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  1. [center][img][/img]
  3. [size=36pt][b]FOX 11 Handbook[/b][/size][/center]
  5. There are a few things that will be explained in this handbook for FOX 11, the will be stated down here:
  7. 1. Getting hired
  8. 2. Internship
  9. 3. Choosing a division
  10. 4. Alternatives to the news
  11. 5. Air certification
  12. 6. The rules
  13. 7. The commands for FOX 11
  15. [size=14pt]1. Getting hired[/size]
  17. First things first, the hiring process of FOX 11 will be very different than any other faction in Los Angeles. There will be no simple application form where you fill in the blanks, there will be no easy answers. Instead, because we write articles and provide news, you're going to write an esssay on your application. Applying can be done here: So, like stated before, getting in won't be a piece of cake. You will be selected from the essay you write, and we will have a talk with you, on teamspeak or ingame to get to know you. If we eventually think you're fit for FOX 11 we'll invite you to the faction. Make sure you're not in any other faction when you get invited. If you are in a faction, get your superior to approve your transfer. On paper, this hiring process seems pretty easy, but don't underestimate it. We want FOX 11 to have an elite staff, with the best of the best.
  19. [size=14pt]2. Internship[/size]
  21. When you went through the hardest part, getting hired, you will be placed in your probation period. That period is called internship, and you will get the rank "Intern". At this point, we tested you on paper but we want to see your real work. In this position, you don't get to report the news live yet, but you're close. While being an intern, you get to ride along with reporters to scenes and ask around for information, make pictures. Everything you do will be observed, and you are to post your work on the website (Forums) where we can see your hard work. This includes, news articles, pictures taken, or answering questions on the discussion board and responding to feedback. Internship will be fun, especially when you know that the period after being an intern, will be even more fun. Internship will last from 2 days to a week. If we didn't get the chance to observe you enough, we can decide to keep you as an intern for a little longer. Don't worry about this, it doesn't mean that you're not capable enough, or else you wouldn't have gotten through the hiring process, it just means that we want to make you exactly like we want our staff to be. More training, equals better news reports, and that makes the superiors happy. Even more important, this makes our listeners and viewers happy. And that is what we're all about, keeping the citizens of Los Angeles updated with the news, and happy with how we bring it to them. After your internship, a whole new world will be opened for you in FOX 11, which will be discussed in the next chapter.
  23. [size=14pt]3. Choosing a division[/size]
  25. When you finished your internship, it is time for you to choose what path you want to take. Do you see yourself working as a FOX 11 security member? A tech member? Or maybe your life long dream of being a news reporter, broadcasting live for all of Los Angeles. There are a few divisions that we will be using in FOX 11. They will be listed down below:
  26. [b]- Security
  27. - Technical[/b]
  28. [b]- Reporter (None)[/b]
  29. We left out the division of Training and Recruiting because we are using the internship method of hiring and training people. We believe that this works better in the long run. So most people join FOX 11 to broadcast live reports over the radio, and we understand that. We don't have a division for that, so you will be relying on your rank in FOX 11. For people that want to do something else than reporting, there are 2 other options. The first one that will be explained is Security.
  31. [u][b]Security:[/b][/u] You will be making sure that both the FOX 11 building and our employees are safe at all times. You will be armed with semi-shot weapons, preferably a 9mm or Deagle, you will be using kevlar to make sure you're safe as well. And you will be driving the Landstalkers parked at the back of FOX 11 to ride together with news vans. You can also join a newsvan as a passenger if no intern is riding along. Security division will be very important, as not everyone is glad with freedom of speech. We have had trouble with criminals before, and I don't think it will stop, so we will need security. We will also be looking into Security heads. They will look over the complete Security division, and report to the Network Producers if something is wrong.
  33. [u][b]Technical:[/b][/u] You will be making sure that all the technology we are using for either broadcasting or recording is ready for use at all times. You will be fixing broken cameras, broken microphones. You will also be in charge of the Broadcast room inside the FOX 11 building. Whenever there's a broadcast in there, you will be asked to man the control panel, making sure the broadcast can be done smoothly. You are allowed to ride along with News Vans or Landstalkers to make sure the gear on the road is good to use as well. We expect high skills (RP wise mostly) and high professionality for this division.
  35. [u][b]Reporter:[/b][/u] The reporters are the people that make news articles for on our website, make pictures at certain scenes or events and eventually, when you reach a high enough rank, you will be able to do a live broadcast for everyone in Los Angeles to hear. The importance of our reporters is quite clear, and this will most likely be the largest division in FOX 11. We want every other division member to have skills as a reporter as well, because we want people to fall in if someone called in sick, or if you want a sudden change of division. Reporters will be using the News Vans most of the time, because when they arrive at a scene, they want to have their appropriate gear with them at all times. Reporters will be kept safe by Security members, and have interns riding along with them. We want reporters to be an example for every other FOX 11 member.
  37. [size=14pt]4. Alternatives to the news[/size]
  39. FOX 11 is mostly a faction for providing news. But we feel that news only would bore our listeners and viewers. So instead of only providing news, we want to have alternatives to enjoy everyone. We provide different game shows and events. And they are connected to a FOX 11 member. If you want to have your own show, when you are allowed to do live broadcasts. They could consist of game shows, quizes, interviews, and even more. If you have an idea of a show you'd like to do, you can contact the Network Producers, show them your idea, and they will consider it. You can also write an article on how it will be, and how you will operate it. When your show gets approved, you will open a tab on our website, where you will explain the show, and keep updating that tab. It will be your personal tab, and people can see your progress made. It's a fun side job next to providing the news, and I can tell you, it will make your time at FOX 11 even more awesome.
  41. [size=14pt]5. Air certification[/size]
  43. As you might have noticed already, FOX 11 has acces to one News Chopper. It's stationed on the roof of our building. It can be used by people that were approved to fly it. The Network Producers will decide who gets certified for it, and you will show your flying skills before you get that certification. The News Chopper will be used to hover over scenes, or join in police pursuits. While in the News Chopper, you are allowed to do a live broadcast, if you take the appropriate gear with you. The News Chopper is never to be abused or used to your own advantage. This will be included in the FOX 11 rules.
  45. [size=14pt]6. The rules[/size]
  47. For FOX 11 to be fully functional and organised, we have a certain set of rules which apply to ever employee. The list of rules can be seen down below:
  49. 1.  Warnings are rare, messing up will most likely get you fired instantly.
  50. 2.  Respect is important. That doesn't only mean respect your superiors, but every coworker there is.
  51. 3.  Listening is also important. Listen to what people say and we're happy. Don't listen, and we're not that happy.
  52. 4.  Abuse will be dealt with swiftly and quietly, with a kick from FOX 11.
  53. 5.  We are able to ban you from FOX 11 when things get really out of control.
  54. 6.  Never ever broadcast without being cleared to do so.
  55. 7.  Never use the News Chopper without the clearance.
  56. 8.  Drive your designated vehicle for your division, and everything will be fine.
  57. 9.  It is mandatory to write articles and take pictures. Not daily based, just write/make them and it's good.
  58. 10. Most important of all, ENJOY. We want you to enjoy your work, not feel stressed out. To ensure this, we have lots of parties and fun along the way.
  60. [size=14pt]7. The commands for FOX 11[/size]
  62. There are not too many commands to be used in FOX 11, so be sure to know them all:
  64. /fox11     : Acces to the lockers, with firstaid kits, kevlar vests, cameras, and gear to get on duty.
  65. /duty       : Use it when you get on duty.
  66. /nr          : Used for a live broadcast, you need to be inside the FOX 11 building, a News Van or the News Chopper.
  67. /live        : Used when you are doing a live interview with someone.
  68. /broadcast: This will start a TV broadcast for people to watch. You have to be inside the Broadcast room inside the FOX 11 building.
  69. /liveban   : Ban people from having a live interview with FOX 11
  71. Those are the most important commands everyone should know. Like stated before, there aren't too many, so don't worry. You'll be perfectly fine!
  73. This was the handbook for the FOX 11 news station. Thanks for taking your time by reading this. I hope you have been well informed and if not, ask the Network Producers for additional information, or maybe ask one of your coworkers. This handbook will be updated frequently when we add new rules or information.
  75. Last but not least, if you want to personally contact one of the Network Producers, here are their emails:
  78. You can always message us on our emails, we don't bite, and we'll always respond as quickly as possible!
  80. This handbook has been written by Network Producer and Owner of FOX 11,
  81. [i][b]Max Kenwell[/b][/i], phone number: "-207"
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