Diaspora Community CodeChat, 04-19-2012

Apr 19th, 2012
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  1. Apr 19 12:04:26 <DeadSuperHero> Welcome everyone to this week's community Code Chat!
  2. Apr 19 12:05:01 <DeadSuperHero> We've got some pretty solid topics to cover today, specifically what's going on with development.
  3. Apr 19 12:05:20 <DeadSuperHero> The first big thing going on is that the Publisher is almost done.
  4. Apr 19 12:05:46 <DeadSuperHero> We've put a lot of work into allowing for different templates in the new publisher, so that users will be able to customize their posts
  5. Apr 19 12:06:17 <DeadSuperHero> A lot of work is going into allowing a user to preview posting before pushing their content out across federated networks.
  6. Apr 19 12:06:41 <JanKusanagi> sounds great :D
  7. Apr 19 12:06:45 <diasp> +1
  8. Apr 19 12:06:48 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah, it's pretty swell.
  9. Apr 19 12:07:05 <DeadSuperHero> It's actually in the main branch, podmins can test it out by going to /posts/new/
  10. Apr 19 12:07:40 <DeadSuperHero> In that same vein, we've decided for the sake of testing to make the new publisher default to Public for posting, although it's just for the sake of testing
  11. Apr 19 12:07:53 <DeadSuperHero> You can still make private limited posts without any hassle
  12. Apr 19 12:08:28 <DeadSuperHero> The funny thing is, most content on Diaspora is public anyway, and removing an extra button click seemed like a pretty obvious usability choice for the time being. This does not affect the current publisher.
  13. Apr 19 12:08:33 <JanKusanagi> when you blog about that, make sure to remark the "for the sake of testing" part, people can be very paranoid sometimes :D
  14. Apr 19 12:08:41 <DeadSuperHero> Absolutely.
  15. Apr 19 12:09:03 <DeadSuperHero> We're all about a user's privacy, and if someone wants to opt-out of a Public post, we want to enable them to do that.
  16. Apr 19 12:09:21 <DeadSuperHero> That being said, we also love the fantastic public content we have, because it really builds up the community.
  17. Apr 19 12:09:30 <JanKusanagi> I guess, in the future, users will be able to choose the default
  18. Apr 19 12:09:43 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah, I think that would make sense.
  19. Apr 19 12:10:06 <DeadSuperHero> But the Publisher is only one half of the equation right now.
  20. Apr 19 12:10:17 <DeadSuperHero> The other half of the equation is what's going on with profiles.
  21. Apr 19 12:10:58 <DeadSuperHero> We've gone back to the drawing board as to what it means to actually own your content and your data, and how best to represent that.
  22. Apr 19 12:11:21 <DeadSuperHero> We're working on extending profiles to contain all of your collections of the things you post, so that they're uniquely owned by you.
  23. Apr 19 12:11:41 <gonazar> Hopefully there will some sort of management system too?
  24. Apr 19 12:11:49 * stwf (~stwf_@ has joined #diaspora-meeting
  25. Apr 19 12:11:55 <gonazar> I noticed an uploaded photos section, but no way to organize it
  26. Apr 19 12:12:04 <stwf> hello all
  27. Apr 19 12:12:05 <DeadSuperHero> Ah, yeah that's something we're also talking about.
  28. Apr 19 12:12:07 <DeadSuperHero> Hi stwf
  29. Apr 19 12:12:11 * KevinKleinman (51cd9640@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #diaspora-meeting
  30. Apr 19 12:12:33 <KevinKleinman> Hi there!
  31. Apr 19 12:12:35 <stwf> I finally have some free time again
  32. Apr 19 12:12:40 <DeadSuperHero> Hey Kevin
  33. Apr 19 12:12:43 <DeadSuperHero> stwf, yay!
  34. Apr 19 12:12:46 <bla_> so we'll have kind of per-aspect profiles, right?
  35. Apr 19 12:12:54 <DeadSuperHero> bla_, not yet.
  36. Apr 19 12:13:10 <TakinOver> On the profiles and "owning your content and data" thing, will this profile be exportable for pod-changing purposes?
  37. Apr 19 12:13:11 <DeadSuperHero> Granted, the content displayed on your profile will still make use of Aspects
  38. Apr 19 12:13:21 <DeadSuperHero> TakinOver, that's the goal
  39. Apr 19 12:14:21 <DeadSuperHero> But you could almost view the upcoming new profiles as sort of a spiritual successor to in a sense, and by that, I mean that the way content is collected, shared, and displayed will be streamlined to be a very simple process
  40. Apr 19 12:15:40 <DeadSuperHero> We've done a lot of design work on figuring out this workflow, and it's really starting to come together.
  41. Apr 19 12:16:28 <DeadSuperHero> Over the next few weeks, we'll be tweaking it to a point that it will be enabled by default and used across multiple pods
  42. Apr 19 12:17:15 <DeadSuperHero> So that's some of the development stuff going on right now. A streamlined workflow for creating and sharing content in a way that uniquely expresses who you are.
  43. Apr 19 12:17:31 <KevinKleinman> But will it have a stronger focus on profile fields? Or will it just remain: this is what I posted?
  44. Apr 19 12:17:32 <DeadSuperHero> While respecting your privacy, and being decentralized, of course.
  45. Apr 19 12:17:59 <DeadSuperHero> KevinKleinman, I'd say that it'll probably be less about profile fields and more about a user's posts and content.
  46. Apr 19 12:18:07 <KevinKleinman> Aw crap
  47. Apr 19 12:18:22 <DeadSuperHero> That being said, it's not like we're getting rid of any existing profile fields.
  48. Apr 19 12:18:29 <DeadSuperHero> We may even add some if it's totally necessary.
  49. Apr 19 12:18:45 <KevinKleinman> Define necessary, lol
  50. Apr 19 12:18:47 <DeadSuperHero> For right now, we're laying groundwork for what Diaspora is going to evolve into.
  51. Apr 19 12:19:19 <DeadSuperHero> In my opinion, while profile fields are great, they're not necessarily super-important pieces of functionality that need focus right now.
  52. Apr 19 12:19:30 <KevinKleinman> That depends...
  53. Apr 19 12:19:31 <DeadSuperHero> Note that this is only my opinion in that respect.
  54. Apr 19 12:19:45 <KevinKleinman> Share what you want with whom you want. What if I want to share my mailadress with my friends?
  55. Apr 19 12:20:08 <DeadSuperHero> I suppose you could. There's technically nothing stopping you from sharing it in the existing biofield now.
  56. Apr 19 12:20:20 <DeadSuperHero> ;)
  57. Apr 19 12:20:41 <KevinKleinman> That means sharing it with everyone ;)
  58. Apr 19 12:21:02 <KevinKleinman> For me, that's one of the problems Diaspora is supposed to solve
  59. Apr 19 12:21:05 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah. We're looking at ways to improve sharing with the new workflow.
  60. Apr 19 12:21:19 <KevinKleinman> Sorry if I sound prickish dude ;)
  61. Apr 19 12:21:25 <DeadSuperHero> Nah man, it's cool.
  62. Apr 19 12:21:33 <DeadSuperHero> A legit concern.
  63. Apr 19 12:21:49 <DeadSuperHero> So, that was some of the stuff going on with core development.
  64. Apr 19 12:21:54 <TakinOver> I'm kind of interested in ways that profile fields, followed tags, and aspects influence which incoming posts you see.
  65. Apr 19 12:22:16 <KevinKleinman> Ideally, not, I suppose
  66. Apr 19 12:22:22 <DeadSuperHero> TakinOver, interesting. I don't think that profile fields currently affect that, but followed Tags are probably the biggest influencer.
  67. Apr 19 12:22:25 <stwf> so what is the status of this, still being developed fast and furious, or ready for light use?
  68. Apr 19 12:22:26 <KevinKleinman> Well, not profile fields
  69. Apr 19 12:22:36 <DeadSuperHero> stwf, being developed fast and furious.
  70. Apr 19 12:22:54 <DeadSuperHero> Lots of heavy lifting going on, you can see what's being done in the main branch on GitHub.
  71. Apr 19 12:23:08 <DeadSuperHero> I mean, we're taking time to do it right of course
  72. Apr 19 12:23:18 <DeadSuperHero> but this is something we think people will love and want
  73. Apr 19 12:23:32 <DeadSuperHero> Social networking that's truly social and unique to you.
  74. Apr 19 12:23:38 <stwf> ok, I'll wait to update my pod, just keep the new stuff local
  75. Apr 19 12:23:46 <TakinOver> So profile fields are not just 'my name is John and I live in ..." but a statement of what & who interests you.
  76. Apr 19 12:23:47 <DeadSuperHero> That's what I'm doing on my end. :)
  77. Apr 19 12:24:01 <stwf> it desperatley needed to be rethunk (social networking)
  78. Apr 19 12:24:04 <DeadSuperHero> TakinOver, at the moment profile fields are just the bio field, which is basic text
  79. Apr 19 12:24:14 <DeadSuperHero> I guess in the future, that could change
  80. Apr 19 12:24:33 <DeadSuperHero> but right now, we're specifically looking at the content a user produces as being part of the representation of a person's profile
  81. Apr 19 12:24:38 <DeadSuperHero> eg, a place to put your stuff
  82. Apr 19 12:25:02 <TakinOver> DeadSuperHero: Yeah, that's what I was trying to express. Make them more than just 'dead text' ... make them an active part of the user's interaction.
  83. Apr 19 12:25:32 <DeadSuperHero> TakinOver, that kind of "profile as dynamic content" is something that we're looking at.
  84. Apr 19 12:25:36 <DeadSuperHero> So no worries. :)
  85. Apr 19 12:26:11 <DeadSuperHero> Anyway, moving along from that. We've got some cool community involvement things going on too.
  86. Apr 19 12:26:34 <DeadSuperHero> The first one is super super low barrier that we're starting next week, and it's a themed hashtag campaign.
  87. Apr 19 12:26:35 <DeadSuperHero> :D
  88. Apr 19 12:27:04 <DeadSuperHero> Every day, DiasporaHQ is going to push out a themed hashtag, and users in the community are welcome to make similar posts. So, for example, monday would probably be something like #ThisIsMe
  89. Apr 19 12:27:19 <DeadSuperHero> The idea is that we want to play around with talking about ourselves beyond just the scope of interests.
  90. Apr 19 12:27:32 <DeadSuperHero> Because that's where profiles are headed. That's where the network is headed.
  91. Apr 19 12:27:37 <DeadSuperHero> It's not just "This is what I like"
  92. Apr 19 12:27:47 <DeadSuperHero> It's "This is who I am. This is what I do. This is what I care about."
  93. Apr 19 12:28:07 <DeadSuperHero> So we'll be starting that next week, and everyone in the community is welcome to join in on the fun and share about themselves on a personal level.
  94. Apr 19 12:28:36 <diasp> how many users are connected to the diasporaHQ account?
  95. Apr 19 12:29:04 <DeadSuperHero> Off the top of my head, I couldn't say. I do know that it's a pretty widely-followed account. :)
  96. Apr 19 12:29:15 <DeadSuperHero>, if you're not following it already.
  97. Apr 19 12:29:31 <diasp> every new users follows it automatically ;-)
  98. Apr 19 12:29:39 <DeadSuperHero> On some pods.
  99. Apr 19 12:29:49 <DeadSuperHero> We have a feature in our config file to allow podmins to opt out.
  100. Apr 19 12:29:57 <diasp> ok
  101. Apr 19 12:30:09 <DeadSuperHero> Speaking of Config!
  102. Apr 19 12:30:23 <DeadSuperHero> The config file got a huge new overhaul, thanks in part to Mr_ZYX and myself.
  103. Apr 19 12:30:39 <DeadSuperHero> It was a huge mess before, but we really cleaned it up, and made it way easier to use and navigate.
  104. Apr 19 12:30:55 <DeadSuperHero> It's not a perfect solution, but it's a lot better than it was before, and I think podmins will definitely like that.
  105. Apr 19 12:31:40 <DeadSuperHero> Additionally, we're working on getting some new bugs for the BugMash put in.
  106. Apr 19 12:32:06 <DeadSuperHero> We would really love any help we could get with those. Fixing bugs isn't sexy, but we want to be able to stay involved with the community and work on triaging bugs together.
  107. Apr 19 12:32:21 <DeadSuperHero> I'm putting in some extra time to get detailed bug reports put together thanks to our Airbrake app.
  108. Apr 19 12:32:44 <DeadSuperHero> In that same line of thought, there's some cool things going on with our Wishlist.
  109. Apr 19 12:33:00 <DeadSuperHero> We've got our Bootstrap toolkit totally unified now. :D
  110. Apr 19 12:33:15 <DeadSuperHero> Thanks to StevenH for his hard work on that one.
  111. Apr 19 12:33:21 <DeadSuperHero> That dude rocks.
  112. Apr 19 12:33:57 <DeadSuperHero> But yeah, if you're a Rails or Javascript dev, and you want to try to tackle something a little bigger, feel free to check out our wishlist. It's constantly updating and getting new items.
  113. Apr 19 12:34:13 <DeadSuperHero> And heck, some of the ones that are in progress could probably use some help.
  114. Apr 19 12:34:27 <DeadSuperHero> We need to have a discussion on how to improve the mobile site, for example. :)
  115. Apr 19 12:34:38 <DeadSuperHero> I bet diasp would probably be pretty cool with talking about it.
  116. Apr 19 12:35:09 <diasp> yeah messages on mobile will be nice ;-)
  117. Apr 19 12:35:15 <DeadSuperHero> Totally agree.
  118. Apr 19 12:35:26 <stwf> has there been any ui/UX work done on it?
  119. Apr 19 12:35:49 <DeadSuperHero> Not as much as we'd like. diasp has really been great about helping out though.
  120. Apr 19 12:36:03 <DeadSuperHero> Thanks to him, the mobile site is a lot nicer than it used to be.
  121. Apr 19 12:36:20 <DeadSuperHero> I'm going to start a discussion thread today on Diaspora-Dev about mobile work, and what could be done with it.
  122. Apr 19 12:36:22 <DeadSuperHero> :)
  123. Apr 19 12:36:25 * Flaburgan ( has joined #diaspora-meeting
  124. Apr 19 12:36:46 <Flaburgan> hi
  125. Apr 19 12:36:50 <DeadSuperHero> Hi Flaburgan
  126. Apr 19 12:36:51 <Flaburgan> from France :)
  127. Apr 19 12:36:55 <DeadSuperHero> Right on!
  128. Apr 19 12:37:06 * KevinKleinman has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
  129. Apr 19 12:37:28 <DeadSuperHero> So that's about the scope of what's going on right now. For those of you who missed out, we'll have logs posted.
  130. Apr 19 12:37:37 <DeadSuperHero> I'd like to take this time to answer any questions, if you peeps have any.
  131. Apr 19 12:37:54 <stwf> anyone going to RailsConf next week?
  132. Apr 19 12:38:11 <DeadSuperHero> I wish.
  133. Apr 19 12:38:20 <DeadSuperHero> You going, stwf ?
  134. Apr 19 12:38:36 <stwf> yes, just got it set up
  135. Apr 19 12:38:42 <DeadSuperHero> Sweet. :D
  136. Apr 19 12:38:50 <stwf> never been to Austin
  137. Apr 19 12:38:53 <stwf> :-)
  138. Apr 19 12:38:54 <DeadSuperHero> Me either.
  139. Apr 19 12:39:05 <DeadSuperHero> Any other questions about development, what's going on, any of that good stuff?
  140. Apr 19 12:39:35 <stwf> I've been getting into testing with Cucumber at work, is that still being actively pursued here?
  141. Apr 19 12:39:52 <DeadSuperHero> I think we still do Cucumber testing, but we're more focused on Jasmine
  142. Apr 19 12:40:01 <DeadSuperHero> We also have Spork integrated now.
  143. Apr 19 12:40:21 <stwf> ok, I need to get back up to speed :-)
  144. Apr 19 12:40:24 <Flaburgan> I have a stupid question, who are you DeadSuperHero ? :p
  145. Apr 19 12:40:35 <diasp> what are the next big issue in the core team like federation? ;-)
  146. Apr 19 12:40:39 <TakinOver> I just want to say that I'm glad to see that the accusations seem to have died down. It was getting frustrating to view site.
  147. Apr 19 12:40:39 <DeadSuperHero> Flaburgan, I'm Sean Tilley, Diaspora's Director of Open Sourcery
  148. Apr 19 12:41:02 <DeadSuperHero> diasp, Federation's a big issue, we're dedicated to it, but it needs time in the oven.
  149. Apr 19 12:41:13 <Flaburgan> I didn't know your pseudo :)
  150. Apr 19 12:41:15 <diasp> and before federation?
  151. Apr 19 12:41:42 <DeadSuperHero> I think in regards to some of the new features in development, we need to polish those off so that we know what objects absolutely need to federate, and how best to do it.
  152. Apr 19 12:41:44 <TakinOver> It's his secret identity.
  153. Apr 19 12:42:13 * yogrt ( has left #diaspora-meeting
  154. Apr 19 12:42:15 <bla_> @DeadSuperHero is someone working on live-streaming for the stream?
  155. Apr 19 12:42:23 <DeadSuperHero> bla_, you know, that's an interesting question!
  156. Apr 19 12:42:43 <DeadSuperHero> I think that's an idea worth kicking around, it's just a question of how best to implement it on a distributed network.
  157. Apr 19 12:42:50 <bla_> this would be a big plus for ther user experience
  158. Apr 19 12:42:58 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah, I'd think so.
  159. Apr 19 12:43:16 <TakinOver> Live-streaming comes and goes. There was a while where (at least on the JD pod) new posts would automatically appear.
  160. Apr 19 12:43:40 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah, I think it's just a matter of figuring out how best to implement it with the stream.
  161. Apr 19 12:44:07 <DeadSuperHero> On a distributed network, I'm not sure exactly how "live" the stream could be, if you're getting posts from many different servers.
  162. Apr 19 12:44:20 <DeadSuperHero> Of course, refactoring will help us figure that out exactly.
  163. Apr 19 12:44:21 <DeadSuperHero> :)
  164. Apr 19 12:44:36 <DeadSuperHero> Any other questions?
  165. Apr 19 12:45:03 <diasp> thanks sean for your work
  166. Apr 19 12:45:15 <DeadSuperHero> Aw, thanks diasp !
  167. Apr 19 12:45:21 <DeadSuperHero> Same to you.
  168. Apr 19 12:45:22 <DeadSuperHero> <333333
  169. Apr 19 12:45:27 <stwf> bye all!
  170. Apr 19 12:45:49 <Flaburgan> I have a good news
  171. Apr 19 12:45:52 <DeadSuperHero> Well, I think that about wraps it up. Thanks for coming today!
  172. Apr 19 12:46:09 <DeadSuperHero> Chat logs will be up in about 10 minutes and shared all over the place.
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