Jul 7th, 2014
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  1. Gabriele
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  4. Born to a upper-middle-class family on New Kvestwic, Gabriele was raised from the day she was hatched to believe in the values of freedom and pride that the Griffons of Mr'uthgar preach wholeheartedly. Her mother, Gertrude, once held the same position Gabriele holds now: the head Jailer for one of Lord Aldreg's prisons for those who would dare break the few laws the Griffons have. Her position and status were always secured by an old bit of family sorcery, the Cursed Seal. Taught to Gabriele by her mother who learned it from her father and so forth, the seal was used to suppress and subjugate the unruly lot of Mr'uthgar's malcontents. It was often used on lower races that found their way into the prison, who Gertrude found a particular disdain for. Hard enough having to share a country with them, but the thought of those who would dare defy Aldreg was just unbearable. Naturally, Gertrude made sure to hammer this prejudice of the lower species into her daughter, who soaked it up like a sponge.
  6. Gabriele's dislike for the land dwellers just meant that much more for Griffon kind, and Gabby found herself a true patriot of their shining example of society. She always thought the Cursed Seal her mother taught her was as sign of the griffon's divine right to rule over others in Accorsia, a sign that might makes right. She holds a deep admiration and faith in Lord Aldreg in particular, believing that the leader of such an advanced society is practically infallible. So deep is her dedication that she actively awaits the day Griffons rule over the entire country, and would go so far as to actively pursue its completion if the option arises. In doing so, the voracious parts of Gabriele's personality hopes it will gain her unlimited favor with Lord Aldreg himself, perhaps freeing her of the burdens of working in the jails and seeing her rise as nobility, a fancy she's held onto since childhood.
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