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  1. 5:35 min
  2. CH: A few years back we discovered this new industrial material
  3. It showed promise in a number of different ways
  4. And it's a very unique industrial material
  5. We want to use this material in a number of different applications...
  6. It was decided at an international level that we have to do certain things in order for this industrial material to be widely used in our industry
  7. One of the things we had to do was to determine: Is it unsafe?
  8. The ..... science agency of the UN decided they needed to know what the LD (lethal dosage) of this stuff was
  9. So they had a contract with a French lab
  10. The head of the lab is a Frenchman of an Algerian descent
  11. I bring that up because it forms the basis of how he does things
  12. His culture puts an imprintation on how you [do things]
  13. Eg science done by Hindus is different than science done by Algerians
  14. They take different approaches....
  15. The Algerian scientist decides because it's a contract, he's going to do a small sample study in high doses until he kills his rats
  16. Basically he figures out what the lethal dosage is
  17. So he takes 12 rats - 6 females, 6 males
  18. Separates them out into 2 groups of 6 - 3 females, 3 males
  19. One group's the control
  20. They go over there and they live and just eat corn and drink water and stuff
  21. The other ones get this industrial substance
  22. The goal of the study was to see if we could take this industrial substance in a natural fashion and have it be lethal to us, as opposed to injecting it.
  23. So they did not initially inject it into the flesh
  24. So they give this industrial substance to these rats
  25. They decided the way to do it is to get the rats to eat it
  26. They dissolved it in olive oil
  27. That turned out to be a hell of a task for them; to do that alone
  28. .... The industrial substance is given to these rats on a pretty massive dose
  29. Once a week for a couple of weeks
  30. The Frenchman wanted to collect his money on finding out what the lethal dose is
  31. He didn't want to waste years incrementally getting up there
  32. That's why the Algerian aspect - the practicality of it - enters into it
  33. Because .... he guess this amount would kill them pretty quick
  34. Well, it didn't kill them
  35. They were stuck at that dosage level because that's what they decided to go for
  36. They decided OK, they'll use this dosage level, keep it up on a weekly basis and continue it over time
  37. And it'll accumulate in the rats and it'll kill them
  38. Then they can slice up the rats and find out where they died, establish the lethal dose and they're done
  39. Well, time passes. All the control rats die.
  40. All the control rats have a 2 year life span....
  41. This you can find out. I'll tell you the substance and you can go validate everything I'm telling you
  42. They give the rats these dosages and it doesn't kill them
  43. Some time passes - you can look this up as to the amount of time
  44. Finally, the Frenchman says, "Well, these rats aren't dying of this. I've got this other contract to see what this lethal dose of radiation is. Let's take a couple of these rats and zap them with this radiation and we'll see what the lethal dose is and we'll be done with them and we'll also be able to cut them open and see what's going on with this industrial substance we're feeding them."
  45. Well, radiation didn't kill them
  46. The radiation was well over lethal dose
  47. Rats were just sitting there, laughing it off. They're happy
  48. Bear in mind all of the rats have lived at least one third again as long as they should have
  49. They were all into their 3rd year and all these rats are genetically programmed to die around 2 years
  50. So the rats were going along. They have good fur. They looked young.
  51. There's no problems with them
  52. Finally, they start getting frustrated and they start euthanising the rats
  53. Because they tried cancer causing chemicals to kill them off.....
  54. They become really hardy
  55. Finally, they ended up killing them
  56. They killed these rats at very advanced ages for these rats, far beyond what they should live
  57. When they opened them up, their brains are clean, their lungs are clean, their livers are gorgeous, their spleens are beautiful
  58. They've got no problems whatsoever, in spite of all the radiation and all the cancer causing chemicals they've been fed to try and off them and see what is going on.
  60. 10:17
  61. CH: Whatever this substance is, it works on their system in such a way that it preserved their internal organs at a level that was youthful, in spite of the fact that the rats were aging
  62. But the rats were not aging as normal
  63. The amount of wear and tear they were showing was minimal
  64. There was no hair discolouration; none of the skin issue; none of the systemic degradation that usually accompanies old age.
  65. Basically, they had no idea when these rats would die if they just kept feeding them this regular diet of this substance dissolved in olive oil
  66. So they do this and over the course of time, maybe the last rat was killed ...(you will have to look this up) at 6 years - 3 times as old as a rat should live.
  67. And they just killed it because they had to know and they had to end the study and the guy had to get paid
  68. So they could not determine a lethal dose that way.
  70. 11:13
  71. Another group was commissioned to determine a lethal dose
  72. These guys didn't mess around
  73. They took some mice and they injected the substance in a water base directly into the mice at the level of 1/10th of their body weight
  74. That killed them and it was an injection
  75. It was intra-muscular but it killed them
  76. So they knew that if you had 1/10th of your body weight of this material injected in you, that was a lethal dose.....
  77. They couldn't say why it killed them
  78. Then one of the doctors that was involved in the study said, "If you took the substance out of the water, just that much water being injected is going to kill you."
  79. So this is where we're at on that
  80. At this stage, this is not a substance for human consumption
  81. Humans eat this substance constantly
  82. We've been seeking this substance as long as humans have been around
  83. It forms the basis of alchemy
  84. Alchemy was seeking this substance which was the philosopher's stone, perpetual life, all of this kind of stuff
  85. They've been seeking it all of these different ways
  86. The Taoists have been seeking it. The yogis are seeking it with boiling down mercury
  87. This substance occurs naturally in the planet
  88. It's concentrated in the planet in various different areas
  89. We have only recently become aware of it
  92. 12:55
  93. The substance is called C60, Carbon 60, Buckminsterfullerene, bucky balls
  94. ...... Carbon is an interesting stuff as it has many different forms
  95. Most, like gold, has only one form in nature
  96. We have Carbon 12, Carbon 14, Carbon 16, Carbon 18 etc
  97. Carbon 60 is unique because it takes a carbon atom and folds it back on itself
  98. So that all of the receptors from the carbon atom for connecting to other atoms are fully involved with their own molecule
  99. Under those circumstances, there's no carbonic attachment to anything
  100. So if you have a free carbon atom, it's not as reactive as an oxygen atom but it'll glob on to you because it has a highly energetic particle that wants to stick to something.
  101. This form of carbon does not have that.
  102. They don't know why it does what it does but they do know that it does do that
  103. Humans can get hold of this stuff
  104. You can buy it.
  105. It's a readily available. .... C60 is readily available from Europe in a purified form
  106. You can mix it to anything you want and consume it
  107. It occurs naturally in coal
  108. It occurs naturally in this thing called shungite
  109. It occurs naturally in this other stuff called shilajit aka asphaltum
  110. So it's been known about the time of ancient Rome
  111. It goes all the way back into the yogic world maybe 6/7 thousand years
  112. It was a necessary part of their revitalisation programs that people would undertake
  113. That was really gruesome if you get into the yogic perspective of how they did it
  114. But the goal was to concentrate this stuff
  115. They didn't know it's C60
  116. They just knew that animals that drank water from this particular water hole lived longer, looked better, didn't age as much
  117. Turns out that that particular water hole was in a base of shungite material which is like this primal material of the earth
  118. Huge levels of C60 in it
  119. ..... in the Himalayan mountains they would see goats and animals from the deep forest work their way all the way up the mountains to lick this black goo that was coming out from underneath these glaciers
  120. This was all of the material that had been smushed by the glacier into a very thin layer of the biological material into a concentrated C60
  121. That's been their form of it, coming from these different ways
  122. Now we know it exists
  123. Now we know what the molecule is
  124. Now we can purify it out of coal and these other things
  125. Now it's an industrial product which you can actually buy
  126. You can even consume it if you want and get this effect
  128. SW: Mice die from free radical damage in a speedy way
  129. Rat's the same
  130. I can imagine it takes care of your radicals and things that attack our cells
  132. 16:13
  133. CH: That's how it's sold - as an antioxidant
  134. But it does much more than that
  135. It does interact with the telomeres
  136. It does link to them
  138. SW: Does it lengthen the telomeres?
  140. CH: Yes....... That's your clock.
  141. You start off with X number of them
  142. Like the yogis say, "You are given X number of breaths and when you exhale that last breath ..... that's the end of your life.".....
  144. SW: Your cells can only duplicate so many number of times
  145. Each time it duplicates, your telomere gets shorter.....
  146. Bill Andrews .... has been working on telomeres....
  147. He came on my show and talked about how they found the solution.
  148. They have it but it's very expensive.......
  149. Bill Andrews isagenix trials
  150. If your telomeres are longer and your cells are younger.... can your cells deal with the free radical damage?
  151. They don't know until they actually do it
  152. They are doing a trail in Madagascar on lemurs
  153. They have over1500 people signed up for the first trials
  154. They are happening in the East but there's over $2m
  155. It's really expensive.....
  157. 18:05
  158. CH: let's look at C60 and some of its ancillary effects
  159. Not only does it mess about with the length of the cell degradation reproduction issue - the more you reproduce the cell, the floppier the copies become.
  160. OK, it deals with that
  161. It also deals with the antioxidant issue, the free radical issue, instantly
  162. Because the nature of the bucky ball is such that the free radicals want to adhere to it and it's excreted
  163. So it pulls these things right out of you
  164. Also, the C60 molecule can cross the blood brain barrier
  165. So it's pulling out toxins all throughout your entire system
  166. Also, as a side effect, people - humans - and I'm in contact with a great number of these humans, through some French people I know
  167. ...... I can reach out to maybe 150 people that are self experimenting with this material and have had some number of years self experimenting with this material
  168. Well, it's working in that it's providing positive benefits to them
  169. Whether or not it's going to increase their age we don't know, because they haven't gone to an exceptional life span yet.
  170. .... If you read about the Frenchman and the trial of the rats and stuff - that's only a few years back
  171. So we've only known about this for a few years
  172. I don't think we've even crossed 20 years yet
  174. 19:30
  175. SW: Are any of them older?
  177. CH: Yes. We have people who are in their 80s
  178. .... It's not instant. It takes a while
  179. It is a reverse aging, not an anti-aging
  180. So slowly, slowly, it cleans up the free radical damage and does your skin the next time those cells reproduce, don't recreate that wrinkle
  181. It removes these issues
  182. It affects the internal organs
  183. It creates new veins, hyper-oxygenates your body
  184. It hyper-oxygenates you down to the level of the mitochondria within the cells, but without the free radical damage
  185. So it's not only hyper-oxygenating you, it's doing so without doing the expected damage of all the oxygen
  187. 20:30
  188. SW: The form you are talking about - can you buy it?
  189. Is that the form you need or is that a different form?
  191. CH: ......... You don't know what they have to go through to create this stuff
  193. SW: I want to buy some for my parents....
  195. CH: You got to understand this. You got to be very careful about this because this process is not gentle
  196. Anybody that takes this stuff - you will go through detox
  197. Now you could take tiny little bits and build up over time so that the detox is low level and continuous.....
  198. We get different reports of different effects
  199. ...... people who are extremely weak - a woman I know of that has had surgeries for brain cancers, had 3/4 surgeries for heart, has had 5/6 death experiences - her heart had stopped
  200. She's taking it with very good results, in spite of the detox
  201. The detox is mainly gastrointestinal
  203. SW: This is awful. I've had a pretty hard detox before and felt like crap
  205. CH: Let's be real clear about this
  206. This is a little bit more than that
  207. This is not simply a purge
  209. SW: They are older and don't really want to detox
  211. CH: You may want to really think about this
  212. You got to be an adult with this substance
  213. It is not approved by anybody for human consumption
  214. It is an industrial material
  215. People will sell this to you as an industrial material in an oil base
  216. What you do with it is your business
  217. Here's some things to be advised
  218. Originally they did it with olive oil
  219. The C60, in my opinion, works by being combinoric or magnifying other things
  220. So if you are taking a drug of some kind, it may magnify that or it may magnify your body so that the drug is no longer effective
  221. We've seen both of these being reported by people who were in those circumstances
  222. So C60 is not particularly gentle
  223. It's hot really harsh
  224. You are not going to be vomiting or anything like that for days, or anything like that
  225. But because it's combinoric, I don't favour putting it in with olive oil because olive oil has its own impacts towards detoxing the gut and I don't think that is necessarily beneficial for most humans
  227. 23:03
  228. The guy I favour... he makes it and puts it in avocado oil or coconut
  229. In both cases, they're going to be a lot more gentle on you because they're (the coconut less so) not themselves detoxing agents the way olive oil is
  230. Say the recommended dosage is a tablespoon a day
  231. If you take a tablespoon a day of straight olive oil, you'll feel it in your liver even without the C60 involved
  232. So you just have to be very cognizant of it
  233. It's not like it's a panacea
  234. It's not like it's an anti-aging pill or any of that
  235. It is as though you got to be taking it for a long time if you're to obtain any anti-aging benefits in terms of lengthening your life span
  236. .... There's a difference between life span and life space
  237. What appears to occur here is that our life space is increased
  238. And then if your body is up to it, you can have a longer life span within that life space....
  240. SW: It's like your coil is lengthened [inaudible]
  242. CH: Correct. It restores all of those. It's harmonious to you.
  243. Once you are in the groove of it and it might take some people a year, for other people it may only be a month
  244. I would not advise taking this if I were a young person
  245. It's not going to do anything for you until you're actually experiencing those effects
  247. [SW interrupts to talk about something in the East]
  249. 25 mins
  250. CH: Here is the good part of it
  251. If you were to go to PurplePower - it's called C60PurplePower online
  252. That's the guy who sells it in avocado oil and coconut oil
  253. ...... it make the oil purple coloured
  254. The poor fellow may not be able to keep up with it
  255. It takes days for this stuff to dissolve ....
  256. You have to back off his case if you order from him and let him make this stuff because he's got to gear up for it
  257. They have to do those little electric spinners that spin in a vat of oil to dissolve the stuff for days
  258. .... He's in the US. He's selling an industrial lubricant
  259. C60 in coconut oil or olive oil [avocado oil?] is sold as an industrial lubricant
  260. If you were to take the olive oil [I think he means avocado oil] or the coconut oil, you will feel better
  261. And you'll feel more energy because the oil that's provided is a good fat for your system and because, in my opinion, the C60 is providing a combinoric benefit that is helping to purge out your liver and your gut bile
  262. This is why it needs to be in a book and you need to have all these cautions
  263. It's better to take the C60 with dairy products than not, if you are not lactose intolerant
  264. It's better to take the C60 with raw milk kefir than commercial yoghurt
  265. There's all these sort of things you learn as you go along that make it easier on your system
  266. Say that you are 80 and you want to get the benefit of this
  267. If indeed this is going to double your life span, (and there's no reason to suspect you have to get it by a particular age in order to have that occur), then you are going to have to go through maybe 2 decades of a continual low level of detox in order to reach that 160 years
  269. SW: .... until every cell .. has changed around
  271. CH: Correct.... It takes 7 years for your bones alone
  272. So for 7 years, your bones are going to detox all the crap they have picked up
  273. Get rid of all the radiation, all of the pollution and all this kind of stuff that gets in your bones
  274. We can sample bones now and say, "Hey look! This guy was exposed to a nuclear radiation test at some point in his life and his bones show that."
  275. So we do have those issues
  276. It's not like a pill
  277. You got to be adult about it
  278. You got to know what you are doing
  279. You got to look at it as a decades long process
  281. SW: We are at the beginning of anti-aging
  283. CH: Correct.....
  285. SW: ..... If we can live to ... 300
  286. Why can't we live forever?
  287. There's no reason why we have to die of old age
  289. CH: There actually is .....
  290. You have to consider it relative to consciousness and memory
  292. SW: When you look at more science from a different perspective
  294. CH: .... from your body, they are correct
  295. .
  296. .
  297. 29:35
  299. 30
  301. 31:50
  302. CH: Research by Russians because that's where shungite is found any more - Siberia
  303. You can buy shungite rocks and you can do this in Russia
  304. They do it in Germany.
  305. When I got to Germany, I saw this going on all the time
  306. This is back in the days when they still had honey wagons collecting human waste to put on the fields
  307. [
  308. Honey wagon is a wagon which carries human excreta]
  309. So it was before Germany was re-built into the modern age
  310. You would see some of the old farmers we lived nearby - the women would ... take the black rocks out of the crock and wash the rocks off and put new water in there and then they drank water out of the crock all week long.
  311. It was shungite and .... it made them healthy
  313. SW: It must have been passed down.....
  315. CH: Correct. Shamans and the alchemists have been working on this for a long time...
  316. We have the records on it.....
  319. 36:35
  320. CH: There's documents now about C60 and rebuilding liver tissue
  322. 36:45
  323. It has weird effects....
  324. One guy is complaining that he has 2 eyebrow hairs that he has to cut every day, at least an inch off....
  325. He can pluck them out. The reason he has two is because he had one and he plucked it out and two grew.
  326. He's not going to pluck it out again
  327. He cuts an inch off every day
  328. Other people, it's toe nails
  329. They got to trim their toe nails every two days because of the exceptional growth
  330. Other people, it's veins
  331. New veins are just growing all throughout your body because it's oxygenating and building everything
  332. Here are some of the other side effects
  333. If you are taking this stuff and you are involved in an accident or you have to get even a routine blood draw, the phlebotomist might freak out
  334. Because they will draw veinal blood that will look like arterial
  335. Because it would be so oxygenated
  336. It will be so red, they'd think they hit an artery
  337. This has occurred numerous times.....
  338. It's become a sort of a story: "Oh I had my phlebotomist encounter" is what some of these people will say
  339. Bear in mind I lose a lot in translation
  340. A lot of it is in French... and Russian and German because these are the primary researchers in it
  341. The primary self researchers
  342. The French seem to have been in it longer than anyone else, except for the Russians
  343. The Russians .... come at it from their shungite approach as opposed to the inductrial comp[ound approach
  344. They had a longer history of it...
  345. Now you are starting to see shungite come out in all kinds of forms
  346. People are saying, "You wear the medallion and it helps you out."
  347. It may help you out as the C60 in there absorbs energy like electromagnetic stuff, but it's not going to do you anything...
  348. It's not the same
  350. 38:40
  351. ... taking it in water is not the same as taking it in oil because it's not taken into the liver
  352. It may have been a happy accident or universe saying we need to know about this, let's tell the Frenchman to use oil... as opposed to making them drink it
  353. You wouldn't believe what they got to go through to get this stuff to be in a suspension in oil
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