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Feb 5th, 2014
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  1. These information are outdated. If you want to play in a private server, I suggest you visit the following link:
  4. Legends of Equestria Private Server
  5. The most recent Private Server download:
  8. The for game itself:
  11. To find the most recent thread, try using and bookmarking the following link:
  14. If you find any bugs that are server-related, please report them here:
  17. Here are some other important links:
  18. More cutiemarks avabilie in this link:
  20. Wikia:
  21. "Private Server" Wikia:
  22. Fanart:
  23. Commandline like teleporting:
  26. Server Listed:
  27. (Lemonstuffs);;1039
  28. (Noctis);;1039
  29. (Neon);;1039
  30. (Fross);;1039
  31. (Goon);;1039
  33. Instructions:
  34. 1. Download the server file here (pick one)
  36. 2. You can download the game here:
  38. 3. Extract the server files to their own folder.
  39. 4. Have both the Private Server Folder and the Client Folder up at the same time and align them together.
  40. 5. Drop the file from the Private Server Folder into the Client Folder. (it should have the game exe and data folder).
  41. 6. It will ask if you want to replace files; say yes and move/replace all conflicting files. This also indicate that you are following these instructions.
  42. 7. Open up LoE_PrivateServer.exe
  43. 8. Start up the client, and click the normal login button, not local login.
  44. 9. A list of servers should pop up. Go to the Fross server or the server from the list above, if you added them beforehand.
  45. 10. Make your pone and autism away!
  47. For an image reference, you can look at this image here for the x86 version of the game.
  50. Some things to be aware of:
  51. There’s not much to do in game at the moment, but the server files are being updated fairly regularly, as this is already the second (well, technically third but the second one didn't count) update of the files. We’ll try to keep the most current server files posted. When the server files are updated, you can update the same way you added the server files to the game ones: just drop them in the folder and move/replace all of the files.
  52. The game is glitchier than the original itself (i.e. You cannot use teleportation to an extent if you're a Unicorn (you'll either teleport under the map or high in the sky) but you can still fly as a Pegasus), so be prepared to make a new pone in case yours gets stuck in the pits of hell or something.
  53. The server admin’s serverbox gets spammed with UDP errors so often that he can’t see anything that goes on, and is unable to help if something breaks.
  55. Q&A
  56. Q: Is there a difference between the x64 and x86 versions of the game on Windows?
  57. A: The x86 version works on both 32 and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems. The x86 versions seems to be less buggy while the x64 version seems to run a bit faster than the x86 version.
  59. Q: How do I log into the game and do I need to make an account?
  60. A: You can type anything into the Username and Password at the login menu for this game. You could make an account in the LoE site if you wanted to partake in any stress test in the future from the Official LoE team.
  62. Q: So how do I get to Cantermore from Ponydale?
  63. A: Go to the north side of Ponydale until you see a train station. From there, you should click on the sign posted next to the train station door and select Cantermore.
  65. Q: Okay, so how do I get to Cloudopolis?
  66. A: You can't go to Cloudopolis from Ponydale. You have to go to Cantermore in order to get to Cloudopolis. Right at the spawn point of Cantermore, you should turn right, go past a fairly wide wall (with a portal in the middle.) Go past it (through the portal or flying over it) and find a giant airship/blimp floating next to a cliff. That blimp should take you to Cloudopolis. If you cannot find a way up the cliff, there is a building with a large room on the side that you can go in. Next to that building is the way up the cliff.
  68. Q: Why can't I move around in Cloudopolis? Everything is red and I cannot move! Why can't I see my own pony or the UI?
  69. A: Cloudopolis is kind of buggy and its a common bug that many ponies went through. Here is the step by step solution:
  70. 1) Spam F1 until chatbox pops up
  71. 2) Do /stuck
  72. 3) Exit game while it is loading
  73. 4) Wait 10 seconds and start game back up again
  74. 5) Repeat until it works
  75. Alternatively, you can make another, identical character if it becomes too frustrating. HOWEVER, there have been reports that this bug occurs if there is too much ponies in one location, and the total limit of this is about 8-10 ponies per area. In other words, if Cloudopolis have about 10 ponies currently lurking in that area, a new pony player might be stuck in "hell" and he or she have to wait until another pony log off.
  77. Q: Is there a map that I could look at for this game?
  78. A: There is a few that you can look at:
  79. -Ponydale
  81. -Cantermore
  83. -Cloudopolis
  85. -Evershade Forest - courtesy of Cotton Water and Mapper General, respectably.
  89. Q: Where is the Evershade Forest?
  90. A: Evershade Forest should be located Southwest of Ponydale's map.
  92. Q: Help! I am stuck in the Sugercube Corners and I can't get out!
  93. A: The x64 client doesn't like to play well with the Sugarcube Corner. Either re-make your character and try again, or use the x86 client instead.
  95. Q: Where are all the NPC, monsters, and quest in this game?
  96. A: They are not added into the private server, yet.
  98. Q: How can I remove the UI ingame?
  99. A: F1 toggle the UI ingame.
  101. Q: How can I screenshot ingame?
  102. A: F12 allows you to screenshot ingame.
  104. Q: I kept seeing ponies rolling their dices ingame. How can I do this?
  105. A: Simply by typing ":roll". You will get a message that you would roll a number.
  107. Q: Why is it always nighttime? I HATE NIGHTTIME!
  108. A: Type the following command:
  109. /time ##
  110. The ## is value of 01 through 24, with 12 being Noon.
  112. Q: Is there a camera or a free mode in this game?
  113. A: Yes there is! Just type in the following command:
  114. /cc true
  115. If you want to go back to being a pony, just type in the following command:
  116. /cc false
  118. Q: Is there any more command that I should be aware of?
  119. A: Type in /help should give you a list of commands ingame.
  121. Q: The game is so laggy! What should I do?
  122. A: If the game setting during the night, you could change the ingame item with the following command:
  123. /time ##
  124. Setting the game /time 8 would set it in the morning. The reason for the lag might be all the lamp post and the exterior light being turn on.
  126. Q: Why isn't my name appearing in the chatbox?
  127. A: Its another common bug in this game when you make a character. Just relog in to get your name back on the chatbox.
  129. Q: Can I save my pony character and transfer it to another account?
  130. A: Of course! The first thing you have to do is to open the character you want to save. At the top left corner of the screen, there should be an Export Button. Click it and save the code somewhere that you will remember, like in a notepad. In another account, create a new character and look at the top left corner of the screen. There should be an Import Button. Click it, paste the pony code you saved in the notepad, and volia!
  132. Q: When I try to login, the game seem to be downloading and it doesn't seem to end.
  133. A: Go to the following folder:
  135. -C:\Users\(YOUR COMPUTER USERNAME)\AppData\LocalLow
  136. -Delete the LoE folder.
  137. -Open the private server and the game, close it, and reopen both again.
  139. Q: That didn't work, either! I still not able to play the game!
  140. A: Hold your horses. At any rate, you should clean out any cache/cookies or fix the Window OS. Here is the link for such conveniences:
  143. Q: I couldn't see the chat or anything! The mapchat is dead!
  144. A: It might be a bug on your side. You should do the following (thank your random Anon for this advice):
  146. >Go to C:/users/yourpcname/AppData/LocalLow/LoE/loe
  147. >Delete ChatFilterAllowed.txt, ChatFilterBlocked.txt and ChatFilterStrict.txt
  148. >now In the private server folder go to data/data/ and open the same looking .txt files from before, get rid of everything in them and save.
  149. >Now in the LoE client to run on the private server keep the original LegendsOfEquestria.Shared.dll and not the patched one.
  150. >Run LoE with private server, enter local, say anything in chat. Should work most of the time.
  151. >Try running LoE and going to the official servers and test the chat there. Should work.
  153. Q: How do I add another server into the login menu?
  154. A: I'll use Neon's Server as an example:
  156. 1. Open the Data Folder.
  157. 2. Open the ServersList File with notepad
  158. 3. Add the following line in the end:
  159. Neon;;1039
  160. 4. Start up the game.
  162. Q: So what do you guys do in this game?
  163. A: Be a cute pony while chatting, dancing, or flying around!
  166. Game Torrents:
  167. Windows x86: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4bf18eaebe81801b807d1d503596bd43a72eac53&
  168. Windows x64: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:71f3c13a8678b5b85977a4f0a1fd4cbee1f00b72&
  169. OS X: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b9ce18768dd8ac56343a866ec2d4e29f1b0de0a1&dn=LoE-OSX.dmg&
  170. Linux x86: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:86499CAAF175CD604E551C33240A0154B65D3687&
  171. Linux x64: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A8F5B4BA3CFBCA0D2D52CED785047AFC3DEE4B6F&
  173. Credit:
  174. The LoE team for making the game.
  175. mlkj for making the Private Server possible!
  176. The good people at the Legends of Equestria General for bringing all and editing these information together.
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