Dungeons and Damsels III

Jan 26th, 2016
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  2. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  3. >Ex-human and super villain
  4. >Also known as bacon hoers
  5. >It had been two days since Trixie had been taken by your husband
  6. >While you liked to think that you a far better per--er pony than you were at Canterlot High it had been something else to watch your herd mate getting bathed like that
  7. >While all of those other ponies watched and laughed
  8. >It was actually pretty funny to see the high and mighty Trixie get manhandled like she had
  9. >Not that you didn't love the unicorn to bits but if anyone needed to be brought down a peg every once and a while it was her, and what Shining and Anon had done to her sure as shit did the trick
  10. >That being said you REALLY didn't want what happened to Trixie happen to you
  11. >Sure, you could have been a little nicer but Anon was blowing this way out of proportion
  12. >You MIGHT have deserved a talking to, maybe a few nights of sleeping on the couch, but forcing you to bathe in front of a crowd?
  13. >That's the biggest load of bullshit that you've ever heard
  14. >And you used a pony princess crown to turn into a fucking demon!
  15. >He didn't need to go and humiliate you in front of all of these ponies
  16. >Unlike most of your other herd you knew how human males acted
  17. >They didn't get emotional
  18. >They rarely weren't spiteful
  19. >And they didn't do shit like this, especially to women
  20. >So what if you were a little marshmallow horse right now? That shouldn't matter in the SLIGHTEST!
  21. >Anon should have just sucked it up and let you use the shower but NOOOOOO!
  22. >The jack-off had to go and get the water turned off in the castle so you all just couldn't use the shower, thus robbing him of his brand of crazy justice!
  23. >You didn't even know HOW he managed to get the water to the castle turned off but he did it
  24. >Fucking Anon...
  26. >He's lucky that you got spoiled with men back in humanland otherwise you'd beat the shit out of him and be done with it
  27. >...That and you kind of love him and all of that shit...
  28. >So there you and the other girls were, trapped in the castle with no water other than the million bottles of water that Twilight had stored in the basement for some reason, walking around the castle with Starlight to make sure that neither of your crazy fucking husbands had managed to break into your house
  29. >...Fuck your life
  30. >Fuck your life and all of your life decisions
  31. >AND your crazy husband
  32. >"I can't believe that we got night patrol," Starlight muttered as the two of you turned the corner
  33. >You snorted
  34. "Will you just be quiet and keep that light spell going? We want to be able to see Anon if he somehow managed to get in the castle."
  35. >Not that you expected Anon to get into this place after all that you and the girls did to it
  36. >But if Anon was anything he was a resourceful SOB
  37. >And then there was Twilight's brother...
  38. >Your eyes warily scanned the room before they rested on the aluminum bat that was floating at your side
  39. >Starlight followed your gaze and her nose scrunched up slightly
  40. >"Are you really going to whack your husband with that?" she asked
  41. "Yep," you said, giving your bat a practice swing. "I'm gonna smack him right in the knees."
  42. >Starlight regarded you for a moment longer before shrugging
  43. >"Alright, I was just checking."
  44. >You know, the first time you met Starlight you didn't like her all that much
  45. >You thought her whole... "thing" was pretty dumb
  46. >She turned into a villain because some colt got his cutie mark before her?
  47. >Puff
  48. >Grow some ovaries filly
  49. >Even now after you became sister-in-laws there were a lot more ponies whose company you preferred over her
  50. >But the one thing that this filly had going for her was the whole equality thing
  51. >Equality for the different races
  52. >Equality for ponies with cutie marks and ponies without them
  54. >And equality for mares and stallion
  55. >Which meant when you had mentioned to the mare that you may or may not be bringing a bat with you to smack your husband around if he tried to jump either of you she didn't flinch
  56. >And that was nice
  57. >If you'd have been paired with anyone else you'd have gotten torn a new asshole if you'd have even suggested something like that
  58. >You'd have to walk around this castle in the middle of the night with nothing to defend yourself agains--
  59. >"Did you hear that?"
  60. >Your head snapped over to Starlight, who was frozen in place frantically looking around
  61. >You readied your bat
  62. "What? What did you hear?" you whisper-shouted at the mare
  63. >Starlight's horn glowed a little bit brighter, bathing the entire hall with light
  64. >Both of you tensed, expecting to see Anon or Shining, but there was nothing
  65. >The hallway was empty
  66. >...Thank the stars...
  67. >You glared at Starlight as the mare sighed
  68. "What the hell are you trying to do?" you demanded. "You nearly gave me a fucking heart attack!"
  69. >"I could have sworn that I heard something..." she muttered, ignoring you, looking around one more time before giving her head a shake. "It must have just been my imagination..."
  70. "Of course it was your imagination! We have this castle locked down tight. There's no way in Tartarus that anypony could get in here without us knowing."
  71. >As you said this you continued to look around the hall
  72. >Yeah...
  73. >There was no way that Anon could get into this house
  74. >...No way
  75. >The two of you didn't move a muscle or make a sound for a good minute
  76. >You both just stood there and listened
  77. >But it was silent
  78. >The castle was dead
  79. >Sighing yourself you tapped your bat against your shoulder before nudging Starlight
  80. "Come on, let's hurry up with this walk. I wanna get some shut eye."
  81. >Though Starlight looks like she doesn't want to continue you poke her with your bat until she started walking
  82. >It was real fun jumping at shadows and all but it was getting late
  83. >You wanted to get some--
  85. Snap!
  87. >Though it was faint, so faint that you could have just been imagining things, you heard something just beyond the light
  88. "...Twilight? Celestia? Cadence?" you called. "Is anypony there?"
  89. >Starlight opened her mouth to say something but you shushed her, straining your ears
  90. "...Anon? If that's you I swear to Celestia I'm going to beat you black and blue!"
  91. >Silence was your answer
  92. >Cursing, you casted a will-o'-wisp spell
  93. >A small ball of soft blue light formed next to your head
  94. >With a flick of your horn the little ball started to lazily float down the hall
  95. "Keep an eye out behind us, Starlight. I'll take the lead."
  96. >You were going to hit Anon with this fucking bat if you saw him
  97. >You swear to any god listening that you were going to smack him right in the knees until he cried like a little bitch
  98. >You didn't care if the other girls chewed you out over it
  99. >There was no way in Tartarus that you were getting tossed into a tub like some stupid dog!
  100. >You could feel unseen eyes watching you as you slowly make your way through the castle
  101. >Your will-o'-wisp lights the way as you search high and low for your husband
  102. >For any sign of him
  103. >A trace
  104. >A HINT
  106. >But you couldn't find a thing
  107. >You checked the kitchen
  108. >You checked the library
  109. >You searched every bathroom and closet
  110. >But you came up empty
  111. >And still there was that lingering feeling that something, or someone, was watching the two of you
  112. >Waiting for you lower your guard and...
  113. "Arugh! Celestia dammit!"
  114. >Facehoofing, you turned to a rather frazzled Starlight
  115. >Just like you had been doing she was staring at every shadow like Anon was just going to appear and jump you
  116. >But he wasn't going to
  117. >Anon wasn't in the castle
  118. >He probably wasn't anywhere near the place
  119. >You'd bet a bag of bits that he was in a hotel or something sleeping the night away!
  120. >You and Starlight were just letting your imaginations run wild
  122. >You were a smart pony
  123. >You knew better than to let your imagination get the better of you like that!
  124. >You were hearing sounds and seeing moving shadows because you WANTED to see them, nothing more
  125. "There's nothing here and we're running around like a bunch of scared fillies," you said with a groan
  126. >Starlight nervously giggled
  127. >"Yeah, we're really jumpy tonight huh?"
  128. >The two of you look at each other before breaking out into a giggle fit
  129. >You both had searched every nook and cranny of this castle and you hadn't found Anon
  130. >Which meant that he wasn't stalking you or running around or--
  132. >"Shimmy Sham."
  134. >As one both your and Starlight's head snapped to the right
  135. >There, standing not five feet away from you with his arms crossed, was your husband
  136. >Though you could barely make it out with your will-o'-wisp spell you could see that the human was smiling
  137. >That smile, partially covered by shadows, gave him a far more sinister appearance than you would have thought
  138. >So, letting pony instinct take over, you let out a shrill yell and swung your bat as hard as you could
  139. >Time seemed to slow down as the aluminum bat went speeding toward your grinning husband
  140. >You could hear Starlight letting out a yell of her own, you could see Anon shift from left to right, not at all trying to dodge your swing, you could even see the pale blue light shining off your bat
  142. CRASH!
  144. >You jumped as your bat slammed into what you thought was Anon,only for the human to shatter into a million pieces
  145. >What?!
  146. >Glass?
  147. >Did that mean you hit a mirror?!
  148. >FUCK!
  149. >THAT MEANS--
  150. >You twisted around to see that Anon was standing right behind you
  151. >DOUBLE FUCK!
  152. >You were about to hop away from the human but he was too fast, quickly launching himself forward and picking your up
  153. "LET ME FUCKING GO ANON!" you roared, kicking and wiggling as hard as you could kick and wiggle
  154. >Your horn glowed brightly, and with just a thought your bat began to speed back toward you
  156. "Oh, you're gonna get it so fucking--OW!"
  157. >You reeled back in pain as Anon reached up and flicked your horn
  158. >The magic flowing through it sputtered out
  159. >Oh no!
  160. >Without your magic to control it your bat went flying past you and Anon and down the hall, hitting the floor with a loud clang before it disappeared into parts unknown
  161. >Gritting your teeth you tried to fire up your horn again, but once again Anon flicked it
  162. >"OW! Starlight! Quit standing there and fucking--"
  164. POP!
  166. >You stiffened as, with a flash of light, you and Anon found yourselves outside in front of the castle
  167. >You could see that the full moon was shining bright, bathing everything in its pale light
  168. >You could also see the millions of stars shining brightly in the sky
  169. >If you weren't so floored with what just happened you'd have said that it was a lovely night out
  170. >But all you could think about was the fact that you weren't in the castle anymore
  171. >Did...
  172. >Did she really?...
  174. >Growling, you thrashed against Anon's grip with all of your might
  175. >Did that filly just TELEPORT you and Anon outside of the fucking castle?!
  176. >What were you chopped oats?
  177. >She didn't even bother to TRY and help you!
  178. >When you got back in that fucking castle you were going to shove your hoof so far up her--
  179. >"Oh come on, Sunny, it's not the end of the world," Anon said, holding you at arm's length and carrying you toward the tub
  181. >"Come on, quit the yelling, you're gonna wake up the neighbors."
  182. "WHY DON'T YOU GO FUCK--upmhmpihmuhpm!"
  183. >As your "loving" husband dropped you into that tub of water you wondered where everything had gone wrong
  184. >Did you piss off some high power?
  185. >Was it karma from you turning into a she-demon?
  187. >That was probably it...
  188. >After spending a few moments gargling soapy water and thinking over your life choices it occurred to you that you were still a unicorn
  189. >A very powerful unicorn that had expansive magical knowledge
  190. >...
  191. >...
  192. >...
  193. >You were gonna turn your hubby into a TOAD for this!
  194. >You erupt from the water with murder in your eyes and your horn glowing
  195. >You were about to start firing off spells when you noticed that your husband was shirtless and was starting to take his pants off
  196. >...Alright
  197. >You'll bite
  198. "And what the fuck do you think you're doing?" you demanded, trying your best to sound angry even while Anon undressed in front of you
  199. >Sweet Celestia above did you love that flank of his...
  200. >Anon notices your staring and grins, wiggling his hips teasingly
  201. >"Like what you see, Sunset?" he purred
  202. >Frowning, you looked away from him with a huff
  203. "Fuck off," you grumble. "And hurry up so I can get this--"
  204. >You went silent as Anon completely stripped and hopped into the tub with you
  205. >You now noticed that the water was unusually warm
  206. >Almost hot enough to come from a shower or an actual bath
  207. >"I got Shining to heat up the water while I was in the castle watching you and Starlight running around," Anon said, as if reading your mind
  208. >You looked up at him and noticed that he had shampoo and soap in either hand
  209. >"Now get your furry little butt over here so the two of us can get cleaned off
  210. >...
  211. >You stared up at Anon with narrowed eyes
  212. >The fucker...
  213. >He knew that you couldn't stay mad at him when the two of you were bathing together...
  214. >Though a part of you still wants to tell him to fuck off and teleport back into the castle you sighed and did as Anon asked, discarding your sweatshirt and socks and paddling toward him
  215. >Curse your husband and his ability to get to do whatever he wanted...
  216. >"Come on, we don't got all night."
  218. "I'm coming, I'm coming. Just give me a minute you pain in the ass."
  219. >"Pain in the flank."
  220. "Hush up."
  221. >Anon sat down as you made your way over to him, lathering his hands with your special soap
  222. >The second that you were within arm's length those hands of his grabbed you and started working their magic
  223. >Ho momma...
  224. >You let out a pleased groan as Anon's fingers dug into your coat, cleaning and massaging you at the same time
  225. >You leaned into his touch, taking a mini step forward, then another one, then another one, until you found yourself nose-to-nose with your husband
  226. >Anon smiled, kissing you on the cheek
  227. >"There's a toothbrush and toothpaste on that stool over there, Sunny," he said, thoroughly lathering your coat
  228. >Groaning again you plopped down
  229. "You know we all brushed our teeth right?"
  230. >You closed your eyes as Anon started rubbing the bar of soap on your lower back
  231. >"I'm just covering all the basics, hon. Now start brushing while I keep scrubbing."
  232. >If this stallion wasn't careful you were gonna jump his bones and take him right in the middle of the street
  233. >Hah
  234. >Knowing him he'd be into that...
  235. >The next few minutes are spent in relative silence, the only sounds being the chirping of crickets and your pleased moans
  236. >Though your husband was a giant compared to you he was surprisingly gentle with his washing
  237. >You were sure if he had a mind he could leave bruises with those big hands of his, but you knew that he wouldn't do that
  238. >He'd just smile that smile of his while he washed you, humming an odd little tune to himself
  239. >Sometime in the cleaning you found yourself sitting in his lap with your back pressed against his chest
  240. "You know, if you're not careful you're going to make me fall asleep," you murmur
  241. >You sank a little further into Anon's lap as he gave your rump a gentle squeeze
  243. "Oh, you fucker~"
  244. >Managing to crack an eye open you looked down at Anon's hands
  245. >...
  246. >Lifting up a hoof you imagined your old digits back when you were Sunset, the girl from Canterlot High School
  247. >Your fingers had been slender, your nails perfectly manicured and painted
  248. >You worked hard to keep your hands pristine, presentable, and perfect
  249. >Not because you liked them all that much more than your hooves but because you needed to keep up appearances
  250. >In Canterlot High you were the Queen Bee
  251. >Teacher and student alike feared and admired you and your rise to power
  252. >It had been easy to climb to the top
  253. >In that world a girl wasn't expected to have drive
  254. >She wasn't expected to tough or self sufficient or ANYTHING
  255. >Sure, if you looked at it on the surface, listened to some of the women that managed to claw their way to power and the girly songs and all of that girls wanted to be seen as equal as men; just as resourceful and strong and driven
  256. >But it had only taken a week and you had known better
  257. >Women, even though they shouted their independence and strength to the heavens, were just like the stallions here
  258. >They were emotional, they wanted everything handed to them, they wanted the easy way out
  259. >Many didn't want to work hard to get the things that they really, truly wanted
  260. >It wasn't all of their fault you supposed, their society made them into that and handicapped them from the start
  261. >But just because you were handicapped didn't mean you couldn't TRY!
  262. >Look at what you had done!
  263. >With nothing but the clothes off your back you had had hundreds of people doing whatever you wanted!
  264. >...
  265. >Your eye snapped back shut and you sighed again, though this one didn't sound all that content
  266. >You might have gained a shitload of power but it had twisted you into an even worse person
  267. >You might have been a little... cocky and arrogant when you had been Celestia's student but there you had turned into a full-fledged bitch
  269. >You had gone out of your way to torment your fellow students
  270. >You had gathered dirt on the teachers and used it to blackmail them into doing everything that you wanted
  271. >And... some other things that you weren't too proud of looking back on them...
  272. >You had forgotten everything that Celestia had taught you and became the worst version of yourself; angry and spiteful at the world for no better reason than to be angry and spiteful
  273. >...But then Twilight arrived
  274. >Though you did everything in your power to make her life miserable she not only foiled your plans to take over Equestria she also went out of her way to saved you
  275. >Showed you the power of friendship
  276. >Brought you and Rarity and Pinkie and Fluttershy and Rainbow and Applejack together
  277. >Your best friends, people who, even though you were a dimension away, cared for just as much as you cared for your herd mates
  278. >The six of you had been through so much together
  279. >The long, arduous road of showing Canterlot High that you weren't just some monster
  280. >The whole siren debacle
  281. >The Equestria games when that world's Twilight had turned into a she-demon
  282. >Now THAT was some shit...
  283. >They had even helped you come to terms with your old self
  284. >They were the reason that you had worked up the courage to make the trip back to Equestria
  285. >It was because of them you had made the trip to Canterlot and had your heart-to-heart with your old teacher
  286. >They even had a hand in pushing this big green lug into your life
  287. >Them and Twilight...
  288. >A small, nostalgic smile worked its way onto your face
  289. "Hey Anon? Do you remember when Rarity and the other girls met the human elements?"
  290. >Anon chuckled in your ear
  291. >"Yeah, I remember. Both Pinkies had a cupcake eating contest and got so sick they had to get their stomachs pumped. Now turn around so I can get your stomach."
  292. >You did as he asked, your smile getting just a little bit bigger
  293. "Remember when we found the two Fluttershy's in that closet?"
  295. >"It doesn't matter what fucking dimension she's in, that little yellow horse is fucked up in all of them."
  296. >Leaning up you kissed his nose
  297. "Hey, that little yellow horse was the flower mare for our wedding, mister."
  298. "It's not my fault that you and the other girls have shit taste in your flower horses."
  299. >Snorting, you shoved your husband
  300. >Oh stars above had your wedding been something
  301. >All of you girls were losing your minds as you got ready for the thing
  302. >You had to make more than one trip to the bathroom to throw up
  303. >Cadence found Moony hiding in a cabinet shaking like a leaf
  304. >Even the mighty Celestia, your alpha, had had to be physically dragged to the podium because she was all frozen up in terror
  305. >You had all been scared that Anon was going to say no when you asked him to marry you all
  306. >Or not show up
  307. >Or try to marry one of you and leave the others in the dust
  308. >It, admittedly, wasn't very rational thinking but it was your wedding day
  309. >A day that you honestly didn't think would ever happen
  310. >Not to a mare like you...
  311. >So you had every right to feel nervous and freak out over nothing
  312. >You are brought out of your thoughts as Anon dumped some water on your head
  313. >"Alright," he said, looking you over. "I think I got you all nice and clean. Time for the two of us to hit the hay."
  314. >Getting the idea you kissed Anon's cheek and hopped off his lap, allowing him to stand up
  315. >Still soaking wet the two of you got out of the tub
  316. >Your horn sparked to life, and with a spell you evaporated the water off the two of you
  317. >Hmm
  318. >It really does feel nice being clean again...
  319. >Not that you were going to tell Anon that
  320. >Reaching down to pick up his clothes your husband looked over at you
  321. >"Alright, come on, let's get going."
  322. >You looked his naked form up and down
  323. "You feeling a little frisky, hon? You usually don't go streaking in the middle of the night."
  324. >Anon shrugged
  326. >"I forgot to bring a change of clothes and it's not like anyone's gonna see me, and even if they did I doubt they'd care."
  327. >Giving your ear a flick, Anon started making his way down the street
  328. >Now come on, I wanna get some sleep. Leave your clothes in the tub me and Shining will get them tomorrow."
  329. >Your walk was filled with comfortable silence, the two of you just enjoying the night and each other's company
  330. >Eventually you came upon a hotel
  331. >Anon, still in his birthday suit (unf~) took you up a flight of stairs and opened one of the hotel doors
  332. >"My lady's room awaits."
  333. >You snorted again, making sure to smack his butt with your tail as you walked past him
  334. "So where's Trixie? Did you lock her in a closet or something?"
  335. >"She's probably sleeping, since, you know, it's like two in the morning or something like that."
  336. >Walking into the room proper you see a king-sized bed with baby blue sheets
  337. >It didn't look like the most comfortable bed in the world but it looked a heck of a lot better than most hotel beds that you've seen
  338. >...This was an expensive room wasn't it?
  339. >...
  340. >...
  341. >...
  342. >Thank Celestia your alpha was fucking rich...
  343. >And sleeping in this bed, curled up into a ball and sleepily nomming on her hat, was Trixie
  344. >...Aw
  345. >Brushing past you Anon tossed his bundle of dirty clothes into the corner of the room and sat down on the other end of the bed so he didn't disturb Trixie
  346. >His back was turned to you, and seeing that gave you an idea
  347. >A horrible, terrible, wonderful idea
  348. >A far less innocent grin comes to your face as your horn once again lit up
  349. >Slowly but surely you started to get bigger
  350. >Your hooves became smaller and started to split at the ends
  351. >Your rear legs started to bend and become more shapely
  352. >Your barrel started to change, your coat disappearing and changing to skin
  353. >Even your face started to become flatter and your horn disappeared
  354. >Your teats disappeared from your lower belly
  356. >Two nipples appeared on your chest, which started to balloon
  357. >Your hair grew longer, cascading around your shoulders
  358. >Almost...
  359. >Almost...
  360. >There we go...
  361. >In less than a minute you had changed from Sunset Shimmer the pony into Sunset Shimmer the human
  362. >The shapely, smoking hot women that could and had gotten any man that she wanted when she wanted
  363. >Looking down at your now womanly body you grinned
  364. >Oh just you wait Nonny
  365. >The Sham is a'comin'
  366. >You strutted toward your man with the confidence of a woman that knew what she wanted
  367. >And what you wanted was to twist the love of your life's balls just a little bit
  368. >Just a little bit
  369. >A teeny bit
  370. >Purring, you quickly walked over and sat in Anon's lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling his face into your chest
  371. "You know it's a real shame that you went through all that trouble of getting me clean, Nonny," you said, wiggling in his lap. "Because I feel like getting REAL dirty with you, honey bunny~"
  372. >You giggled at Anon's jerk in surprise at your transformation, making sure to keep a good hold on his head
  373. "Just think about all of the dirty fun the two of us could have in this bedroom~"
  374. >Your husband tried to reach for your hands to release the death grip you have on his head but you just press your body against him, burying his head in your chest
  375. >From within your cleavage you could hear him grunting, straining to keep himself sitting upright
  376. "Maybe I should wake up Trixie so that she can join the fun," you continued, ignoring your hubby's struggle. "I bet I could even get her to use this spell so that you'd have to women to have fun with."
  377. >You let out a girlish squeal as Anon blindly pawed at your back and butt
  378. >Grinning like a fiend you leaned forward even more, trying to force him to lay flat on the bed
  379. >But you weren't the heaviest girl in the world and your loving husband was a good deal stronger than he looked
  380. >He didn't budge an inch but you weren't worried
  381. >None can withstand the Sham
  382. >NONE
  384. >The two of you playfully duke it out on the bed, doing your best to be quiet so that you wouldn't wake Trixie, until Anon managed to turn the tide
  385. >His hands found their way to your elbows
  386. >Now that he knew where your arms he did his best to break your grip
  387. >You tried to stall him for as long as you could, frantically moving your arms, hopping up and down in his lap, even biting his ear, but eventually Anon managed to get a hold of your forearms
  388. "Anon!" you whined as your husband broke your grip
  389. >Pushing you away just enough so that you weren't threatening to knock him over, Anon looked up at your grinning face
  390. >He then said those eight little words that had made you fall in love with him time and again
  391. >These words calmed your fears that he was only with you because you could turn into... this
  392. >That he loved you for being Sunset the slightly dorky mare not Sunset the human
  393. >" Get that nohooves shit out of my face."
  394. >A warmth filled your chest as you looked down at your husband
  395. >The giant, crazy green putz that had slight anger issues and this weird fascination with varnishes and bubbly wrap
  396. "Don't tell me what to do," you say, leaning down and pressing your mouth against his
  397. >Anon doesn't resist as you gently push him into the bed, inhaling as you breath into his mouth
  398. >Holding it in for a few moments he exhales, allowing you to share his breath
  399. >Your heart nearly aches as the two of you lay there doing one of the most intimate things two ponies could do
  400. >It felt right
  401. >It felt good
  402. >And by the time you broke away to look at your love you were grinning like a crazy mare
  403. >Or, in this case, a crazy women
  404. >Your grin widened just a hair at the thought, and with another sigh you wrapped your arms around Anon's neck and got comfortable on top of him
  405. >Reaching down as intertwined his fingers with your own and gave his hand a squeeze
  406. >Though he was still frowning, Anon gave your hand a squeeze back
  408. >With a snap of your fingers the blanket lifted over the two of you, tucking you both in
  409. >...Now
  410. >Now was the time for the ballbusting to begin
  411. >"Are you going to change back now?" Anon asked as you buried your face in his neck
  412. "Nope. I think I'll sleep like this if you don't mind."
  413. >"...I do mind. You fucking normy."
  414. >Giggling, you kissed his neck
  415. "I love you too, hon."
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