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  1. <Rat> vms setheight rat 11ft
  2. -Mechamaw/#bigfurs- Setting Height to 11.00 feet
  3. <Rat> vms getweight rat
  4. -Mechamaw/#bigfurs- rat weighs 829.87 kilograms.
  5. <Rat> Really? Does that seem a little heavy to you guys?
  6. <Corydonn|400ft> Not for 11 feet tall
  7. <Rat> I'm meant to be a hefty 11 foot rat
  8. <Rat> Could you give me an accurate weight to set? I'm not good at measurements.
  9. * Ransoogard pokes his face out of a floor vent. "That's a pretty big mouse."
  10. <Rat> Oy
  11. <Rat> Rat =/= Mouse, boy
  12. <Rat> Or girl idk
  13. <Corydonn|400ft> Well actually I was going by pounds. You would be a pretty hefty fellow at 11 feet then
  14. <Zarya[5in]> Squeak.
  15. <Rat> Good. :3
  16. <Ransoogard> v.v Psshh, like... don't have a cow, man.
  17. <Ransoogard> PFF... but yes, I know. o.o Just being mischievous.
  18. * Hank sticks his nose down in the vent to sniff out the fox
  19. <Corydonn|400ft> T'would be about a 300 pound 6 foot person
  20. <Zarya[5in]> Hefty is right. :o
  21. <Rat> Perfect.
  22. * Ransoogard is nowhere to be seen. Eventually when Hank sticks his nose deep enough though something is felt to cling to it. Something fox-shaped.
  23. <Komma> Hefty is... fun. :D
  24. * Hank flares his nostrils with a puff of warm air, then sees if he can lift the fox-shaped object out of the vent along with his schnoz.
  25. * Komma ahems.
  26. <Zarya[5in]> It's the best
  27. <Zarya[5in]> c.c
  28. * Biggest_Burr ( has joined #bigfurs
  29. * Corydonn|400ft nods
  30. <Biggest_Burr> Howdy all
  31. * Ransoogard keeps a tight grip, the little guy dragged out without a fight. O.O He hangs by Hank's nose.
  32. <Ransoogard> This is mine. I found this.
  33. <Ransoogard> It was abandoned. Finders keepers, man.
  34. <Beherit> -3-
  35. * Zarya[5in] yanks on Beherit's tail o.o
  36. * Hank grins, and slurps up across the white fox handily "Oh no, but I need my nose."
  37. * Beherit picks the tinycoon up off his feet by hefting the spade.  Slaps it down on the coon.  WHUD~CRUNCH!!
  38. <Beherit> :3~
  39. * Beherit repeats a few times.  WHUD WHUD WHUD.
  40. <Zarya[5in]> >.<
  41. * Ransoogard frowns, the fox shakes his head at Hank. :o "No no, I can let you borrow it though."
  42. <Ransoogard> For a fee, of course.
  43. * Ransoogard kicks at Hank's tongue once or twice as it licks him. Nothing too hard.
  44. * Julian has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  45. * Hank considers it for a moment before taking the kicking to mean "Let me in, let me in" which is permitted by the fuzz of his chinny--- nah this doesn't work.  It does mean there's suddenly a great deal of wolfmaw around Ransoogard though.  In every direction, sloshing 'em around a bit.
  46. * Canis (Hellhound@3A53B647.E009ADC1.2D38973.IP) has joined #bigfurs
  47. * Ransoogard looks mildly inconvenienced at the licks, fox's face only worried as he suddenly is deposited into Hank's rather massive maw. He yelps for a moment before he's utterly engulfed. "What the heck. I didn't sign up f- GRRRK!"
  48. <Beherit> Rrrf. u.u  *reclines in his chair, satisfied with the coon abuse*
  49. <Beherit> Mmmm good day.
  50. * Canis is now known as Hellshep-22ft
  51. <Corydonn|400ft> G'day
  52. * max ( has joined #bigfurs
  53. * Hellshep-22ft evilly holds up the piston lever for Beherit's chair so he can sink down
  54. * Zarya[5in] climbs up Beherit's leg and flumps across a thigh.
  55. * Hank rolls a fox about this way and that, being sure they get a good chance to look or feel the reasoning behind My What Big Teeth You Have before depositing them into a waiting hand.
  56. <Hank> I don't recall signing away my nose so I think we're about even, fox.
  57. * Beherit kneads coon skull between thumb and forefinger pads while he slowly sinks down in his chair. -.-
  58. * Ransoogard gets tumbled and rolled about, in a washing machine of teeth and drool before Hank spits him out. He coughs and wheezes a bit as fresh air is made available to him again. "...grrk're k-kinda mean, dude."
  59. <Beherit> Grrrf..  I've been feeling so good since I got back from MFF I've been staying up late drawing.  Guuh.. not enough sleep now.
  60. * Hellshep-22ft inspects Beherit's chair, learning that it swivels :V
  61. <Ransoogard> v.v You have no mercy for the East Coast folk, B.
  62. <Ransoogard> You go much too late and I'm forced to watch. You force my hand.
  63. <Beherit> PFFFT.  East is for the beast.  Monster food.
  64. <Beherit> :]
  65. <Hellshep-22ft> West is best
  66. <Hellshep-22ft> for beasts :V
  67. <Beherit> Das right. o3o
  68. <Hellshep-22ft> Ooooh I'm so glad you agree Beh
  69. * Hellshep-22ft grins all sharply
  70. <Ransoogard> Enjoy your dirty Pacific Ocean.
  71. * Zarya[5in] can confirm beastliness of eastliness.
  72. <Beherit> o.o
  73. * Hank pushes a thumb to Rans' chest and just rolls it up to push drool out of the fuzz, "Mean?  Nah."
  74. <Hank> Also I'm on the West Coast of the East Coast, so I have it the best.
  75. * Biggest_Burr has quit (Quit: Page closed)
  76. * Nori ( has joined #bigfurs
  77. * hellcatXD (hellcatXD@7DBA045.3EC9B506.3CE2CEE4.IP) has joined #bigfurs
  78. * Zarya[5in] nips at Beherit's fingertips o.o
  79. * Beherit keeps grope-squeezing and kneading the coon in his monster mitt.
  80. <Ransoogard> v.v Hope you enjoy the oldies down there, Hank.
  81. <Zarya[5in]> Snowbirds Take Flight!
  82. <Ransoogard> That's where people get sent to die. You're so screwed if the world goes down zombie apocalypse style.
  83. * Hank presses a bit more, "Old people like you, right?"
  84. * Hellshep-22ft knows a few places where mortals get sent to die :V
  85. * Ransoogard grunts and tenses up his gut. He pushes back Hank's thumb in a bit of frustration. "No. Not like me."
  86. <Ransoogard> I'm staying young forever.
  87. <Ransoogard> :u I have to figure out some way to become a vampire or something to just make that bit come true.
  88. <Hellshep-22ft> I get your soul when you die
  89. <Zarya[5in]> disagree
  90. <Hellshep-22ft> If he disagrees then I automatically own it
  91. * Hank grins and chomps at the air at Ransoogard, "How about we turn you into a werewolf?"
  92. * max has quit (Quit: Page closed)
  93. * Ransoogard 's brow lifts up in an incredulous expression. "I... don't know about that. I rather like being a fox."
  94. <Ransoogard> Maybe Ashen will take you up on that? I don't know if its possible to really change his physiology permanently though in any real meaningful way, though.
  95. <Ransoogard> He'd probably just reset after deforming once.
  96. <Tyshark> it's kinda easy really
  97. * Hellshep-22ft can probably provide such a service.
  98. <Hank> It explains why he's always eating, the chub can't stay in.
  99. * Minsten ( has joined #bigfurs
  100. <Tyshark> you just grab him and--hellshep go away these are my plans
  101. <Ransoogard> I think Ashen is just a major glutton.
  102. <Hank> Well he's your... cousin I guess.
  103. <Ransoogard> And general hedonist regarding a few things.
  104. <Ransoogard> And his odd anatomy allows for it.
  105. <Zarya[5in]> What a weird wolf.
  106. * Zarya[5in] nodnods.
  107. <Ransoogard> |v He's just a friend. Not family. Maybe somehow related, considering the whole fire motif. That's about it.
  108. <Hank> Strange wolf, but I like 'im
  109. <Hellshep-22ft> I can do many such things Tyshark :V
  110. <Hellshep-22ft> Removing your smell is beyond my ability however
  111. <Hellshep-22ft> Stinkyfish.
  112. * Hank takes the moment to roll his hands together with a fox between them, and then try to dry the white not yet immortal fluff being off with his chest.  Good as new.
  113. * Tyshark bites Hellshep-22ft
  114. <Tyshark> not a fish
  115. <Hellshep-22ft> Feesh
  116. * Tyshark hfufs
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