Bullion temp

Apr 9th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Might keep all the Bullion scripts here temporarily as they're being worked on, might not.
  3. Bullion #1: The Status Quo
  5. Page 1
  6. Panel 1
  7. The words "The Status Quo" hang on strings suspended above a white picket fence. It's a low budget production type of effect. There's an old TV screen around the panel as the boarders.
  9. Panel 2
  10. The boarders of the panel are still surrounded by an old TV screen.
  11. A robot family sits around a table in a very 1950s-esque kitchen. The robot father is a huge man who takes up the bulk of the table space, he has a permanent smile affixed across his face with a pipe affixed to his hand. The mother also has a permanent smile affixed on her face with a blonde wig on top of her head. The son has a neutral mouth, large round glasses, and a highly decorated Boy Scout uniform, he's writing something on a piece of paper on the table.
  12. Son: "The teacher says I need to write a report on where I see myself in 10 years."
  13. Dad: "Maybe I should invest in a safe to secure our future."
  14. Mom: laughs
  16. Panel 3
  17. The boarders of the panel are still surrounded by an old TV screen, only now with a hand holding a remote overlayed on top of it. The remote has been pushed with a "click" and the TV has turned off. Reflected on the TV screen is Audrey Page, only she's a little older, more mature looking, but still youthful. Like her face still hasn't finished filling out yet.
  18. Audrey: "I used to like this show. I wonder why they only air reruns now."
  20. Panel 4
  21. Internal monologue narration: "My name is Audrey Page, I used to be Golden Girl."
  22. A hand is putting a glove on another hand. The boobs are just in frame as well.
  24. Panel 5
  25. Internal monologue narration: "But I'm not a child anymore."
  26. She's putting on a new mask, it's a close up of her face.
  29. Page 2
  30. Panel 1
  31. Audrey is on a motorcycle zooming down the street. She's wearing a helmet, a speaker in her ear buzzes.
  32. Police radio: "Robbery in progress on Reliquary Blvd. Suspects are armed and dangerous!"
  34. Panel 2
  35. Some thieves are running down the street carrying bags. There's a smashed jewelry store window. An alarm is blaring.
  37. Panel 3
  38. Audrey is still on her motorcycle, she has a grappling hook in hand that she's swinging.
  40. Panel 4
  41. Small panel of the grappling hook being sent through the air.
  43. Panel 5
  44. Another small panel of it wrapping around the bottom of a telephone pole or street lamp.
  46. Panel 6
  47. Suddenly the thieves trip.
  50. Page 3
  51. Panel 1
  52. Audrey has the thieves tied up/cuffed/subdued and the shop owner is out talking to her.
  53. Store owner: "Nice work. Say, aren't you Silver Queen's sidekick, Golden Girl?
  55. Panel 2
  56. Full shot of Audrey in her new costume. She looks confident.
  57. Bullion: "I was, but I'm going by Bullion now. Seemed silly to still be calling myself 'girl' at this age, you know?"
  59. Panel 3
  60. Bullion is back on her bike, waving goodbye.
  61. Internal monologue narration: "I moved here to attend Knox City University."
  63. Panel 4
  64. It's a thought bubble flashback of Audrey holding up her new costume, looking excited with Sarah giving a thumbs up. Lucia looks more concerned though.
  65. Internal monologue narration: "And, with my mentor's blessing, to strike out on my own as a defender of justice!"
  68. Page 4
  69. Panel 1
  70. Elsewhere...
  71. The robot family from the TV show are still sitting around the table. They are inactive, there are cobwebs clinging to them, the polka-dot patterned table cloth is covered in dust and faded. A light is shining on them in the darkness from a cracked door as a voice calls out.
  73. Off panel: "Mr. Barclay! I've found them!"
  74. Off panel: "Excellent! Dust aside, they look like they're still in pristine condition."
  76. Panel 2:
  77. Close up of the robot dad's lifeless upper torso and head. There's no light in his eyes, his pipe has long since gone cold. A shadowy creature that looks like it is made of censor bars and TV static is faintly seen behind him, reaching towards the metal frame. It is inhuman looking; more like a spider or a lion fish.
  79. Off panel, Mr. Barclay: "You know, I've always thought the 50s had a certain charm to them."
  80. Off panel: "They 50s weren't that long ago though, Mr. Barclay."
  81. Off panel, Mr. Barclay: "Please, you can just call me John. And true. But that's no reason to let the good times die."
  83. Panel 3
  84. The robot family's eyes light up, the entity is phasing through their metal carapace, reactivating them as they abruptly stand, casting off the dust and cobwebs. The robot mom has a hand to her mouth as if she's gasping. The robot dad's pipe has relight. The robot son is holding some rope.
  85. Off panel: "What's happening?"
  86. Off panel, John: "I... I didn't touch anything."
  87. Robot mom: "Why, our set is filthy! And we're on at 5pm sharp!"
  88. Robot son: "We'll have to wake up aunty Ro, Uncle Wane, and the pastor to help clean up."
  89. Robot dad: "Well well, isn't that John! It is you, isn't it! Good ol' Quizmaster here to shake us out of our stupor."
  90. Off panel, John: "... no. No! Not again!"
  92. Panel 4
  93. The robot family is approaching the fourth wall, arms extended by the parents and rope at the ready by the child. The shadows of two men from the door way are being case upon them, both with their hands up in horror.
  94. Robot dad: "Now, now. Don't fret John. I know there's a lot of work to do in a short while, but we'll get it done. Together."
  97. Page 5
  98. Panel 1
  99. The robot mom is busy in the background cleaning the set with a feather duster while the robot dad is in the foreground cracking open a newspaper.
  100. Robot dad: "Ah, time to get back to our routine."
  102. Panel 2
  103. The robot dad is holding the newspaper far away from his body in shock. Robot mom and robot son are standing behind him looking concerned.
  104. Robot dad: "What?! Who!? When?! Why?! Has the world gone mad?!"
  105. Robot mom: "Honey, what's wrong?"
  107. Panel 3
  108. The newspaper has an article with a picture of Bullion handing off some cuffed crooks to the cops.
  109. "The Becoming Bullion foils robbery! Silver Queen's long time sidekick has struck out on her own..."
  111. Panel 4
  112. The robot dad is leaned back in his chair, the robot mom has a hand on his face and chest in a half-hug.
  113. Robot mom: "How could Silver Queen leave Golden Girl on her own? Shes just a little girl."
  114. Robot dad: "We have to get our show back on the air, the people need moral guidance."
  116. Panel 5
  117. The robot son is in the foreground with three more robots behind him. One with a long face, one clearly holding a long rifle dressed as a desperado, and the last a glamorous looking movie starlet. Behind them is the broadcasting booth/room.
  118. Robot son: "Don't worry dad, we're working on it."
  121. Page 6
  122. Panel 1
  123. A group of people is standing outside of a TV store looking at the broadcast. Bullion has stopped her motorcycle on the side of the street to see what they're looking at.
  124. Crowd: "Shouldn't the game be on at this hour?"
  125. Crowd: "Even the news is being preempted."
  126. Bullion (thinking): "Never hurts to check."
  128. Panel 2
  129. The robot dad is on the TV with his son on his knee. The TV makes up the boarders of the panel.
  130. Robot dad: "Sure thing son, just don't tell your mother."
  132. Panel 3
  133. Robot mom has come on panel, the son and ad look shocked.
  134. Robot mom: "Don't tell me what?"
  135. Robot dad: "back to you in the studio, John!"
  136. Cue laugh track.
  138. Panel 4
  139. A man in the control room is holding up a sign in front of himself with the word "HELP!" scrawled across it. The tip of a gun is seen pointing up behind it, like there's an armed guard at the door and he's trapped in there to work the controls.
  140. Cue laugh track again.
  142. Panel 5
  143. Zoom out so the crowds around the TVs are visible again. On the TV is the starlet robot. Bullion has her helmet back on and is getting ready to speed off.
  144. Aunty Ro(-bot): "Oh John, you're such a kidder. The Quizmaster doesn't get a help call!"
  145. Crowd: "Never seen this episode before. Old archives?"
  146. Crowd: "They're bringing back the Status Quo?"
  147. Bullion (thinking): "That's no certified cablecast! There's trouble at the TV station!"
  150. Page 7
  151. Panel 1
  152. John is hunched over the control panel pushing buttons, he's sweating, this is the first time we've seen his face. He has some wrinkles, but still reasonably young. Some of his hair is missing where a burn scar covers part of his forehead. In the background there's a cracked window with a grappling hook in mid air outside of it that's just been thrown.
  153. John: "Come on, come on. Think, one of these has got to turn them off. I don't have much time."
  155. Panel 2
  156. The window is swung open and Bullion is crouched down in it to fit through, rolled up grappling hook in hand. She's stepping through. John looks startled.
  157. Bullion: "You!"
  159. Panel 3
  160. John has his hands up, Bullion has the rope from her grappling hook taught between her hands and is pointing up at his chin. He's still taller than her. It should be a long shot of them both from the lower legs up.
  161. John: "I swear this wasn't me! I'm trying to turn them off!"
  162. Bullion: "Them?"
  164. Panel 4
  165. The door to the room has swung open, the robot family stands in the frame. The dad towers behind all of them, the mom is in the forefront, she has her hands clasped together next to the side of her head.
  166. Robot mom: "Oh my! Why if it isn't Golden Girl! What on Earth are you wearing, dear?"
  168. Panel 5
  169. Uncle Wayne has leveled his gun and taken aim.
  170. Uncle Wayne: "Quizmaster, you should be working. Just leave her to us!"
  173. Page 8
  174. Panel 1
  175. The grappling hook soars through the air.
  177. Panel 2
  178. The grappling hook has twirled around Uncle Wayne's rifle and gone taught
  180. Panel 3
  181. Bullion has leapt to one side, making the rope go taught and causing the robot to miss his shot as the gun fires.
  183. Panel 4
  184. The big window separating the control booth from the rest of the studio set is blown out.
  186. Panel 5
  187. The scene is from the set looking into the room through the blown out window which Bullion is leaping through.
  190. Page 9
  191. Panel 1
  192. Bullion dodges a downward swing from Aunty Ro
  194. Panel 2
  195. Bullion spins to be back-to-back with Aunty Ro as the robot mom lunges in with a punch. The idea is she's redirecting the momentum so Aunty Ro takes the hit for her.
  197. Panel 3
  198. The robot son pulls a line tight, there's a gleam reflecting off of his glasses.
  200. Panel 4
  201. Bullion's foot snags the line.
  203. Panel 5
  204. Bullion does a hand stand to save herself from falling and kicks the robot mom in the chin as she does so.
  207. Page 10
  208. Panel 1
  209. Bullion lands, she's low to the ground.
  211. Panel 2
  212. The robot dad's giant hand smashes down where she was.
  214. Panel 3
  215. The robot dad looks at his hand and finds he's caught nothing with Bullion clinging to the other side of his massive metal arm.
  217. Panel 4
  218. Bullion is running up the robot dad's arm.
  220. Panel 5
  221. Close up of Bullion's hand grabbing the robot dad's lit pipe.
  224. Page 11
  225. Panel 1
  226. The angle is from below so we can see the ceiling with the big metal supports for the studio and to make the robot dad look even bigger. Bullion is jumping off of the robot dad's shoulder, her grappling hook is latched onto one of the metal ceiling beams. The beams have fire sprinklers on them.
  228. Panel 2
  229. Bullion swings through the air, her boobs not being supported by anything. There's a beam in front of her. There are fire sprinklers under it.
  231. Panel 3
  232. Bullion's knees have wrapped around one of the beams like a trapeze artist, she's hanging upside down, her boobs hand down into her face.
  233. Bullion (thinking): "Some things never change."
  235. Panel 4
  236. A close up of Bullion's hand holding the smoking pipe up to one of the sprinklers.
  238. Panel 5
  239. Wide shot of the set with the sprinklers going off. All of the robots are sparking and sizzling. The pastor is missing from the shot.
  242. Page 12
  243. Panel 1
  244. Shortly...
  245. The former Quizmaster, John, is wrapped in a blanket sitting on a chair with a mug of something hot in his hands. Bullion is standing in front of him.
  246. Bullion: "I'm surprised to see you back here, Q--"
  247. John Barclay: "Don't call me that... please. I regret it all."
  249. Panel 2
  250. Close up of John's face with the mug raised so we get a good look at his face through the steam. He has a burn scar that snakes its was from above the hairline on the left side of his head, down and around the outside of his eye ending past his cheek. It almost forms a question mark, but not really. The steam forms the question mark that used to appear on the face of his old costume.
  251. John: "The new studio owner invited me back, he... he wanted my help since I was here when his father ran things. I couldn't say no."
  253. Panel 3
  254. Bullion has a hand on John's shoulder. He looks tired, she's trying to be supportive.
  255. Bullion: "You've changed, for the better."
  256. Barclay: "We all change eventually. It just takes some of us a while to realize it."
  258. Panel 4
  259. Bullion is walking towards the exit, but she's stopped and turned her head around as someone calls out to her.
  260. Off panel: "Why?"
  262. Panel 5
  263. The robot dad is down on the ground, flat on his back, looking up, still shorting out. Water from the sprinklers running down his face like tears.
  264. Robot dad: "We-we-we just wanted things to go back to how they used to be."
  267. Page 13
  268. Panel 1
  269. Close up of the robot dad's face. TV static is reflected on his glass eyes.
  270. Robot dad: "A safe and secure future for my family, I saw it in the schedule. You saw it too, don't you?"
  272. Panel 2
  273. The robot dad turns to look at Bullion whom he now has the full attention of. The angle is from the side of the robot dad that Bullion is not on.
  274. Robot dad: "The... Things... that nobody can-can-can see... Why is family out of its plan?"
  276. Panel 3
  277. The robot dad's eyes go black like a TV that's been turned off. The static reflected on his eyes is hovering above them though, like a cloud.
  278. Robot dad: "Why is my family ouuuuuut..."
  280. Panel 4
  281. Two black, empty eyes form from within the static that look directly at Bullion.
  283. Panel 5
  284. Bullion stares back at the Thing intently.
  286. Panel 6
  287. The static flies up and off as Bullion looks up to where it went. In the shadows the pastor bot is seen clutching the cross he wears around his neck.
  291. ===========================================
  293. Bullion #2: title pending
  295. Page 1
  296. Panel 1
  297. Bullion is riding her motorcycle down a dark street at night, illuminated only by the street lights zooming by. It's a shot from the side.
  299. Panel 2
  300. Flash back to the robot dad's head.
  301. Robot dad: "The... Things... that nobody can-can-can see..."
  303. Panel 3
  304. Close up of Bullion's face, her eyes visible through the helmet's lenses, the passing lights reflecting off of them.
  305. Bullion (thinking): "I can't get that out of my head."
  307. Panel 4
  308. A POV shot, like we're seeing from Bullion's eyes as she glances over to the side mirror where the static cloud is reflected, the black eyes elongated to indicate the speed by which it is moving.
  309. Bullion: "I see you."
  311. Panel 5
  312. Bullion is speeding along an overpass with the static cloud chasing her, it has grown much bigger.
  315. Page 2
  316. Panel 1
  317. Wide shot of the overpass to show there is a park under it. One of those city beautification projects. Bullion is still speeding down the road, but the specter is gone.
  319. Panel 2
  320. Bullion has come to a stop, she's half-way off of her bike looking around.
  321. Bullion (thinking): "I couldn't have just imagined that."
  323. Panel 3
  324. Close up triangle sort of shaped panel of Bullion's eyes as she turns her head reacting to the cry for help she's hearing.
  325. Off panel: "HELP!"
  327. Panel 4
  328. A from below shot of of the overpass, we see the motorcycle in free fall coming down, there's a dust/smoke trail behind it to indicate Bullion made a jump from the overpass.
  331. Page 3
  332. Panel 1
  333. Two men are clinging to a park bench as two solid black tendril like appendages with spindly fingers have latched onto them and are pulling them into the TV static cloud. One man is wearing a lose fitting buttoned shirt, the other is wearing a denim jacket and has a mustache and longer hair.
  335. Panel 2
  336. Bullion on her motorcycle lands on one of the tendrils, the impact causes it to release the denim jacketed man.
  338. Panel 3
  339. The tendril twitches angrily in the ground with a tire track across it and the released man has let go of the bench from the sudden absence of tension.
  341. Panel 4
  342. Small panel of the tendril re-latching itself onto the jacketed man's leg.
  344. Panel 5
  345. The jacketed man is now being dragged into the static, he has his fingers into the dirt fruitlessly trying to grab onto something.
  348. Page 4
  349. Panel 1
  350. Small panel of a gloved hand grabbing one of the jacketed man's hands.
  352. Panel 2
  353. Another small panel of the buttoned man grabbing the other hand.
  355. Panel 3
  356. Bullion has both hands on one of the jacketed man's hands who is down on the ground, the buttoned man clinging to the bench has let go with one hand to grab the jacketed man's other hand with one hand and both are pulling. There are bushes on one side of the scene. A tether is hooked on both sides of Bullion's belt and goes around a lamp post to give her and anchor.
  358. Panel 4
  359. Small panel of a pair of glowing eyes in the bushes.
  361. Panel 5
  362. An orange blur streaks across the panel hitting the tendril holding the man clinging to the bench causing it to release him.
  364. Panel 6
  365. Small panel of the freed up tendril moving fast like a whip.
  368. Page 5
  369. Panel 1
  370. The freed up tendril swooped upwards breaking Bullion and the buttoned man's grip on the jacketed man. Bullion is stumbling backwards, the teather anchor no longer taught, the buttoned man and the jacketed man are both still reaching towards each other, shouting each other's names. Joseph is already mostly into the static.
  371. "Joseph!"
  372. "Micheal!"
  374. Panel 2
  375. The static and tendrils are gone. There's only silence as the two look in the direction where it was.
  377. Panel 3
  378. Bullion is knelt down next to Micheal with a hand on his shoulder.
  379. Bullion: "Sir, are you hurt? Do you know what that was?"
  380. Micheal: "No, and no."
  381. Bullion: "Sir, I will do everything I can to find Joseph."
  382. Micheal: "Who?"
  384. Panel 4
  385. Micheal is now sitting on the bench, Bullion is checking him for injuries.
  386. Bullion: "Your friend who was just taken."
  387. Micheal: "What friend? I was walking alone and just took a bad step is all."
  389. Panel 5
  390. Close up of Bullion's very concerned and puzzled expression.
  391. Off panel: "Thanks for helping me up, but I'm fine."
  394. Page 6
  395. Panel 1
  396. The man is walking away with Bullion nervously waving goodbye. She's standing under a street lamp.
  397. Bullion: "Maybe I should call the SoS for help on this one."
  398. Off panel: "That won't help."
  400. Panel 2
  401. Olympian the fox has emerged from the bushes, but his cape is all torn, his fur is disheveled and it looks like he's seen better days all around.
  402. Bullion (off panel): "So it was you."
  403. Olympian: "I'm going to ask you a question, kid, just to make sure I heard you right. How many men where here just now?"
  405. Panel 3
  406. Bullion and Olympian have locked eyes. He's looking up at her, she's looking down at him.
  407. Bullion: "Two, you even helped me save one of them from whatever that thing is."
  408. Olympian: "Good, you remember. It's not safe to talk here. We need to move."
  410. Panel 4
  411. Bullion is back on her bike, Olympian is in the sidecar. They're exiting the park.
  412. Bullion: "What were you doing here?"
  413. Olympian: "Kid, I'm a magic talking fox. I can smell when trouble's a foot."
  415. Panel 5
  416. Close up of Olympian in the sidecar.
  417. Olympian: "But more to the point, people have been disappearing for years now. Not just physically, but even from people's memories, as if they never existed."
  420. Page 7
  421. Panel 1
  422. Flash back. The boarders of the panel are framed in film reels. Olympian is looking around, there's a word bubble above his head with an image of Granny Glory and a big question mark.
  423. Olympian, narration: "I first noticed when, one day, I couldn't find Granny Glory anywhere."
  425. Panel 2
  426. One of the boarders of the film reel is burned off, from the white void of the page boarders several of the black tendrils are extending from, reaching for Olympian who is recoiling from them.
  427. Olympian, narration: "That's when I started to see the cracks and the specters hiding inside of them."
  429. Panel 3
  430. The Crusaders fight the static creature, the tendrils extend from all angles of the film reel boarders. Glory Girl shoots one, Kid Valor and Boy o' War slash at them, Doug Infinite has one wrapped around one of his arms, and Rad Lad shoots at them. Olympian is in the middle of the group.
  431. Olympian, narration: "They started coming for me, the more I asked, the more they came.
  433. Panel 4
  434. A panicked Olympian is turning his head from Glory Girl to Doug Infinite, who now has bandages on one arm. Both of them are shurging as if they have no idea what he's talking about. There's a word bubble above Glory Girl's head with a picture of Granny Glory and a question mark. Above Doug Infinite's head is a picture of the static monster and a question mark.
  435. Olympian, narration: "Whenever we fought, no one remembered them after they left. They didn't have a clue what I was talking about."
  437. Panel 5
  438. The film reel boarders have burned away on all sides of the panel as Olympian is running away from the tendrils extending from all angles for him.
  439. Olympian, narration: "So I ran, and I kept running."
  442. Page 8
  443. Panel 1
  444. Bullion is facing forward while driving the motorcycle, Olympian is still seated in the side car as the street lights speed by them. It's a moment of silence for Bullion to process this.
  446. Panel 2
  447. Close up of Bullion's helmeted head, behind her head is a memory spot of her as Golden Girl with her arms under her boobs, like she's jiggling them and a confused Silver Queen who has question marks all around her head and a hand to her chin.
  448. Bullion: "Not a clue what you were talking about... It reminds me of how everyone started acting when I hit puberty. Silver Queen always lost the conversation whenever I tried talking about these."
  449. Bullion, thinking: "Wait, does Silver Queen still exist?!"
  451. Panel 3
  452. Close up of Olympian looking up at her.
  453. Olympian: "I always did think that was weird. Hmm... Can you remember anyone who did notice?"
  455. Panel 4
  456. Outlines of Lucia and Iris are taking up the bulk of the panel, but two smaller panels within this panel.
  457. Bullion: "I can think of two-"
  459. Panel 4a
  460. Rocker Billy has his arm caught between Golden Girl's breasts, he's reeling back in shock/surprise and making an exaggerated face. His lips and eyes are sticking out.
  462. Panel 4b
  463. Billy has jumped back from Golden Girl and is holding his arm, pointing it straight up with an open hand, with his other hand.
  464. Billy: "I-I'm sorry, they're just so big, I..."
  466. Bullion: "Three people."
  469. Page 9
  470. Panel 1
  471. Bullion is making a turn onto another road.
  472. Bullion: "One of them I really don't want to deal with, the other should be safe, but Billy..."
  474. Panel 2
  475. An image of a greaser from behind, we don't see his face, there's a demon design on the back of his leather jacket, a creepy guitar in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other. He's surrounded by flames and laughing. The word bubbles move down and around the large panel.
  476. Bullion, off panel: "I haven't seen Billy in a while."
  477. Bullion, off panel: "I've been hearing rumors, but they aren't pleasant."
  478. Bullion, off panel: "We should check on him first."
  482. ===================================================
  484. Bullion #3: Blues DeBill
  486. Page 1
  487. Panel 1
  488. Bullion and Olympian have leapt back, they're surrounded by shelves of empty bottles in a liquor store.
  489. Bullion: "Billy! What's happened to you?!"
  490. Off panel: "I keep tellin' ya, girlie, I'm not Billy, I'm-"
  492. Panel 2
  493. A person who looks like Billy, but buffer, with horns protruding from his forehead and smoke leaking from his eyes strums a demonic looking guitar. It has spikes for tuners and sharp teeth lining the sound hole. He's brought his hand down hard to strum it and visible sound waves are emanating from the instrument.
  494. Not Billy: "I'm Blues DeBill!"
  496. Panel 3
  497. Outside shot of the front of the liquor store, all the windows have blown out, all the bottles have shattered, there are glass shards flying everywhere. It's still night time.
  499. Panel 4
  500. Blues DeBill is standing in the entrance with a busted bottle in his hand, the opening held upside down like he's trying to eek out one more drop.
  501. Blues: "Well shoot, I'd already drained this place dry anyway."
  503. Panel 5
  504. Smaller panel of a piece of metal shaped like a B hitting Blues in the head. Golden Girl had Golden Gliders (like a batarang) in one of the comics, so this is the Bullion equivalent.
  507. Page 2
  508. Panel 1
  509. Blues is rubbing his head looking back into the store where a voice is calling out to him.
  510. Bullion: "Billy or Blues, I'm not backing down."
  512. Panel 2
  513. Blues is pointing into the store filled with broken glass at Bullion, who's standing there unscathed. Blues is furious while Bullion is unmoved.
  514. Blues: "What that- How ain't you torn to ribbons, girl?!"
  515. Bullion: "Maybe you missed?"
  517. Panel 3
  518. Blues has launched himself into the air with an arm extended, fist balled up at the end. His mouth is wide open shouting and his canines are longer and sharper than a regular human's should be.
  519. Blues: "BUUUULLLLL!"
  521. Panel 4
  522. Close up of Blues' face, his teeth are clenched, his eyes have turned to his punching arm which has little squiggly lines all around it to indicate he's lost momentum/control in it.
  524. Panel 5
  525. Smaller panel, Bullion has ducked down.
  527. Panel 6
  528. Blues missed his punch and Bullion has kicked him square in the gut.
  531. Page 3
  532. Panel 1
  533. Blues is hunched over clutching his stomach. Bullion has her dukes up.
  534. Bullion: "I knew it. Billy never could bring himself to hurt me."
  535. Blues: "Blessed boy, let me have my fun..."
  537. Panel 2
  538. Blues has bolted out of the store, he's making a run for it and is already out in the middle of the street. Bullion and Olympian are much further back.
  540. Panel 3
  541. Olympian sniffs the ground while Bullion looks off into the distance.
  542. Olympian: "I have his scent."
  543. Bullion: "We'll rest first, we've been up all night. If he weren't being held back, he would've had us in the state we're in."
  545. Panel 4
  546. Blues is leaning on the side of a building. He's breathing heavy and there's smoke coming off of him.
  547. Blues: "Damn, the night's too short."
  549. Panel 5
  550. Blues is facing the rising sun on the horizon, peaking through the city skyline. There's a lot more smoke rising off of him now.
  551. Blues: "Tomorrow then..."
  554. Page 4
  555. Panel 1
  556. Billy is on his hands and knees on the ground. He's sweating, he looks green in the face.
  558. Panel 2
  559. Discretion shot of the alleyway Billy's in because he's throwing up.
  560. Off panel: "Hurk"
  562. Panel 3
  563. Billy is sitting against the wall, he's holding a handkerchief up to his mouth.
  564. Billy: "Oh no... not again... my head, what did I do this time?"
  566. Panel 4
  567. Shot of the sun in the sky in the morning position moving over to the evening position.
  570. Page 5
  571. Panel 1
  572. It's closer to evening now. Bullion and Olympian are cruising down a city street in Bullion's motorcycle.
  573. Narration: "Later..."
  574. Bullion: "We're rested and ready now."
  575. Olympian: "Are you sure earmuffs will do anything?"
  576. Bullion: "If you can't hear Billy, then he can't control you."
  577. Off panel: "Help!"
  579. Panel 2
  580. Bullion has spun her bike around with a big smoke trail. Olympian looks like he's struggling to stay in the side car.
  582. Panel 3
  583. A music store with a big sign in the window advertising tape cassettes is filled with static with some of the black tendrils reaching out of it.
  585. Panel 4
  586. Bullion and Olympian are facing the readers as they're looking into the store.
  587. Bullion: "This thing again."
  588. Olympian: "Why this place?"
  589. Bullion: "How did you fight these before?"
  590. Olympian: "Breaking the tendrils scares it off for a while."
  592. Panel 5
  593. Bullion and Olympian have both leapt in opposite directions as a tendril comes down smashing the street where they were standing.
  596. Page 6
  597. Panel 1
  598. Billy is walking down the sidewalk, he still looks ill.
  600. Panel 2
  601. Billy has placed a hand on a shop window staring at his own reflection, seeing how poor his health has become.
  602. Billy: "What is happening to me?"
  604. Panel 3
  605. In the reflection he sees Bullion across the street fighting the monster.
  606. Billy: "Wait... that's... I know her!"
  608. Panel 4
  609. Bullion and Olympian are dodging the tendrils still.
  610. Bullion: "Easier said than done!"
  611. Billy, off panel, the text box should be wavy and have musical notes: "Hey there big bright and ugly!"
  614. Page 7
  615. Panel 1
  616. Billy is playing the demonic guitar, there are sound waves pouring out of his mouth, but they're gentler than the sonic booms from before.
  617. Billy: "I see you're in a music shop, so you must have ears. Clean em' out and listen up."
  619. Panel 2
  620. Close up of Billy looking madder than he was before. The text bubble is still wavy.
  621. Billy: "Get off my turf."
  623. Panel 3
  624. The static blob has gone from wavy to spiky, like it's recoiling from the sounds.
  626. Panel 4
  627. The static creature has vanished, leaving behind an empty shop with Bullion and Olympian turned around looking at Billy who has his hands up like he's expecting applause.
  630. Page 8
  631. Panel 1
  632. Close up of Billy still looking mighty pleased with himself.
  633. Bullion, off panel: "Billy! It is you!"
  635. Panel 2
  636. Billy looks crest fallen and sad.
  637. Bullion, off panel: "You look terrible."
  638. Billy: "Aw, come on."
  640. Panel 3
  641. Billy is rubbing the back of his head, still looking sad while Bullion and Olympian have rushed over to him.
  642. Billy: "I just have a little headache today is all."
  643. Olympian: "You drank an entire liquor store last night."
  644. Billy: "What? No, that... That would explain the headache."
  646. Panel 4
  647. Billy is looking down at Olympian.
  648. Olympian: "And you're possessed by a demon."
  649. Billy: "You trying to pull one over me now?"
  650. Olympian: "I'm a magic talking fox. I know a demon when I smell one."
  652. Panel 5
  653. Small panel. Billy and Bullion are both still looking down at Olympian, Billy looks like he wants to say something with a hand raised and a finger pointed upwards.
  655. Panel 6
  656. Similar to panel 5, but Billy's finger is curled down now and Bullion is looking at him.
  657. Billy: "I can't rebuke that."
  660. Page 9
  661. Panel 1
  662. Billy has a hand on his forehead since he's now in distress. Bullion has a hand on his shoulder.
  663. Billy: "Ugh... I thought I was just having nightmares."
  664. Bullion: "When did the 'nightmares' start?"
  666. This page should have sheet music lines behind all of the panels from here on.
  667. Panel 2
  668. A shot of Billy's magic comb all on its own. There are swirls around it to indicate it is a magical object, and also very evil in origin.
  669. Billy, narration: "It all started with my magic comb..."
  671. Panel 3
  672. Billy's hair is in the shape of an arrow pointing off to one side. Billy is looking up at it confused with holding his magic comb.
  673. Billy, narration: "One day it started acting funny, like it was trying to guide me somewhere."
  675. Panel 4
  676. Billy is standing outside of a pawn shop with his arrow hair pointing straight ahead.
  677. Billy, narration: "I wasn't a fan of the new look it was giving me, so I thought I'd hear it out."
  679. Panel 5
  680. Billy is in the shop and he's laid eyes on the demonic guitar Blues was using before. It has similar swirls around it as the comb did.
  681. Billy, narration: "It led me to this guitar that I knew I had to have."
  683. Panel 6
  684. Billy is standing at the check out talking to the store owner with the guitar on the counter.
  685. Billy, narration: "The shop keep wasn't willing to part with it, until I 'convinced' him otherwise..."
  686. Store owner: "That thing shouldn't be on display in the first place."
  687. Billy (the text bubble should have some musical notes on it): "Why don't you let me take it off your hands~?"
  690. Page 10
  691. Another page where there should be sheet music lines behind the panels in the margins.
  692. Panel 1
  693. Billy holds his new guitar in the night air and strums it.
  694. Billy, narration: "It had such a unique sound to it..."
  696. Panel 2
  697. Small panel, close up of Billy's forehead where small horns are spouting.
  699. Panel 3
  700. Small panel, close up of Billy's mouth as his teeth get sharper and his hair has fallen down to behind his head.
  702. Panel 4
  703. Small panel, close up of Billy's hand on the guitar strings, his nails have grown longer and sharper.
  704. Billy, narration: "I thought I was just getting lost in the music, but..."
  706. Panel 5
  707. Blues DeBill is laughing with his arms in the air has the pawn shop burns down behind him.
  710. Page 11
  711. Panel 1
  712. Cut back to the present with Billy holding his hands up to his face in horror.
  713. Billy: "If those weren't nightmares then I... I did... all of that."
  715. Panel 2
  716. Bullion has her hands on Billy's face to make him look at her. He's doe-eyed about it.
  717. Bullion: "Billy, we need to get you away from that guitar. Smash it, burn it, fill it with rocks and throw it into the river, whatever it takes to be rid of it."
  719. Panel 3
  720. Small panel. Without any hesitation, Billy has chucked the guitar high into the air.
  722. Panel 4
  723. Small panel. The guitar lands with a thud in the road.
  725. Panel 5
  726. Small panel. A truck runs the guitar over, smashing it to pieces.
  728. Panel 6
  729. Billy is clapping his hands together, like he's shaking dust off of them.
  730. Billy: "Done and done!"
  733. Page 12
  734. Panel 1
  735. Olympian is sighing.
  736. Olympian: "That not how you-"
  737. Off panel: "Ah ha ha ha ha."
  739. Panel 2
  740. Billy is looking around, he doesn't notice the guitar strap is back around his shoulder.
  741. Billy: "Who's laughing?"
  743. Panel 3
  744. Billy is recoiling from the guitar. Bullion has her hands on his shoulders trying to keep him calm and Olympian is up on his hind legs with his front paws on Billy's leg. The guitar is still laughing.
  746. Panel 4
  747. Close up of the guitar with Blues DeBill's face reflected on the shiny part of the body in place of Billy's.
  748. Blues: "You're too late to be rid of me now, boy. I've sunk my teeth right down to your soul. You've been marked ever since the Devil gave you that comb!"
  750. Panel 5
  751. Billy, Bullion and Olympian are all staring down at the guitar in shock/horror/concern.
  755. ================================================================
  757. Bullion #4: Battle for Billy's Soul
  759. Page 1
  760. Panel 1
  761. The sun is setting. Billy is recoiling from the guitar in his hands, smoke is starting to leak from his eyes. Bullion has her hands on his shoulders trying to keep him calm and Olympian is up on his hind legs with his front paws on Billy's leg.
  762. Blues: "Did you think he gave you that comb for free? Ah ha ha ha!"
  764. Panel 2
  765. Billy is holding his head in pain as the smoke is getting worse.
  766. Bullion: "You can still fight him! He hesitated every time he tried to hit me before! I know that was you!"
  768. Panel 3
  769. Blues is reflected on the guitar, looking mad. The sun has also almost disappeared below the horizon.
  770. Blues: "So that's why... To think you'd have such a soft spot, boy."
  772. Panel 4
  773. The sun has set. Blues stands before Bullion and Olympian, the guitar slung around his chest with a hand over it, he's sporting a toothy grin. Billy is now reflected on the instrument like a prisoner.
  774. Blues: "Now to deal with you!"
  777. Page 2
  778. Panel 1
  779. Blues is running down the street with Bullion and Olympian chasing after him. Bullion is putting on earmuffs and Olympian is wearing a pair as well. Blues is playing the guitar and singing, the people on the sidewalks are stopping in place since they hear the music.
  780. Bullion: "Earmuffs! Now!"
  781. Blues: "Take her, take her, take her out for me!"
  783. Panel 2
  784. Blues is standing on top of a car looking smug. There's a crowd of people standing between him and Bullion.
  785. Blues: "Don't matter if I can't touch you, they can do it for me!"
  787. Panel 3
  788. Blues is jumping down on the other side of the car as the crowd moves in to attack Bullion and Olympian. Bullion is reaching for a compartment on her belt.
  789. Bullion: "I'll find you, Billy!"
  790. Olympian: "What's the plan?"
  792. Panel 4
  793. Small panel of Bullion pulling out a capsule from her belt.
  795. Panel 5
  796. A big smoke cloud has sprung up, blocking them from view.
  797. Bullion: "This!"
  800. Page 3
  801. Panel 1
  802. Blues is walking down the sidewalk being a smiley, shifty eyed weirdo with Billy reflected from the guitar dangling from him.
  803. Blues: "No more spoiling my fun, boy."
  804. Billy: "What do you want from me, demon?"
  806. Panel 2
  807. Blues' face is up against Billy's reflection, his long tongue is out as if to mock the boy. Billy is cringing in disgust.
  808. Blues: "With this compelling voice o' yours I'll be running the show both up here and down below!"
  810. Panel 3
  811. Blues has a hand above his eyes looking into the distance. For extra effect, maybe he's up on top of a telephone pole, hanging on with one hand.
  813. Panel 4
  814. The focus of this panel is a stadium not too far off.
  815. Blues: "And now that you know, there's no more need for me to lay low."
  818. Page 4
  819. Panel 1
  820. Bullion and Olympian are running out of the smoke.
  821. Olympian: "This smoke smells weird."
  822. Bullion: "My own special blend of chemical compounds to curtail any controlling substances. Effective against both mind control and hypnosis."
  824. Panel 2
  825. Olympian is staring up at Bullion with a look of concern.
  827. Panel 3
  828. Bullion is staring back down at him while they get on her motorcycle.
  829. Bullion: "Hey, it works! Billy's not the only one with mind control powers I've had to contend with."
  831. Panel 4
  832. Olympian has a little helmet on now too. Somehow. Magic fox doesn't need thumbs.
  833. Olympian: "I still have his scent."
  834. Bullion: "Good. Wherever it leads us-"
  836. Panel 5
  837. Blues is standing in the center of the stadium now, relishing the crowd all around him.
  838. Bullion, off panel: "-it's sure to be crowded."
  841. Page 5
  842. Panel 1
  843. Bullion and Olympian are standing outside of Knox City Stadium looking up at it.
  844. Olympian: "You wern't kidding, this place is packed."
  845. Bullion: "We'll need to find a way to Billy unnoticed."
  847. Panel 2
  848. Close up of Blues on the stage in the stadium.
  849. Blues: "Look at 'em all, boy. All those faces all egar to do whatever I tell 'em to do."
  851. Panel 3
  852. Close up of Billy reflected on the guitar looking angry.
  853. Blues, off panel: "Sing a swan song for that girl."
  855. Panel 4
  856. Bullion swings down using her grappling hook and Blues takes a boot to the nose.
  858. Panel 5
  859. Blues is holding his nose in pain. He's regaining his footing still. Bullion is pointing at him dramatically on stage.
  860. Blues: "Sonova- How are you here already?!"
  861. Bullion: "This isn't my first concert."
  864. Page 6
  865. Panel 1
  866. Blues is about to play a lick, his fingers are on the guitar's strings and he's feeling his throat like he's warming up.
  867. Blues: "Well it's gonna by your last!"
  869. Panel 2
  870. Bullion is running forward, there are motion lines all around her to indicate her speed.
  871. Bullion: "You won't seize victory with your vehement vocals!" (maybe? Not sure how many alliterations Bullion should have)
  873. Panel 3
  874. POV from Bullion's perspective, there's a fist raised and an arm seen coming from the panel towards Blues who has speed lines all around his face.
  876. Panel 4
  877. Blues is gone and Billy has taken is place, he looks surprised. Bullion's fist veers off course. There are speed lines all around Billy's face.
  879. Panel 5
  880. Bullion stumbles past Blues who is laughing now.
  881. Blues: "Ha haaa! The boy really can't allow himself to hit you, but you won't hit him either!"
  884. Page 7
  885. Panel 1
  886. Bullion has her leg raised like she was about to kick, but Billy is back again and she's hesitant.
  887. Billy: "Bullion, I'm sorry, just take me down."
  889. Panel 2
  890. Blues is back and laughing still, head thrown back and laughing. Olympian is down by Bullion's feet with a paw on her leg to get her attention, he's small and less noticeable.
  891. Blues: "By all means! But I'll be back every night with a concert just like this one!"
  892. Olympian: "I have a plan, lure Billy out again."
  894. Panel 3
  895. Bullion is holding her grappling hook taught like she's about to strangle someone. Blues looks unconcerned and bemused.
  896. Bullion: "I'm sorry, Billy."
  898. Panel 4
  899. Billy is back and looks resigned to his fate, but there's something off panel nudging him.
  901. Panel 5
  902. Billy looks down and sees Olympian at his feet.
  903. Olympian: "Listen to me! You need to challenge him! Make a deal, beat him at a contest!"
  906. Page 8
  907. Panel 1
  908. Bullion is still rushing towards Billy with the rope taught. Billy's face has gone cold as steel as he holds the guitar in his hands like he's ready to play, Blues' face is still reflecting on it.
  909. Billy: "Alright demon. I challenge you to a guitar battle. I win and you release my soul."
  910. Blues: "No deal, I already got you right where I need you."
  911. Billy: "What's the matter? Too scared to play under the sun? If you win I'll let you have all of me."
  913. Panel 2
  914. Blues looks wild reflected on the guitar, like he was just made an offer he'd be stupid to refuse.
  915. Blues: "Well in that case-!"
  916. Olympian, off panel: "Not so fast!"
  918. Panel 3
  919. Billy and Blues are looking down at Olympian again.
  920. Olympian: "That's a raw deal! Make it worth the kid's while!"
  921. Blues: "Tch, fine. I enjoy a good challenge, so I'll sweeten the pot for you, boy! Win and I'll be your servant, your every wish and desire will be my command! So make sure you give me a good show before I claim what's mine!"
  923. Panel 4
  924. A ring of fire ignites around Billy, forcing Bullion and Olympian back. Billy is still steel faced and in control of his body while the guitar chatters on, the demon's face is still reflected on it.
  925. Blues: "I'll even let you have the first lick. Ain't I generous?!"
  928. Page 9
  929. Panel 1
  930. Billy begins his beat on the guitar, the flames rise up more around him engulfing the stage, he's pointed the instrument down, his hair is drooping from the sweat on his face as he begins to sing.
  932. "Well you think you're hot stuff?"
  933. "Tryin' to drink me dry"
  934. "But I'll call your bluff"
  936. "There ain't no denying this voice of mine"
  938. Panel 2
  939. Billy lifts the guitar upwards as he continues to sing up into the air. Blues' face is still reflected on it with a bemused smile.
  941. "You say you own my soul?"
  942. "I'll send you packing back down into your hole"
  944. "Yeah, there ain't no denying this voice of mine"
  946. Panel 3
  947. Small panel, close up of Blues face on the guitar, he's flashing a toothy grin and there's smoke leaking out of his eyes.
  948. Blues: "My turn."
  951. Page 10
  952. Panel 1
  953. Blues is in control of Billy's body again, he looks wild and rugged surrounded by flames, he's pointing the guitar as if it were his manhood. Bullion and Olympian look on from just off of the stage trying to shield themselves from the heat. The sky has gone dark and overcast, but the audience in the stadium is going crazy.
  954. Blues: "Flattery will get you nowhere."
  956. "I'mma smooth demon,"
  957. "Gotta list of sins over a mile long"
  959. "You think you'll be a freeman?"
  960. "I'm hear to tell ya you're wrong."
  962. Panel 2
  963. The flames turn into windows/portals/portraits of all the times Billy was possessed by the demon and hurt/killed someone. Blues burning the pawn shop owner, Blues throwing the liquor store owner through a pane of glass, Blues doing other obscene things. I'll likely need help expanding on this.
  965. "The blood on your hands boy,"
  966. "Don't wash off so easily"
  968. "Now you're just my toy"
  969. "And I intend to play oh so gleefully"
  971. Panel 3
  972. Billy is lost in darkness gripping his head, thinking about all the awful things he's done.
  973. Billy, thinking: "It was still me, I still did all that. I could've fought him harder, I had at least some control."
  974. Blues, off panel: "That's right boy, even if you did beat me that guilt will always be with you, and so I'll also always be here. You lost before you ever opened your mouth!"
  977. Page 11
  978. Panel 1
  979. Blues is laughing still surrounded by flames, his hands are off of the guitar and holding his chest.
  980. Blues: "Ah ha ha ha! It's all mine now!"
  982. Panel 2
  983. Close up of Blues' from the chest up, he has a lecherous smile and is eyeing Bullion from the corner of his eye. Bullion has both of her dukes up.
  984. Blues: "Maybe I'll even do what you never had the guts to do and take that girl next. Heh heh heh..."
  986. Panel 3
  987. Bullion has both of her hands up to her mouth as she's shouting.
  988. Bullion: "Billy! Don't give up!"
  990. Panel 4
  991. Billy is in darkness, head down and eyes shadowed.
  993. Panel 5
  994. As the words float through the darkness visions of all the times Golden Girl was somewhat nice to him appear. Giving him a soda after punching him, cheering him on when he was up against some other villains, etc. Needs to be filled in with something.
  995. Bullion, off panel: "I believe in you, Billy! No boy I know has a nicer voice than you!"
  998. Page 12
  999. Panel 1
  1000. Blues has stopped laughing and looks confused. Billy's face is reflected on the guitar, but he's not full of despair, he's instead brushing his hair back and singing.
  1001. "Thank my lucky angels, for sending her to me~"
  1003. Panel 2
  1004. Billy is back in control of his body and is holding the guitar more gently, delicately even as he adjusts the tuning keys.
  1005. "Oh~ she lets me know~, the kind of man I should be~"
  1007. Panel 3
  1008. They sky has parted and a beam of sparkling light shining down on billy, like a spotlight from heaven itself. Black smoke is pouring out of the guitar as if it is about to burst into flames.
  1009. "I've got heaven's ear, and they're sing~ing back to me~"
  1010. "Oh~ dear Billy~, you already know just what to do~"
  1012. Panel 4
  1013. Billy is looking at Bullion with most relaxed smile he's ever had.
  1014. "Yes there's no denying, my heart really does belong to you~!"
  1016. Panel 5
  1017. The guitar leaps from Billy's hands and smashes into a wall, like it was desperate to get out of that holy light. Screams can be heard echoing out of it. It's still smoking.
  1020. Page 13
  1021. Panel 1
  1022. Bullion is holding one of Billy's hands up on stage, the crowd is cheering even louder, he's turning bright red, rubbing the back of his head and looking away.
  1023. Bullion: "I knew you could do it!"
  1025. Panel 2
  1026. The guitar is smashed against the wall. The neck is bent, the body is cracked and some of the strings are broken. Blues is no longer reflected on it, but it's still talking.
  1027. Guitar: "Ah ha ha... well done boy. Well, I'm a demon of my word. So, what's your pleasure, sir?"
  1029. Panel 3
  1030. Olympian has darted out in front of Billy and Bullion, he's placed himself between them and the demon.
  1031. Olympian: "You need to name it first. Demons take on aspects of the names they're given, it won't be yours until its named."
  1032. Guitar: "Hold on, don't be so hasty now. I already have a name, no need to rebrand..."
  1034. Panel 4
  1035. Billy has a hand to his chin, he's thinking this over.
  1036. Billy: "You don't say? Then how about [TBA]?"
  1038. Panel 5
  1039. The guitar is glowing, the pieces are mending. The demon is in pain.
  1040. Billy: "Yeah, I name you [TBA]!"
  1043. Page 14
  1044. It's one full page of Billy holding his new guitar, strumming it. The design has changed a little, but it is still clearly demonic. Bullion is standing more in the middle of the page with in a fighting pose with Olympian to her other side all dramatic like. It's to show that Billy is part of the main cast now in a group pose on stage.
  1045. Billy: "Rock on!"
  1050. Bullion #5: Blinded
  1052. Page 1
  1053. Panel 1
  1054. Close up of Billy, he's sweating a little, there are sound effects around him to indicate his heart is beating fast.
  1055. Billy, thinking: "Be cool. Just be cool Billy. This ain't no thing, this is just-"
  1056. Bullion, off panel: "Billy?"
  1058. Panel 2
  1059. Billy snaps back to reality, he's seated at a park picnic table facing Bullion (and Olympian) across from him. Bullion is leaning in across the table all concerned like, her boobs are touching the table, she's trying to pass Billy a water bottle. Billy has a forced smile. There's food on the table.
  1060. Bullion: "You look like you're still out of it. Drink some more water."
  1062. Panel 3
  1063. Billy is still shaking as he tries to drink the water.
  1064. Billy, thinking: "It's not a date. Be cool be cool be cool be cool be cool be cool"
  1066. Panel 4
  1067. Bullion is doing the Gendo pose, but more cute, though there's some sadness in her eyes. Her chin is resting on top of her fingers.
  1068. Bullion: "It's really important you answer these questions."
  1070. Panel 5
  1071. Billy is moving the water bottle away from his mouth, he's not shaking anymore. Like he's realized something is up.
  1072. Billy: "... yeah, sure."
  1075. Page 2
  1076. Panel 1
  1077. There are blacked out silhouettes of Bullion and Billy sitting at the table. Above Bullion is an image of Granny Glory smiling and waving. Above Billy is an image of a younger Great Glory the first unleashing the hellfire of a perfectly accurate mini-gun upon the battlefield. It's a wide panel.
  1078. Bullion: "Do you remember Granny Glory?"
  1079. Billy: "The old gal on the war posters with the huge gun?"
  1081. Panel 2
  1082. Olympian has stood up from his seat with his paws on the table.
  1083. Olympian: "So you do remember her."
  1084. Billy: "Well yeah, she's kinda hard to forget."
  1086. Panel 3
  1087. Olympian, Bullion and Billy are blacked out silhouettes again. Behind them is an image of the static monster in the cassette store.
  1088. Olympian: "If only."
  1089. Bullion: "Do you remember that thing we were fighting yesterday?"
  1090. Billy: "The busted TV blob messing up the music store?"
  1092. Panel 4
  1093. Close up of a shocked/stoically terrified looking Billy, like he's realized something awful.
  1094. Bullion: "That thing erases people and then erases itself from the memories of anyone who sees it. Most people don't even know when someone goes missing."
  1097. Page 3
  1098. Panel 1
  1099. Close up of Billy who has a fist to his chin.
  1100. Billy: "Hey, do you remember Betty?"
  1102. Panel 2
  1103. Bullion and Billy are blacked out silhouettes again, this time behind them are images of Roller Betty. One where she's skating carrying a tray, one where she's clinging to Billy with hearts coming out of her, one where she has a knife held up with an evil smile.
  1104. Bullion: "Yes. She's the girl in your gang with the roller skates."
  1106. Panel 3
  1107. Billy is a blacked out silhouette and behind him is a flash back of him asking some of his boys a question. In his speech bubble is an image of Betty with a question mark next to it and the boys are shrugging and looking confused.
  1108. Billy: "I thought it was weird I hadn't seen her around in a while. Even weirder that none of the boys remembered her."
  1110. Panel 4
  1111. Olympian has his head down in thought.
  1112. Olympian: "Another one... What's the connection? It can't be random, but we can't ask people to tell us who they don't remember."
  1113. Bullion: "And why is it we can remember them?"
  1115. Panel 5
  1116. Billy is stuffing his face with fries looking at Bullion and Olympian having deep thoughts.
  1117. Billy: "These are some heavy questions."
  1120. Page 4
  1121. Panel 1
  1122. Bullion has leaned back, looking up at the sky. She's sighing heavily.
  1123. Bullion: "Well I know someone who might have some answers. I guess we'll have to go see Iris..."
  1125. Panel 2
  1126. Small panel. Billy has a burger in his hands now. He's paused with an eyebrow raised.
  1127. Billy: "Huh?"
  1128. Bullion, off panel: "You know, Iris, from school. She was in the same class as us."
  1130. Panel 3
  1131. Small panel. Billy's mouth is open wide in shock, the burger patty is slipping out from between the buns.
  1132. Billy: "Huh?!"
  1134. Panel 4
  1135. The "camera angle" is from behind Billy as he's stammering and pointing at himself and Bullion across the table from him.
  1136. Billy: "Wait wait wait-"
  1137. Bullion: "You're Billy, the same Billy from Platinum City High School."
  1138. Billy: "How did you- when did you-"
  1139. Bullion: "I always knew it was you. With how you acted around Golden Girl and Audrey, I knew you knew it was me too."
  1141. Panel 5
  1142. Billy is holding his head in shock, like his whole world has been flipped upside-down. He's having a flashback of staring at Golden Girl's chest and also Audrey's Page's chest with a big '2 + 2 =' superimposed on top of it.
  1144. Panel 6
  1145. Billy is back to being calm, composed and smooth has he combs his hair sporting a big smile.
  1146. Billy: "And you never ratted me out."
  1149. Page 5
  1150. Panel 1
  1151. The perspective is from Bullion's side of the table, she's still talking while Billy is off in a daydream combing his hair with musical notes around him. He's not paying attention at all to what Bullion is saying. Olympian is staring at him annoyed.
  1152. Billy, thinking: "She's always been looking out for me."
  1153. Olympian, thinking: "This guy's lower head is smarter than his talking head."
  1154. Bullion: "It's not like anyone would've believed me. Just look at what happened to Iris."
  1156. Panel 2
  1157. The present characters are again blacked out silhouettes. Behind them is a flashback of Iris holding up a picture of Golden Girl with her mouth open shouting, angrily pointing at it.
  1158. Bullion: "She could never stand no one being able to see the truth when it was so obvious to her."
  1160. Panel 3
  1161. Long narrow panel of some birds going by to indicate time is passing.
  1162. Bullion, off panel: "And that's why I really don't want to go see her."
  1164. Panel 4
  1165. A front view of Knox City University. Students are hurrying from class to class.
  1167. Panel 5
  1168. Close up of the back of Iris's head in the crowd. She's older than in the flashback.
  1171. Page 6
  1172. Panel 1
  1173. Narration box: Later...
  1174. Long panel or even a floating panel. Audrey and Billy are at the college campus, we're looking at them straight on. Audrey is wearing huge round sunglasses and a tulip hat, some sort of 1960s dress too, but distinct from her costume. Like it can be worn over her costume. She's holding a large handbag with a flower pattern on it. Billy is next to her wearing a buttoned up shirt with an unbuttoned vest on top and jeans. He has a guitar case slung over his shoulder.
  1175. Audrey: "Let's find Iris and try not to make a scene."
  1177. Panel 2
  1178. Close up of the handbag, Olympian is popping his head out of it.
  1179. Olympian: "You're just barely not sticking out as is."
  1181. Panel 3
  1182. Audrey has her hand on top of Olympian's head, like she's scratching his ears while pushing him back down into the bag.
  1183. Audrey: "I mean Iris will likely make a scene."
  1185. Panel 4
  1186. Audrey and Billy are walking through a crowd of people, all of them are wearing rectangular sunglasses that just cover all of their eyes. They're all smiling and laughing.
  1187. Billy: "Where do we even start looking?"
  1189. Panel 5
  1190. Billy is waiting outside of a door labeled Dean's Office. He's leaning up against the wall with his back to it looking up holding the big flowery handbag.
  1193. Page 7
  1194. Panel 1
  1195. Audrey is exiting the Dean's Office waving goodbye with a smile on her face. Billy is looking on expectantly.
  1196. Audrey: "OK, thank you very much."
  1198. Panel 2
  1199. The door has shut and Audrey's expression changes to one of concern/worry. Olympian's head is popping out of the bag again and Billy is looking down at him.
  1200. Audrey: "I've never seen him that cheerful before... or wear sunglasses before."
  1201. Olympian: "And?"
  1202. Audrey: "She's in the journalism class right now."
  1204. Panel 3
  1205. Small panel. Close up of a clock.
  1207. Panel 4
  1208. Students wearing bar shades are filing out of a classroom with Audrey and Billy looking on.
  1209. Billy: "Hey, what if she's been-?"
  1210. Audrey: "I see her."
  1212. Panel 5
  1213. Close up of Iris from the waist up. She's older now, taller, there's a pair of thin bar shades over her horned glasses. She looks confused/dazed/cheerful.
  1214. Audrey, off panel: "Iris!"
  1215. Iris: "Do I... know you?"
  1218. Page 8
  1219. Panel 1
  1220. Audrey is tipping her shades down revealing more of her face.
  1221. Audrey: "Iris, come on, it's me, Audrey. Audrey Page, from high school, remember?"
  1223. Panel 2
  1224. Panels 2 - 4 should be part of a row of medium sized panels going across the page.
  1225. Iris looks furious, the bar shades have even shrunk to reveal more of her eyes, but are still covering her irises.
  1226. Iris: "YOU...!"
  1228. Panel 2
  1229. Iris's expression has relaxed from anger to squinting, like she can't see something right in front of her. The bar shades have returned to their normal size.
  1230. Iris: "...are..."
  1232. Panel 3
  1233. Iris is back to looking cheerful with a confused smile.
  1234. Iris: "...who again?"
  1236. Panel 4
  1237. Audrey has her hands up to her mouth, Billy is tipping his shades incredulously, Olympian is peaking out of the bag.
  1238. Olympian: "That's not the kind of scene I was expecting."
  1240. Panel 5
  1241. Audrey has grabbed Iris's hands and is holding them up between them, they are touching her boobs, but that's not Audrey's intention as she asks Iris again with sincerity. Iris is sweating and looks like she's in pain.
  1242. Audrey: "Iris, what happened to you?"
  1245. Page 9
  1246. Panel 1
  1247. Small panel, close up of Iris's face, she sweating even harder. There's a heartbeat sound effect.
  1249. Panel 2
  1250. Small panel, close up of Iris's hands in Audrey's hands between her bust. The heartbeat is getting faster.
  1252. Panel 3
  1253. Small panel, close up of Iris's face, half of the shades have cracked. The heartbeat is way too fast.
  1255. Panel 4
  1256. Iris has wrenched one of her hands away from Audrey's grip and is holding it over one of her eyes. Audrey is surprised. Other students have stopped and are turning their heads in their direction in the background.
  1257. Iris: "...get it off. Get it off of me."
  1259. Panel 5
  1260. Close up of Iris's pain wracked face. Her teeth are clenched, there are tears coming out of the right eye, now visible that half the shades have broken. Her hand is clawing at the other half, it almost looks as if she's trying to gouge out the eye still under the shades.
  1261. Iris: "IT HURTS! GET IT OFF!"
  1264. Page 10
  1265. Panel 1
  1266. Billy steps in with his controlling voice.
  1267. Billy: "Calm down, let's go over this now. Tell us how~ Tell us how~ Calm down."
  1269. Panel 2
  1270. Close up of Iris's face. She's calmer now, but still clearly in pain.
  1271. Iris: "He came, the man in the plague mask."
  1273. Panel 2a
  1274. Reflected on the glasses lens with the black bar over it is the pastor bot from The Status Quo.
  1276. Panel 3
  1277. There should be blackness surrounding the boards of the flashback panels.
  1278. The pastor bot has his arms up in the air as black confetti floats down around him.
  1279. Pastor: "I bring... salvation!"
  1281. Panel 4
  1282. The students look up and watch the black confetti floating down. Some are holding protest signs with peace symbols on them.
  1283. Iris, off panel: "That's what he said..."
  1285. Panel 5
  1286. The black confetti latches onto the faces of the people. Some grab at it, some are wiping their eyes on their sleeves.
  1287. Iris, off panel: "Lies..."
  1289. Panel 6
  1290. All the people with black bars over their eyes are smiling now.
  1293. Page 11
  1294. Panel 1
  1295. Iris is being cradled in Audrey's arms. The uncovered eye is still crying. They are surrounded by students with bars over their eyes. Billy is looking around, like he's getting ready for a brawl.
  1296. Iris: "I can't see... like I'm in a fog... something, something right in front of me, I can't see it."
  1297. Off panel: "That is salvation!"
  1299. Panel 2
  1300. The pastor bot from the Status Quo (issue 1) is standing at the end of the hallway with his arms behind his back flanked by more people with bars over their eyes.
  1301. Pastor bot: "If you cannot see IT, IT will not take you."
  1303. Panel 3
  1304. Audrey is looking up from Iris. Billy is reaching for his guitar case and Olympian has leapt out of the bag.
  1305. Audrey: "The Pastor? I thought the whole cast shorted out."
  1306. Billy: "You know this bird?"
  1307. Audrey: "He's from The Status Quo."
  1308. Billy: "I never watched that show."
  1310. Panel 4
  1311. The pastor bot spreads his arms wide to gesture to his new flock.
  1312. Pastor: "My faith spared me the same fate as my family. Though now IT dwells within me, I am able to use IT to save others from IT."
  1314. Panel 5
  1315. Iris is gripping Audrey's shoulders, not letting her go. Audrey is fixated on the Pastor.
  1316. Audrey: "What is 'IT'?"
  1317. Olympian: "Get ready for another fight."
  1320. Page 12
  1321. Panel 1
  1322. Audrey is loosening her shirt collar, revealing the familiar yellow color underneath. Iris is staring right at it.
  1323. Iris: "It's right in front of me... what is in front of me? Why can't I...?"
  1325. Panel 2
  1326. Small panel, the bar regenerates over Iris's free eye.
  1327. Iris: "Why can't I see it?!"
  1329. Panel 3
  1330. The bars over the eyes of the students surrounding the quartet are dissolving, there are streams of that static ghost flowing from their eyes to Audrey's arms.
  1332. Panel 4
  1333. The pastor extends an arm in command.
  1334. Pastor: "No! Flee my children! Do not let IT steal back your salvation!"
  1336. Panel 5
  1337. The static is swirling around Iris now who is floating in mid air.
  1339. Panel 6
  1340. Small panel of the static forming a black bar over Iris's chest.
  1342. Panel 7
  1343. Small panel of the static forming a black bar over Iris's hips and extending up to connect the two bars.
  1346. Page 13
  1347. It's a full page shot of Iris standing before the group with a censor bar over her eyes, chest, hips, one on each arm extending out into blades/whips.
  1348. Iris: "Why can't I see?!"
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