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Oct 25th, 2018
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  1. First off, I'm not an admin of ResetERA or SomethingAwful. The reason I've put that in my bio is because:
  2. 1. if the whole Gamer group have one of their bogeymen to blame, they shift the focus off of me and onto them.
  3. 2. it's really funny to see internet detectives assume that it's correct and quiz me on privacy policies on ResetERA and my connection
  6. Speaking of which, here's the first claim:
  8. - "A >> ResetERA member << doxed the GoG guy."
  10. I do not actually have a ResetERA account and have never posted on there.
  11. In fact, ResetERA has been making sure that my tweets *absolutely aren't* linked in the thread about GoG.
  13. So why are people like IMC claiming I have anything to do with ResetERA?
  15. This tweet, where I noted an admin had found the guy first:
  18. People seem to think that this means I got my info from Hecht -- which is false.
  19. I had (and still kinda have) no clue who he is, I simply saw him replying to the GoG person.
  20. I did all the research and found them on my own.
  22. So, basically, I have nothing to do with ResetERA.
  25. On to another claim:
  27. - "A ResetERA member >> doxed << the GoG guy."
  29. The maximum amount of personal information posted on this person that I've seen is:
  30. 1. his name
  31. 2. the fact that he works there
  32. 3. any of the other stuff in the thread, if that even counts as personal?
  34. The issue is, this person had put into their bio that they were GoG social media. They weren't trying to hide, it wasn't private info.
  35. The idea that this constitutes doxing is questionable at best.
  37. However, I would like to note that if I had the chance to redo, I would've likely hidden his full name and other identifying info, and I regret the fact that I did not.
  38. (I do note that it is likely the same people would have thought it would not have thought it constituted valid proof if I did, however.)
  41. - "The GoG guy may have never even posted that tweet!"
  43. It strikes me as quite odd that minutes after it was deleted, he posted "I'm sorry" with no context, then. That is all I have to say on that.
  46. - "There's no proof the GoG guy was actually a GamerGator!"
  48. There isn't, but there's no good way to prove anyone is.
  49. I think the fact that he was following @RoastieTakes, an obviously misogynistic account, is enough to prove he fell with that ingroup or around, however.
  52. - "The person who doxed him sent bomb threats to Anita!"
  54. lolno
  55. I did, for a time, know the person who did due to having been a part of a proto-alt-right troll group, but I did not have literally any interaction with the event other than watching the livestream of people being evacuated.
  58. ---
  59. Anyway, that's all the lies told that I can remember off the top of my head.
  61. Other than the fact that IMC thinks I'm a he.
  62. Just kidding, he knows I'm a she, he's just a transphobe.
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