Mean Screamy Log [7/11] Grr

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  1. [17:31] "Yeah. Swell meeting ya', Garrick," she replies with a grin.
  3. One the one hand, Ardith is absolutely loving the flattery. And the backscratching. The smith starts stroking her ego like it's his job and she's susceptible to it.
  5. But if there's something that irritates her, something that rubs her the wrong way and acts like a great waving red cape, it's all the chatter about Levengard.
  7. Levengard.
  9. It's like she's already seeing red. Levengard this, angels that. It starts to stoke her into a frenzy and, by association, the swirling wings around her.
  11. Her grin transforms into a scowl as her scratching stops and she passes the bent piece of metal back towards the smith.
  13. "I'd like to talk. Really...But right now I gotta' SEE A MAN ABOUT SOME MANGOES BEFORE I CUT A BITCH!" she snarls, turning towards the nearby group with a frenzied gleam in her red eyes.
  16. (Ardith)
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. [17:31] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "...I thought those were just more flower petals."
  20. [17:32] Nemaniti says, "Wha-"
  21. [17:32] Nemaniti exclaims, "My wings look like leaves!"
  22. [17:32] Tahldrig exclaims, "Oh, alright Ardie! See you later then!"
  23. [17:32] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "I guess my sight really is deteriorating with age."
  24. [17:32] Nemaniti asks, ".. Don't demons live forever?"
  25. [17:32] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "...Technically."
  26. [17:33] Nemaniti asks, "Why would your sight get worse then?"
  27. [17:33] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "I have multiple internal injuries in various spots, I wouldn't put it past me to have growth issues."
  28. [17:33] Nemaniti says, "Oh."
  29. [17:34] Nemaniti exclaims, "Well I guess that's fair- I hope those get fixed soon though!"
  30. [17:34] Tahldrig says, "If.. you find me some food I can take a look at your injuries Ark and see if I can help."
  31. [17:34] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Most of them are already Mythril'd out. It's more... A death by a hundred tiny cuts."
  32. [17:34] Tahldrig says, "Ah."
  33. [17:34] Pulling his hands away from the antlers, he nodded with his eyes closed, as if he had predicted this outcome. "Yes," he rubbed his fingers together. "You must be one of those Lightning Drakanites I've heard about!"
  35. At this point, he was assuming his interjection into their conversation wouldn't be minded. The girl was silent anyway, right?
  36. (Zhurong)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. [17:35] Adrian Rowan says, "Not here? Hmm."
  40. [17:35] Aurora Elisheva asks, "Have you guys seen a boy named... Adonis?"
  41. [17:35] Sima Kang asks, "Who?"
  42. [17:35] Alesia Elisheva says, " Hi Aurora."
  43. [17:35] Alesia Elisheva says, "Hi Adrian."
  44. [17:36] Arkgvunde Vel'heim says, "Been a few months since they were around here."
  45. [17:36] Aurora Elisheva says, "Hello."
  46. [17:36] Aurora Elisheva says, "Ugh. Where do we look next..."
  47. [17:36] Tahldrig says, "Not in some time, I see him around the academy every couple of months"
  48. [17:36] Alesia Elisheva says, "Hi Percy."
  49. [17:36] Adrian Rowan asks, "Huang?"
  50. [17:36] Adrian Rowan asks, "You know the way, right?"
  51. [17:36] Aurora Elisheva says, "Uh-huh."
  52. [17:36] Adrian Rowan says, "Hey Alessia-- My bad, big busy."
  53. [17:38] The settled Kang's eyes go wide as Ardie's voice raises. A light, nervous chuckle rises up and out of the Kang as the hand upon Alesia's shoulder ushers her towards his side.
  55. "Yeah uh... Tahl, I'm going to head off and talk with Ardie for a bit. Alesia do you want to stick with me or Tahl for a bit?" Pleading eyes shot towards the Occultist in hopes they'd understand.
  57. Oh hey people-- There they went. Hm. His nose scrunches up for a moment as he takes a hesitant step towards the west. Once more a digit is brought up towards his shoulder for Nemaniti to take.
  59. "Sorry to cut it short by the way, Nem, but uh... Have to help a friend out."
  60. (Sima Kang)
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. [17:38] Zhurong says, "Adonis? I know an adonis."
  64. [17:39] Tahldrig asks, "Oh, I can't come with Sim?"
  65. [17:40] Tahldrig whispers something.
  66. [17:40] The dryad's head turns to the side for a moment, to regard Zhurong with a smile.
  68. "I'm a dryad."
  70. Then her gaze goes to Sima.
  72. "I'll stay with you. We still need to have that...cousin-talking-time. Or whatever it is."
  73. (Alesia Elisheva)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. [17:40] Sima Kang whispers something.
  77. [17:40] Nemaniti exclaims, "Oh- uh. that's alright!"
  78. [17:40] Sima Kang says, "And that we do, Alesia... Kraus, I'm sorry."
  79. [17:40] Tahldrig whispers something.
  80. [17:40] Tahldrig whispers something.
  81. [17:40] The fire drakan would smile as he took a cozy spot beside the suddenly quite angry, mango lusting horn girl. It was a bit intimidating even for the young drake, he could not deny, but then danger was half the fun of any true adventure. His left eyebrow would raise at the talk of this "Levengard" though, confused and perhaps lacking context for what was so bad about it. He'd never been there, but it sounded like a town people made bread in.
  83. Bread was...usually good, right?
  85. The dragon aspirant would shrug, simply enjoying the flow of conversation in contentment that his admiration had not gotten him stabbed just yet. Always a good start.
  86. (Garrick)
  87. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  89. [17:40] Sima Kang whispers something.
  90. [17:41] Tahldrig whispers something.
  91. [17:41] Sima Kang whispers something.
  92. [17:41] Scratching his head, Zhurong moved off to the side. A dryad? He hadn't even heard of those. So far, all he knew were oscuri, drakanites, humans, and fae. His father was such a good teacher!
  94. Moving back over to Stardust, he sat down, pondering the implications of this development. Had a new race recently come to Agartha?
  95. (Zhurong)
  96. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98. [17:41] Sima Kang whispers something.
  99. [17:42] Tahldrig whispers something.
  100. [17:43] Sima Kang whispers something.
  101. [17:43] Alesia Elisheva whispers something.
  102. [17:43] Tahldrig smiles as she looks at Alesia.
  103. (Tahldrig)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [17:43] Tahldrig whispers something.
  107. [17:43] Tahldrig whispers something.
  108. [17:44] Sima Kang whispers something.
  109. [17:44] The horned occultist, eyes gleaming, starts reaching back for her spear. She shouts again, even as Sima steps over.
  111. "I SWEAR TO FUCK," she bellows, glaring at each and every soul in the western little group.
  115. Ardith starts hyperventilating with the very, very pointy stick in her hands.
  116. (Ardith)
  117. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  119. [17:45] Arkgvunde uses the generic Point Down gesture in the background.
  120. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [17:46] Tahldrig says, "I agree with you there Ardie."
  124. [17:46] Nemaniti says, "..."
  125. [17:46] Alesia Elisheva says, "...what's wrong with..."
  126. [17:46] Ardith says, "DON'T."
  127. [17:46] Ardith says, "DON'T YOU EVEN."
  128. [17:46] Alesia is definitely about to say Levengard if not stopped, SIMA.
  129. (Alesia Elisheva)
  130. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  132. [17:46] Nyx says, "...Interesting..."
  133. [17:46] Arkgvunde wanders on up to the crowd proper, still pointing at the ground.
  134. (Arkgvunde Vel'heim)
  135. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. [17:47] Sima Kang exclaims, "Hooooold on Alesia!- Haha!"
  138. [17:48] Sima is now internally screaming. There's a raging Occultist and four other friends to look after. He'd motion them along steadily, setting Nemaniti on the ground.
  140. He just wanted to introduce Alesia.
  142. "Let's uh... Let's head on over to your place, Ardie, I've got a tiny bit of time." Stepping towards the west he'd squeeze the Dryad's shoulder as he led them along. This was beyond a mess at this point.
  144. Good thing he could clean well.
  145. (Sima Kang)
  146. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. [17:49] Nyx says, ">:C"
  149. [17:51] Garrick whispers: Until we meet again then, my dear.
  150. [17:51] Tahldrig says, "I'll see you guys later. I hope we hang out soon Ardie.."
  151. [17:52] Sima Kang says, "We'll be back soon Tahl. Promise."
  152. [17:52] Ardith white-knuckles her spear and, for all intents and purposes, looks like she's going to ram it straight through the young demi-angel without a second thought.
  154. She looks past him, past his cousin, even past Tahl to see the Kaor pointing down to the ground behind them. Puzzling. Is it some kind of suggestion? A demand?
  156. Either way she squints at him and points the tip of her spear down, down towards the stone tiles, still snarling.
  158. The occultist turns to march away.
  159. (Ardith)
  160. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162. [17:53] Ardith says, "..."
  163. [17:53] Ardith asks, "Who the hell're the horns and feathers?"
  164. [17:54] Sima Kang says, "The one behind me is Alesia-- The wings are Skye."
  165. [17:54] Alesia is only slightly hiding behind Sima.
  166. (Alesia Elisheva)
  167. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  169. [17:54] Sima Kang says, "They're both good people."
  170. [17:54] Ardith sends an outright glare to both of them.
  171. (Ardith)
  172. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  174. [17:54] Ardith says, "Good people or 'good people'."
  175. [17:54] Sima Kang says, "Good people."
  176. [17:54] Skye is quite literally as far away as possibly. They're not sure how to deal with scary people just yet..
  177. (Skye Sugar)
  178. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  180. [17:55] Ardith dips her horns towards Skye threateningly and clicks her teeth at him, snarling again.
  181. (Ardith)
  182. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  184. [17:55] Skye Sugar says, "U-uhm..y-you know what Sima? Im just..g-gonna hang in gehenna for a bit."
  185. [17:55] Sima fluffs up his wings, letting out a little huff. Kraus, this was just bad timing overall wasn't it.
  186. (Sima Kang)
  187. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189. [17:56] Alesia Elisheva says, "...I'll. Go too...s-sorry for intruding..."
  190. [17:56] Sima Kang says, "I-I'll be there in a bit, Skye."
  191. [17:56] Skye Sugar says, "Nah nah- "
  192. [17:56] Sima Kang says, "Alesia it's ok- I'm here and I've got you.-- Go to Tahl if you're leaving."
  193. [17:56] Skye Sugar exclaims, "I got uhm...a ritual with Alesia to do yea!"
  194. [17:56] Alesia Elisheva says, "...y-yeah. It's fine. Stay safe, Sima..."
  195. [17:57] Ardith exclaims, "Liar. Get lost. GO ON, GET!"
  196. [17:57] Alesia Elisheva says, "I'll. Be with Skye..."
  197. [17:57] Sima Kang says, "I'll be ok, promise!.. You two go back to Tahl please--"
  198. [17:57] Sima Kang exclaims, "Ardie!"
  199. [17:57] Sima Kang exclaims, "Please!"
  200. [17:57] Skye Sugar says, "...."
  201. [17:57] Sima stretches out his wings, furrowing his brow.
  202. (Sima Kang)
  203. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. [17:57] Sima Kang asks, "Please... What's wrong?"
  206. [17:58] Ardith is in an absolute froth as she calls out angrily to the two Levengardians before they scuttle off. There's some satisfaction as they flee. Good. Good riddance.
  208. A twinge of regret settles in as she looks back to Sima. The results, the implication of what she's done, dawns on her. In the moment she hadn't given it any thought.
  210. The impulsivity comes back to bite her.
  211. (Ardith)
  212. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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