Dawn of the Pony: Globe Rolls Poorly (WUAH Log)

Apr 29th, 2013
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  1. [7:44:49 PM] Starlight Spark: "Hey Globe did they have strawberry ? I think red wants strawberry icecream"
  2. [7:45:07 PM] Globebutt: I scoot in onto my seat, pass back the bowl to Peri (placing it on the seat), and then take the taco out of my mouth and hand it to Write.
  3. [7:45:37 PM] Peri [Applejack]: "Hey Lace, do ya want a little ice cream?"
  4. [7:45:40 PM] Write: Write takes the taco from Globes mouth and pulls it open.
  5. [7:45:44 PM] Globebutt: "Yes, they did, Starlight; their strawberry is..."
  6. [7:45:47 PM] Globebutt: I take a lick.
  7. [7:45:52 PM] Globebutt: 10
  8. [7:46:26 PM] Peri [Applejack]: Peri [Applejack] for reference sakes is lying sideway, with Lace laying and suckling
  9. [7:46:26 PM] Globebutt: "...A solid ten out of ten."
  10. [7:46:34 PM] Globebutt: (Four on the follow-up.)
  11. [7:47:25 PM] Starlight Spark: "Well wait for me then i gotta get a bowl of that"
  12. [7:47:46 PM] Write: (I'd like to back out for a while. I'll be back in a few hours maybe if you're still going. Assume I can drive if Globe loses it.)
  13. [7:48:24 PM] Write: (Just kind of fuzzy headed.)
  14. [7:48:24 PM] Left: Globe. the Ice cream is amazing! You're really getting into it, but suddenly you find the cone falling into to your lap.
  15. [7:48:32 PM] Globebutt: Oh no!
  16. [7:48:55 PM] Globebutt: But... I'm holding it, aren't I?
  17. [7:49:11 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark and red head out to acquire a bowl for themselfes
  18. [7:49:19 PM] Left: You've dropped it, some how.
  19. [7:49:34 PM] Globebutt: I look at my hands.
  20. [7:49:42 PM] Left: What hands?
  21. [7:49:54 PM] Left: Only hooves there
  22. [7:49:56 PM] Globebutt: Shit. Shit. Shiiiit.
  23. [7:50:25 PM] Globebutt: "Write?" I propose, my voice trembling.
  24. [7:50:33 PM] Globebutt: "I think it's your turn to drive again."
  25. [7:51:15 PM] Starlight Spark: do i sucessfully acquire ice cream ?
  26. [7:51:17 PM] Write: (Sort of... maybe I can go a bit longer. Just feel tired.)
  27. [7:51:22 PM] Peri [Applejack]: >Write assumed to drive if globe fails to be able to
  28. [7:51:40 PM] Globebutt: "And, um. Could you help me get my glasses off of my face? And this ice cream out of my lap?"
  29. [7:51:49 PM] Left: Aye. That you do, Pallet.
  30. [7:52:08 PM] Starlight Spark: awsome im gettign better with hooves
  31. [7:52:08 PM] Write: "How... you're not even infected are you?"
  32. [7:52:47 PM] Globebutt: I bite my lip, frowning with my eyes, and just look up at Write.
  33. [7:53:04 PM] Globebutt: "I lost my fingers somehow."
  34. [7:53:07 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark and red return carrying a giant bowl filled with strawberry goodness
  35. [7:53:31 PM] Starlight Spark: do i see any changes on globe when i return ?
  36. [7:53:38 PM] Starlight Spark: did he shrink ?
  37. [7:54:00 PM | Edited 7:54:03 PM] Left: Write, there's a pony with globe's pink hair making a mess of the driver's seat
  38. [7:54:30 PM] Write: Write slowly gets out of the humvee and walks around pulling Globe from the car.
  39. [7:54:48 PM] Starlight Spark: "Globe is that you ?"
  40. [7:54:53 PM] Left: As globe's clothes fall from him, her,
  41. [7:55:11 PM] Left: you see:
  42. [7:55:49 PM] Globebutt: I fall out of the shirt Write's holding me by, and land on my belly on the asphalt.
  43. [7:56:05 PM] Write: "Sorry... I thought that would hold you."
  44. [7:56:32 PM] Globebutt: I crawl out of my pants. "I, um. Yeah." I smile sheepishly and the white-coated mare.
  45. [7:56:51 PM] Globebutt: I smile up at Write. "It's all right."
  46. [7:57:12 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark inspects the new globes cutie mark "Guess the ice cream wasen't good for you"
  47. [7:57:31 PM | Edited 7:57:33 PM] Left: Globe.. That bowl pallet's carrying. Heaped strawberry. It bekons a roll
  48. [7:57:38 PM] Globebutt: "But, um. Glasses off, please." I point a hoof at the spectacles that still adorn my face. "I don't want to lose them."
  49. [7:57:46 PM] Globebutt: "...Is that strawberry?"
  50. [7:57:51 PM] Globebutt: (6)
  51. [7:57:54 PM] Write: Write pulls off Globes glasses.
  52. [7:57:55 PM] Globebutt: I lean in and take a lick.
  53. [7:58:04 PM] Globebutt: (2)
  54. [7:58:27 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark looks backwards to the ice bucket
  55. [7:58:29 PM] Left: strawberry's good Strawberry
  56. [7:58:33 PM] Starlight Spark: "Yeah"
  57. [7:58:51 PM] Left: *Nope.*
  58. [7:59:07 PM] Write: Write picks up Globe from behind. "Globe. Mabye you shouldn't have any more."
  59. [7:59:23 PM] Write: "Also nobody else can have any of that bowl."
  60. [7:59:32 PM] Starlight Spark: "Awww what ?"
  61. [7:59:33 PM] Globebutt: I turn my head around. "Huh? What?"
  62. [7:59:43 PM] Starlight Spark: "But i am starving !"
  63. [7:59:47 PM] Write: "Globe here stuck his tongue in it."
  64. [7:59:48 PM] Starlight Spark: "And so is red"
  65. [8:00:01 PM] Write: "You'll have to get another. Sorry."
  66. [8:00:21 PM] Starlight Spark: "That was their last one !"
  67. [8:00:29 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark looks sad
  68. [8:00:40 PM] Left: That's right! all for Strawberry Freeze!
  69. [8:00:45 PM] Write: "Try another flavor then."
  70. [8:01:14 PM] Globebutt: I make puppy dog eyes at Write.
  71. [8:01:21 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark unwillingly puts down the ice cream
  72. [8:01:39 PM] Write: "Ugh fine."
  73. [8:01:46 PM] Write: Write sets down Globe on the ground.
  74. [8:01:52 PM] Write: "Don't get sick."
  75. [8:01:55 PM] Globebutt: I smile. "Thanks."
  76. [8:01:59 PM] Globebutt: I go for the ice cream.
  77. [8:02:05 PM] Globebutt: (6)
  78. [8:02:09 PM] Starlight Spark: that fine also counted for me i suppose
  79. [8:02:09 PM | Removed 8:02:19 PM] Globebutt: This message has been removed.
  80. [8:02:12 PM | Edited 8:02:38 PM] Globebutt: (7; god help us all)
  81. [8:02:40 PM] Write: No it didn't Star.
  82. [8:02:55 PM] Starlight Spark: i don't know that
  83. [8:02:59 PM] Left: Globe, you want to dive right intoi the bowl there.
  84. [8:03:05 PM] Globebutt: Who's stopping me!?
  85. [8:03:15 PM] Globebutt: I dive right in.
  86. [8:03:19 PM] Left: *No body! No pony!*
  87. [8:03:20 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark also tried to get some of the frozen goodness
  88. [8:03:39 PM] Starlight Spark: "Hey leave some for me there !"
  89. [8:04:09 PM] Globebutt: I pop my head out from the cavern I've carved inside the sweet sugary treat. "Not a chance!"
  90. [8:04:15 PM] Globebutt: I go back to mining with my mouth.
  91. [8:04:40 PM] Write: "Pallet..."
  92. [8:04:46 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark rushes to the bowl too
  93. [8:05:05 PM] Starlight Spark: "What he ... she is eating all my ice cream !"
  94. [8:05:13 PM] Starlight Spark: "That's so unfair"
  95. [8:05:31 PM] Write: "Fine. Its too late. You're probably already reinfected if you're going to be."
  96. [8:06:36 PM] Starlight Spark: (well is lace actualy non infectious ?)
  97. [8:06:42 PM] Starlight Spark: (i assumed so)
  98. [8:07:01 PM] Write: (I assume you already have ice cream on your face.)
  99. [8:07:25 PM] Starlight Spark: (yeah thats also true)
  100. [8:07:37 PM] Write: "Just... try not to eat any that Globe has licked."
  101. [8:07:47 PM] Starlight Spark: "Will do !"
  102. [8:08:03 PM | Edited 8:08:40 PM] Globebutt: I pop my head out again. "Stop calling me Globe. It's a not a very good name."
  103. [8:08:45 PM] Write: Write goes back to the humvee and taps his head against the drivers side window staring at the strawberry mess inside.
  104. [8:08:59 PM] Globebutt: I eat.
  105. [8:09:17 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark speaks with her mouth full of icecream "What do you want to be called then ?"
  106. [8:09:55 PM] Globebutt: "Strbhhy Fhhz. Dhhn't yhh knhh mhh nhhm?" I mumble through a mouth of Palette's ice cream.
  107. [8:09:59 PM] Peri [Applejack]: Peri [Applejack] has been busy with Lace, letting her have some chocolate ice cream and / or letting her finish her meal from the teat.
  108. [8:10:36 PM] Write: Write pulls open the door and wipes what he can off the seat before it completely melts.
  109. [8:11:17 PM] Globebutt: I'm'a keep eating until this bowl is licked clean.
  110. [8:11:46 PM] Starlight Spark: well red also want's ice cream
  111. [8:12:02 PM] Globebutt: Sucks to be Red.
  112. [8:12:02 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (Red should go and get it.)
  113. [8:12:09 PM] Starlight Spark: (so i assume you got 2 competitors there)
  114. [8:12:40 PM] Peri [Applejack]: "Globe, You alright?" I say, snapping back to reality.
  115. [8:12:41 PM] Left: Looks like Red is already it.
  116. [8:13:05 PM | Edited 8:13:15 PM] Left: Though Strawbeerry is screaming ahead.
  117. [8:13:07 PM] Globebutt: I don't respond to Peri. Strawberry is busy eating, and will not be disturbed.
  118. [8:13:15 PM] Write: Write wipes the seat mostly clean and gathers the siphoning gear.
  119. [8:13:45 PM] Left: That should be enough for the detour!
  120. [8:14:02 PM] Write: "No globe is not alright. She thinks her name is Strawberry."
  121. [8:14:20 PM] Peri [Applejack]: "...Globe?" I reer about, not disturbing Lace to get a better look (*reads the missed text to check on how deep he TF'd*)
  122. [8:14:44 PM] Globebutt: "Ht hss!" I mutter, mouth still full.
  123. [8:15:53 PM | Edited 8:16:05 PM] Left: Strawberry, you've found the bottom of the bowl. Infact, you've found all the the bowl. where's all the ice cream gone?
  124. [8:16:05 PM] Write: (Now I DO have to go for an unspecified period.)
  125. [8:16:21 PM] Globebutt: (Damn. Assume you're driving, then?)
  126. [8:16:44 PM] Write: (Sure. Assume I'm surly and also wont let you use the last dose of the cure if it comes down to it.)
  127. [8:16:44 PM] Globebutt: Most of it went exactly where it was supposed to.
  128. [8:17:01 PM] Globebutt: (Cure? I'm not sick!)
  129. [8:17:06 PM] Left: *in you, fat guts!*
  130. [8:17:26 PM] Globebutt: Let's lick the lact of the ice cream out of the bowl before I hop back up in the car.
  131. [8:17:33 PM] Globebutt: ...Where was I sitting before?
  132. [8:17:39 PM] Globebutt: I don't think I can quite remember.
  133. [8:18:08 PM] Left: There was a seat in the front you where in.
  134. [8:18:18 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark and red take place on the back seat again
  135. [8:18:43 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (So... Hooves and name? or is he full pone now?)
  136. [8:18:52 PM] Globebutt: (Yep.)
  137. [8:19:06 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (someone should linka da picur)
  138. [8:19:08 PM] Left: And Strawberry, the bowl is clean. though you seem to be carrying enough around in your fur for a follow up snack.
  139. [8:19:18 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (...*looks again*)
  140. [8:19:44 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (*didn't upscroll far enough*)
  141. [8:20:11 PM] Globebutt: Eh, someone left this nice khaki-colored stuff here on the ground. Rather just wipe it all off on... ohgodwhat'sthatcoldmetalthing.
  142. [8:20:22 PM] Peri [Applejack]: Peri [Applejack] sees the ice cream covered pony that used to be Globe
  143. [8:20:23 PM] Globebutt: I don't wanna wipe my sticky hooves on *that*.
  144. [8:21:03 PM] Peri [Applejack]: "...'Strawberry?'..."
  145. [8:21:23 PM] Globebutt: I recoil, and carefully wipe my hooves on the *rest* of the fabric. I turn to the well-endowed woman calling my name.
  146. [8:21:26 PM] Globebutt: "Yes?"
  147. [8:21:29 PM] Peri [Applejack]: Peri [Applejack] has an empty bowl of ice cream
  148. [8:21:31 PM] Globebutt: I smile.
  149. [8:21:36 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (for reference sakes)
  150. [8:22:13 PM] Peri [Applejack]: Peri [Applejack] looks away from them, trying to hold back some tears.
  151. [8:22:53 PM] Globebutt: I turn my head and look quizically. "What? What's wrong?"
  152. [8:23:40 PM] Peri [Applejack]: "I-it's nothing. Lets just get going as soon as possible..."
  153. [8:23:59 PM] Peri [Applejack]: Peri [Applejack] looks to Lace and brings her closer in for a snuggle
  154. [8:24:47 PM] Globebutt: I shrug and head around to the seat I was in.
  155. [8:24:54 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (Writes the only one who can use em!)
  156. [8:25:17 PM] Globebutt: Has Write closed the door yet? Think it'd be faster to just jump in his side and... know what? I'm curling up on his lap.
  157. [8:25:20 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (it'd been 'Globe's' wallet, not yours!)
  158. [8:25:22 PM] Globebutt: It looks comfy.
  159. [8:26:00 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (weee almost two full sessions of me playin' mommy.)
  160. [8:26:09 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (not a single roll!)
  161. [8:26:18 PM] Starlight Spark: Starlight Spark snuggles up to red in the back seat. Can't watch peri and lace cuddeling all alone like this.
  162. [8:26:37 PM] Peri [Applejack]: (Who knows! you're not full "friendship!" mode yet.)
  163. [8:28:16 PM] Left: (And there we go for now. I think it's time to end the ride next session.)
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