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  2. The first time you upgrade to Quick’s razor, you MUST do the following:
  4. 1.  Before running Quick’s razor for the first time, copy your profile folder, macros folder and counters.xml from Razor (C:\Users\[your windows account name here]\AppData\Roaming\Razor) into the unzipped Quick Razor folder (for example, drop them into the folder called Razor_UOR_CE-
  5. 2.  Still before running Quick’s razor for the first time, open each macro in a text editor and make the following fixes:  Replace all lines that read “Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|1540|” with “Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|1955|” (nearest grey monster).  Every time a macro calls any type of agent numbers 1 to 9, you need to add a zero (0) before the number.  For example, all instances of “organizer Agent-8” become “Organizer Agent-08”. If you try to open Razor before doing this, Razor will simply delete the lines it doesn’t recognize and it will screw up your macros.
  6. 3.  Once you have made these fixes, don’t forget to set compatibility mode as Windows XP SP2 and set it to always run as administrator.  If it asks to import your macros/profiles from old Razor versions, just say no.
  8. Note: There are 4 "forks" of Razor people are using.  The oldest one on the UOR website ( does not have closest or random grey monster at all (just grey).  Two other forks ( and have one code for closest grey monster, while Quick's razor (1.5.0.XX) uses a different code as explained above.  Although it will have some limitations, you can simply use "closest grey" and "random grey" (not monster) across all versions of Razor.
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