Oct 13th, 2014
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  1. ----===== Mahou Shonen Quest =====-----
  3. Makoto Kiryoka
  4. + Lucky: Gives better odds for any action.
  5. + Beautiful: You are the picture of feminine beauty.
  6. + Feminine: You feel comfortable in female clothes/form.
  7. + Honourable: You often act on the path of Justice.
  8. = Hetero Leaning: You feel attracted to the feminine.
  9. = Homo Leaning: You've experienced anal masturbation.
  10. - Weak: You exhaust quickly, physically weak.
  11. - Sensitive: Your skin is very sensitive.
  12. Foci:
  13. White Maiden (Makoto): Purity. White and Pink dress.
  14. Fetter: Coin Necklace
  15. + Purification: Allows you to obliterate darkness and break down complex objects.
  16. + Healing: Allows you to slowly recover injuries on yourself and others.
  17. + Purge: Allows you to clean Foci of corruption.
  18. - Sensitive: You are highly susceptible to damage and emotional overdrive.
  20. Strict Ebony (Yui): Constriction. Leather bodice, boots and stockings.
  21. Fetter: Leather Corset.
  22. + Vinyl Vines: Can manipulate leather and plastics into long, whip-like strands.
  23. + Bindings: Can place tight binds on the target, obstructing their movement.
  24. + Leather Coffin: Can cover herself in flexible materials to act as armour.
  25. - Obstruction: Personal agility is lacklustre.
  27. ---== Relationships ==---
  28. Their disposition (Emotion/Loyalty/Lust), advice, and current thoughts.
  30. Robosan
  31. "You're a stalwart soldier, Kiryoka. We may not agree, but I trust you. You're... cute by earth-standard. *Ahem*"
  32. "No comments."
  33. "Can we afford to trust these girls?"
  35. Hana Kiryoka (Mother)
  36. "My darling child, Makoto. I trust you completely."
  37. "You should learn about a girl's body."
  38. "Go have fun!"
  40. Shun Tanakawa (Baseball Girl)
  41. "Man, you're really fun! I trust your judgement. You can be so cute sometimes, makes me wanna... Uh..."
  42. "You should join a club."
  43. "Heh, all these guys are nothing compared to me!"
  45. Yui Oomura (Council Prez)
  46. "You're quite the catch, Kiryoka. I have faith in you. I just can't help myself when I see you~!"
  47. "We should help other magical girls."
  48. "I wonder how he would look in one of these..."
  50. ??? (Bin Girl)
  51. ???
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