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Aug 18th, 2018
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  1. Before
  3. Note : if my form gives you cancer, pls smack me. also i noticed the pastebin form has two forms attached? idk what that’s for but i deleted the what seems to be second(?) form. unless it was supposed to be there. i’ll fill it out.
  5. Note to me before I read your form?
  10. Review
  12. User : YNATDA
  14. Password : got7 is my ult group but i don’t have a bias specifically
  16. Slot : PRIDE
  18. Backup slot : LUST
  20. Face claim : andy_blossom
  22. Backup face claim : min_k_e
  27. Basic
  29. Name : im ahin
  31. Other name :
  33. Age & D.O.B : 21 | MAY 28, 1997
  35. Nicknames : hyena— for her unpredictable bipolar antics and behavior
  37. Ethnicity : KOREAN
  42. Personal
  44. Personality :
  45. she’s very relaxed though she often sees the worst in things. her tight and stubborn nature makes it hard for her to communicate with anybody so she’s grown accustom to just being quiet. she’s great at reading body language and her observation skills are up the roof. one of her weaknesses is being gullible, she believes everything which makes her very self protective. a strength is being able to be her independent self. always on her toes to stay away from trouble. her passive and meek nature makes up for her being shamelessly pessimistic. she can laugh too, along with anybody else. but her comments would only pop up every so often— afraid she may hurt some feelings with her puzzling thoughts and insanely grotesque sense of humor and sudden crave of impulsive actions.
  47. Background : coming from a rich family is joy to many but to her, she couldn’t stand it. everything was all about material things and comparisons against other family’s— rich or not. it was all crazy to her as there was a line separating her to her friends. she was forced around to parties and such. it gave her a different view on reality; she though that’s how life is supposed to be. it made her sad. all the pink and fancy glass things didn’t interest her. she tended to the more normal things— grey and rubber things. she enjoyed playing on the swings in the rain, reading a book in the dark, and writing poems while listening to slow music. though she did have a slight interest in comedy, she wasn’t comedic.
  49. she was teased at school for her sad behavior because it wasn’t common for a girl to like dark and dirty things, let alone anything crazed and grotesque. all the way up until her 19 birthday, she got her presents and whatnot. an envelope of birthday money was presented in front of her. not knowing entirely what to do with it— because she was trying to stop her odd behavior, she went and bought some items to help ease her into “normality” and blend in with her schoolmates. some cigarettes and alcohol. of course with her id checked and it became a habit to smoke and drink. her family knows, too! but what gets to her is that they don’t show any care. she feels like they basically shunned her.
  51. Likes : Min. 5 , max. 20
  52. * the alcohol burn in her throat
  53. * rain
  54. * writing— poems, memoirs. anything with meaning
  55. * thick blankets
  56. * slow sensual r&b songs
  57. * reading
  58. * spicy foods
  59. * hot showers every night before bed
  60. * sleeping
  61. * playing the piano
  62. * singing
  63. * dark colors
  64. * the word bitch and asshole
  66. Dislikes :
  67. * being compared to people completely opposite of her
  68. * sweet foods
  69. * greasy hair and face
  70. * obnoxiously loud people
  71. * pushy people
  72. * happy and cutesy pop music
  73. * open doors
  74. * heights/falling
  75. * rejection when she offers something to somebody
  77. Habits : min. 2
  78. * alcoholic
  79. * smoking
  80. * eating alone
  81. * biting her nails
  82. * cussing
  84. Flaws :
  85. * literally has no nails
  86. * always has dry lips
  87. * constant migraines and is always craving something hot to drink
  89. Fun facts / trivia : min. 6
  90. * all her tattoos have stupid meanings but look super badass
  91. * though she smokes, she also smokes weed on horribly intense days
  92. * drinks whenever she gets the chance.
  93. * when at drunk level, she becomes a therapist and crackhead all in one
  94. * collects her writings in a box with a key
  95. * her humor is dry but very shocking
  96. * often gets sleep paralysis but on some occasions she wakes up with intense anxiety attacks from it
  97. * her friends were never really friends. they were merely acquaintances
  98. * can play piano and sing because the lessons she was forced to as a child
  99. * is actually very ticklish. so that’s something she can laugh about
  100. * sleeps with an oversized shirt, underwear, no bra, no bottoms
  101. * likes to sleep with the mattress on the floor. no frame
  102. * always wears her hair in two french braids or in a low bun when she doesn’t brush her hair
  103. * earrings are her everything when it comes to accessories
  104. * not germaphobic but often washes her hands and cleans herself like crazy
  105. * her fashion style is lazy but presentable
  106. * ^ at least does her makeup so she looks presentable
  111. Looks
  113. First impression that she gives people : one word— freaky. her exterior is very intimidating as she keeps to herself but she also is insane.
  115. Love interest : KIM YUGYEOM
  117. What did they think of each other when they saw each other for the first time?
  118. How did they react : he thought, “oh shit, she’s incredibly gross.” lmao not in a bad way but like he was into that because she was her own person. gloomy but interactive. whereas she thought he was so different from the other guys. his hyper self caught her attention.
  121. After
  123. Extras :
  125. Parents' Occupation : family is big. cousins, aunts and uncles population basically littering korea. all rich from farms passed down to generations, and very own oil company. everyone’s well and caring but her immediate family members— mom, dad, and two younger twin brothers are annoying her. they love her but treat her like she isn’t theirs. basically tough love without the emotions.
  131. My message to you :
  133. Thank you all so much for bearing with me, I hope that y'all will like this apply fic and if ever the gifs are too gore or scary just say so, I don't want to scare y'all away lmao, anyways don't forget to vote and comment ! Happy reading peeps !!
  135. P.S thanks to my sis for helping me out on my very first apply fic !! thank chuuu sis
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