Alien Shamer Counterattack 1

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  1. Gallibon the Destroyer
  2. *Elsewhere...*
  3. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  4. 6:07
  5. Gallibon the Destroyer
  6. *At somewhere in the Phillipines*
  7. (Ooaranya) *leaps in, firing her webs around the area*
  8. *Then slamming her bladed legs down on some buildings*
  9. *However as she continues to wreak havoc, then a tentacle comes in and whips at her, revealing a new kaiju in the area*
  10. (Ookeyara) *slithers in, revealing herself to be a giant octopus kaiju*
  11. *Ookeyara and Ooaranya then duke it out, whipping and slashing at each other*
  12. (Ooaranya) *shoots webs out Ookeyara*
  13. (Ookeayara) *sprays ink at Ooaranya*
  14. *Ooaranya is then hit in the eyes, then staggers back*
  15. *However then another foe enters the area, bursting out of the waters, roaring loudly*
  16. (Saibogura) *marches in, roars so loud that it shatters windows and sends the other two monsters staggering back*
  17. 6:09
  18. Krazar77
  19. Can I punch them
  20. 6:09
  21. Gallibon the Destroyer
  22. *Saibogura, Ooaranya and Ookeyara then all proceed to duke it out against each other some more---a battle of behemoths of sorts*
  23. 6:09
  24. Krazar77
  25. Can I please punch them in the face
  27. 6:09
  28. Gallibon the Destroyer
  29. *However then the three kaiju are then beamed up into something, taking them all aways*
  30. 6:09
  31. Krazar77
  32. DAMMIT
  33. 6:09
  34. Gallibon the Destroyer
  35. Up in a saucer, something then contains them all*
  36. Tengen Toppa Lazengann has just entered the core of all our madness!
  37. 6:10
  38. Gallibon the Destroyer
  39. (Alien Shamer Shamallama) <(Success! We now have obtained three more new kaiju! Just what we needed for our forces!)
  40. (Alien Shamers) <(Hurrary!)
  41. WB
  42. (Alien Shamer Shamallama) <(Now with our ships repaired and having a significant amount of kaiju, I say it's time we pay our archnemesis a visit. I'm of course talking about Neo SquidMask...and how he stole my "Akiko" project away from us! It was the perfect plan...and he ruined it! But this time, now we can get back at him with more than one foe this time! To wherever he's at!)
  43. *The Alien Shamers's saucer then flies off, heading elsewhere*
  44. FYI, this takes place before the SkullMask RP
  45. Also it is open, yes
  46. 6:11
  47. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  48.  (SQM) *is sitting nearby, watching the saucer fly away*
  49. IForgotIExistedERHURHURHUR couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  50. IForgotIExistedERHURHURHUR has just entered the core of all our madness!
  51. 6:12
  52. Gallibon the Destroyer
  53. WB
  54. 6:14
  55. Krazar77
  56. Im gonna blast them to hell
  57. 6:16
  58. Gallibon the Destroyer
  59. *Meanwhile, at a beach, everyone is relaxing,  (Neo SQM) , (Akiko),  (JellyfishMask) ,  (CDM) and  (MLM) included. Everything is all going fine, with Akiko giving Neo SquidMask a back massage, JellyfishMask making burgers, MoleMask playing in the sand and CondorMask reading "a really good book" before then saucers can then be heard flying overhead. As civilians then packed their bags or were wise enough to just get the heck out of there, our heroes of course then knew what do here.*
  60. test
  61. 6:17
  62. Krazar77
  63. hmm
  64. 6:17
  65. Gallibon the Destroyer
  66.  (JellyfishMask) *looks up* <(We'll I'll be.)
  67.  (Neo SQM) <(Can I for once ever take a vacation without friggin space aliens coming in?)
  68.  (MLM) *head bursts out of the sand* <(What did I miss?)
  69.  (MLM) *looks, sees some saucers* <(Oh.)
  70.  (CDM) *stops reading, looks up*
  71.  (CDM) <(I thought activity was getting a little too slow.)
  72. *The Alien Shamers's saucer then began emitting strange bright lights, sending the five staggering back*
  73.  (MLM) <(BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT!) *hides back into the sand*
  74. *Three kaiju are then beamed down*
  75. *One appears to be a giant spider, another being a giant octopus and another being a giant crocodile*
  76. (Saibogura) *roars, lands down first, coming in close to the five*
  77.  (Neo SQM) <(EVERYONE TAKE COVER IN GUNBOT! I got this!)
  78.  (CDM) *salutes, then takes JellyfishMask and MoleMask into the Gunbot* <(Come on, not safe out here for guys who can't size change.)
  79.  (Neo SQM) *takes out Ika Sticker from his pants, then sticks it on his head*
  80.  (Neo SQM) <(SUPERCHARGE!)
  81. *Neo SquidMask then transforms and grows to kaiju size to combat the beasts*
  82.  (SNSQM) *roars, then poses*
  83. (Saibogura) *roars, sending out a powerful soundwave against  (SNSQM) *
  84. Lord Ghetsis has just entered the core of all our madness!
  85. 6:23
  86. Gallibon the Destroyer
  87.  (SNSQM) *staggers back, then gets out tentacles, shocks Saibogura with 'em*
  88. 6:23
  89. Lord Ghetsis
  90.  o/
  91. 6:24
  92. Gallibon the Destroyer
  93. (Saibogura) *is shocked, then rams himself against the squid Shadowblood, opening his big mouth to try and snap at him*
  94.  (SNSQM) *grabs Saibogura by the jaws, clamps it so that he doesn't get to him*
  95. (Ookeyara) *whips her tentacles at  (SNSQM) 's legs*
  96. 6:25
  97. Krazar77
  98. brb
  99. 6:25
  100. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  101.  o/
  102. back
  103. 6:25
  104. Gallibon the Destroyer
  105.  (SNSQM) *staggers back, lets go of Saibogura*
  106. wb
  107. and see ya
  108. 6:25
  109. Lord Ghetsis
  110. Tongon PM
  111. 6:26
  112. Gallibon the Destroyer
  113. (Ooaranya) *shoots out webs at  (SNSQM)
  114.  (SNSQM) *flails his arms against the webs, then fires missiles from his mouth and sweeps it towards the three kaiju*
  115. (Saibogura), (Ookeyara) and (Ooaranya) *all stagger back*
  116. 6:27
  117. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  118. hmm
  119. 6:28
  120. Gallibon the Destroyer
  121.  (CDM) *speaking through intercom, speaking to  (SNSQM) from Gunbot* <(You got this Neo SquidMask?)
  122. 6:28
  123. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  124. Three kaiju, huh?
  125. 6:28
  126. Gallibon the Destroyer
  127.  (SNSQM) <(There just oversize giant animals, I'll be a-okay!)
  128. (Ookeyara) *fires ink at  (SNSQM) 's face*
  130. Yes, and there's two more coming soon
  131. 6:29
  132. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  133. *suddenly, a kaiju-sized road roller appears and crushes one of the kaiju*
  135. 6:29
  136. Gallibon the Destroyer
  137. (Saibogura) *is hit from the roller, staggers to the sides*
  138.  (SNSQM) <(Howdy.)
  139. 6:30
  140. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  141.  (SQM) *simply glares at the kaiju he hit with a road roller, before tossing the road roller aside, now floating in the air*
  142. 6:31
  143. Gallibon the Destroyer
  144.  (CDM) *sits back, staying back in case something goes wrong*
  145.  (JellyfishMask) <(Oh hey....there is another SquidMask. Huh. So that's why my son keeps calling him "Neo SquidMask"....)
  146.  (JellyfishMask) <(Well, more than one person can be named "John" soo....)
  147. 6:32
  148. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  149.  (SQM) *makes a come at me motion*
  150. 6:32
  151. Gallibon the Destroyer
  152. (Ooaranya) *shrieks, then leaps, firing webs at  (SQM) *
  153.  (SNSQM) *fires missiles from mouth at Saibogura and Ookeyara*
  154. 6:33
  155. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  156.  (SQM) *does shadow manifest, disappearing through the webs, before roundhouse kicking the kaiju in the face, sending it to the ground*
  157. 6:33
  158. Gallibon the Destroyer
  159. (Ooaranya) *collides into Ookeyara and Saibogura, causing them to fall over*
  160. *The Alien Shamers then emit a bright flash of light to temporarily blind SQM and NSQM*
  161. 6:34
  162. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  163. they're in water, right?
  164. 6:34
  165. Gallibon the Destroyer
  166. No, their on a beach
  167. Very close to the water though
  168. (Alien Shamer Shamallama) <(SUCK IT, YOU OVERGROWN SUSHI!)
  169. 6:35
  170. Lord Ghetsis
  171. Tengen PM
  172. 6:35
  173. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  174.  (SQM) *is blinded by the blast, before suddenly plummeting into the ocean*
  175. *he takes a deep breath in the water... and his breathing steadies*
  176. 6:36
  177. Gallibon the Destroyer
  178.  (SNSQM) *staggers back, blindly stumbling around*
  179. Lord Ghetsis couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  180. 6:36
  181. Gallibon the Destroyer
  182. brb
  183. won't take long
  184. 6:37
  185. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  186. *and then behind the kaiju... the ocean seems to electrify, before rising up entirely in a massive wave*
  187. Lord Ghetsis has just entered the core of all our madness!
  188. 6:40
  189. Gallibon the Destroyer
  190. back
  191. *The three kaiju are then caught up in the wave, sent swept aways and all*
  192. 6:42
  193. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  194.  (SQM) *continues raising the water out of the ocean, hamon still dancing across the water* <(OCEAN BLUE WATER OVERDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!) *throws the solid wave at the kaiju like a truck hitting a tricycle*
  195. 6:43
  196. Gallibon the Destroyer
  197.  (SNSQM) *watches* <(Damn.)
  198. *The three kaiju are then hit by the wave, damage done on them pretty badly and sent skidding back aways*
  199. 6:44
  200. Krazar77
  201. Okay im back
  202. 6:44
  203. Gallibon the Destroyer
  204. (Alien Shamer Shamallama) <(Graaaah! Damn intereference....deploy two more kaiju! Aim directly for the other!)
  205. 6:44
  206. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  207. crap. gtg
  208. 6:44
  209. Gallibon the Destroyer
  210. see ya
  211. 6:44
  212. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  213. Krazar take over
  214.  o/
  215. 6:44
  216. Gallibon the Destroyer
  217. *Then...two more kaiju are sent down*
  218. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  219. 6:44
  220. Gallibon the Destroyer
  221. ("Gaos") and (Kabagon) *both are sent down...much larger and stronger kaiju
  222.  6:45
  223. Krazar77
  224. Alright who am I guesing....
  225. *using
  226. 6:45
  227. Gallibon the Destroyer
  228. ("Gaos") *wields his flail around*
  229. (Kabagon) *roars, both his big mouth and stomach mouth ready to go*
  230. 6:45
  231. Krazar77
  232. Oh I know
  233. Gojiratheking couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  234. 6:46
  235. Gallibon the Destroyer
  236.  (SNSQM) <(Wait....why did you guys send out the stronger kaiju our later....)
  237. (Alien Shamer Shamallama) <(Duh---so we don't LOSE the stronger monsters first!)
  238. (Alien Shamer Shamallama) <(Now---ATTACK!)
  239. *Gaos and Kabagon then charge at  (SNSQM) *
  240. *Saibogura, Ooaranya and Ookeyara then rise up and then charge at  (SNSQM) as well*
  241. 6:47
  242. Krazar77
  243. *Before they can even attack an atomic blast is can be seen flying overhead the squid shadowblood, smashing into both charging kaiju*
  244. 6:47
  245. Gallibon the Destroyer
  246.  (SNSQM) *ducks*
  247. 6:47
  248. Krazar77
  249. *followed by another which hits the other three*
  250. 6:47
  251. Gallibon the Destroyer
  252. ("Gaos") and (Kabagon) *both are hit, fall over*
  253. *As are Ooaranya, Ookeyara and Saibogura*
  254. (Alien Shamer Shamallama) <(WHAAAAT?)
  255.  (CDM) *observe*
  256. 6:48
  257. Krazar77
  258. *The ground around the area starts to shake as a 100 meter tall saurian joins the brawl, standing next to Squidmask*
  259. 6:49
  260. Gallibon the Destroyer
  261. *Neo SquidMask
  262. 6:49
  263. Krazar77
  264.  (Birthgoji) *roars mightly at the five beasts, intimidating them*
  265. 6:50
  266. Gallibon the Destroyer
  267.  (SNSQM) *roars as well*
  268. *The five kaiju then gather up, and charge at the two*
  269. 6:52
  270. Krazar77
  271.  (Birthgoji) *he growls, saying he will take the three on the right.*
  272. 6:52
  273. Gallibon the Destroyer
  274.  (CDM) <(Okay, time we step in.*
  275. *CondorMask then activates Gunbot*
  276. 6:53
  277. Krazar77
  278.  (Birthgoji) * charges forward, intent on facing all five head on*
  279. 6:53
  280. Gallibon the Destroyer
  281. (Gunbot) *flies in, firing missiles at some*
  282. (Ooaranya) *leaps up at  (BirthGoji) , spitting webs at him*
  283.  (Gaos) *swings flail at Gunbot*
  284. (Gunbot) *bashes gauntlets at Gaos*
  285. *"Gaos"
  286. test
  287. 6:55
  288. Krazar77
  289.  (Birthgoji) *leaps up and tackles ooaranya through the webs, he lifts the kumonga knock off up into the air before then throwing her down into the ground face first*
  290. *YEEAHT*
  291. 6:56
  292. Gallibon the Destroyer
  293. (Ooaranya) *shrieks, then fires some more webs at him*
  294. *Slashing her legs at him as well*
  295. 6:58
  296. Krazar77
  297.  (Birthgoji) *he snarls, the slashes causing some sparks against his hide. But he grabs one of them and lifts ooaranya up, before then smashing her into the ground over and over and over*
  298. 7:00
  299. Gallibon the Destroyer
  300. (Ooaranya) *then passes out, is defeated from the repeated strikes*
  301. (Ookeyara) *slithers in, firing a stream of ink at  (BirthGoji) 's face*
  302.  (SNSQM) and (Kabagon) *fight each other, getting into a fistfight*
  303. 7:02
  304. Krazar77
  305.  (Birthgoji) *blinks, he wipes away the ink. He then kicks the spider kaiju into Sabigoura*
  306. *well not spider kaiju I might whatever the hell ookeyara is*
  307. 7:05
  308. Gallibon the Destroyer
  309. brb
  310. back
  311. She's an octopus btw
  312. (Ookeyara) *slides back, crashes*
  313. (Siabogura) *roars, then charges at  (BirthGoji)
  314. *Saibogura
  315. (Saibogura) *let's out a loud roar against  (BirthGoji) , blasting sand ways*
  316. Krazar
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