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  1. 20:46:09: ACTION[ServerThread]: thatgraemeguy punches object 11921: LuaEntitySAO at (-324,1.62121,122)
  2. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ServerError'
  3.   what():  ...netest/.minetest/mods/itemframes/itemframes/init.lua:69: attempt to index local 'posad' (a nil value)
  4. stack traceback:
  5.         ...netest/.minetest/mods/itemframes/itemframes/init.lua:69: in function 'update_item'
  6.         ...netest/.minetest/mods/itemframes/itemframes/init.lua:124: in function 'on_rightclick'
  7.         /usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/item.lua:326: in function </usr/share/minetest/builtin/game/item.lua:319>
  8.         (tail call): ?
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