New ice clip

Feb 2nd, 2020
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  1. What's new:
  2. ===========
  3. Yuzu found an RTA method of executing a previously "TAS only" glitch. It skips most of Ice Palace by clipping through a wall in the Big Key room.
  5. tl;dr
  7. (There is also a new Swamp clip, if you haven't seen it:
  9. How to do it:
  10. =============
  11. 1. Walk > until you hit the wall
  12. 2. Do < + menu buffer to somaria (1f of left movement). You can sword buffer this too.
  13. 3. Out of the menu, hold v> and Link should be walking into the wall at X coordinate F29.
  14. 4. Press Y to spawn a Somaria and also release your dpad before the animation is done (so you should still be at F29).
  15. 5. Do 1 slash buffer left. (Link needs to face left, else you pressed slash before <, which is fine, just do it again until he's facing left). You can also use a menu buffer to Hammer instead, which saves frames by skipping the slash animation.
  16. 6. Hold v for the win
  18. There are other setups that works too. For example you can walk 2f > at the start of the screen, menu to Somaria, then hold v> out of the menu. This puts Link on F29 too. There might be better windows for that than 2f in too.
  20. Video examples:
  21. ===============
  26. NMG Route:
  27. ==========
  28. Skull Woods > Ether > Mire (7hp for Vitty optimally) > Quake/Flippers > Ice > Swamp etc.
  30. Acmlm
  31. is there any specific reason to still do swamp after ice and not before mire
  32. flute warp after flippers is only a few seconds slower than the whirlpool to ice
  33. I guess if you already do Ether before swamp, might as well
  35. mkosler
  36. ham suggested in a call about getting ether in TT, for similar reasons to why we get ether in SP now
  39. NMG timing:
  40. ===========
  41. Old route
  42. - Bombable: 953 (early pickup)
  43. - Stalfos: 820
  44. - Conveyor: 715 (really good rng)
  45. - IPBJ: 1213
  46. - idk: 300
  47. - Lineup: 802
  48. - Spike: 410
  49. TOTAL: 52'53
  51. New route
  52. - Bombable: 342
  53. - + shaped room: 409
  54. - Penguins: 518
  55. - Clip: 656
  56. - Tongue: 509
  57. - H shaped room: 245
  58. - Floor spikes: 947
  59. - Spike: 305 (w/menu)
  60. TOTAL: 40'46
  62. DIFFERENCE: 12'07
  64. (Generally you get worse RNG for old route, and the difference would be bigger.)
  66. + 40f for hookless ether
  67. + 15f for hookless mire bridge
  68. - ~1s for skipping all "out of the way" bombs. It's been said you can skip west pod bomb, extra hammeryump bomb and the one in TRock.
  70. You can save a few frames by using a Somaria block on the last switch before Kholdstare, but it saves more to skip a slash in the setup itself. Also you would be forced to do Lonely Firebar w/swords.
  72. Some menues will be different due to doing dungeons in different order, and might save/lose time overall.
  75. Technical info:
  76. ===============
  77. By walking left for 1f, Link goes from xx9 to xx7 coordinate, and the game recognizes that Link is now inside the doorway. But because the Somaria is in the way, he is pushed back to xx9. You're now at xx9, 2 pixels from the doorway, but you have doorway state. You are also 1px into the wall to the right of Link.
  79. One property of doorway state, is that if you walk into the wall (^ or v in this case), the game pushes you out of the door. Since you're 1px into a wall, and in doorway state, you meet the conditions of this "push Link out of the door" logic. For some reason, collision is ignored when Link is pushed out this way.
  81. While a door is involved, this is not a "door glitch" per say. Just like deathhole is a door glitch, even if no doors are involved. "Door Glitches" always involves transitions, and somehow corrupting them. This new glitch does nothing of the sort.
  84. Setup stuff:
  85. ============
  86. PinkusToday at 11:59 AM
  87. Looked a little bit on setups, can't really find anything better for RTA than current method.
  89. Holding v, every 3rd frame gives you an opportunity to hold v>. I tried holding sword out etc. and couldn't find any better method than that. There's never a window of more than 1f to pause.
  91. If you enter the screen with an X subpixel of 80 or higher, you can just hold > and automatically get to F29, skipping the first part of the setup. But you're only there for one frame, need to frame perfectly menu at that pixel if you want to skip the first part of the setup. Might be something to do if this is allowed & we start optimizing it more.
  93. Another thing to mention, for the last part of the setup, when you do 1f <, you can check to see if you got it, by doing v then for example slash your sword. If Link is facing rightwards, you got it and can keep holding v, if not you know you need to try it again. This would be a safe method if you're worried about having to set it up all again after failing it.
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