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  1. unused quest w/ aranea
  3. The whole "bromance" thing is cute and all, but I expect a little more backbone out of my "recruits."
  4. Anyone volunteer to be captain?
  5. I bet I could do it.
  6. I volunteer Ignis.
  7. You up for it, Prompto?
  8. I am now!
  9. Excellent! Time for the real "training" to begin.
  10. Hey, Four-Eyes. I sense a lot of potential in you. Let's see how you handle this.
  11. Well, I daresay I won't be able to wield it with the same finesse as you.
  12. You can learn.
  13. Yeah, Iggy! She can teach you.
  15. You guys slack off while I was gone?
  16. The girl? You fight 'er?
  17. Nope. Befriended her.
  18. Just like that?
  19. It's complicated.
  20. How complicated?
  21. I dunno how to explain it. She's not so bad.
  22. Not-so-bad sounds good to me. Here's to new friends.
  24. chapter 5? ravus
  26. Guys?
  27. Long has it been, Noctis.
  28. Ravus.
  29. You've accepted the Fulgurian's blessings.
  30.  Yet you know nothing of the consequences.
  31. Watch it. 
  32. Not good...
  33. Be still. All of you. 
  34. Heir to a crown befitting no other...
  35. Witness His Splendor and Glory. All hail the Chosen King.
  36. Awful high and mighty for an imperial rat.
  37. Siding with the enemy to hunt down Luna! 
  38. I am the enemy. Never forget this. 
  39. The king's sworn shield.
  40. You better believe it.
  41. A brittle shield is fit for naught but the smelter. 
  42. Gladio!  
  43. Wanna play? I'm game.
  44. Should the chosen one die, that too is fate.
  45. Right!
  46. Enough fun for now.
  47. Need a hand, Highness?
  48. Not from you.
  49. Come, come, after all we've been through.
  50. Who can you trust if not your friends?
  51. Right.
  52. Wait, what?
  53. Spare us your mockery.
  54. I couldn't be more sincere.
  55. We hereby withdraw.
  56. How's that?
  57. Because fate has seen fit to bring us together.
  58. Your untimely end would be most unbefitting.
  59. Nor would it be very honorable of me to kill you.
  60. I, of course, have my own interests to protect.
  61. You of all people should understand.
  62. You are the king. 
  63. Ah, a brave and noble soul, your good father.
  64. Hoping against hope, defying the enemy to his dying breath.
  65. Little good that did the Crown City, of course.
  66. But can you readily relinquish the Crystal?
  67. No telling what havoc the powers-that-be may wreak next, though I can say they're hell-bent on finding that ring.
  68. Nay, High Commander?
  69. What is the Line of Lucis without its crystal?
  70. What rightful heir would not fight to reclaim it?
  71. I hold the kings of eld in the utmost esteem.
  72. Alas, it will not do for your line to end here, now will it?
  73. You're serious, you'll just be on your way?
  74. When next we meet, it shall be across the seas.
  75. I believe you have a courtship to consummate.
  76. Just so happens we have business of our own with the tutelary deity.
  77. Don't we?
  78. Fare thee well, Your Majesty, and safe travels.
  79. Hey!
  80. Next time? We finish this.
  81. You guys know that guy?
  82. Ravus Nox Fleuret... Elder brother of Lady Lunafreya.
  84. chapter 9 ravus + extra
  86. The wedding day arrives, but alas, without the bride.
  87. Of course, we've come for the Hydraean, and you've gone to such lengths to prepare.
  88. Merely my duty.
  89. Ah, but for an outsider to lead the imperial army must be a battle in and of itself.
  90. You've spoken to Lady Lunafreya?
  91. No.
  92. That obstinate secretary, standing in the way.
  93. While you rush off to slay the Hydraean for your poor sister's sake.
  94. I know the price of the covenant.
  95. First the Archaean, then the Fulgurian, and soon the Hydraean!
  96. Tragic...yet were the bond to be severed...
  97. The Oracle is not your concern.
  98. ...the world would be the daemons' for the taking.
  99. Your presence is not required.
  100. And then there's this.
  101. My arm, what of it?
  102. The pitiable fate of one spurned by the light...
  103. And you wished only to be its champion.
  104. Meanwhile that recalcitrant vagabond is chosen.
  105. I understand more than you can know.
  106. You do seem rather...well-acquainted.
  107. Acquaintances are the means by which I keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the heavens.
  108. One doesn't live to my age without making a few friends.
  109. We suffered great losses slaying the Archaean, and this battle should prove no different.
  110. Should the chancellor insist on staying, I must insist on appointing guardsmen for your safety.
  111. Most kind of you to care for my...well being.
  113. chapter 10 mines
  115. Don't you love how trains let you just sit back and enjoy the ride?
  116. So, we're gonna roll through Tenebrae.
  117. Not before visiting the royal tomb at Cartanica. And the train'll just wait for us.
  118. How's the eyes?
  119. The wound's improved, but my sight has not...
  120. You wanna pass on Cartanica?
  121. No, I should be fine, given a bit more time. Forgive me, Noct.
  122. Once past Tenebrae, it's on to, uh, Niflheim.
  123. We've a chance to take a brief furlough in Tenebrae, courtesy of the first secretary. Camelia comes through.
  124. That's great! Should we...drop by?
  125. I don't know.
  126. Goddammit, how long you gonna mope like this? W
  127. e're not stopping in Tenebrae. You know where we're headed and what we're out to do. So get a goddamn grip already.
  128. I've got a grip. That's why I'm here. Don't give me that crap.
  129. What're'you-- Not when you won't wear the ring, let alone look at it.
  130. She gave her life so you could do your duty, not so you could feel sorry for yourself.
  131. And Ignis, he took one for you. You should be apologizing, not him.
  132. But no, first you drag your feet and put it on him for not being able to drive us.
  133. Then when the Secretary goes out of her way to book the train for us, you make them drag the Regalia on board!?
  134. To be fair, it was Camelia who offered first...(with the Regalia)
  135. Think you got it bad? Take a look around! Your eyes still work.
  136. Where're you off to? I need some fresh air.
  138. A moment.
  139. Is everything okay?
  140. No, it isn't. And I can't let things remain as they are. While I can understand your frustration, I can't bear to listen to it any longer. Let's be frank: My vision hasn't improved, and probably won't. Yet in spite of this... I would remain with you all.
  141. To the very end.
  142. Sorry, but I object. War is a matter of life and death.
  143. But we'll be there (to help him)! It's not about us looking out for him.
  144. Then he should be free to choose.
  145. There's more to it than just what he wants!
  146. I know full well! I won't ask you to slow down. If I cannot keep up, I will bow out.
  147. What says His Majesty?
  149. You don't have to do this.
  151. Whatever obligation you feel, I release you from it.
  153. Noct.
  154. Having said that, I can't send you away. It feels...wrong somehow.
  155. The hell kind of a decision is that?
  156. I've always been able to tell what was troubling you, since our childhood days. Listen to me, Noct: what's done is done.
  157. You needn't torment yourself on my account. I will conquer this adversity and prove my worth, if only you'll let me. I can't show you from afar, and what's more... I want to be there when you rise as king, to see it with what sight I have left.
  159. Let's do it.
  160. We can do it.
  161. We can get ourselves killed.
  162. We've got the spoiled leading the blind.
  163. Gladio, make no mistake, Noct will take the ring, once he is truly ready.
  164. Alright already.
  165. Doesn't make us any safer now.
  166. Watch your backs.
  167. I'm sorry.
  168. You have enough to worry about.
  169. One less thing now.
  170. Yeah, yeah...
  172. chapter 10 train
  174. Hmph, seems I've gotten cold feet.
  175. Ravishing as the day you died.
  176. ...Where've you been hiding all this time?
  177. Good show, Noctis!
  178. I feel I've earned the right to call you "Noct."
  179. For a moment I felt death's chill wind, such is the might of the gods.
  180. But then I remembered I'm immortal, such is my blessing and curse.
  181. Oh, but the pain was very real.
  182. You've wounded me, "Noct."
  183. Showing off our toys?
  184. Look what I found!
  185. ALT: But I'm not bitter, look what I found.
  186. Ah, but of course you're more concerned about WHO I found. Hm?
  187. Ah-ah-aaah! You mustn't take what's not yours.
  188. Where is he?
  189. "He"?
  190. The little gunman's a short shot away.
  191. Where? Where else but Gralea? Your last stop.
  192. I'm sure he'd be delighted to see you. And you might even find your crystal!
  193. With all these daemons about, you could certainly use it.
  194. Gods help you, "Noct."
  196. chapter 13 regalia
  198. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  199. Far as she'll go.
  200. ALT: That all she wrote?
  201. Far enough.
  202. ALT: It'll do. She saved our lives.
  203. There's nothing you could've done to save her.
  204. Guess not.
  205. Was a good ride.
  206. Hate to just leave her here.
  207. She's in no shape to move?
  208. We'll come back for her.
  209. And on we walk.
  210. Slowly but surely.
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