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  1. http://forum.leaguecraft.com/showthread.php?tid=12156
  3. Yes, it's relevant to Fran's ban. No, you don't have to take it back. Just read it. From what I've seen, at the moment, you've made it out that this forum's spine is the moderation team. It's not. It should be the community. Feel free to ban me for flaming for what I'm saying now. But personally? I think you're doing it wrong.
  5. I don't think you're displaying this forum as what it should be; a community. You're displaying the fact that you and others can rule over people. Post count and popularity doesn't define worthiness of a mod. Nor should mods be able to bend/break rules and get away with it. You're blinded by the fact that you don't want to hurt your own team, even though I, and the rest of the community, are against it.
  7. Again, I'm not saying revoke Fran's ban. If you feel he needed to be banned, ban him. But he's one side of the see-saw. The other side is members like Lyov, having flamed Fran in a thread but as far as I know getting away with it. Even if you dislike the target of the flame, you, as an admin and part of the moderation team, should have an unbiased view upon the forum's problems and take them with both sides of the story. If you feel Fran was flaming Miya, but Miya was completely innocent, then ban Fran. But was she completely innocent? The same goes to Lyov, who just called out and flamed Fran in one of his threads, but as far as I know has got away undetected.
  9. You need to make this forum more of what it should be, Dave - a community.
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