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Dec 7th, 2018
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  3. Saturn, Sacrifice, Magic, and the Law of Attraction
  4. 14 Jun 2017
  6. 1:24
  7. Earth is an artificial planet
  8. This is a planet created over 8 billion years ago in another solar system
  9. It was originally built with the purpose in mind of becoming a playground for higher dimensional beings
  10. However, during the process of construction, that project was co-opted by a 5th column who were operating towards a very long term, long gain negative agenda, that was focused on creating a situation that we are currently in
  11. In that Earth is a prison planet. Not a playground. Not a school
  12. A prison planet and it is linked to multiple control mechanisms and has several control mechanisms built into the very infrastructure of the planet itself
  13. Saturn is very closely linked into this
  14. It is part of the control system
  15. One of the things Saturn is responsible for is keeping down our consciousness, using the moon, as a way to manipulate the Schumann resonance
  16. The Schumann resonance is not a booster of human consciousness as many people popularly believe
  17. It is a throttler of human consciousness
  18. If our consciousness spikes, its job is to throttle us down into a controlled manner to prevent us from totally breaking free
  19. It's been forced to hike higher than it's ever been due to natural raising in our consciousness
  20. But it has not yet released its hold on our consciousness
  21. We are looking at ways in how to decouple human consciousness from the Schumann resonance without creating an adverse effect such as killing us or rendering us completely insane
  22. Because as anyone who has studied deeply into the Schumann resonance knows, without the Schumann resonance, we tend to go completely nuts
  23. This was built into our brains in order to add an extra layer of control over us such that leaving or freeing ourselves from the consciousness suppressor would literally kill us or make us totally mentally non-functional
  25. 3:45
  26. One of the other things that is controlled via Saturn is the mechanism by which magical things are powered on this planet
  27. It has been set up so that magic is unavailable to the general populace
  28. Most people think that magic does not exist
  29. Those of us who are magical practitioners know better
  30. Magic does indeed exist and one of the things that is keeping this planet from being more overtly magical is this mechanism which is a payment mechanism
  31. In order to do magic beyond mere parlour tricks on this planet, you must pay in terms of sacrifice
  32. That can be personal sacrifice such as shedding your own blood in a ritualistic fashion or even killing yourself (which I don't recommend) or it can be the sacrifice of other people (which I also don't recommend)
  33. Certain kinds of victims yield a larger payout than others
  34. Such as children, particularly children in a lot of pain
  35. The cabal accomplishes their black magick through the massive sacrifices of huge numbers of children and young people, usually after ritualistic torture and abuse to maximise the sacificial [pay]load
  36. This is what Pizzagate and Pedogate is really about
  37. Not run-of-the-mill perversion
  38. It is about fuelling cabal black magick
  39. Groups like the Silver Legion cannot compete on a magical scale directly on Earth because we refuse to sacrifice people for the purpose of magic
  40. Instead, what we are seeking to do is undermine the system at its most fundamental level
  41. We do this by attempting to remove the fuel that is where we can physically removing and rescuing children and other prisoners as they pass through areas we can interact with and by attacking the mechanism itself, by which the magical transaction is enforced
  43. 5:50
  44. We've had some degree of success with this
  45. What that means is that the sacrifices the cabal is making is no longer paying off, at least not to the same extent
  46. They are not getting a magical payload to the same extent they used to get
  47. As time goes on, they'll get less and less
  48. And as time goes on, this is where you come in
  49. The corollary to cabal sacrifices no longer paying off is that as times goes on, it becomes easier for non-cabal people to work magic without sacrifice
  50. This will get easier and easier as things clear up
  51. Magical practitioners and white path cultists might find that their stuff works a bit easier
  52. People who don't practise any of that might find things like the so-called Law of Attraction actually starts to have noticeable effects in their lives
  53. Now this is the most important part for everyone who's listening
  54. It will be increasingly what you believe and feel, and what you strongly fear, will become real to you
  55. My caution is that you be very, very careful what you invest your mental energy into
  56. Try to avoid investing your mental energy into fear, doomsaying and other negative outcomes, because there is a risk you could draw those into being
  57. Instead, consciously focus your energies on maintaining the possibility of the highest possible outcome for all of us
  58. Even if things look bad and presented to you as hopeless and awful
  59. The cabal has a vested interest in shaping your perception to as negative outlook as possible
  60. Because they already understand how this attraction works and hopes capitalise on tricking you into attracting bad news
  61. That is the most important thing I have to say today
  63. 7:50
  64. Maintain a positive outlook and consciously focus your energies into bringing in a good future.
  65. Don't dwell on negativity
  66. Don't dwell on bad news
  67. Don't let your perceptions of what's going on be manipulated by the media
  68. They have a vested interest in making you think that things are a lot worse than they are, or that people who are on your side are secretly evil
  69. .... Exercise caution and consciously shape your on hopes and dreams
  71. 8:30
  72. It's important to keep in mind sorting through the many, many people who are talking about stuff like this, that almost everyone has some of the truth and absolutely no-one has all of the truth
  73. It's important to keep what works and discard what does not, without necessarily discarding that person entirely, unless they have proven without a shadow of doubt that they are not trustworthy or that they are working to another agenda
  74. And even then, you can use them as a barometer to read between the lines and read between the lies
  75. See what they are trying to hide or obfuscate what they are not saying
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