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Sep 11th, 2011
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  1. [23:03:12pm] <Samual> You available?
  2. [02:16:31am] <LordHavoc> hi
  3. [02:17:49am] <Samual> oh hey, I was wanting to discuss something we've had a bit of an issue with Xonotic (from feedback) -- Many people dislike the stutter given from compiling glsl shaders in real time, i'm curious whether there's anything good we can do to remedy this? (Like e.g. caching these compilations or such)
  4. [02:19:59am] <LordHavoc> sure
  5. [02:20:17am] <LordHavoc> can make a list of permutations that are needed and the next time it restarts the renderer, recompile those same permutations
  6. [02:20:22am] <LordHavoc> caching that list on disk
  7. [02:20:29am] <LordHavoc> doesn't speed up the compiler any though
  8. [02:20:57am] <Samual> The goal I have is to basically fix the constant stuttering while already in gameplay
  9. [02:21:15am] <Samual> That's the real problem, so indeed that would actually be really helpful :D
  10. [02:21:24am] <LordHavoc> for a more aggressive solution,
  11. [02:22:58am] <LordHavoc> an important detail of that extension is to cache it to disk *after* it was used
  12. [02:23:04am] <LordHavoc> because that may affect compilation
  13. [02:23:14am] <LordHavoc> (indeed, it's basically guaranteed to depend on how it is used)
  14. [02:23:27am] <LordHavoc> could do caching in a renderer quit scenario
  15. [02:23:33am] <Samual> hmm
  16. [02:23:40am] <LordHavoc> so that all observed situations are already accounted for in that run
  17. [02:24:28am] <LordHavoc> because you'll still get new compiles silently in the driver when new state combinations are used
  18. [02:24:42am] <LordHavoc> you want to make sure that all state that is likely to be encountered has already been encountered before dumping it to disk
  19. [02:24:55am] <LordHavoc> state recompiles are much quicker than the initial tokenize though
  20. [02:28:15am] <Samual> This actually wouldn't solve the issue totally though, as people would still have to compile the permutation when observed for the first time - But that means much smoother gameplay later on anyway as you wouldn't have to recompile after every single new match
  21. [02:28:37am] <LordHavoc> right
  22. [02:28:59am] <LordHavoc> binary shaders are vendor-dependent and GPU-generation-dependent and even GPU-dependent in some cases
  23. [02:29:01am] <Samual> (Unless..... well, we couldn't provide a "default" cache, as it's really dependant on that on specific renderer.. right?)
  24. [02:29:14am] <Samual> ah right
  25. [02:30:45am] <LordHavoc> now we could cache with a hash of the driver info
  26. [02:30:53am] <LordHavoc> so that at least for known combinations it comes precompiled
  27. [02:30:57am] <LordHavoc> but that may be a rather large and sketchy cache
  28. [02:31:35am] <Samual> Not worth it, probably way too many options to even make a dent haha
  29. [02:31:55am] <LordHavoc> D3D has a somewhat different solution - the Microsoft shader compiler outputs a heavily optimized blob in a specific known format (not vendor-specific or even GPU-specific in any way), and then that gets recompiled by the driver a bit more quickly than the source would, but "a bit more quickly" doesn't mean a lot
  30. [02:33:30am] <Samual> Ah, that makes sense -- still this would be the better solution I think
  31. [02:34:35am] <Samual> Anyway, could you look into implementing this feature later? Doesn't seem THAT difficult but I don't really understand this all too well -- And it would certainly make a huge difference regarding performance I think
  32. [02:34:57am] <Samual> If you don't have time, maybe divVerent could
  33. [02:38:13am] <LordHavoc> put it on the tracker, the extension makes it pretty obvious how it should be used, take note in the tracker that shader cache writing should probably be done on quit
  34. [02:38:51am] <Samual> Which tracker?
  35. [02:39:36am] <LordHavoc> xonotic?
  36. [02:40:00am] <Samual> haha just making sure, didn't know if DP had its own tracker or such :P
  37. [02:40:18am] <Samual> but, okay, thanks for the info mate
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