early, there's no need. Se we will still go to those three dungeons for the bow, hammer and longshot (all necessary for trials) but after the items, we just warp right out to the next dungeon.
  12. -Since child 1 did gate skip and got requiem, there's no need for Gerudo Fortress as adult. We can just warp straight to adult spirit.
  14. All in all, there are a TON fewer cutscenes in this route, and it should be around a half hour or more faster. Should be fun to play!
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