Unnamed gay pony stuff

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >evening mothponies coming to visit you again
  2. >you are slowly being introduced to more and more mothponies by every evening
  3. >it has been that way since the night you had yoru run-in with the first mothpony you ever saw
  4. >some have been more beautifull than others, some have been more fluffy than others
  5. >but now you have no idea what the hell is happening
  6. >before you stands a pony that looks like a wasp with some fuzzy hair around its neck
  7. >"That's a wasp" you state and point at the thing
  8. >before your moth friend has the chance to say anything the wasp starts to speak
  9. "Actually I am a moth, I just have that good of a natural camouflage"
  10. >"Bullshit no thing of nature can have that good of a camouflage, you're a wasp"
  11. >Now your mothpony friend pipes up
  12. "Anon he really is a mothpony"
  13. >These two are trying to play you for a fool and you are not having any of that shit
  14. >"I'll expose you!" you yell as you get behind the wasp
  15. >"Now where is your stinger"
  16. >you start to fondle around the wasps butt for the stinger to unfoil this plot against you
  17. >the wasp starts to panic and try to get away
  18. >damn your hands are slipping and the female moth pony who introduced the wasp to you is giggling her fuzzy little moth butt off
  19. >wait a minute, you did not pay much attention in biology classes but if you remember correctly the stinger is hidden away inside a hole from where it protrudes once the vile creature is going to sting you
  20. >You see the closed hole
  21. >"THERE IT IS!" you shout as you plunge two fingers into the hole to pull out the stinger
  22. >you can actually hear and see your mothfriends jaw hit the floor as the wasp emits a rather high-pitched scream
  23. >"Dammit where is it"
  24. >you keep rummaging around in that tight hole
  25. >suprisingly warm and moist
  27. >"Shut up vile wasp I'll expose your true nature"
  28. >you notice something growing between its legs
  29. >your female mothpony friend blushes and averts her gaze
  30. "I didn't know this was the way you swinged Waspy"
  31. >"Look look I have exposed its stinger!" you yell out in triumph and grasp the thing before this Waspy can stab you and inject his poisonous stinger fluids into you
  32. >wait a minute this stinger is supposed to feel... less like a fleshy part right?
  33. >your female mothpony friend laughts a bit in a weak voice
  34. "Haha... yeeah you certainly exposed something..."
  35. >You look at the wasp pony that is blushing and mouthing words silently in pure shock
  36. >You also take a closer look at the stinger
  37. >...
  38. >"This is a penis"
  39. >The rest of the evening was akward
  41. Alternate Homosexuality
  43. >...
  44. >"This is a penis"
  45. >it twitches in your hand
  46. >so does the hole that is squeezing on your two fingers that are up this Waspys butt
  47. >very feminine butt
  48. >now that you look at him more, he does seem a bit more feminine with that huge chest fluff and womanly hips
  49. >your female moth pony friend takes another glanze in your direction and then averts her gaze again
  50. "Kyaah Anon why are you still at it?"
  51. >her voice sounds not that important now
  52. >you can hear Waspys breathing getting heavier
  53. >you twitch your fingers inside him and his back arches a bit and his cock twitches as he tries to fight against makign any lewd sounds
  54. >a fight he is about to loose it seems
  55. >for you are indeed pressing on his sweet spot
  56. >you take a firmer hold of his fleshy stinger and give it a good stroke
  57. "A- aah"
  58. >his mouth has betrayed him and he gasps and covers his mouth with one of his hoofs
  59. >your female moth pony just eeps and flies out of the house while blushing maddly
  60. >you remove your fingers and reach for your own belt
  61. "Ah- Anon what are you-"
  62. >you nibble gently on his earlobe as you push him against the floor, feeling his fuzzy soft buttocks press against your loins
  63. "Nnngh, oooh"
  64. >this moth pony seems to be really into it, he has started to grind his butt against yoru crotch now and you can feel his precum lubing up your hand as you stroek his large meat
  65. >you let go of his dick
  66. >you do not want the fun to end too soon
  67. >the pony lays beneath you, and turns to look at you with hazy eyes, begging for more silently
  68. >you unzip your pants and your now fully erect soldier stands to attention, the butt was soft after all
  69. >"If you want it, you need to lube it up first"
  70. >Waspy seems to understand perfectly what you want, and turns to face your meat
  71. >his breath is warm and soft
  72. >he extends his long tongue and gives your tip a gentle, long lick, sending shivers down your saft that seem to spread all around your body
  73. >then he stops licking and plunges your meat deep into his mouth
  74. >Oh sweet jesus it feels so moist and warm
  75. >he bops his head a few times, and then pulls his head back untill your cock is released from his hot mouth with a loud wet pop
  76. "Oooh Anon your dick... it's so tasty..."
  77. >Waspy gently brushes his antennae along your saft with an euphoric look
  78. >You lift Waspy, now melted butter in your arms, and carry him to your bed, yoru own moistened dick twitching for the need to penetrate, while he purrs in your arms
  79. >You gently lay Waspy onto the mattres, and he positions himself and pushes his butt up into the air, lifting his tail up giving you a clear view of the prize
  80. "I want you to take me like a cheap whore~"
  81. >you get on the bed yourself and grasp Waspys hips, earning a cute yelp from him and then a cute giggle
  82. >god even his voice is more feminine now that he is this aroused
  83. >you grab your drool covered cock and gently place it against Waspys gates of pleasure, making them twitch in excitement
  84. >You start to push yourself in
  85. "Mmmmhh~ Oh Anon..."
  86. >Waspy squirms on the bed, pushing his face against the mattres as you gently slide inside him
  87. >it feels like cloud 9, his insides moving like they are trying to suck you deeper into him
  88. >you push more, and slide the rest of your shaft into him
  89. >his hole is very welcoming, not too tight and not too loose
  90. >Waspy seems to enjoy this very much since he is now biting his lower lip and grasping the sheets with his frontal hoofs
  91. >you start to move, gently at first but picking up the pace shortly after
  92. >your bedroom is filled with the sloppy sounds of you pounding Waspy and his squeals of delight and mirth
  93. >you push Waspys hips down and move his rear hoofs so that they are crossed
  94. >Oh god it feels even better this way and you keep slamming harder and harder against his soft behind that jiggles with each thrust
  95. "Oh, ah ah aah aaah aaaaah OH ANON!"
  96. >Waspy seems to be enjoying this position as well
  97. >this is getting too good
  98. >you cease your butt pirating, and flip Waspy over
  99. >his eyes have rolled up a bit and there is a line of drool coming from his mouth and connecting with the mattres
  100. >and his dick is now absolutely throbbing
  101. >you grin at your conquest
  102. >you position yourself and ram your dick into his ass as hard and deep as you can
  103. >this brings him back to attention and makes his mothpony cock twitch
  104. >you pull back and ram again, another twitch and Waspy bites his lower lip and arches his back
  105. "Oh Anon I can't take it anymore, fuck me like you are mad!"
  106. >and that is exactly what you are going to do
  107. >you start jackhammering Waspys anus with all of your might
  108. >Waspys insides feel like they have gone crazy as they squirm and massage your shaft in ways you tought were not possible
  109. >Waspy himself seems to have lost all controll, squirming uncontrolleable beneath you, his eyes rolled all the way up and his hoofs grasping at the sheets, himself and at you while his dick is twitching and throbbing like it was on fire
  110. >honestly this is sending you very very near the edge
  112. >welp that does it
  113. >you take your last mighty thrusts and embrace Waspy as you start to empty your juice into the deepest reaches of his anus
  114. >you have to hold down as powerful orgasms ravage Waspys body beneath you and he shivers uncontrolleably, yelling out so loudly in the throws of passion you are afraid you are waking up everyone two countries away from your house
  115. >his rigid hard cock explodes between you, shooting hot sperm between the two of you, making a complete mess
  116. >you lay in there for a while, feeling his bowels and butthole milking you as you slowly start to go flaccid inside him
  117. >you pull out and tiredly flop next to him on the bed, both of you breathing hard
  118. >Waspy soon cuddles up to you and starts to draw circles on your chest with her hoof, her antennae gently dragging across your neck and face
  119. "That was amazing Anon~"
  120. >you put your arm around him and enjoy his warmth
  121. >soon Waspy falls asleep and you too feel sleep taking over your now tired body
  122. >it does not matter that the two of you are absolutely drenced in semen and sweat
  123. >you pull Waspy closer and one of her wings covers you up a bit
  124. >tomorrow will be an interesting day
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