Helping Her (Bad End)

Dec 12th, 2015
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  1. >It didn't take long after you both got back to have everything set up in her new room.
  2. >The delivery guys had everything hauled in and set up quite quickly.
  3. >And much to the orange-little’s complaining she helped get everything else done like the cleaning.
  4. >Which brought us to this moment.
  5. >You and the little devil were having another argument.
  6. >Right there in front of your house.
  7. >”I want to learn to fly.”
  8. “Scootaloo, I don’t think that a good idea.”
  9. >”Come on, I’m sure Flutteshy can teach me if we ask her.”
  10. “Fluttershy is at work, besides don’t you think it’s a little rude to just bother her like that.”
  11. >”Fine, then just let me practice here.”
  12. “Yeah, not happening, you almost broke your neck in the living room earlier.”
  13. “What makes you think that I would let you do that out here?”
  14. >”Stop telling me I can’t, I know I can fly if try harder.”
  15. “Scoots, please stop. You’re going to hurt yourself if you keep pushing like this.”
  16. >The pony stared at you defiantly.
  17. >Deep down you just didn’t want to say it.
  18. >Her wings were useless.
  19. >They bound them long ago and impeded their growth.
  20. >She was never going to fly.
  21. >But as much as you knew the truth you weren’t ever going to say it directly.
  22. >Not even you were that much of an asshole.
  23. >Well you might be to others, but not her.
  24. “Please, let’s go back inside. We can talk this over there.”
  25. >You motioned back towards your abode.
  26. >”No! I can fly and I’m going to prove it to you, just you watch!”
  27. >With that outburst, Scootaloo took off towards the street.
  28. >Without even thinking you gave chase.
  29. “Scoots, come back you’re going to hurt yourself!”
  30. >You yelled.
  31. >But she only ignored you.
  32. >And ran straight into the middle of the street.
  33. >An instant was all it took.
  34. >A car’s horn.
  35. >The squealing of tires as the cars brakes were slammed down.
  36. >And the sickening sound of a living being hit by a moving car.
  37. >God no, please no.
  38. >Don’t let it be what you think it is.
  39. >Without any concern for yourself you leapt into the street.
  40. >She’s okay, maybe it’s not as bad as you’re thinking Anon.
  41. >She just got a little bump and she’s fine.
  42. >There laying in the middle of the road was Scootaloo.
  43. >Rushing over you looked her over.
  44. >Please be okay.
  45. >You were almost about to move her when common sense kicked in.
  46. >If she had internal damage moving someone could do more harm than good.
  47. >”I’m sorry she just came out of nowhere.”
  48. >The voice behind you belonged to the driver.
  49. >But he didn’t matter, nothing else at the moment mattered except her.
  50. >I have to get her to some sort of help.
  51. >Fucking act Anon.
  52. “Just get me a ride to an veternaniray clinic.”
  53. >As gingerly as you possibly could you picked up Scootaloo.
  54. >It was a calculated risk, either get her to some help or wait here.
  55. >You sure as hell weren’t going to wait around.
  56. >Walking over to the car you got in passenger side as the guy closed the door and got behind the wheel.
  57. >”Man, I’m sorry. But it was an accident.”
  58. “I’m not mad bud, just get me to an vet now.”
  59. >With that you were off.
  60. >Scootaloo was breathing, but it was strained.
  61. >Just hang in there.
  62. >You knew that the closest clinic was only a few minutes away, but the drive itself felt like it took hours.
  63. >The guy sped up to the front and onto the curb right in front of the door.
  64. >At least he was trying to help.
  65. >Moments later you were inside and yelling.
  66. “I need some help, she got hit by a car.”
  67. >Like a swarm several people in scrubs rushed and began the organized chaos that is emergency room procedures.
  68. >A small gurney was brought out for you to lay her down on.
  69. >As she was wheeled off you couldn’t help but feel despair.
  70. >But she was going to be fine.
  71. >She was here, these people were going to help her and tomorrow you’d both be laughing about it while eating some ice cream.
  72. >Just calm down, having a panic attack isn’t going to make this situation any better.
  73. >Sitting down in one of the chairs in the waiting room you let the chain of events roll through your head.
  74. >Why didn’t you stop her?
  75. >Maybe if you yelled at her to stop sooner.
  76. >Maybe if you just plain told her she wasn’t going to fly.
  77. >All these maybes.
  78. >Some responsible adult you were.
  79. >The scene from earlier just kept replaying in your head.
  80. >How long were you sitting there re-living the events of what just happened.
  81. >Cause it felt like a fucking eternity.
  82. >”Mr. Mouse?”
  83. “Yes that’s me. How is she?”
  84. >Jumping up you rushed to the older gentleman who called your name.
  85. >”Please follow me.”
  86. >With that you followed, through a hallway past some empty examination rooms.
  87. >Until you went inside an office.
  88. >The doctor, you assumed he was a doctor anyway closed the door and took his seat across from you.
  89. >”Mr. Mouse, the young filly you brought in.”
  90. “Her name is Scootaloo.”
  91. >”Yes, Scootaloo. She suffered blunt vehicular trauma, and it was quite severe.”
  92. >You watched as he looked over the clipboard on his desk.
  93. >”Massive internal bleeding and several broken bones.”
  94. “But she’ll be fine right?”
  95. >”Mr. Mouse, I’m sorry.”
  96. >”Even with everything we’ve done her heart and lungs suffered extreme damage.”
  97. >”Damage which we can’t fix.”
  98. >You felt sick to your stomach.
  99. >Like you were about to throw up or pass out.
  100. >Both would be a welcome option at this point.
  101. >And from the looks of it the guy saw that, since he handed you the bin from underneath his desk.
  102. >”We have her sedated and on pain killers, but she won’t last much longer.”
  103. “Please is there anything? I’ll get the money, whatever it takes just please!”
  104. >The doctor just looked at you with an apologetic face.
  105. >”Mr. Mouse it’s not a matter of money. It’s impossible, all we can do is make her comfortable now.”
  106. >With that he stood up and slowly led you to another room.
  107. >And there laying on a bed with several hoses attached to her was the little filly that meant more to you than anything ever before in your life.
  108. >You were numb as you approached her bedside.
  109. >Slowly you raised your hand and gently brushed her mane from her face.
  110. >This wasn’t fair.
  111. >God dammit this wasn’t fair.
  112. >You two barely got to know each other.
  113. >She had her whole life ahead of her.
  114. >This wasn’t right.
  115. >How long did you stand there?
  116. >Did it matter?
  117. >What the fuck did anything matter anymore.
  118. >But the dreaded moment came regardless.
  119. >The heart monitor gave that monotone noise.
  120. >She was gone.
  121. >And the only thing left for you to do was cry.
  123. >Walking into your backyard you made your way to the tombstone settled underneath the tree.
  124. “Hey Scoots, you won’t believe what happened at work today.”
  125. >And there in the last few hours of light you spent the rest of the day recounting everything that happened.
  126. >After Scootaloo passed a lot happened, and not just to you.
  127. >Another portal opened, much like the one that brought the ponies to this world.
  128. >The rulers that came were less than pleased when they learned what became of their subjects.
  129. >And basically gave an ultimatum about freeing their subjects.
  130. >The president nearly shit his pants on live television when a horse told him to let her people go or she’d supernova the place to hell.
  131. >Some went back to their world.
  132. >Some chose to stay, looked like you weren’t the only asshole that was kind to ponies.
  133. >You however were a wreck for a long time.
  134. >The weight of the fight you had with Scootaloo being the last time you ever spoke broke your heart.
  135. >But your friends helped.
  136. >Hell even Jerry came back and managed to be a bro about everything.
  137. >Fluttershy chose to stay, without her help you’d probably wouldn’t have recovered as fast.
  138. >You were better now.
  139. >It still hurt that you wouldn’t see her happy smile, but you were better.
  140. >And you were never going to forget that little pony.
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