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Poison Application

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  1. ❝ MONSTA X ❞
  2.    ◌ USERNAME ≡ forever_mtuan
  3.    ◌ PASSWORD ≡ pink label - laysha
  5. ❝ HYUNWOO ❞
  6.    ◌ NAME ≡ kang jaerin
  7.    ◌ NICKNAME ≡ jellybaby, jaejae
  8.    ◌ BIRTHDATE ≡ 28th april 1997
  9.    ◌ AGE ≡ 20
  10.    ◌ WEIGHT ≡ 49kg
  11.    ◌ HEIGHT ≡ 163cm
  12.    ◌ BLOOD TYPE ≡ type b
  14. ❝ HOSEOK ❞
  15.    ◌ FACE CLAIM ≡ choi yoo jung, ioi
  16.    ◌ BU FC ≡ iu / lee jieun, soloist
  17.    ◌ 2 BU FC ≡ lee geumhee, ullzang
  18.    ◌ SLOT ≡ emerald
  19.    ◌ BU ST ≡ diamond
  20.    ◌ 2 BU ST ≡ ruby
  21.    ◌ FAMILY ≡
  22. - sister|kang minji|27|journalist
  23. - sister|kang hyerin|20|junior photographer
  24. - brother|kang daehyun|18|student
  25. - mother|kang (previously jung) hyorin|45|journalist
  26. - father| kang daesung|51|university professor in literature
  28.    ◌ BACKGROUND ≡
  30. jaerin was a child born into a family who were liked by the community they were from and so she too was liked by the community whilst growing up. she loved reading with her dad, and making up stories with her mum. she looked up to. her sister as she was top of the class from grade school, however jaerin could never that high, maybe eighth or tenth, but she didn't mind.
  31.  she had a best friend called oh sunmi, who she was very close with, until her family moved to england and they lost contact. she was the friend who had asked to "help get rid of" someone (namely her mother) by making her a "forbidded fruit cake" for her birthday. she was told that it was supposed to be an apple cake but her friend had asked her to put in a "special spice" which was actually poison.
  32. soon after the incident was found out on the news, she blurted out the details, saying she had no idea that the spice was poison, she just thought it was expired. her forgave her (she was only 13) but her parents began to save money and 2 years later, moved their family to london. jaerin forgot about sunmi quickly and so her parents were glad. she replaced her best friend with her twin sister, hyerin, who was younger by 10 minutes but was like her older sister. they were very close and shared a love of soul eater and video games.
  33. when she was 17, she saw that a english representative for a new korean music agency had asked for her sisters to write an article. it was on them and their upcomimg project to make a new girl group and how they were in england scouting their final member. the two recommended jaerin as she developed a love for rap and had competed and won a school talent show when she was 16. the company had called her and asked her to audition a week later, to which she was hesistant at first. she took a chance and was recruited to join them as a trainee and debut in a girl group called "poison" after moving back to korea to train for her for her upcoming debut.
  34. she struggeled however as she had to lose a kot of weight before she debuted and was put on strict diet plans. she managed to keep her spirits up by playng pranks on other that she used to do with her family.
  36. ❝ MINHYUK ❞
  37.    ◌ NATIONALITY ≡ korean
  38.    ◌ ETHNICITY ≡ british korean
  39.    ◌ BIRTHPLACE ≡ incheon, korea
  40.    ◌ HOMETOWN[S] =
  41. - namdong-gu, incheon (birth until aged 14)
  42. - london, england (14 until aged 17)
  43.    ◌ LANGUAGES =
  44.  korean, english (advanced) and french (intermediate)
  46.    ◌ PERSONALITY ≡
  47.  she seems quiet and shy at first but after you get to know her for about a day, she's a very crazy person. she is always pranking others and laughing way too hard about it. she has times where she is calm, reading manga or watching tv shows in english like "jane the virgin" but they don't last long. she likes to start fights with the other members but is quick to run if she knows she can't win (which is most of the time).
  48.  she loves her stuffed squirtle toy and it is usually the cause of most of her arguments. she uses memes very often and causes he other members to get annoyed at her. if she is annoyed, she will sulk until she has an appology and then goes to hug the person she fought with. if she's sad, she will show it quickly by not laughing at things she usually finds funny before crying quietly. when she is angry, she will shout at the top of her lungs but if she's really angry, she won't say anything at all but eventually explode.
  50. ❝ KIHYUN ❞
  51.    ◌ SEXUALITY ≡ straight/heterosexual
  52.    ◌ LOVE INTEREST ≡ mark tuan, got7
  53.    ◌ BU LI ≡ kim taehyung, bts
  54.    ◌ 2 BU LI ≡ kim mingyu, seventeen
  58. he is a quiet, reserved guy in public even when you are very close to him. but in the privacy of his dorm, he is a clumsy, laughing mess who has a deep passion for laughing at otherswl whrn they get pranked. he loves a good prank, but no one expects such a wild laugh to erupt from him when it happens. when he's very angry, he smashes things and will punch a wall until it's broken or he bleeds. when he's sad, runs to a park near his dorm and shouts beacause he know no one will hear him and then cries silently until he is lightheaded.
  61. (of him)
  62.  she thought that he was a cool guy but what was wierd wad the fact that she had never seen him talk. one day, she was walking with mutual friemd of his as he wanted to indroduced them to each each other. before he could, they turned a corner and scared them both. they both laughed about it and became friends while consoling their other friend (who was scared out of his mind).
  65. (of her)
  66.  he heard about her from a label mate of hers and wenever he went to see his friend, she was around. she had a laugh that yiu couldn't nit hear, loud and peircing. he wanted to get to know her so he asked people what she likes. he learnt from another friend of his that she likes pranks and so he pranked her by scaring her with a jigsaw mask. she laugh so hard and helped him with a mutual friend of theirs as he had been so scared and as he recovered from shock they became friends after talkimg about anime and overwatch.  
  70. 1. the two have a "fight with their stuffed toys. jaerin with her squirtle toy and LI (preferably mark) with a charmander toy after she plays a prank in him.
  71. 2. the two characters have been locked in a battle for kills on mortal kombat for a few hours as neither if them can go home for chusoek. on their 100th and final match , the LI confesses to her just as she beats him. she confessed back and reiterates the fact that he lost and he says it doesn't matter as he has won her.
  73. ❝ HYUNGWON ❞
  75.    ◌ STAGE NAME ≡  Jaerin
  76.    ◌ PRE-DEBUT ACTIVITIES ≡ n/a
  77.    ◌ FAN SERVICE ≡ switching from cutesy to sexy, taking selfies with fans and complimenting her fans ("you guys are way cuter than me")
  78.    ◌ TRAINING YEARS ≡ 3 years 5 months
  81. diamomd - 7/10, second closest to
  82. ruby - 5/10, least close to
  83. amethyst - 8/10, closest to
  85.    ◌ INDIVIDUAL GREETING ≡ "jellyjae on the scene okay? hello, i'm poison's dangerously sweet maknae, jaerin. "
  86.    ◌ INDIVIDUAL FANDOM NAME ≡ Jellys
  87.    ◌ INDIVIDUAL FANDOM COLOR ≡ light blue and peach
  88.    ◌ SOCIAL MEDIA ≡
  89.          instagram - @jellyjae
  90.          twitter - @jellyjae_
  91.          snow - @jellyjae
  95. 1. w/ - after their their last performance on "the show", they have no schedule the next day, so they decide to go to the mall and do some shopping. they go to victoria's secret to buy underwear but are nearly caught by fans and have to run away.
  96. 2. w/ - the girls decide to clean their dorm before they go to sleep, but end up having a pillow fight after jaerin throws a pillow at "amethyst".
  98. 1. w/o -  a scene where she is peacefull watching howl's moving castle while she is eating dried mangos and hugging her squirlt stuffie. she starts crying after the movie ends but quickly wipes away her tears after she is called to eat.
  99. 2. w/o - she is skyping her family back home in england and talking to them about how it is to be a trainee and how she misses them and can't wait to go home for christmas. she gets the news from her brother that he is going to university and that his older sister is pregnant after trying for two years. she then goes to sleep in happy mood, forgeting she has a long and difficult schedule the next day.
  101. ❝ JOOHEON ❞
  102.    ◌ LIKES ≡
  103. • anime and mangas, especially soul eater
  104. • pranking other people
  105. • pokemon, especially squirtle and piplup
  106. • cookie dough ice cream
  107. • mangos
  108. • roses and cherry blossoms
  109. • watching youtubers play video games (pewdiepie, matpat, dantdm)
  110. • the number 14
  111. • her large squirtle stuffie
  112. • sleeping in when she doesn't have a schedule
  113. • the smell of vanilla and cotton candy
  115.    ◌ DISLIKES ≡
  116. • the smell of petrol
  117. • dancing to ballet
  118. • saesang fans
  119. • raisins
  120. • the word "moist"
  121. • when people are touching her stuffed squirtle toy
  122. • people who make fun of her for watchig anime
  123. • the feeling of touching something when her hands are dry.
  124. • peopke who are arrongant
  125. • when people don't listen to/ ignore her
  126. • wearing contacts
  128.    ◌ TALENTS ≡
  129. • she know how to play the drums.
  130. • knows the song "born hater" by epik high by heart
  131. • can dance to most styles of music
  132. • can identify her members by smelling them
  134.    ◌ FLAWS ≡
  135. •  has cellulite on her thighs and breasts
  136. • can't tell when someone is joking with her or not, which leads to misunderstandings with others.
  137. • very naive
  138. • quite unorganised.
  140.    ◌ TRIVIA ≡
  141. • has lived in london for 3 years from the age of 15 (her  father got a job teaching korean and english literature   in a university in london) before moving back to korea as a trainee.
  142. • she got her heart broken when she was 14 by her first boyfriend. before she and her family were about to leave for england, a boy she was going out with for around two momths said that it was all a dare and left her crying on her last day but for the wrong reasons.
  143. • listens to a lot of underground artists (onoffon, rheehab, ocean, miso, ect.)
  144. • she nearly cursed during her audition after messing up her introduction.
  145. • she has a very sensitive nose, so her sense if smell is very heightened.
  146. • her favourite colours are blue, peach and platinum
  147. • she was nearly kidnapped coming out of a convinience store a month after their debut by a saesang.
  148. • she has seen the voice actors for the cartoon "adventure time" after going to a panel at comic con.
  149. • she loves disney films and if asked to can recite any song from any movie, in english or korean.
  150. • she is very hyper when she has drinks like coke or pepsi and usually doesn't calm down for a few hours.
  151. • she will cry watching anime films and disney films, even if they have a happy ending.
  152. • one day, she hopes to have enough money to buy her family a house in england for when they go to see their grandparents.
  154.    ◌ FASHION STYLE ≡
  156. airport : boyish and lazy (inspired by rihanna)
  158. - windbrakers
  159. - nike, adidas or puma tracksuits
  160. - retro t-shirts
  161. - t-shirts with anime character in them and black/blue high waisted jeans
  162. - knee high boots in winter.
  163. - black and white mask
  164. - trainers, usually black, blue or white and light up at the bottom.
  166. tv shows : tomboyish
  168. - ripped jeans and vest top with mesh underneath
  169. - leather trousers and bright bomber jacket over a crop top
  170. - long sheer tops with shorts uderneath
  172. special events : classy with a bit of colour
  174. - long black dress with red shoes
  175. - dark jumpsuit with a long light blue waistcoat
  176. - long black coat with a dark pink knee length dress
  178. ❝ CHANGKYUN ❞
  179.    ◌ EXTRA ≡ she has size d boobs that are quite big for her age.
  180.    ◌ NOTE TO ISEUL ≡ this is my first applyfic, so I really hope that i can get in as he emerald slot. I hope you pike my application and don't think it's too weird 😊.
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