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sidey admitting hes a loser

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Jan 5th, 2016
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  1. [03:50:54 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> i've lied about a few things in my life
  2. [03:50:55 PM] <HaWkys> :D
  3. [03:51:02 PM] <HaWkys> i knew that
  4. [03:51:10 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> you're the only one that busted me
  5. [03:51:14 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> not sure why
  6. [03:51:35 PM] <HaWkys> cause im the most intelligent person in the chat ofc
  7. [03:51:46 PM] <HaWkys> its not hard to tell ur a lying whiny bitch lol
  8. [03:51:49 PM] <HaWkys> u gotta SHAPE UP
  9. [03:51:52 PM] <HaWkys> start working out
  10. [03:52:04 PM] <HaWkys> get atta ur mams basement yo
  11. [03:52:07 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> lol
  12. [03:52:39 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> basically i was never a pro fighter, just trained max 5times
  13. [03:52:39 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> and i work as a security guard
  14. [03:52:43 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> i work alone so can party on bnet all day pretty much
  15. [03:53:04 PM] <HaWkys> lol
  16. [03:53:12 PM] <HaWkys> i believe it
  17. [03:53:27 PM] <HaWkys> sidey ur a nut if u think anyone would believe you buy those suits and think ur a pro fighter :S
  18. [03:53:48 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> everyone believed it lol
  19. [03:54:33 PM] <HaWkys> no, they probably just went along with it
  20. [03:54:44 PM] <HaWkys> im glad u got it out of ur system and finally admitted ur a loser :D
  21. [03:54:51 PM] <HaWkys> now i can help fix you keke?
  22. [03:55:06 PM] <HaWkys> cause it is the new years after all. Gotta help ur fat virgin ass
  23. [03:55:31 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> im not a virgin though
  24. [03:55:36 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> i did get pussy this year
  25. [03:55:39 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> THAT'S FOR SURE
  26. [03:56:02 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> even banged a bitch in my office during work
  27. [03:56:51 PM] <HaWkys> sidey u gotta drop the lies lol
  28. [03:57:33 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> i lied about a few things but pussy aint one of them i swear on my cock
  29. [03:58:37 PM] <HaWkys> lol
  30. [03:58:56 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> at work all i do 8 hours a day is bnet/tinder/internetdating, even a fuck like mappy could get laid with such dedication
  31. [04:01:10 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> da alarm has gone off twice in three years, both times because a cat/owl
  32. [04:01:17 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> best jab ever
  33. [04:04:45 PM] <HaWkys> lol
  34. [04:05:11 PM] <HaWkys> sidey we declare truce on new years
  35. [04:05:16 PM] <HaWkys> and focus on the real enemies?
  36. [04:05:22 PM] <HaWkys> nmcdo, cmk and polar
  37. [04:05:24 PM] <HaWkys> and night
  38. [04:05:32 PM] <HaWkys> but hes not that big on priorities list
  39. [04:07:26 PM] <SirensOfTheSea> theres no truce until you admit YOU'RE A FAKE ASS BITCH like me
  40. [04:10:15 PM] <HaWkys> ye looks like the beef goes on
  41. [04:10:21 PM] <HaWkys> the one thing u should know about me sidey
  42. [04:10:33 PM] <HaWkys> is that im 100% real, authentic and original
  43. [04:10:43 PM] <HaWkys> u actin this life im out here LIVING IT BABY
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