Lilith's Panacea

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  1. Lilith's Panacea
  2. Rarity ◊◊◊
  4. A magical medicine created by gathering refined succubus magic, it is said to be a small bit of highly concentrated demon realm in the form of a pure white liquid placed in a small bottle.
  5. It is said to be one of the legendary magical medicines created by accident by the Demon Lord, and it's currently unconfirmed if it even exists.
  7. With just a taste Imps become Arch Imps, this magical medicine holds the power to transform the ground it is spilled on into demon realm, and will change into a "cure-all" to grant all of the read desires of human women who drink it.
  8. However, after these desires are warped to become full of lust, arousal, and extremely lewd things based on the Demon Lord's values, they are granted through monsterization.
  10. A woman who desires to gather the love of all the world's men, who has in mind stealing the hearts of all the world's men, will become one whose beauty and charm are devoted to love, but because they are a mamono, that beauty and charm will be used to obtain one man recognized as their companion.
  11. A woman who desires to become the strongest, by obtaining a partner who can keep up with them sexually for eternity, will become a mamono who can continuously raise their power without limit.
  12. A princess that wishes to see her homeland rebuilt after being destroyed by an enemy nation, can get enemy countries wrapped up in demon realms just by staying there, and become a being who can resurrect all those who died as undead.
  13. In other words, this magical medicine transforms the drinker into the ideal mamono.
  15. There are no limits on the nature or power of the mamono that can be transformed into by drinking it, of course including high rank mamono such as "Dragon" and "Baphomet", and it is even said there is a possibility of becoming a new species of mamono that does not presently exist in the world.
  16. Still, since its existence has not been confirmed, it is considered just a rumor. Among the Lilims, daughters of the Demon Lord, it is whispered that in fact, by drinking this magical medicine, a human woman can become a "White Inma" with powers equal to the Lillim, and there exist those adopted by the Demon Lord herself.
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