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  1. TheJokur: AHAHA
  2. TheJokur: I GOT IHHIM
  3. Rayiven: YOU DID IT
  4. TheJokur: I GOT HIM
  5. TheJokur: AHA!
  6. TheJokur: yesss!
  7. Rayiven: invite himinvite him!
  8. Rayiven: -jumps up and down-
  9. TheJokur: (I got you tee hee)
  10. TheJokur: (you would be wearing the scrubs)
  11. DrArtemis: OOC:  I hope your tattoo fades.
  12. TheJokur: (how mean)
  13. Rayiven: All tattoos fade lol
  14. DrArtemis: OOC:  Look who's talking.
  15. TheJokur: (oh it's just roleplay, you like it)
  16. TheJokur: -he drags the doctor up to his well hidden dark lair, pulling him in, very careful to avoid the bear traps on the floor
  17. TheJokur: -he giggles darkly and excited as he drags him unceremoniously across the dirty floor, keeping a careful eye on him to see if he is waking up now
  18. DrArtemis: *I sham being unconscious...*
  19. TheJokur: oomph...urghhh.....-he grunts from effort as he pulls him up some stairs
  20. TheJokur: -he is still careful to avoid the bear traps, and nails and pulls him into a specific room now
  21. DrArtemis: *but as I pass a bear trap, I grab it!  I swing it against Nero's leg, snapping shut on him!*
  22. Rayiven: -Victor is bound to the wall with his arms above his head... hanging there limply. he breathes rasped and slow, groaning now and again. he hears something and opens his eye a little-
  23. TheJokur: (what wasn't he unconscious?)
  24. DrArtemis: *not enough chloroform in gaseous form*  *we discussed that*
  25. Rayiven: maybe it's an older bear trap so it doesnt work as well.. and nero smacks him with the baseball bat a few times?
  26. TheJokur: no nero would have new deadly ones
  27. TheJokur: urgh...
  28. Rayiven: oh okay X_X he can still smack him hard a few times
  29. DrArtemis: *I jump to my feet*
  30. TheJokur: AAAAHHHH! -he screams suddenly
  31. Rayiven: [[ you'd still be very disoriented i imagine ]]
  32. TheJokur: (yes)
  33. Rayiven: i got it. he was wearing bulletproof vest and shin pad armor
  34. DrArtemis: *I haul off and attempts to punch Nero, as he squirms in agony!*
  35. Rayiven: so its not as bad as it could have been
  36. DrArtemis: OOC:  God, I hate VIPs.
  37. TheJokur: -Nero screams furious and punches him hard in the face with pure force!
  38. TheJokur: I'll kill you for this!
  39. DrArtemis: *I go down again*
  40. Rayiven: -He can't tell if he's imagining the sounds in the hallway or not...-
  41. TheJokur: arghhh....! ahh...! -his leg is bleeding bad but he grabs the doctors hair, smashing his head against the floor three times
  42. DrArtemis: OOC:  Which is even odds for killing someone or causing permanent brain damage.
  43. TheJokur: (hollywood says it is good for knocking people out)
  44. TheJokur: (Vlad did it and doc didn't get any damage, he will be fine)
  45. Rayiven: -[ probably not his full force after having his leggy chomped ]]
  46. DrArtemis: OOC:  Hollywood Rules Night.
  47. DrArtemis: OOC:  Artemis has a permanent scar.
  48. TheJokur: -he smacks it lightly, being weak from pain
  49. Rayiven: -He pulls himself up slightly, just to slump back down. His arms are numb at this point. he mutters in weak italian..-
  50. TheJokur: -he hurries to continue to drag doctor Artemis to the room now, slowly but steady
  51. DrArtemis: *I roll away a short distance, still groggy*
  52. TheJokur: come...on!
  53. DrArtemis: OOC:  Null that last one.
  54. TheJokur: (okay)
  55. Rayiven: too bad nero dont have lackeys
  56. TheJokur: -he drags him with all his force to the room and throws him in a chair, tying him up
  57. DrArtemis: *being dragged cause me to flutter my eyes and looked around blearily*
  58. TheJokur: -he is alert to make sure he does not kick!
  59. TheJokur: (see the pie on the floor? it's actual earthworm pie)
  60. TheJokur: (I found it in the store)
  61. DrArtemis: OOC:  This was in the third Saw flick.
  62. TheJokur: (yes!)
  63. TheJokur: -he cuffs him to the chair securely
  64. Rayiven: -Victor sees them come in, their figures a blur-
  65. DrArtemis: *Nero has not removed the bear trap so his movements are restricted*
  66. DrArtemis: *I look around and spot Victor*
  67. Rayiven: -His voice is very weak as he speaks- Who..???
  68. TheJokur: -he is on one knee biting his lip from pain as he secures him and quickly searches his pockets for any items he might use to escape
  69. DrArtemis: Mr. Valenti... It' Dr. Artemis.
  70. Rayiven: -His eye opens wider and he gasps-
  71. Rayiven: D..Doctor..!? No.. No, not you... Not you too..
  72. DrArtemis: *found are a pen, notepad, and a stethescope*
  73. DrArtemis: *and my St. Mary's ID card*
  74. TheJokur: -he throws the items all in the corner and quickly limps away from the room now
  75. Rayiven: -Victor is covered in blood and severe bruising to his middle.. pale and eye bloodshot. It looks like Nero re-opened his old war scars-
  76. TheJokur: -as soon as he has left  loud furious screams are heard!
  77. DrArtemis: *as Nero pries open the bear trap, it slips in his bloody fingers and snaps down on his leg AGAIN*
  78. Rayiven: -He struggles against the bindings, his injured back rubbing against the wall making him wince and shudder-
  79. Rayiven: M-Merda..  No matter what i do.. I can't!
  80. DrArtemis: Don't move, Mr. Valenti.  Help is on the way.
  82. DrArtemis: The full force of the SIA, the EUMO, and the Sanctuary Foundation are close behind us.
  83. Rayiven: -He gives up and slumps, his injured left shoulder cracking. he doesnt feel it at this point, and his breathing sounds horrible. the scream makes him flinch fearfully-
  84. DrArtemis: *I smirk as I hear Nero scream, guessing what has happened*
  85. DrArtemis: *loudly*  Nero Okur...?  Are you all right?
  86. DrArtemis: Is everything OK out there?
  87. Rayiven: I.. I thought I would never be ....found... -he mutters-
  88. DrArtemis: Hang in there, Mr. Valanti.
  89. TheJokur: -nero crawls towards his tools and starts to work on the bear trap to get free now
  90. Rayiven: -He watches the door now intensely- no.. no no no don't make him come back in here...
  91. Rayiven: not again... not again...
  92. TheJokur: -he screams again in pain and anger!
  93. DrArtemis: *I wait...*
  94. DrArtemis: Mr. Nero...?  Can I be of assistance?
  95. TheJokur: -some minutes pass but he finally gets it off...
  96. Rayiven: -he keeps watching the door, his breathing uneven and labored-
  97. TheJokur: -the door is practically thrown open!
  98. DrArtemis: Mr. Nero, you're bleeding quite badly.
  99. TheJokur: -he limps inside, hair messy in his face and hunched over like a wild animal
  100. TheJokur: shut up!
  101. DrArtemis: Are you experiencing light-headedness?
  102. TheJokur: I'll live
  103. DrArtemis: You're skin is taking on an ashen complexion.
  104. TheJokur: but Victor will pay for this
  105. DrArtemis: Those are signs of severe blood loss.
  106. TheJokur: -he suddenly remembers something!
  107. TheJokur: oh...! -he hurries to a red grotesque wall and uses some of his blood to paint some lines on the wall
  108. DrArtemis: I would apply a tourniquet, if I were you.
  109. Rayiven: -He is watching Nero closely while restless-
  110. DrArtemis: *I watch wht he paints, attempting to decypher it*
  111. TheJokur: -he makes the wall red and wet again
  112. TheJokur: -then he hurries to a table and starts to sew his wound up the best he can
  113. DrArtemis: That's a very interesting work of art, Mr. Nero.
  114. TheJokur: it's growls sewing
  115. TheJokur: or maybe it is...
  116. DrArtemis: OOC:  Without medical training, he's likely to make it worse or at least do an ineffective job.
  117. DrArtemis: I'd call it art.
  118. TheJokur: (Rhyaad wants to watch)
  119. TheJokur: (perhaps
  120. DrArtemis: OOC:  OK.
  121. TheJokur: -he pours vodka over the wound growling more in pain, then sews it up more
  122. TheJokur: I have to keep the wall wet, it is hungry...
  123. DrArtemis: I see.
  124. TheJokur: there is a monster inside the wall, it can escape if I do not constantly keep it wet
  125. TheJokur: DON'T YOU KNOW ANYTHING?! -screams
  126. DrArtemis: Oh dear.
  127. Rayiven: -He shakes his head over and over, making a fearful sound...-
  128. DrArtemis: I'm learning.  I appreciate you teaching me.
  129. TheJokur: idiot! -screams furious and pale now, trembling from the blood loss
  130. TheJokur: you do...?
  131. TheJokur: -he calms down just a bit
  132. Rayiven: -He looks between the Doctor and Nero, finally taking notice to his leg as best as his vision allows-
  133. TheJokur: I see they did not teach you anything important in that fancy school of yours..
  134. TheJokur: -his leg took a bear trap to it and is bloody
  135. TheJokur: oh no...I think it wants more now...the wall...
  136. DrArtemis: Yes, the university could be quite lax at times.  *sigh*
  137. DrArtemis: OOC:  Twice, with the bear trap.
  138. TheJokur: -in the chair the doctor is strapped to, there are sharp several knives right in front of his face
  139. TheJokur: (yes)
  140. DrArtemis: I see you used some of Mr. Valenti for your artwork.
  141. TheJokur: yes, yes he was so helpful
  142. TheJokur: his paint is high quality
  143. Rayiven: -He shudders and closes his eye again, shaking his head once more-
  144. DrArtemis: *I carefully look towards Valenti* Thank you for your contribution, Mr. Valenti....
  145. TheJokur: I remember you doctor... -he glares
  146. DrArtemis: You should be honored to be immortalized in such a fashion.
  147. DrArtemis: *I look back to Nero*  YOu do?
  148. Rayiven: -He looks at him with an entranced and derranged state of mind reflected in his eyes... he looks at Nero again, and to his leg-'re bleeding...-he mutters-
  149. TheJokur: I you cut into my brain that one time...-he slams his hand against his own forehead erratically
  150. DrArtemis: Ah.  I fear you have me confused with another doctor.  Gunzburg.
  151. TheJokur: you cut into my brain when you had me tied up in that asylum! -he screams again
  152. DrArtemis: I'm a different doctor.  Perhaps you remember what I did to Kane?
  153. TheJokur: much like I have you tied up right now...-he then says in a lower voice while glaring
  154. DrArtemis: Or Jack?
  155. TheJokur: you could easily escape
  156. TheJokur: the button is right in front of you! ha ha
  157. DrArtemis: And where would I go?
  158. DrArtemis: This chair is actually not uncomfortable.
  159. TheJokur: -Nero stays there staring with wild eyes, one hand on his weak leg
  160. TheJokur: what?!
  161. TheJokur: it is not comfortable, I made sure of it
  162. TheJokur: you idiot!
  163. DrArtemis: Oh no.  It's not bad at all.  I'm restrained, true, but it's well designed.
  164. DrArtemis: But we were talking about the Okurs, Kane and Jack, remember?
  165. TheJokur: how blind are you without your glasses...? -he sudenly says
  166. Rayiven: -He closes his eye and listens-
  167. TheJokur: -he strides over and yanks his glasses off
  168. DrArtemis: Tell me about them, if you will.
  169. DrArtemis: You seem to have a deep and abiding interest in Kane, especially.
  170. TheJokur: oh yes, he will not be able to live after I am finished
  171. DrArtemis: Although I'd think you'd resent Jack more.
  172. DrArtemis: After all, it's Jack who has taken your rightful place.
  173. TheJokur: hm why is that? -he puts the glasses on Victor now, smiling
  174. Rayiven: -He flinches hard-
  175. DrArtemis: Jack is well-liked in Arkham.
  176. TheJokur: beautiful...
  177. DrArtemis: OOC:  Nero took my glasses off?  How?
  178. TheJokur: (-he strides over and yanks his glasses off)
  179. TheJokur: (I said it above)
  180. Rayiven: [[ could have reached in from behind ]]
  181. DrArtemis: *and cuts his hands to ribbons in the process?*
  182. TheJokur: (there is room behind the knives to take them)
  183. DrArtemis: OOC:  Ray, thanks for the help, buddy.
  184. Rhyaad: [ heh heh ]
  185. TheJokur: (:) )
  186. Rayiven: [[ :P ]]
  187. TheJokur: how well can you see now doc? how many fingers am I holding up?
  188. TheJokur: it's my hand ha ha ha
  189. TheJokur: I promise...
  190. Rayiven: -He can't see with the glasses on... he's shivering harder from Nero coming close-
  191. DrArtemis: You still have two hands.  That makes you superior to Kane or Jack.
  192. TheJokur: I know -grins
  193. DrArtemis: So why the resentment?
  194. DrArtemis: Is it because...?
  195. TheJokur: now...could you perform a life saving surgery without your glasses?
  196. TheJokur: if you had no other choice? -smiles
  197. DrArtemis: Oh no.  That would be impossible.
  198. TheJokur: what if it were Selene?
  199. DrArtemis: I couldn't see a thing.
  200. TheJokur: then you could not see her die under your hands I suppose
  201. DrArtemis: ...That's true.
  202. TheJokur: mhm -nods pleased
  203. DrArtemis: I suppose every cloud has a silver lining.
  204. TheJokur: -he casually walks around getting the worm pie he made
  205. TheJokur: can you see what I made?
  206. Rayiven: -He watches them just above the glasses-
  207. DrArtemis: Mr. Nero, I know you resent Kane, but how do you feel about Jack?
  208. TheJokur: -he holds the pie still thinking
  209. DrArtemis: *I look at the pie...*
  210. TheJokur: hmm...I resent and pity him I guess
  211. TheJokur: I am pretty sure I will kill him after I am finished with everyone else
  212. DrArtemis: An earthworm pie?  How nutritious.
  213. TheJokur: I know!
  214. DrArtemis: But why do you pity Jack?
  215. TheJokur: he is a failure, obviously
  216. DrArtemis: After all, he has taken your place.
  217. TheJokur: he could never achieve the things I have done just now
  218. DrArtemis: Yes, he rahter is.
  219. TheJokur: yeah -nods
  220. DrArtemis: Pfft.  Jack?  No way.
  221. TheJokur: what's that?
  222. DrArtemis: He can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.
  223. TheJokur: -chuckles now
  224. TheJokur: you are right, I should just kill him
  225. DrArtemis: Kane can at least juggle.
  226. TheJokur: -he grins and casually takes a handful of the cold pie and puts it down the doctors shirt
  227. DrArtemis: He's quite good at it, especially considering his missing limb.
  228. DrArtemis: *I look down...*
  229. Rayiven: -more pained groaning-
  230. DrArtemis: *I look up at him* Another artwork?
  231. TheJokur: shut up! -screams suddenly and rushes over punching Victor
  232. TheJokur: I am talking with artemis!!!
  233. Rayiven: !!!!
  234. DrArtemis: Yes, Valenti.  People are talking here.
  235. TheJokur: (poor Victor)
  236. DrArtemis: I swear.  Some people are so rude.
  237. TheJokur: I know right!
  238. Rayiven: -He coughs horribly, his already broken ribs hurting worse-
  239. DrArtemis: Kane is one example.
  240. TheJokur: tsk tsk -wipes his bloody fist on his dress
  241. Rayiven: -he stares in quiet shock...-
  242. TheJokur: oh, he is rude?
  243. DrArtemis: *I give only a slight look at Valenti*
  244. DrArtemis: Oh yes.  He's the rudest person I now.
  245. TheJokur: oh man -laughs
  246. Rayiven: -he looks between the Doctor, and Nero-
  247. Rayiven: -he breathes...-
  248. TheJokur: is he funny? what is his favorite colour? -he says excited
  249. DrArtemis: Well.  With the possible exception of Rhyaad de'Annar.
  250. DrArtemis: But's right up there.
  251. DrArtemis: Funny...?  I suppose he's made a few humorous comments now and then.
  252. TheJokur: like what? -he walks around now as if thinking of what to do next, looking over his tools
  253. DrArtemis: Favorite color...?  Hard to say, given how often he switches them around.
  254. TheJokur: do you want worm pie?
  255. DrArtemis: *I watch Nero walking around, exerting himself*
  256. DrArtemis: Red.
  257. TheJokur: what does exerting mean?
  258. DrArtemis: I might be wrong.  Maybe purple or green....
  259. Rayiven: wearing himself out, becoming tired
  260. DrArtemis: But I'm pretty sure red is his favorite.
  261. TheJokur: it is earthworm pie..
  262. TheJokur: guess whats in it?
  263. DrArtemis: Yes.  I saw.
  264. DrArtemis: Besides earthworms?
  265. TheJokur: now doctor...I have a question for you...
  266. TheJokur: how important is Victor to you...?
  267. TheJokur: how much pain would you take in his place?
  268. DrArtemis: Victor who?
  269. TheJokur: oh! -laughs
  270. TheJokur: you know!
  271. DrArtemis: Oh...  *I look toward Valenti*  Him?
  272. TheJokur: either you taste my pie or I will...cut up his eye again
  273. DrArtemis: I think he dropped into the library once or twice.
  274. Rayiven: -He opens his eye, looking at Nero in silent fear again-
  275. DrArtemis: *I look straight at Nero...*
  276. DrArtemis: *I smile*  Well that's no choice.
  277. TheJokur: oh?
  278. DrArtemis: I'm dying for a taste of that pie.  *smiles earnestly, licking my lips*
  279. TheJokur: all right
  280. DrArtemis: Would you be a dear and cut me a slice?
  281. TheJokur: what am I your servant?!
  282. TheJokur: screw you!
  283. Rhyaad: [ ooc laughs ]
  284. DrArtemis: What?  You would be so cruel?!
  285. Rayiven: -He keeps silent now like he doesn't exist... just watching and stifling any pained sounds-
  286. TheJokur: oh yes, you have no idea of how cruel I can be! -screams right in his face
  287. DrArtemis: Mr. Nero, it's not like I could cut it myself.
  288. TheJokur: I will cut off your hands like you cut off mine!
  289. DrArtemis: Earthworms have been cultivated for years because of their nutritional value and excellent taste.
  290. TheJokur: I know that
  291. DrArtemis: And you have an entire pie...
  292. TheJokur: I am going to cut off your hands now
  293. TheJokur: -he walks to a table grabbing a bonesaw
  294. DrArtemis: You can't eat it all yourself.
  295. Rayiven: ....!!!
  296. Rayiven: -He gasps, looking horrified of the implications-
  297. DrArtemis: What, no last meal?
  298. TheJokur: (I recommend distraction)
  299. TheJokur: -he comes over again holding the saw casually
  300. DrArtemis: Just a small slice?
  301. TheJokur: what did you say? -he examines the doctors right wrist now
  302. Rayiven: If you give him some, I will eat it too! -He says suddenly....-
  303. TheJokur: hmm...where did you cut my hands off again? here?
  304. TheJokur: you already had some you greedy fool!
  305. DrArtemis: I said I'd like a bite of that fresh pie.
  306. DrArtemis: I want to see if it tastes as good as it looks.
  307. Rayiven: -He can barely talk let alone raise his voice- I won't spit it out this time...
  308. DrArtemis: ...Probably not.
  309. TheJokur: -he stops with the saw...looking up
  310. TheJokur: well I made it
  311. TheJokur: allright!
  312. TheJokur: -drops the saw running to get the pie again
  313. DrArtemis: *smiling*  I look forward to this.
  314. Rayiven: -he already looks nauseous... knowing its sat there for over a week by now. he tries to keep composure-
  315. DrArtemis: Just a small slice will do, thank you.
  316. TheJokur: I used fresh earthworms, only big ones for they are the best you see -he rambles
  317. TheJokur: okay -he gets a slice and gives him some now
  318. DrArtemis: Just slip it between the blades.  I can't wait.
  319. TheJokur: hmm I might cut myself...
  320. DrArtemis: Be careful.
  321. TheJokur: -he slides it under the knives
  322. DrArtemis: It'll be fine.
  323. TheJokur: now I was trying to give Victor over there water, but I accidentally gave him gasoline last night!
  324. TheJokur: can you believe it?!
  325. TheJokur: I am so clumsy lol
  326. TheJokur: -he reaches under the knives now, holding the pie up
  327. DrArtemis: *smiles*  CLumsy you.
  328. TheJokur: oh yes
  329. DrArtemis: But the pie, please.
  330. TheJokur: -holds it to his mouth
  331. TheJokur: Victor threw all over the place when I gave him this...
  332. TheJokur: but he still ate a lot
  333. DrArtemis: Bit... But where's mine?
  334. DrArtemis: ^ But
  335. TheJokur: it's in front of your face STUPID!
  336. TheJokur: -holds it up
  337. DrArtemis: OOC:  Is it where I can take a bite?
  338. TheJokur: (yeah, he is holding his hand under the knives with the pie)
  339. DrArtemis: *as Nero's hand enters between the blades, I press the button!*
  340. TheJokur: -the button is a fake, having given fake hope and does nothing
  341. DrArtemis: OOC:  ...Oh.
  342. TheJokur: (yes :D)
  343. Rhyaad: [ and now he slashed his face! HAHA! ]
  344. TheJokur: (if artemis "had" actually pushed his his face into the button it would have all been for nothing)
  345. DrArtemis: OOC:  Nope.  It doesn't work.
  346. DrArtemis: OOC:  I thought you meant a button by my fingers.
  347. TheJokur: (in the saw movie the button was on the pad in front of the knives,)
  348. TheJokur: (I had meant that, sorry)
  349. DrArtemis: Nero!  There's a hair in this pie!
  350. TheJokur: (so one would have to push through the knives to get to it)
  351. TheJokur: -gasps!
  352. DrArtemis: Look!
  353. TheJokur: oh how disgusting!
  354. DrArtemis: I'll say so.
  355. Rayiven: [[ sorry needed water ]]
  356. TheJokur: it''s not my hair...
  357. DrArtemis: Even so.
  358. TheJokur: it's...VICTORS! -glares angry
  359. TheJokur: are you trying to embarrass me Victor?!
  360. DrArtemis: I should have known.
  361. TheJokur: well I don't care, try it.
  362. TheJokur: come on!
  363. TheJokur: -the wall is dry now
  364. TheJokur: or I will cut off your hands right now!
  365. DrArtemis: *I look over to the wall instead*
  366. Rhyaad: [ water? oooh yuck! I'm gonna get wine ]
  367. DrArtemis: Nero, I hope you have enough earthworm pie for your friend behind the wall.
  368. TheJokur: -rubs some pie across artemiss mouth now
  369. DrArtemis: He's going to be hungry when he comes out.
  370. TheJokur: oh fuck! -drops it all and runs over painting it quickly!
  371. DrArtemis: ...Which will be soon.
  372. TheJokur: he is not coming out...
  373. DrArtemis: Your leg will provide more color.
  374. TheJokur: yes..yes it will
  375. TheJokur: or your blood
  376. TheJokur: yes...
  377. DrArtemis: No, your leg contains young, fresh, untainted blood.
  378. Rayiven: -He can tell he's more pale than before and sees the blood trailed around the room-
  379. DrArtemis: Mine is old and worn out.
  380. TheJokur: hahaha it is
  381. TheJokur: old and old!
  382. TheJokur: filthy doctor blood
  383. TheJokur: no no I can use it...
  384. DrArtemis: Take off that bandage and rub it on the wall.
  385. TheJokur: -he gets a knife and goes to the doctor
  386. TheJokur: -he rolls up his pants sleeve now
  387. DrArtemis: *I watch Nero running back and forth, straining himself and pumping blood out*
  388. TheJokur: -it has stopped bleeding mostly now
  389. DrArtemis: You need a scalpel.
  390. TheJokur: I have one, don't worry
  391. DrArtemis: There's one on the table.
  392. TheJokur: -he finds a spot on his leg now
  393. DrArtemis: Oh yes?
  394. TheJokur: -he places the knife on his leg and cuts a sharp line
  395. DrArtemis: May I make a suggestion?
  396. DrArtemis: Oh...
  397. DrArtemis: Well...
  398. TheJokur: what..?
  399. DrArtemis: OOC:  Who's leg?
  400. TheJokur: -he has a bucket now, collecting the blood
  401. TheJokur: (artemis)
  402. DrArtemis: Ahh...
  403. DrArtemis: Ahhh....  That...
  404. TheJokur: yes?
  405. DrArtemis: ...will not do.
  406. TheJokur: what I should cut deeper? all right
  407. TheJokur: -places the knife above the line
  408. DrArtemis: No.  That's the worst thing you could do.
  409. Rayiven: Stop..@
  410. Rayiven: ! *
  411. DrArtemis: May I demonstrate?
  412. TheJokur: demonstrate..?
  413. DrArtemis: Yes, please.  Can you hand me the scalpel?
  414. TheJokur: -he starts to cut more
  415. Rayiven: -He looks frightened again, uncertain of what will happen next-
  416. TheJokur: no no, you will try to escape
  417. DrArtemis: Rmph!!
  418. TheJokur: hm hm....
  419. TheJokur: what, does it hurt?
  420. DrArtemis: A bit.
  421. TheJokur: all right. -he places the knife on his skin again to cut even deeper
  422. DrArtemis: It would hurt you even worse.
  423. TheJokur: this one will hurt..
  424. TheJokur: what do you mean?
  425. DrArtemis: You couldn't handle it, Nero.
  426. TheJokur: -laughs
  427. TheJokur: oh come on....
  428. DrArtemis: Oh?  You think so?
  429. TheJokur: I know so
  430. DrArtemis: I've handled far worse.
  431. TheJokur: like having your hands cut off?! -he screams
  432. TheJokur: or your brain cut open!?
  433. TheJokur: -punches him suddenly in the stomach
  434. DrArtemis: *I look at his leg, seeing signs of mortification*
  435. DrArtemis: Ulpf!
  436. TheJokur: -he breathes heavy, angry hunched over
  437. TheJokur: Victor did not even make noises when I began punching him like this...
  438. DrArtemis: *loss of blood should be affecting Nero by now*
  439. TheJokur: weak,
  440. TheJokur: -he sways now
  441. DrArtemis: Severed limbs...
  442. DrArtemis: ...Sometimes they seal.
  443. Rayiven: i wonder if victor should try to fool nero into releasing him by being charming
  444. DrArtemis: They cease to bleed... almost...
  445. DrArtemis: If... you don't do it right.
  446. DrArtemis: *panting*  Amputation is a poor means to maintain a blood supply.
  447. DrArtemis: And you seriously need a blood supply to keep your friend at bay.
  448. DrArtemis: *I suddenly look at the wall behind Nero!*
  449. TheJokur: I stole some blood from the hospital...but the monster wants it fresh
  450. DrArtemis: Oh!
  451. TheJokur: what?! -he turns sharply, swaying
  452. DrArtemis: Did you see that??
  453. TheJokur: I did
  454. DrArtemis: I swear the wall moved.
  455. Rayiven: -He looks at them-
  456. Rayiven: -
  457. TheJokur: that's because it did, stupid
  458. Rayiven: Looks at the wall-
  459. DrArtemis: *I nod*
  460. TheJokur: -he gets on one knee and grabs the doctors leg again, collecting more blood from the cuts
  461. DrArtemis: Urmph!  *winces*
  462. TheJokur: -grins
  463. TheJokur: does this hurttt...?
  464. TheJokur: ha ha ha
  465. Rayiven: -He realizes...- T..there it is...again... do you see it Nero? ...
  466. DrArtemis: I'm being a baby.
  467. TheJokur: you are ha ha
  468. TheJokur: what?! -he hurries to the wall with the blood he has now
  469. TheJokur: is dizzy
  470. DrArtemis: That won't be enough, Mr. Nero.
  471. DrArtemis: Quick!
  472. TheJokur: I know that
  473. DrArtemis: Open a vein.
  474. DrArtemis: There's no time to run over here.
  475. TheJokur: I have a the next room....
  476. DrArtemis: Do it.
  477. DrArtemis: No, no.  There's no time!
  478. TheJokur: I can't kill myself -glares
  479. DrArtemis: Well of course not.
  480. TheJokur: I need another victim
  481. DrArtemis: You only need to open one small vein in your arm.
  482. DrArtemis: There's no time, Mr. Nero.
  483. TheJokur: -he becomes angry suddenly again like a switch is flipped!
  484. TheJokur: I'll kill you!
  485. TheJokur: -screams and grabs some pie, rushing to artemis and forcing it in his mouth
  486. DrArtemis: Then who will witness your final triumph?
  487. DrArtemis: Grmph!
  488. TheJokur: ha ha ha!
  489. TheJokur: -he then starts to sway, too dizzy...
  490. DrArtemis: OOC:  Are the worms fresh?
  491. TheJokur: is it good...?
  492. TheJokur: (no, a few days old)
  493. DrArtemis: OOC:  Are they alive?  Cooked?
  494. TheJokur: (dead )
  495. Rayiven: [[ grossssssssssssss ]]
  496. TheJokur: (yeah)
  497. TheJokur: (I found actual worm pie in the shop though)
  498. DrArtemis: OOC:  Baked?
  499. Rhyaad: [ Gakh is best served 'fresh' (meaning alive) ]
  500. TheJokur: (dead, but were not baked)
  501. DrArtemis: OOC:  Revenge is best served cold.
  502. DrArtemis: *I spit them out!*
  503. TheJokur: off -he grins stepping back dizzy and giggling
  504. TheJokur: ha ha....
  505. DrArtemis: Plegh!  Your pie is awful.  The worst!
  506. TheJokur: WHAT?!
  507. TheJokur: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
  508. DrArtemis: You didn't use fresh worms.
  509. TheJokur: how embarrassing!
  510. TheJokur: well just you wait...!
  511. TheJokur: I will make a new one...
  512. DrArtemis: I should say so.
  513. TheJokur: with fresh ones
  514. DrArtemis: Yes...  A new pie.
  515. TheJokur: then you will finish it all
  516. TheJokur: -laughs more
  517. DrArtemis: And get fresh worms.
  518. TheJokur: I have all the worms
  519. DrArtemis: Nero!
  520. TheJokur: what?
  521. DrArtemis: I know where the best worms in Arkham are found.
  522. TheJokur: oh..? -he perks an ear
  523. DrArtemis: *I nod*
  524. Rayiven: -He looks at Nero, to his leg, then back again. He speaks up, noticing how disoriented he is-
  525. TheJokur: I can't wait to get your friends here by the way...
  526. TheJokur: the things I will do to them
  527. TheJokur: especially Selene...
  528. DrArtemis: But... you don't care about your pie.
  529. TheJokur: maybe even little Siah...
  530. Rayiven: Nero... Won't you untie me? Your leg is hurt, you need it treated correctly. -he is trying to talk as soft as possible...-
  531. DrArtemis: You...  *I stop when I hear him mention Siah*
  532. Rayiven: -He wonders if it will work from how out of it he is-
  533. TheJokur: oh yes... -he grins showing his teeth
  534. DrArtemis: *I look over at Valenti*
  535. TheJokur: I will tear her wings apart, her very soul
  536. TheJokur: in front of you...
  537. DrArtemis: Siah?
  538. DrArtemis: SHe has no soul.  She's a vampire.
  539. TheJokur: I will fill her up with garlic then haha
  540. DrArtemis: She's undead.
  541. DrArtemis: *shrugs*  If you wish.  But you can never kill her.
  542. TheJokur: -he walks behind Artemis and examines a spot on the side of his head now
  543. Rayiven: Nero..
  544. TheJokur: this is where you cut into my head....-he says darkly
  545. DrArtemis: Jack could never do all this.
  546. TheJokur: he could not
  547. DrArtemis: He hasn't the stomach for it.
  548. TheJokur: that is why he is a failure and I am not
  549. TheJokur: that's right
  550. DrArtemis: But Kane....
  551. TheJokur: yess?
  552. DrArtemis: Yes.   I think Kane could do a better job than you, Nero.
  553. TheJokur: -grabs his hair back hard!
  554. TheJokur: what did you say?!
  555. DrArtemis: Rrk.
  556. TheJokur: he could never do all this!
  557. Rayiven: -he flinches again-
  558. TheJokur: only I can! and I will!
  559. DrArtemis: You don't know him very well, do you?
  560. TheJokur: DO YOU HEAR ME! -screams in his ear pulling hard on his hair
  561. DrArtemis: *I grit my teeth*
  562. DrArtemis: I know Kane.  You don't.
  563. TheJokur: what do you mean!?
  564. DrArtemis: You've never even met him.
  565. DrArtemis: You only think you have.
  566. TheJokur: I know everything about him
  567. TheJokur: stupid doctor
  568. DrArtemis: *I smile*  Oh no....
  569. DrArtemis: YOu don't know his biggest sectret.
  570. TheJokur: -he holds the hair hard for a few seconds....then slowly lets go
  571. TheJokur: what is that..?
  572. DrArtemis: OOC:  Getting a bit faint in the head in real life.
  573. TheJokur: (drink more water?)
  574. Rayiven: [[ he needs sleep soon ]]
  575. TheJokur: (yeah)
  576. DrArtemis: You don't know his secret for earthworm pie, Nero.
  577. TheJokur: I will extract it from him when I have him myself
  578. DrArtemis: Sure, maybe you're better than Kane at torture, kidnapping, explosives.....
  579. TheJokur: mhm -nods proud
  580. DrArtemis: But you can never begin to match his eartworm pie.
  581. DrArtemis: Not by a long shot.
  582. TheJokur: -he growls furious
  583. TheJokur: I am going to bake another!
  584. TheJokur: you stupid man
  585. DrArtemis: Your crust... it's not bad.
  586. TheJokur: blind as a bat without his glasses
  587. DrArtemis: The seasoning.... pretty good.
  588. TheJokur: yes...?
  589. DrArtemis: But your worms?
  590. DrArtemis: *I shake my head*
  591. TheJokur: MY PIE IS IMPECCABLE I will show all of you!
  592. TheJokur: right before I blow you all up!
  593. TheJokur: you will all suffer!
  594. DrArtemis: *I speak slowly, precisely*  Totally... utterly....
  595. DrArtemis: *profound*  ....INFERIOR.
  596. TheJokur: -he stops...dead in his tracks...
  597. DrArtemis: *I stare him right in the eyes*
  598. Rayiven: -he holds his breath-
  599. DrArtemis: *repeats*  Inferior.
  600. TheJokur: you for this....
  601. TheJokur: -he is trembling from anger
  602. TheJokur: -he rushes to a box and finds a tazer
  603. DrArtemis: I'm not the one who can't bake a decent pie.
  604. DrArtemis: But...
  605. TheJokur: -without hesitating he tazes artemis in the left shoulder!
  606. DrArtemis: I am the one who can show you how he does it.
  607. Rhyaad: [ Knighty nite as Artemis passes out? ]
  608. TheJokur: (I imagined he might pass out)
  609. DrArtemis: *I am zapped and lose all muscle control, can't speak, can't move anything*
  610. Rayiven: !!! Doctor!!! -he fears the chair's trap going off from the movement....-
  611. TheJokur: -he stops and raises one eyebrow amused
  612. TheJokur: weak...
  613. Rayiven: -He closes his eye and cant watch..-
  614. TheJokur: (it will not go off from that)
  615. DrArtemis: *exhurting himself, Nero will also begin to lose consciousness*
  616. TheJokur: -he notices this and manages to limp to another room now to his medical supplies, leaving them for now
  617. Rhyaad: [ good thing he stole medical supplies :P ]
  618. TheJokur: (mhm)
  619. DrArtemis: *the act of limping makes Nero lose more blood*
  620. Rhyaad: [ good thing he stole blood ]
  621. TheJokur: -he leaves them for now and goes to rest and take care of his wounds
  622. Rayiven: -he's not awake for long, watching Dr. Artemis until he falls asleep restlessly-
  623. DrArtemis: OOC:  Chris, do we need you?
  624. TheJokur: (yeah, we do!)
  625. Rhyaad: [ No, but I love watching you. Don't worry though, you will have more company later. MuHahahaaa! ]
  626. TheJokur: (he has left them for now)
  627. TheJokur: (and doc has pie all over his face and under his shirt)
  628. DrArtemis: OOC:  I really need to get something resembling sleep.
  629. Rayiven: [[ bed time ]]
  630. DrArtemis: OOC:  Please someone save and post this log.
  631. TheJokur: (Chris?)
  632. Rhyaad: [ I was not here the whole time ]
  633. TheJokur: (-sighs...)
  634. TheJokur: (-looks to sweet Ray hopefully)
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