Myraid Colors Phantom Blood

Nov 30th, 2013
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  1. Myraid Color Phantom Blood
  2. At the start of the 21st century,
  3. Due to the Sanha terrorist attack on a gene recombinase engineering facility, a unique virus was leaked. Following this incident, a certain mental ability was awakened in mankind: the ability to recognize specters and ghosts.
  5. Humanity terms these beings "Phantoms."
  6. In addition to possessing this mental ability, children born before and after that incident fight against the Phantoms with special abilities.
  8. Hosea Academy first Year Haruhiko Ichijou possesses such ability. Together with his upperclassman Mai Kawakami, the manipulator of elements, the "Phantom Eater" Reina Izumi, and the "Phantom Special Attack Forces" cadet Koito Minase who fights alone, he lives a normal high school life filled with happiness, bitterness, and normal desires.
  10. And then they become aware of the truth about this world due to a certain event......
  12. One of the encouragement award winning entries in the Fourth Kyoto Animation Award Novel Category, the curtain rises on this school fantasy tale about a world wrapped up in pedantic knowledge and deplorable desires!
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