The Lactate Intolerant

Sep 17th, 2019
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  1. >September, 2019.
  2. >/ddlc/'s private special ops group, D.P.S. (Doki Protection Squad) assault the secret milking facility "DRAIN".
  3. >"Sure we shouldn't write down our wedding vows now?"
  4. >The soldiers of the unit all look to one man as they laugh.
  5. >"Doesn't matter how 'sticky' the mission is, we'll survive."
  6. >"And even if the whole unit gets wrung dry, he always come back, sack full."
  7. >"The D.P.S. Lactate Intolerant..."
  8. >At the time, everyone laughed off the anon's ominous nickname as a bad joke.
  9. >But now, that anon is the only one left with his pants still on his body.
  10. >The one who's used to the stench of cum, the sight of his fallen teammate's thoroughly worked dicks.
  11. >No one knows who he really is. All they know is his code name: Junk.
  13. >"This is Butterfly. Come in, Alpha. Alpha, do you read?"
  14. >The anon slinking through the basement of the high school froze, instantly reaching for his radio.
  15. >"Butterfly, this is Junk from Alpha Team."
  16. >"Man, I thought you were all drained out! I've been trying to--"
  17. >The milk-proof man quickly toggled the select fire on the MP5 in his hands to 'automatic'. They rubber bullets, but they were needed. The Y-Virus outbreak in the facility and the school above it were out of control; every Doki, regardless of their heritage were left shambling, purple-haired 'zombies' intent on milking any poor anon they could get their hands on. What's worse were the Ms. N units sent in to clean up any of the survivors.
  18. >"I'm at point D0K1. Need info on my extraction."
  19. >"Guess there's no draining dry the Lactate Intolerant, huh?"
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