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Rorschach vs Adam2

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Jun 27th, 2014
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  1. - Recording
  3. Alright! First rap on this site, I'm gonna have to knock'em outta my sight
  4. With all my might, I've came to fight, and wreck this nigga much to my delight.
  5. You will get disarmed just like Kite for taking this challenge way to light. (Hunter x Hunter 2011)
  6. He can't match my hype. Few niggas can top me but you're just not the type.
  8. Noob Sniped with 67 debates cuz he be taking a lotta' L's
  9. you're not Cool Cuz' you wear J's , I should rock his bells. (LL Cool J - Rock the Bells)
  11. A Keyboard and a Monkey, if you add'em you got adam. (Name Flip-> add'em = adam)
  12. Its a shameful sum i know, if you disagree you add dumb.(Name Flip-> add dumb = adam)
  13. I know Adam is mad A nigga can flip his name and put his whole round to shame (Adam = mad A but flipped)
  14. It's not my fault you're lame. Don't hate the the player, just hate the game.
  17. His idea of battle rap: Fizzle shizzle nigga nizzle fo rizzle mizzle bitch
  18. Well you're way off homie, like 50's pitch. (50 Cent's pitch)
  19. A wise man once said, "It costs to be the boss."
  20. Well I have to agree, cuz I gotta beat all you whack niggas to get my point across.
  21. In battle rap, you spit metaphors and punchlines, not just grime and hoping random words rhyme.
  22. I guess I'm ahead of your time.
  24. Cuz' I'll bodybag you at a drop of a dime.
  25. Ya'll niggas get to acting like Mr.Mime, when its my time to shine.
  26. The way I steal these wins should be a crime, and when they ask why my bars are so sublime.
  27. I'll tell them its cuz' I'm killing these joes like I'm Rick Grimes. ("when he ends up biting out Joe's jugular and stabs Dan to death." )
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