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  1. $ sbt compile
  2. [info] Loading global plugins from /.sbt/1.0/plugins
  3. [info] Loading settings for project from plugins.sbt ...
  4. [info] Loading settings for project root from build.sbt ...
  5. [info] Executing in batch mode. For better performance use sbt's shell
  6. [success] Total time: 2 s, completed
  7. [info] Updating ...
  8. [info] Done updating.
  9. [warn] ~/services/NewService.scala:4:7: Calling services from services is not allowed.
  10. [warn]   val test1 = ExistingService
  11. [warn]       ^
  12. [warn] one warnings found
  13. [info] Done compiling.
  14. [success] Total time: 36 s, completed
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