I was a cradle robber

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  1. I'm not saying that I'm a cradle robber or anything, but I did do some things that you are not supposed to do to a 13 year old kid. It was a weird day, and let's talk about it!
  3. So I forget exactly when all of this happened. I think I was around 16 or 15 or so. It was definitely a while back and I was definitely in my teens but I don't remember much more about the time than that.
  5. I was out on the ice rink with friends, and it wasn't too busy. Like there were some people around but it wasn't jammed packed, but it also wasn't so empty that you could see from one end of the rink to the other or anything. We were just skating, chilling.
  6. ...Not much more you can really do on an ice rink.
  7. I was getting about ready to leave, and we were all going to go around once more before we did. We were almost at the exit and pretty much done when a 13 year old skated up to us.
  9. "Hey."
  10. "...hi?"
  11. "I like your hat."
  12. "Oh, thanks."
  13. "Will you hold something for me?"
  14. And I swear to god this is true. This little 13 year old kid said the smoothest thing I'd ever heard in my life.
  16. "Will you hold something for me?"
  17. "Ok, sure, what?"
  18. "My hand?"
  19. I'm dead serious, the kid was that smooth. I sort of stumbled back and reached out in surprise. The kid caught me by the hand and managed to keep me balanced. So, not only was this kid smoother than the ice we were standing on, he also had frickin spiderman reflexes or something.
  21. I looked down at him, and he looked up at me. I'm not sure which one of us was freaking out more, but I turned to my friends and said.
  22. "Um, I'll have to see you guys later."
  23. They burst out laughing, and I kinda nervously giggled with them. Of course this whole thing wasn't happening. I was just going to skate with the kid for, y'know, stopping me from falling onto the ice and being so smooth and stuff. That's all. It was a cute little game, that's it...Right?
  24. My friends actually were pretty tired though, (actually, so was I) so they did leave without me. So, I was suddenly alone on the rink with a 13 year old kid that I didn't even know the name of, holding hands and starting another lap. I could actually feel his pulse in his wrist, and it told me that he did NOT expect to get this far.
  25. Well, I figured, if I was going to be stuck with him, I might as well get to know him.
  27. "So, what's your name?"
  28. "I'm Alex."
  29. "I'm jaiden."
  30. "Nice to meet you. You have really warm hands."
  31. “Oh, th-thanks.” For those of you who don’t know, I’m kinda self conscious about my hands, and yet this kid knocked that out of the park. It slowly started to dawn on me just how cold his hands were too. Like, they seemed almost even colder than mine. I think it must’ve been the rink or something. Then he turns to look at me and says;
  32. “They’re almost as warm as your eyes.”
  33. ...
  34. "How old are you!?"
  36. I honestly couldn't think of anything else to ask from there, and it just came blurting out of me. I mean, it was the most surreal part about all of this. Once or twice I've held hands with people while skating (not really anything romantic or anything, usually just keeping their balance and stuff) so that wasn't really new to me. I've been caught while falling before, and I've even liked an occasional smooth line (although, usually they're awful), but this was a kid so much younger than me, he was basically a child! I was thinking about getting my learners permit while he was thinking about staying up an hour later!
  37. And there I was, just skating around with him, holding hands, feeling his palms start to warm up and rub off on me like it was normal. Nothing about this was normal!! This was the furthest thing from normal! Why was this so fine!!
  38. He didn't seem too surprised though.
  39. "I'm 13. What about you?"
  40. "15."
  41. "Hath time made you wise to the arts of love?" I giggled a bit.
  45. We actually skated around the rink another lap, but I didn't really feel tired anymore, so we went around for another. And then another. and another. After a while, we were the only ones on the rink and it was starting to get dark out. I'm not really sure where the time had gone. I don't even really remember what we were talking about the whole time. I mean I remember we were talking about school at some point, and I remember at one point we were kind of just staring at each other.
  46. Oh, man.
  48. It sort of hit me how much I liked Alex. Short or not, kid or not, it was actually really nice hanging out with him.
  49. ...And I kinda didn't want that to end.
  51. He looked up at me, puppy dog eyes somewhere between adorable and charming and said
  52. "would you mind walking me home?"
  53. "Uh. Yeah! Sure. Can't have you going out in the dark like this. Where do you live?" Did I just ask a child where they lived?!
  55. We went back to his place, which looked kinda dark and spooky. It seemed like it was empty from the outside, so I asked him where his parents were.
  56. "Oh, they're out for the weekend."
  57. "Do you need someone to stay with you?"
  58. "Nah, I can take care of myself." For a moment we stood out in front of his house, neither of us really wanting to leave the other. His thumb rubbed the back of my palm and I remembered we were still holding hands. We stood out there for a while, just gazing up at the foreboding house.
  59. "... Do you want me to stay with you?" He smiled and leaned against my arm a little.
  60. "I'd love you to."
  62. We went inside. The big house seemed dark and kinda cold with just us in it. I think he gripped my hand tighter, or maybe it was the other way around. I don't really remember.
  63. We walked in and had a seat on his couch. I remember we were talking about something, and he started to trail off. I asked what's up and he said.
  64. "Hang on, you've got something on your face." I bent over a bit, letting him reach up to it, and he pulled me down a bit
  65. "What is it?" He looked me dead in the eyes.
  66. "Me." And he kissed me.
  68. As if it was a dream I just went with it. I felt his tongue rolling across mine, I closed my eyes, everything became perfect in that one moment. He started leaning back and I followed him, our lips locked, our hearts slamming. When we finally broke it off, he was smiling goofily, but it was pretty obvious he didn't have much of an idea where to go from there. I pulled my shirt off. He did the same. I unclipped my bra and his eyes went wide.
  69. "Beautiful."
  70. "Y-y-you too." I was never the best at flirting.
  72. We went back to kissing, which I did know how to do. My hands started to slide towards his belt and his started to move to mine. We were basically getting each other off through our clothes, just rubbing and stroking along the parts we knew were good, or thought were good. What was bizarre was, I could tell he was a virgin, he was shaking, he didn't know where to rub, I could even feel his heart slam in his chest whenever my hand went over it. Even with all that, and having a bit of experience under my belt, I had that same shakiness. That same feeling that something was going to change on that night.
  73. Which is pretty over dramatic, because it kinda didn't, but whatever. It felt like a big deal at the time.
  75. I started to undo his pants, and pull them off, and he… tried to figure out mine. He might’ve been smooth with words, but man, did he not know what to do when someone was actually into him. Eventually he figured it out, left them around my ankles. I started moving down his stomach, and pulled down his underwear, and that's when another big reminder that it was a 13 year old kid hit me dead in the face.
  76. He had the cutest dick I’d ever seen. I actually had to stop myself from laughing from my nerves just ending right there looking at it. I smiled and gave it a little kiss. He cried out a bit, and I was like ‘shit, yeah! I’m gonna rock his world!’
  77. I took the whole thing in my mouth, which wasn’t that hard, and started to suck him down. He was flailing and moaning, freaking out about the feeling. I felt like a seasoned pro. It was like I was some sorta sensei of sex- sensei of sex?
  78. Ho, you’ve shamed your dojo, get ready for the dildo of a thousand sore butts.
  80. Anyway, I kept sucking until finally he flails one last time, and cums in my mouth. It startled me, but I just rolled with it and swallowed it down while he lay back panting and moaning. I wiped my mouth off and looked up at him.
  81. “That was fun. Got any more?”
  82. “Y-you too.” I smiled, and put a hand on his chest, pulling my panties off with the other hand and keeping myself balanced on the couch.
  84. I don’t know how, after millions of years of evolution, and thousands of years of civilization, we haven’t been able to make positioning before screwing any less awkward. It’s always this sorta ‘hang on let me get here, and you just go over here and, I think if I sit down like this and there’s this over here and- wait, no if I do that I can’t thrust. Wait, let me put my hand here and my weight on- OH SHIT! That’s your chest!’
  85. This was no less awkward. I mean, he was charming and everything, but you just can’t avoid that weirdness.
  86. Eventually I managed to get into a comfy place. Could thrust back and forth and do my thing, and wasn’t putting my weight on him anywhere else. Wasn’t going to make it into ‘sex position hall of fame’ but whatever, it did the job.
  88. We started fucking and MAN when they tell you size doesn’t matter, they are not kidding. For some reason, the way he was pushing into me was like… it was like… I’m not even sure how to describe it. Imagine having the choice between 2 or 3 scoops of vanilla, or 1 scoop of chocolate. That’s probably the closest thing I can think of. Like, yeah, the vanilla is fine, but if you get 2 scoops you just get sick of it and it’s just boring. This kid was hitting everything I wanted in spite of everything.
  89. Part of that might’ve been just how crazy energetic he was. I mean, we must’ve spent hours at the ice rink, and then walked home, and he was still just bouncing up and down like a possessed pogo stick. It was amazing! It was like having sex with a vibrator.
  90. Don’t you mean using a vibrator, jaiden?
  91. I know what I said! This was like having rough, passionate sex with a living vibrator. Like he was a man that could vibrate. It was awesome!
  93. I think at some point he started grabbing my hips to thrust up better, because I remember his hands kinda digging into me. That was kinda weird. Like, it didn’t hurt or anything, but it did feel weird at the time. Like he was hugging my ass.
  94. Thinking back on it, it’s a little weird how hard that stuck out to me.
  95. ...I might have a thing for it.
  97. I felt myself bounce on him, in time to his movements, and there was a rush as we both felt ourselves cuming. I felt warm stuff spilling inside, and that was the moment I realized I’d forgot to use a condom.
  98. “...oh... fuuuuuu-”
  100. I want you to imagine a face of abject terror. No worse than that. Yeah, like that. Now take that smudge tool from photoshop… and just draaaaaag it down. That’s probably how I looked at that moment. It clearly showed too, Alex went from post orgasm bliss to pure terror in a heartbeat.
  101. I quickly made my excuses and left before he had a chance to ask what was wrong or anything. I was freaking out at the time, so I kind of forget everything else.
  102. I think I was using a pregnancy test every day for the next 2 weeks, every day met with absolute terror. At one point I was even so scared I started throwing up from stress, and boy did that not help things.
  103. In the end, I got lucky. Really, really, lucky.
  105. So, what happened after?
  106. Well… things felt sort of awkward afterwards, I mean, I did sort of burst out of his place, and talking to his parents would’ve been… that would’ve been a conversation. Plus I was still sore from the whole ‘Week spent freaking out every time I pissed’.
  107. Also, I think he might’ve bragged about me to his friends, which, if you’re a dude, don’t do that. Not only is it disrespectful and stuff, I had to have a few 13 year olds follow me around for weeks later, and one or two even tried the same lines. It just made the whole night feel more bitter in my mind and more like a giant stupid mistake, which I don’t think was anyone’s goal.
  108. As for me though, I learned my lesson from having a panic attack every morning for two full weeks. Don’t be with a guy who doesn’t have the sense to wrap… yo.
  109. ...well, don’t do that anymore, anyway.
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