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  1. Welcome to <color=cyan>AgentFoxy's SCP Server!</color>
  3. Join our <b>DISCORD</b> to get more info and be updated within the server!
  4. https://discord.gg/JW6EKgX
  6. <b>Server Rules</b>
  8. ♦ Respect all staff (Their say goes).
  9. ♦ Hacking is not tolerated and will result in [REDACTED]
  10. ♦ Do not mic spam.
  11. ♦ Glitching or abusing "unreachable" spots will result in (First offense) Warning | (Second Offense) Kick | (Third Offense) Ban
  12. ♦ Do not camp out in a room to prolong the game.
  13. ♦ Do not team with enemy teams with the intention to prolong the game.
  14. ♦ Killing teammates is a no-go.
  15. ♦ Playing music is allowed, but if someone asks you to stop please do so (or you might get muted).
  16. ♦ Have Fun!
  18. ServerMod 3.1.13
  19. Listed Plugins
  20. Stay Shut - Keep those pesky SCPS locked in when you set off the nuke
  21. 914 In Hand - Tired of D-bois taking your stuff when you are using 914? Now you can just hold it in your inventory
  22. Join Later - If you join in late to the server right after it started, you will automatically spawn in
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