Anon - Canterlot Fall Formal ; ^)

Aug 9th, 2015
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  1. >11:50 pm Canterlot Highschool: Fall Formal
  2. >Principal Celestia walks on the podium.
  3. "If I could have your attention please we are about to announce the royalties of the Fall formal." "Luna you have the honors."
  4. >Vice principal Luna steps forward to the microphone carrying three envelopes
  5. >"The one with third largest amount of votes go to Adagio Dazzle who also wins free parking for the rest of the month"
  6. >There is a hint of disappointment in Adagio's face as she picked up the least appealing prize.
  7. >Luna opens another envelope.
  8. >"The runner up to the Fall Formal queen is Sunset Shimmer." "She also gets a coupon for a free meal at Sugarcube Corner."
  9. >Sunset Shimmer lit up in surprise and humbly took the reward
  10. >Luna opens the last envelope
  11. >"Finally this year's Fall Formal Queen is.. this must be an error.
  12. >The crowd of students look at each other in confusion as they can hear the principal and vice principal argue.
  13. >Then principal Celestia turns on the microphone
  14. "Apologies for the delay. This year's Fall Formal Queen and the winner of a $30 gift card to the movie theater..."
  15. >She pauses as there is a clear expression of being uncomfortable with what she is about to say.
  16. >"Is Anon. Y Moose."
  17. >Everyone turns slack jawed as they see Anon dressed in drag wearing a red dress, fake eyelashes and a beehive wig as flowers are being thrown at him.
  19. >While Anon walk through the people, you hear claps and shout to cheer him while he walk to the stage.
  20. >Behind him is...
  21. >by Celestias's beard, is Flash Sentry being dragged to the stage with Anon. A big smiles is on his face while he looks at the audiens.
  22. >"Thank you, thank you all"
  23. >he says as he cleans some tears from his eyes. His face is worked with good make up, glittering while in the light, like a dream... damn Anon.
  24. >"I just want to say, WE DID IT FLASHY, WE DID IT MACAREINA!!"
  25. >he shouts as he hugs Flash and carries him, tossing the flowers to the center of the dance floor..
  26. >in the center of the dance floor, the big woman that was with Caramel yells a loud "YUP!!" as she catches the flowers and kiss her couple.
  27. >Macareina, big, red...!
  28. >Big Mac!?
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