>Buzzy Studies

Feb 17th, 2019
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  1. >Bee filly
  2. >No, Be filly, we’re not gonna open with THAT dumb of a pun
  3. >Or are we?
  4. >Be filly, still as naughty as before
  5. >Spelling test coming up tomorrow
  6. >You didn’t study at ALL
  7. >Kingdom Hearts 3 just came out!
  8. >NotGood.jpg
  9. >Fourth Grade spelling words are HARD
  10. >H-A-R-D
  11. >Sadly, that one was from first grade…
  12. >There’s absolutely no WAY you’re gonna learn all five spelling words
  13. >Not before bedtime for sure
  14. >Unless…
  15. >No
  16. >Not a C-H-A-N-C-E
  17. >That WAS one of the words! Now just...four more...
  18. >Teacher always gave an easy one...
  19. >Well...the plan might work
  20. >If you fail this test, you get a spanking AND grounded
  21. >And you’re so close to the end of the game…
  22. >Maybe she won’t spank you
  23. >Maybe
  24. >It’s a chance, right?
  25. >You trot out towards the outskirts of town
  26. >There’s the hive…
  27. >No rocks this time! You don’t wanna make her mad.
  28. >Copy down the words from the list to another sheet of paper
  29. >Wad that up
  30. >Throw IT at the hive
  31. >Bzzzzzzzzzz!
  32. >The bees swarm out, looking annoyed
  33. >Their queen flies out, changes to her large self
  34. >”You again?”
  35. >You nod
  36. >”I thought we agreed you wouldn’t throw rocks!”
  37. >You nod, then shake your head
  38. >You’re scared, of course you can’t speak!
  39. >You point to the paper on the ground
  40. >She goes over, picks it up, uncrumples it, and reads
  41. >”Yes, these words are all spelled correctly. What of it?”
  42. >You show her the original list, and point to the due date
  43. >”Oh. OH! I see how it is. You forgot to study, didn’t you? And now you come here, thinking that because I am a spelling bee, I’ll be willing to help you study?”
  44. >Eeep!
  45. >She seems...offended
  46. >You nod, slowly
  47. >”You’re lucky I am in a good mood, young lady. A queen’s job is a busy one. I cannot just take time to help a filly study willy-nilly.”
  48. >”But, seeing as you are in a sticky situation, I will help you.”
  49. >OhThankSun.Jpg!
  50. >You rush over and hug her leg
  51. >”ThankYouThankYouThankyou!”
  52. >She shakes you off
  53. >”Drone 4546B, fetch my Paddle.”
  54. >WAITWHAT?!
  55. >”Why?!”
  56. >”Because, young lady, you need to be punished for not studying. So, we are going to do the same arrangement as before. I am going to quiz you on each of these four words. For every one you get wrong, you will receive five spanks with my paddle.”
  57. >Oh no…
  58. >Still better than a grounding, though!
  59. >You can do this…it’s only five per word
  60. >”And we are going to read through the list until you get them all right in one go!”
  61. >Oh no…
  63. >Five minutes later, there you are
  64. >Over her abdomen-lap again
  65. >Sweet Celestia that stinger is big…
  66. >Focus!
  67. >She gave you five minutes to read over the list again
  68. >’s Showtime
  69. >”Alright. Let’s begin. Spell Chance.”
  70. >Easy
  71. >”C-H-A-N-C-E”
  72. >”Well done. Now, spell Question.”
  73. >Errr…
  74. >”Q-U-E-S-T-S-H-U-N”
  75. >SPANK!
  76. >You yelp out as the paddle cracks down!
  77. >”That was one. Consider it a warning. Spell it right.”
  78. >Oh right! It’s a Quest for an Ion! One gamer friend taught you that!
  79. >”Q-U-E-S-T-I-O-N!”
  80. >”Very good! Now, spell Infinite”
  81. >Oh crap…
  82. >That’s a HARD one…
  83. >”I-N...F-I...N-I-T?”
  85. >You squeal out as you reach back to rub, only to have your hoof tapped warningly
  86. >”No rubbing, Young lady! You still have to run through the list again. And you already are at Seven Spanks.”
  87. >”Now. Spell Infinite correctly. You missed a letter.”
  88. >OH! The E!
  89. >”I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E!”
  90. >”Excellent. You’re learning. Now, spell Pentagon.”
  91. >”P-E-N-T-A-G-O-N…”
  92. >”Good jo…”
  93. >”...E” you finish before you can stop yourself
  94. >She doesn’t even smack you. Just sighs.
  95. >”You still get five. But I admit that word is tricky right after Infinite.”
  96. >You whine
  97. >”P-E-N-T-A-G-O-N”
  98. >She nods. Time for the last word
  99. >”Alright. Last one. Librarian. Spell It.”
  100. >You’re Not Falling For That Again!
  101. >”I-T!”
  102. >The bees all around buzz
  103. >Even the queen has to stifle a giggle
  104. >”Alright. I suppose I asked for that one.”
  105. >”But, seriously, spell Librarian.”
  106. >That’s the Hard one…
  107. >”L-I-B-R-A-R-I-A-N?”
  108. >She nods!
  109. >You got it right!
  110. >”Well done...Now...we’ll start back at Chance.”
  111. >Aw crap…
  114. >Five. Five rounds was how long it took before you got them all right
  115. >You forgot Librarian on the second one
  116. >Messed up Pentagon and Infinite again on the third
  117. >And to your shame…
  118. >”C-H-A-N-S-E!”
  119. >Yeah, not gonna mention how she reacted to THAT
  120. >But now you got them all!
  121. >…
  122. >Now she’s holding that paddle over your flanks.
  123. >”You have received three already. And because you did so well on Librarian, AND made my hive laugh, I am willing to forgive a few more. You’ll be receiving Twenty-Five.”
  124. >You shudder. That IS merciful, coming from her
  125. >You feel her abdomen bounce, and then…
  126. >CRACK!
  127. >”OWWY!!!”
  128. >Oh Celestia that hurts!
  129. >”That was One. If you are squirming like a Larva over that, this is going to be very unpleasant for you indeed.”
  130. >No *Beep*, Fetlock?
  131. >CRACK CRACK!
  132. >You squeal out now, just hanging down and letting her spank you
  133. >Still better than a Grounding, you tell yourself
  134. >Hard to believe that when a series of five CRACKS lash your poor bummy!
  135. >”You really are a whiny one. Are all pony foals so vocal during their spankings?”
  136. >She’s asking you as she CRACKS that paddle down thrice more
  137. >”It HURTS!”
  138. >CRACK!
  139. >”That is rather the point, dearie. It wouldn’t be a punishment if it didn’t.”
  140. >CRACK!
  141. >Oh Sun and Moon now your bottom feels like it’s being stung is she actually using that stinger
  142. >”Why are you punishing me?!”
  143. >CRACK!
  144. >Is her venom in the paddle is that why it stings so much?!
  145. >”For not studying for your test”
  146. >CRACK!
  147. >”For throwing things at my hive again.”
  148. >CRACK! CRACK!
  149. >By this point you’re just a squirmy sniffly teared-up mess
  150. >”And most importantly, for bothering me in the middle of my duties as a Queen Bee!”
  151. >What...What the hay does that mean?
  153. >You yell out...but, there’s only five more…
  154. >“Chance.”
  155. >Meep
  156. >“C-H-A-N-C-E”
  157. >She doesn’t spank
  158. >No way…
  159. >”Question.”
  160. >”Q-U-E-S-T-I-O-N”
  161. >”Infinite.”
  162. >”I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E”
  163. >”Pentagon.”
  164. >”P-E-N-T-A-G-O-N”
  165. >”Finally, Librarian.”
  166. >”L-I-B-R-A-R-I-A-N”
  167. >She lets you go
  168. >You squeak as she sets you on your rump
  169. >You whimper
  170. >”Thank you…”
  171. >She nods
  172. >”Go home and study more.”
  173. >You rush to obey her
  177. >Bee Filly
  178. >After school next day
  179. >Going to the beehive again
  180. >You have a sheet of paper teacher gave you in your hooves
  181. >You gently knock on the tree instead
  182. >She appears behind you
  183. >”Yes? What is it now?”
  184. >You show her the Paper
  185. >It’s your Test
  186. >100%!
  187. >Even got a Happy Face Sticker!
  188. >”Thank you…” you say
  189. >She actually smiles
  190. >”I knew you would be able to do it.”
  191. >You blink
  192. >”How did you know?”
  193. >She smiles again
  194. >”After a spanking like that, I knew you’d remember our lessons…..for a Spell.”
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