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  1. GM Hello      6:13 PM
  2. Between Shiro Matsu and Kyuden Doji spans one of the longest contiguous roads in the Empire. The massive undertaking of guarding and surveilling the ancient road used to be the purview of the Matsu Legions and the Daidoji. Now that the Crane were all but extinct, banditry was rife even though the Obsidian Legions maintained nominal patrols along the road. So it was that any caravan of reasonable size had many guards to avoid looking like a fresh target to the next ambitious bandit king. The resistance, facing a lack of materials on many fronts, had intercepted information that a caravan of interest to a courtier in the Imperial City was passing through on its way to Shiro Matsu. The plan was simple. Ambush the caravan. Replace the merchants and guards with their own agents. Make sure that the caravan reaches a specific operative of the Obsidian Legion who will see that the contents are funneled to Kyuden Ashinagabachi instead of their intended destination. After all, there are many bandit groups who could attack the caravan.
  3. Escorted to their designated location by Tsuruchi Akina the team would have to lie in wait until the caravan drew close enough to attack. (Post the intros please. Everyone would have everything they feel appropriate for killing a bunch of people and pretending to be those people soon after.)
  4. ________________________________________
  5. Narumi      6:17 PM
  6. (Tall grass and shit around?)
  7. ________________________________________
  8. Kuzen      6:18 PM
  9. Kuzen looks around the area carefully, hanging back near a tree so he can note the landscape and potential opportunities and adversities. The ronin wears a straw cloak over his armor, jingasa shading his face.
  10. ________________________________________
  11. GM Hello      6:18 PM
  12. The area is swampy with tall ugly trees on either side of the only paved road for many miles. Tall grass and bog sits on both sides of the roads.
  13. (Fill out my sheet. )
  14. Google Docs
  15. combat
  16. Sheet1 Name,Initiative,Armor,ATN,Reduction,TN Penalties,Wound,Stance,Conditions,Kata/Kiho,Engaged with,Void,Spells,Kills
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  19. Narumi      6:22 PM
  20. Narumi also wore a straw cloak and jingasa, as well as a scarf across her face to keep her identity from being noted by their ambushees. Beneath it, she had on a suit of ashigaru armor along with her daisho, tanto, bow, and a rope with grappling hook attached to it around her waist. The ronin had found a relatively dry spot in the grass and trees, her fingers idly fiddling with one of her lucky stones while she listened...
  21. ________________________________________
  22. GM Hello      6:27 PM
  23. Tsuruchi Akina is a redheaded very muscled woman who apparently enjoys the taste of tobacco. Given she is chewing on the end of a pipe and looking frustrated at it. Smoke rings in a swamp would be a give away it seems. "Hey...anyone want to play I spy?"
  24. ________________________________________
  25. Kuni Eizen      6:28 PM
  26. [is this a sneaky sneaky mission?]
  27. ________________________________________
  28. Narumi      6:28 PM
  29. Narumi raises an eyebrow at that, as if to say 'Really'?
  30. (Yup)
  31. ________________________________________
  32. GM Hello      6:28 PM
  33. (Yes.)
  34. ________________________________________
  35. Kuzen      6:28 PM
  36. "If you want to lose, sure." Kuzen's mouth twitches.
  37. ________________________________________
  38. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:29 PM
  39. Horses were not necessary for this mission (OR WERE THEY?), so the white haired samurai was there but displeased. He was not decked out in gear to hide, but his ashigaru armor was a dark and full brown, good enough to fade into the shadowy swamps. For his white hair, he had it covered with a jingasa as well. They were really itchy and uncomfortable; how did Kuzen wear this all the time? He was positioned behind a particularly ugly tree, trying to keep his profile low.
  40. ________________________________________
  41. GM Hello      6:29 PM
  42. "I spy something...grey." (Investigation/Perception or raw Intelligence.)
  43. ________________________________________
  44. Narumi      6:30 PM
  45. (9 because Narumi thinks it's dumb)
  46. ________________________________________
  47. Kuzen      6:31 PM
  48. (27, unless you want me to unlucky it)
  49. ________________________________________
  50. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:31 PM
  51. ((14 raw intelligence unless you also want to unlucky it))
  52. ________________________________________
  53. Jirozame Shinkai      6:33 PM
  54. "It's certainly not me," says a quiet voice in the nearby treeline. The group was accompanied by the elder Jirozame, as he was itching to get back to some field work after his last mission. He was indeed wearing grey, as his light armor and travelling clothes were both the drab color. They were also dirty, but he was playing the part of a ronin, so that was perfectly fine.
  55. ________________________________________
  56. Kuzen      6:34 PM
  57. "How unoriginal, it's the mud." Kuzen chuckles a bit to himself.
  58. ________________________________________
  59. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:36 PM
  60. Kurosawa wasn't sure if the winner had been declared yet but he plucked at his outfit. There was some grey on it, so he pointed at it wordlessly. Maybe that was it?
  61. ________________________________________
  62. Narumi      6:36 PM
  63. Narumi merely sighed, turning her attention to the road and surroundings.
  64. ________________________________________
  65. GM Hello      6:37 PM
  66. "You are pretty good at this...your turn." She whispers at Kuzen.
  67. ________________________________________
  68. Kuzen      6:38 PM
  69. Kuzen looks around the area, "I spy with my little eye... something green."
  70. (rolls as before)
  71. ________________________________________
  72. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:39 PM
  73. ((14 again!))
  74. ________________________________________
  75. Jirozame Shinkai      6:39 PM
  76. ((33.))
  77. ________________________________________
  78. Narumi      6:40 PM
  79. (27 raw Int)
  80. "A frog," Narumi says.
  81. ________________________________________
  82. Jirozame Shinkai      6:41 PM
  83. "Frog on the knob on the log over there," comes the voice of Shinkai, along with the tip of a bow pointing in the direction.
  84. ________________________________________
  85. GM Hello      6:43 PM
  86. "Haha...oh shit what was that?" The pipe disappears and is replaced with a bow and arrow combo pointed from behind the tall grass she was sitting in. Anyone with ears could hear the sound of horses. More than one. And a squeaky wheel.
  87. ________________________________________
  88. Kuzen      6:44 PM
  89. Kuzen frowns and shifts more into the shadow of the tree, watching ahead for what is coming.
  90. ________________________________________
  91. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:44 PM
  92. Kuro was totally gonna say grass but he opted to be silent instead. At the words from the redheaded Tsuruchi he drew his bow and began to string it in preparation.
  93. ________________________________________
  94. Narumi      6:44 PM
  95. Narumi frowned as she drew her small bow and a single arrow, nocking it as she heard the wagons approach... "Hit the riders, not the horses. We'll need them," she whispered.
  96. ________________________________________
  97. Jirozame Shinkai      6:45 PM
  98. The Shark already had his bow ready and he nocks an arrow. Showtime.
  99. ________________________________________
  100. GM Hello      6:48 PM
  101. A moment later from around the bend comes the sight of a horse. Then another one. In all there were six horses, and men travelling on foot around a triplet of wagons. Whatever was inside was heavy given the way the last wagon was squealing in displeasure. Those with decent eyesight would be able to see at least 6 ashigaru and 4 samurai. (Lore:Heraldy to identify if anyone cares.)
  102. ________________________________________
  103. Jirozame Shinkai      6:48 PM
  104. ((Not a skill I possess.))
  105. ________________________________________
  106. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:50 PM
  107. ((if it's intelligence, I rolled a 20 unskilled))
  108. ________________________________________
  109. Narumi      6:50 PM
  110. (12 lore check)
  111. ________________________________________
  112. GM Hello      6:53 PM
  113. "I am thinking we wait until they pass, and then strike at the back to take them from behind. Does anyone else have a better plan?" She asks in a low whisper to the group. She isn't the leader by any stretch, just a guide. (Any PC plans?)
  115. (Fear my MS paint skills.)
  116. ________________________________________
  117. Narumi      6:54 PM
  118. "Hitting the one in front and back at the same time would cause them to have to stop, and would leave them confused as to where they're being attacked from..." Narumi whispered.
  119. ________________________________________
  120. Kuzen      6:55 PM
  121. Kuzen checks the flanks and rear to see if there is anyone else moving quietly out there, then studies the caravan. "If the samurai go down, the peasants will break."
  122. ________________________________________
  123. Lionheart      6:56 PM
  124. (33 INI. 19 on lore check)
  125. Shuffling in between the ambush line, the elegant unicorn Toghrul steps up into position and nocks an arrow. "Calm heart and focus clear little brother." Toghrul whispers to Kurosawa as he points towards the enemy. A stern look in his eyes commanded Kuro to suppress that daring side of himself and not take risks on the battlefield.
  126. ________________________________________
  127. Narumi      6:56 PM
  128. "Hopefully not, we can't have witnesses running off..."
  129. "Strike the front and back samurai at once, then focus on the ashigaru afterwards."
  130. ________________________________________
  131. Kuzen      6:58 PM
  132. "Then we should open up by eliminating some of their number first, they have numbers on their side. We should take that away."
  133. ________________________________________
  134. Narumi      6:58 PM
  135. "Actually, take down the wagons' drivers first. They might bolt otherwise."
  136. ________________________________________
  137. Lionheart      6:58 PM
  138. "We maintain control. Task out overwatch to call out and cut down those fleeing." Toghrul recommends in a tranquil voice.
  139. ________________________________________
  140. GM Hello      6:59 PM
  141. (Fill out the sheet guys. It is up there.)
  142. ________________________________________
  143. Jirozame Shinkai      6:59 PM
  144. "If we land our shots as one, we should be able to eliminate a target in short order...but I don't believe that attacking the drivers will be as useful. They will not escape that quickly."
  145. ________________________________________
  146. Narumi      7:00 PM
  147. "Then the samurai in front is priority 1, the one in back priority 2..."
  148. ________________________________________
  149. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:00 PM
  150. Thankfully there was no one to offend here. "They are.. Lion." He was hesitant, but he knew a Lion. It wasn't discrimination or anything that's just what they were. "Simultaneously, we take out the front and back drivers, to stall the wagons. Shinkai and I can take the front driver. Narumi, Kuzen and Toghrul take the back. Then we can shoot then where they stand or force them to approach us." That was his input anyways. He nodded at the elder Unicorn, trying to demonstrate he could be tactical..!
  151. Decided to elaborate on his post. "The drivers do not need to be killed, but lose control of their wagons, so they cannot escape."
  152. ________________________________________
  153. Narumi      7:02 PM
  154. (I take it our Tsuruchi NPC will also target the one in front?)
  155. ________________________________________
  156. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:02 PM
  157. ((forgot the wasp whoops))
  158. ________________________________________
  159. Narumi      7:03 PM
  160. (That's fine. 3 to a target is good)
  161. ________________________________________
  162. GM Hello      7:03 PM
  163. (Ok come to a consensus in 3 minutes and then the shitshow begins.)
  164. ________________________________________
  165. Narumi      7:04 PM
  166. (Everyone good with targeting front and back?)
  167. ________________________________________
  168. Lionheart      7:04 PM
  169. "Unfortunate that fate has not blessed us with the presence of a shugenja." Toghrul mentions with closes eyes. "Stir the field and disorganize their ranks. If an enemy can not hold ranks than they can defend nothing."
  170. (Fine with me)
  171. ________________________________________
  172. Kuzen      7:04 PM
  173. (Fine by me)
  174. ________________________________________
  175. Jirozame Shinkai      7:04 PM
  176. ((Sounds fine.))
  177. ________________________________________
  178. GM Hello      7:04 PM
  179. (That is Samurai A and Samurai D.)
  180. (Roll init. And add +10 to it.)
  181. ________________________________________
  182. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:06 PM
  183. ((23 + 10 for 33 initiative))
  184. ________________________________________
  185. Narumi      7:06 PM
  186. (30 for me)
  187. ________________________________________
  188. GM Hello      7:06 PM
  189. (kk. fill in sheet.)
  190. (And whoever is first. Go.)
  191. ________________________________________
  192. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:07 PM
  193. ((I believe it's me or the NPC))
  194. ________________________________________
  195. Lionheart      7:08 PM
  196. (Looks like samurai B gets to move in the middle of our ranks.)
  197. ________________________________________
  198. Jirozame Shinkai      7:08 PM
  199. ((31 for moi with the +10))
  200. ________________________________________
  201. Narumi      7:09 PM
  202. (Toghrul's up first)
  203. (First three players hit Samurai A?)
  204. ________________________________________
  205. Lionheart      7:09 PM
  206. (I assume we're seen no matter what at this reveal of combat. Going to skip the charge center and shoot)
  207. ________________________________________
  208. GM Hello      7:09 PM
  209. (Yeah.)
  210. ________________________________________
  211. Narumi      7:09 PM
  212. (Ah, nvm, stick to plan)
  213. ________________________________________
  214. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:11 PM
  215. ((is A in the front or D? Because I rolled 20 to hit, which would hit A(20) but miss D(25) and if I hit, 5k2 is standard bow damage right?))
  216. ________________________________________
  217. Lionheart      7:11 PM
  218. First to rise from the shadow comes Ide Toghrul! An arrow fried that deflects off Samurai B's light armor. (Miss)
  219. ________________________________________
  220. GM Hello      7:12 PM
  221. (A is in the front. D is in the back.)
  222. ________________________________________
  223. Narumi      7:12 PM
  224. (Unsuspecting ATN should be 5?)
  225. (5 + armor that is)
  226. ________________________________________
  227. Lionheart      7:14 PM
  228. (GM reducing that ATN is optional. Never called otherwise so go vanilla.)
  229. ________________________________________
  230. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:14 PM
  231. The younger unicorn would also stand up, gracefully pulling back the arrow by his cheek before unleashing it towards Samurai A, striking him in the chest! ((20 to hit, 15 damage!))
  232. ________________________________________
  233. GM Hello      7:16 PM
  234. The samurai in the front of the group looks in shock as an arrow punches into his shoulder almost knocking him over. Suddenly the group of samurai look around at the arrows appearing from no where. The Lion on the right side (Samurai B.) realizes what is up and yells. "To battle stations! Defend the caravan!" And proceeds to waste the rest of his turn drawing and stringing a bow and arrow.
  235. Tsuruchi Akina fires an arrow at the guy in front to disable him and does very little as it plinks off his helmeted head. (11 damage to Samurai A.)
  236. (Shinkai, Narumi, Kuzen.)
  237. ________________________________________
  238. Jirozame Shinkai      7:21 PM
  239. Shinkai stands and looses an arrow at the samurai at the front of the caravan, but the alerted samurai manages to twist out of the way and his arrow misses. ((16 misses.))
  240. ________________________________________
  241. Narumi      7:21 PM
  242. Narumi lets fly with an arrow of her own, narrowly missing the samurai in the rear, only to curse herself as it goes just over the man's shoulder, neatly missing him... (22 barely misses)
  243. ________________________________________
  244. Kuzen      7:22 PM
  245. Kuzen moves forward in a defensive stance towards the rear of the caravan, no weapons drawn yet, as he just focuses on circling around to hit the flank. (Two Simple move actions, unless a free action move is all that's needed)
  246. ________________________________________
  247. GM Hello      7:24 PM
  248. The next few moments are a rush of action as the ashigaru ready their polearms to meet Kuzen's charge and a few string together bows to shoot the attackers. The two samurai on horseback (Samurai B and C.) finish pulling out their bows while the samurai at the front of the line draws his katana and yells. "Kill them all! For the LEGION!"
  249. (And @Lionheart )
  250. Lionheart      7:26 PM
  251. "Tsh!" Toghrul spots the ronin Kuzen running towards the flank alone. Alone we fall united we stand. (Toghrul moving to battle buddy Kuzen. Two simple move actions and switch to defense stance)
  252. ________________________________________
  253. GM Hello      7:28 PM
  254. The nearest samurai on horseback lets lose an arrow back at Kuro who had shot the first arrow. (26 to hit, 18 damage. Shinkai, Kuzen, Narumi.)
  255. ________________________________________
  256. Jirozame Shinkai      7:30 PM
  257. Shinkai draws back and fires again, missing the mounted samurai he fired at. Apparently, he wasn't loose yet. ((Missed with a 15.))
  258. ________________________________________
  259. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:31 PM
  260. ((thought I was after Toghrul? Or did I miss a round?))
  261. ________________________________________
  262. GM Hello      7:31 PM
  263. Akina lets loose a second arrow, striking Samurai A in the chest, hoping to kill him but only driving the wind from him. (17 damage, voided down.)
  264. (Oh...yeah go Kuro.)
  265. (oops.)
  266. ________________________________________
  267. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:34 PM
  268. The Samurai exhaled sharply as the arrow struck him in the leg. Thank goodness he had Ashigaru armor! He left it in; it would be dealt with later. He would spend this round putting his bow away and switching into a [Defense] stance, while also drawing his sword. ((Or is that too many actions? 18 damage reduced to 17, voided 10 off for 7 total.))
  269. ________________________________________
  270. GM Hello      7:34 PM
  271. (Two simple is fine. The rest can post now.)
  272. ________________________________________
  273. Kuzen      7:35 PM
  274. Kuzen's katana comes up and out, slicing up across Peon D's chest from hip to shoulder (33 to hit unless unlucky, 13 wounds) as he prepares to engage the ashigaru and tie them down. "Fight and die, your choice."
  275. ________________________________________
  276. Narumi      7:35 PM
  277. Narumi grimaces as she sees Kuro get hit, and aims her next arrow at Samurai C, this time planting the head straight through the side of his armor and deep into his ribs! "Keep it up," she said as she drew yet another arrow... (32 hit, 17 damage)
  278. ________________________________________
  279. GM Hello      7:36 PM
  280. (Nah not going to ping unlucky yet. Noted.)
  281. ________________________________________
  282. Narumi      7:39 PM
  283. (Any wound penalties on C because of that hit?)
  284. ________________________________________
  285. GM Hello      7:41 PM
  286. The next few seconds are a flurry of action as every samurai is engaged in trying to fight off an attack. Thankfully our heroes quickly dodge a bunch of spears and arrows though Kuzen does take one on the shoulder from a lucky ashigaru. Not the unlucky one he was cutting right now, who looked like he was going to cry after being slashed like that. (Kuzen takes 14.) Shinkai takes a quick hit to the leg from an arrow by Samurai C. It seems they are playing arrow tag. (Nah. Shinkai takes 24 damage.)
  287. ________________________________________
  288. Kuzen      7:42 PM
  289. (Void that + Reduction down to 1)
  290. ________________________________________
  291. Jirozame Shinkai      7:42 PM
  292. ((Void + Reduction down to 11))
  293. ________________________________________
  294. GM Hello      7:43 PM
  295. (To the sheet. Toghurl is up.)
  296. ________________________________________
  297. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:43 PM
  298. ((is someone within free move stab range or no?))
  299. ________________________________________
  300. GM Hello      7:44 PM
  301. (Nah, simple move only.)
  302. ________________________________________
  303. Lionheart      7:44 PM
  304. Following beside the ronin Kuzen's charge, Toghrul dashes in between the two and draws his katana in a flash of silver. Deflecting the follow up attacks of the ashigaru."But really do die quickly. We're on a time schedule." Toghrul speaks with a sarcastic smirk and flourishes stylishly with each deflection. (Maintain defense stance. Free action drop yumi. Simple action draw katana. Simple action guard Kuzen)
  305. (Kuro your up)
  306. ________________________________________
  307. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:46 PM
  308. Still in defense mode (air 3 + 1 defense rank hey) the Unicorn moves twice, simply, to the nearest not horse mounted target..! Or onto the wagon if it's actually close enough and has a target.
  309. ________________________________________
  310. GM Hello      7:50 PM
  311. Akina fires her amazing shot into the eyehole of the mounted samurai she has plinking for a while now and he falls off the horse in a limp heap. (Samurai C is super dead.)
  312. Samurai B launches an arrow at Kuro that does little more than annoy him. (11 damage.)
  313. (Everyone else now.)
  314. ________________________________________
  315. Jirozame Shinkai      7:54 PM
  316. Shinkai continues to miss. Apparently, the Air kami were displeased with him today as his shots consistently go wide.
  317. ________________________________________
  318. Narumi      7:56 PM
  319. Narumi sees her previous target fall to Akina's shot, and immediately shifts to a new target. Seeing that 'A' was on his last legs, she opted to aim for 'B', who hadn't been hit yet, letting fly to sink the arrow into his swordarm! (25 to hit, 13 damage)
  320. ________________________________________
  321. Kuzen      7:56 PM
  322. Kuzen glances back at Toghrul in mild surprise at the assist, but nods his thanks and thrusts his katana through the man he has already wounded, to put the man out of his misery. (28 to hit, 28 wounds)
  323. ________________________________________
  324. GM Hello      8:02 PM
  325. The ashigaru dies in a quick flash of blood and falls to the ground. The rest of the ashigaru rush forward to quickly end the threat of the attacking samurai and the lead samurai on the end nearest Kuzen slams forward his sword with enough force to crack the earthen road like the fist of some angry god. Thankfully Toghurl is able to push the ronin a little to avoid the massive strike.
  326. Shinkai for his part gains another arrow. This time in his other arm. (29 to hit, 26 damage.)
  327. (5 peons left. 3 samurai still sorta standing.)
  328. (And top of the round. Toghurl.)
  329. ________________________________________
  330. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:05 PM
  331. ((am I within range of a peon or samurai after spending two simple moves to get to one?))
  332. ________________________________________
  333. GM Hello      8:05 PM
  334. (Yeah, you can free move towards anyone now.)
  335. ________________________________________
  336. Jirozame Shinkai      8:05 PM
  337. ((Voiding again, taking 13.))
  338. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:06 PM
  339. ((dank. Also voiding my 11 damage roll to nothing, with 1 reduce from assigaru and 10 from void))
  340. ________________________________________
  341. Lionheart      8:09 PM
  342. Toghrul stumbles backwards from defecting the massive strike but quickly regains footing. "Relinquish your arms and the fortunes may yet bless you in the next life..." Toghrul orders coldly to the ashigaru with a commanding presence. (Maintain defense stance. Maintain guard on Kuzen. Courtier 19 to lower ashigaru morale.)
  343. (Kuro your up)
  344. ________________________________________
  345. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:14 PM
  346. Kurosawa, now within range after getting a matching arrow in his other thigh, raises his katana up in an attempt to cut down a nearby Peon F in ashigaru armor ((TN18, beat with 26. 28 damage! Not factoring in reduction))
  347. ________________________________________
  348. GM Hello      8:15 PM
  349. Peon F finds it difficult to stand after taking a hit. (Remember to call your useless raise.)
  350. ________________________________________
  351. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:15 PM
  352. ((oh shit you're right, sorry. Bow made me forget.))
  353. ________________________________________
  354. GM Hello      8:16 PM
  355. The next moment is filled with confusion as the last mounted samurai tries and fails to shoot Akina from behind her tree.
  356. ________________________________________
  357. Jirozame Shinkai      8:16 PM
  358. Seeming to find his target finally, Shinkai draws back his arrow and lets fly into Samurai A, chunking into a gap in his armor with an arrow. ((25 to hit, 23 damage.))
  359. ________________________________________
  360. GM Hello      8:16 PM
  361. (Shinkai, Kuzen, Narumi.)
  362. Akina fires her shot at Peon D, dealing some damage and letting out a whoop of joy.
  363. ________________________________________
  364. Kuzen      8:17 PM
  365. Kuzen's blade scrapes against the samurai's armor as he launches a counterattack, noting him as the most prevalent threat. "Your strikes are unbalanced."
  366. ________________________________________
  367. Narumi      8:17 PM
  368. Narumi grimaced behind her scarf and shifted to stand up, forgoing stealth entirely to get as good a view of her target as possible. "Come and get it corpse-kisser!" she called out as she let fly at her target 'B' once more! (Full Attack, 22 hits, 14 damage)
  369. ________________________________________
  370. Kuzen      8:17 PM
  371. (24 I believe misses that samurai who attacked me)
  372. ________________________________________
  373. GM Hello      8:18 PM
  374. (Hai. And B takes a hit.)
  375. ________________________________________
  376. Narumi      8:19 PM
  377. (Whose turn now?)
  378. ________________________________________
  379. Lionheart      8:20 PM
  380. (Remaining enemies than top of next round on me)
  381. ________________________________________
  382. GM Hello      8:21 PM
  383. The next few moments are moments of obvious panic for the ashigaru who are wavering under the assault. Only the valiant and still unharmed samurai manages a hit. On Kuzen. Well at least the air from his amazing swings does some damage. (Kuzen takes 6 damage. From wind attack.)
  384. ________________________________________
  385. Kuzen      8:23 PM
  386. Kuzen reaches a hand down and brushes some dust off from his armor.
  387. GM Hello      8:23 PM
  388. (And Toghurl.)
  389. (2 minutes. Kuro roll up.)
  390. ________________________________________
  391. Lionheart      8:25 PM
  392. (Peons are Ashigaru?)
  393. ________________________________________
  394. Narumi      8:26 PM
  395. (Yus)
  396. ________________________________________
  397. Lionheart      8:28 PM
  398. "Sit down!" Toghurl blitz into the fray and smashes one of the samurai down to the floor with a swift whack of his blade. (Successful hit on samurai B. Successful Knockdown. 15 damage)
  399. ________________________________________
  400. GM Hello      8:29 PM
  401. Samurai B hits the deck with a thud.
  402. Akina continues to fire into the peons with a few plinks here and there. (11 damage to E.)
  403. ________________________________________
  404. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:30 PM
  405. Kuro runs the Peon F man through, hilt deep into his vital organs, before kicking the dead man off his blade into the dirt. (42 to hit, 38 damage!)
  406. ________________________________________
  407. GM Hello      8:31 PM
  408. (E and F have both died. There are 3 Peons left. And 1 currently standing samurai.)
  409. (Wait, you can't FA while using a bow.)
  410. ________________________________________
  411. Narumi      8:32 PM
  412. (Really? Shit... Well, that changes things...)
  413. ________________________________________
  414. Jirozame Shinkai      8:32 PM
  415. ((Which samurai is still up?))
  416. ________________________________________
  417. GM Hello      8:32 PM
  418. (D for Dickhead.)
  419. ________________________________________
  420. Jirozame Shinkai      8:33 PM
  421. Drawing an arrow, Shinkai fires at Samurai D, but misses. He curses under his breath and gets ready for his next shot.
  422. ________________________________________
  423. GM Hello      8:33 PM
  424. (Narumi, reroll.)
  425. ________________________________________
  426. Narumi      8:33 PM
  427. (So... Can I switch to charging at him with a sword then?)
  428. ________________________________________
  429. GM Hello      8:34 PM
  430. (Yeah, uses an action to put the bow up and another to draw the sword.)
  431. ________________________________________
  432. Jirozame Shinkai      8:34 PM
  433. ((I'm going to have to pass out, sadly. I faceplanted into the keyboard. ><))
  434. ________________________________________
  435. Narumi      8:34 PM
  436. (She'll just drop the bow for now and pick it up later)
  437. ________________________________________
  438. GM Hello      8:35 PM
  439. (Sorry it is so late Shinkai. Feel better soon yeah?)
  440. ________________________________________
  441. Narumi      8:35 PM
  442. Narumi drops her bow and draws her sword, rushing forward in a guarded position as she moved to get closer to the last mounted foe... (Defence stance and move)
  443. ________________________________________
  444. Kuzen      8:35 PM
  445. Kuzen follows up Togruhl's movement, bringing his blade up and down as he cuts into the prone samurai while he is off guard. (21 to hit, 27 wounds)
  446. (Samurai B)
  447. ________________________________________
  448. Jirozame Shinkai      8:35 PM
  449. ((Not that it's super late, I've just been sleeping like garbage. >< Good luck guys!))
  450. ________________________________________
  451. Kuzen      8:36 PM
  452. (Good night, take care)
  453. ________________________________________
  454. GM Hello      8:36 PM
  455. (Gdnite.)
  456. ________________________________________
  457. Narumi      8:36 PM
  458. (Night man)
  459. ________________________________________
  460. GM Hello      8:36 PM
  461. Samurai B tries to curl up but gets stabbed anyway.
  462. ________________________________________
  463. Narumi      8:36 PM
  464. (Thankfully I can stick around due to not working until later)
  465. ________________________________________
  466. GM Hello      8:36 PM
  467. An ashigaru lets off a good shot that shoots Akina in the neck. (26 damage.)
  468. And the rest fail to do much more than hit wind or the scales of the samurai's armor. It appears that honor is still stronger steel.
  469. (Toghurl.)
  470. ________________________________________
  471. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:39 PM
  472. ((am I within free range of another peon?))
  473. Lionheart      8:41 PM
  474. (Go Kuro I killed samurai B. Just doing write up keep the flow going)
  475. ________________________________________
  476. GM Hello      8:41 PM
  477. (Yeah.)
  478. ________________________________________
  479. Narumi      8:41 PM
  480. (Am I in charge range of D now after moving on my last turn?)
  481. ________________________________________
  482. GM Hello      8:41 PM
  483. (Yes.)
  484. ________________________________________
  485. Narumi      8:44 PM
  486. Narumi grimaced as she ran past the bodies of the other guards, aiming to paint her blade crimson with 'D''s blood. Making a leap as she rushed forward, her blade managed to connect, but slid off his armor due to the angle she was at! (Missed by two!)
  487. ________________________________________
  488. Kuzen      8:45 PM
  489. The samurai now dispatched, Kuzen shifts attention to Peon B, slashing the man across the arm with one quick swipe (36 to hit, 1 CR for damage, 15 wounds). "You're not good at this."
  490. ________________________________________
  491. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:45 PM
  492. Kurosawa's blade swings wide and true, slashing deep across peon B's chest! ((32 to hit, 23 damage! Was waiting on Toghrul but here we go))
  493. ________________________________________
  494. Lionheart      8:45 PM
  495. Lowing his blade to his waist, Toghrul follows through on the downed opponent and swings his blade upward slashing against their exposed neck. A soft thud of resistance was enough for Toghurl to know he never needed to look back at that samurai ever again. The swift silent swing draws a fresh coat of red across its shining steel. Disgusted at this dirty work and waste of life, Toghrul swipes his blade to the side flicking the blood off the blade before facing the next enemy.
  496. ________________________________________
  497. GM Hello      8:46 PM
  498. Samurai D returns Narumi's failed attack with one of his own. Swiping her with a quick and massive blow of his sword. (27 attack. 31 damage.)
  499. ________________________________________
  500. Narumi      8:46 PM
  501. (Voiding that)
  502. ________________________________________
  503. GM Hello      8:46 PM
  504. Akina fails to do much of anything, trying to take the arrow out of her face. (misses.)
  505. A single ashigaru manages to shoot her again, in the belly this time.
  506. She falls to the ground holding the arrow.
  507. (Toghurl. There are two ashigaru left. One injured. 1 samurai still standing. A god among men.)
  508. ________________________________________
  509. Narumi      8:49 PM
  510. (Gut this fucker!)
  511. ________________________________________
  512. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:49 PM
  513. ((who's within range of samurai-sama))
  514. ________________________________________
  515. GM Hello      8:50 PM
  516. (everyone.)
  517. ________________________________________
  518. Lionheart      8:51 PM
  519. (Everyone goes)
  520. (wait HOLD YOURS ROLLS lets see if I can meta thiss)
  522. Toghrul, a heart full of compassion and the will to end this bloodshed swiftly, rushes in at the samurai and swings out with all his might!.... and his attack is blocked flawlessly. (Switch to full attack. Void attack. Fail to hit + knockdown)
  523. ________________________________________
  524. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:55 PM
  525. The white haired samurai rushes to the right of Toghrul and swipes his katana deep into samurai D's side! ((33 to hit, 15 damage))
  526. ________________________________________
  527. GM Hello      8:55 PM
  528. D takes the hit like a man.
  529. (Kuzen.)
  530. ________________________________________
  531. Narumi      8:56 PM
  532. Narumi is not happy with this man, and hacks into his side opposite of the Shinjo! (36 to hit, 18 damage)
  533. ________________________________________
  534. Kuzen      8:57 PM
  535. Kuzen's blade makes a shallow cut against Peon C, bringing more misery all around. (29 to hit, 14 wounds)
  536. ________________________________________
  537. GM Hello      8:57 PM
  538. D takes in a deep breath and grunts at the hit. (Void that down. No void left.)
  539. Now the ashigaru are super fearful and both try to flee. (Two simple moves to flee.)
  540. ________________________________________
  541. Narumi      8:59 PM
  542. "Archer-ko! Don't let any of them leave!" Narumi calls out.
  543. ________________________________________
  544. GM Hello      8:59 PM
  545. D ignores them running and strikes down the most annoying fly near him. Kurosawa takes a massive hit to the chest from this surprisingly good samurai. (36 to hit, 30 damage to Kuro.)
  546. (Toghurl, and everyone else.)
  547. ________________________________________
  548. Lionheart      9:03 PM
  549. Toghrul gives chase towards the fleeing ashigaru, striking one with a thrusting attack. (Hit for 16 on ashigaru)
  550. ________________________________________
  551. GM Hello      9:03 PM
  552. That ashigaru (having already been pretty fucked up) finds it hard to breath with a sword through his chest and decides to take a nap in the bog.
  553. ________________________________________
  554. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:04 PM
  555. Kurosawa gets knocked backwards from the viciousness of the strike, going down like a sack of rocks. His jingasa flies off and rolls around on the road a bit when he eats dirt.
  556. ________________________________________
  557. Narumi      9:05 PM
  558. Narumi again is not pleased with this overfed bastard. When she sees Kurosawa go down, she shifts her blade and stabs DEEP into the samurai's gut! (35 to hit, 29 damage)
  559. (There, now in proper order)
  560. ________________________________________
  561. GM Hello      9:05 PM
  562. The samurai finally shows a hint of pain at the strikes and slowly falls to the ground holding onto Narumi's sword.
  563. ________________________________________
  564. Kuzen      9:06 PM
  565. Kuzen follows after the fleeing Ashigaru, his hand going into his kimono and coming out in a blur as he throws a knife at him (40 to hit, 6 wounds)
  566. ________________________________________
  567. GM Hello      9:06 PM
  568. "Die...die..."
  569. ________________________________________
  570. Narumi      9:06 PM
  571. "You should not have tested your luck against us," Narumi says as she twists the blade and cuts upward.
  572. ________________________________________
  573. GM Hello      9:06 PM
  574. The ashigaru tries his best to continue to flee, but the knife knocks him into Crippled like the unlucky bastard he is. (Actually, reroll that attack Kuzen.)
  575. ________________________________________
  576. Kuzen      9:07 PM
  577. (that will miss by 1 then)
  578. ________________________________________
  579. GM Hello      9:08 PM
  580. (Toghurl, you up. Everyone has one chance to kill mr runner.)
  581. ________________________________________
  582. Lionheart      9:09 PM
  583. (Moving to heal Kuro. Someone else take it)
  584. ________________________________________
  585. Narumi      9:09 PM
  586. (He's super low on HP, right?)
  587. (The last Peon that is)
  588. ________________________________________
  589. GM Hello      9:10 PM
  590. (he has, by my count 17 wounds left.)
  591. ________________________________________
  592. Narumi      9:11 PM
  593. Narumi frowns as she watches the last peon moving away... and decides that the man is a fool for having done so. Hopping on the late samurai's horse, she moves to chase! (If that's possible?)
  594. ________________________________________
  595. GM Hello      9:12 PM
  596. (...uh sure. Horsemanship TN10.)
  597. ________________________________________
  598. Narumi      9:12 PM
  599. (Assuming the thing isn't tainted all to hell and back)
  600. (22)
  601. ________________________________________
  602. GM Hello      9:13 PM
  603. Narumi has a horse moving
  604. ________________________________________
  605. Narumi      9:13 PM
  606. (Poor bastard isn't escaping now!)
  607. ________________________________________
  608. GM Hello      9:13 PM
  609. (Roll attack. You cant FA on a horse without ranks, so just basic attack.)
  610. ________________________________________
  611. Lionheart      9:13 PM
  612. Toghrul sprints back as fast as he could towards the fallen Kurosawa. Tossing his katana aside like trash he drops to his knees over the bleeding young unicorn. "Fuck Fuck FUCK!" Toghrul couldn't help but lose his cool. He had no training on this. No shugenja in sight to take over. He had to do something. Placing his hands over the wound he tries his best to stop the bleeding by applying pressure. Etiquette be damned. "Hey HEY!" Toghrul slaps a bloody hand across Kuro's cheek. "Stay with me FOCUS I told you to focus little Ku!" He can't stop the bleeding no matter how much he tries. (Failure to heal with 11 against TN15)
  613. ________________________________________
  614. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:14 PM
  615. Kurosawa appreciates the effort since he doesn't have the energy to regret it.
  616. ________________________________________
  617. Narumi      9:15 PM
  618. (23 hit, 21 damage)
  619. ________________________________________
  620. GM Hello      9:15 PM
  621. Narumi runs down the peasant and murdered him as he was running away.
  622. ________________________________________
  623. Narumi      9:16 PM
  624. The ronin woman then trotted back to the group, mindful of her injury, yet surprisingly to some, more concerned with Kurosawa
  625. ________________________________________
  626. Kuzen      9:16 PM
  627. Kuzen starts to rush forward aggressively, but slows and stops when Narumi runs down the last peasant. He scoops up his knife, replacing it in its sheath before also sheathing his katana and moving back to rejoin the group and take stock of the situation. "Kuso... three wounded. Significantly. Anyone trained in medicine?"
  628. ________________________________________
  629. GM Hello      9:16 PM
  630. (Combat over.)
  631. (Surprisingly Akina is.)
  632. ________________________________________
  633. Lionheart      9:17 PM
  634. (If no one has medicine to stabilize I'll emergency ride Kuro back home exit scene proper)
  635. ________________________________________
  636. Narumi      9:17 PM
  637. Hopping off the horse, she moved over to the two Unicorn. "If you'll permit, I can help him, if you'd like..." she said flatly.
  638. (Narumi does)
  639. ________________________________________
  640. Lionheart      9:18 PM
  641. Forcing restraint the bloodied Toghurl steps back and forces calm over himself.
  642. ________________________________________
  643. Kuzen      9:18 PM
  644. Kuzen moves over towards Akina, checking on her condition. "Enemies all dispatched, but only three of us are really in any sort of presentable shape."
  645. ________________________________________
  646. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:18 PM
  647. Kurosawa is so calm right now.
  648. ________________________________________
  649. Narumi      9:19 PM
  650. Narumi then pulls out a medicine kit, preparing it for use. "I can patch him up a bit... But for now, secure the caravan..."
  651. Narumi tries her best, but there's a LOT of blood lost! Still, she is able to at least stop him from losing any more, though the Shinjo would need a lot of bedrest...
  652. "Don't jostle him too much..."
  653. ________________________________________
  654. Lionheart      9:22 PM
  655. After Narumi finishes stabilizing the unicorn, Toghrul steps back towards him and lifts him on his back. "Rest easy now... Job's nearly done." Toghrul speaks outloud and loads Kurosawa ontop of his trusted steed.
  656. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:23 PM
  657. Kurosawa is not dead, but now only at 36 wounds means he's still out. This is a perfect time to sleep yet his eyes just stare, almost corpse like while he thinks about his life. He has less to say than ever at the moment.
  658. ________________________________________
  659. Narumi      9:24 PM
  660. The ronin then tries to deal with the wound in her own side. Though she can ignore the pain, she is still not happy with bleeding... but drops the damn kit!
  661. ________________________________________
  662. Kuzen      9:25 PM
  663. "Tsuruchi-sama, I'm thinking you'll need to be going back with Shinjo-sama." He looks over towards Narumi. "Got more bandages and medicine for her?"
  664. ________________________________________
  665. Narumi      9:26 PM
  666. Picking it up and making sure that it wasn't ruined, she manages to bandage her wound in such a way that you would not know that she was ever hurt! "Certainly..."
  667. (Only 2 healed sadly...)
  668. ________________________________________
  669. GM Hello      9:27 PM
  670. The Wasp just groans from the mud. "What the fuck was that..." She mutters into the soil.
  671. ________________________________________
  672. Narumi      9:27 PM
  673. (That Insensitive trait it seems hates you all)
  674. ________________________________________
  675. Kuzen      9:27 PM
  676. "Good, I'll start inspecting out catch then and see just what we've come across." Kuzen walks back towards the caravan, stopping at each wagon to search it thoroughly.
  677. ________________________________________
  678. GM Hello      9:27 PM
  679. In the first wagon Kuzen finds a bunch of long tubes.
  680. ________________________________________
  681. Narumi      9:28 PM
  682. Narumi starts trying to treat the Wasp, but again there is little that she can really do... "You're going to have to wear a helmet to cover up that wound..."
  683. ________________________________________
  684. Lionheart      9:28 PM
  685. With Kuro is trusted... hoofs? Toghrul steps back over and picks up his katana from the ground. "Disgusting mess this all is....." Toghrul speaks with distain towards the signs of violence all around him.
  686. ________________________________________
  687. Kuzen      9:28 PM
  688. "...the hell?" He picks up one of the tubes to examine it, checking the material and possible function.
  689. ________________________________________
  690. Narumi      9:29 PM
  691. (Any of the peasants still there?)
  692. (Wagon drivers or the like? Or are we impersonating them?)
  693. ________________________________________
  694. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:29 PM
  695. Kuro thanks the Kami for this GLORIOUS victory today, very slowly from his horse.
  696. ________________________________________
  697. GM Hello      9:29 PM
  698. (The horses were being led by the samurai on other horses.)
  699. The tubes are filled with rolls of silk. Blue, green, red, pink...
  700. It seems someone wanted stylish outfits for Winter Court.
  701. ________________________________________
  702. Narumi      9:30 PM
  703. As Narumi comes closer to the Caravan itself, putting away her kit, she frowns. "Such a waste... This is nearly useless..." she muttered. "What of the other two wagons?"
  704. ________________________________________
  705. Lionheart      9:31 PM
  706. Toghrul steps beside Kuzen while he examines them. ".... Jackpot."
  707. ________________________________________
  708. Kuzen      9:31 PM
  709. "We seem to have stolen the newest fashionable kimono for winter courts." His mouth twitches and he sets the tube back and goes on to the next wagon. "Good question."
  710. ________________________________________
  711. GM Hello      9:31 PM
  712. The second wagon holds bushels of rice. Lots and lot of them. And what smells like fermented cabbage.
  713. ________________________________________
  714. Narumi      9:32 PM
  715. "There we go! Although.... Ugh, what is that SMELL?"
  716. ________________________________________
  717. Kuzen      9:32 PM
  718. "This we can definitely use..." Kuzen nods in approval before moving towards the third, the really heavy one. "It should be screened, but we can always take more food."
  719. ________________________________________
  720. Lionheart      9:33 PM
  721. Toghrul wipes his hands clean of blood and grabs one happily. Proudly swinging the beautiful cloth into the air and marveled at the quality of them. "These are wonderful! I haven't seen such quality since my years in Medinaat al-Salaam's courts!"
  722. ________________________________________
  723. GM Hello      9:33 PM
  724. The final wagon contains a single chest in the middle of the space. A big ass lock is on the front.
  725. ________________________________________
  726. Narumi      9:34 PM
  727. "Stop..."
  728. ________________________________________
  729. Kuzen      9:35 PM
  730. Kuzen gives the chest a very careful inspection, to ensure nothing deadly has been secreted on or near the chest. (34 on Investigation) "Probably money, but I don't want to force it."
  731. ________________________________________
  732. Narumi      9:35 PM
  733. "First of all... I want to know what that smell is. Either there's poison in it or something else amongst it..."
  734. ________________________________________
  735. GM Hello      9:35 PM
  736. (No traps.)
  737. ________________________________________
  738. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:35 PM
  739. Kuro has a vital warning that he can't pass on so he sleeps on the horse.
  740. ________________________________________
  741. Lionheart      9:36 PM
  742. Toghrul rejoins the others at the lock covered in several layers of fine silk. "Got a hammer?" Toghrul inquisitively examines the mechanism.
  743. (Call engineering roll?)
  744. ________________________________________
  745. GM Hello      9:37 PM
  746. (Yeah.)
  747. Lionheart      9:37 PM
  748. (11)
  749. ________________________________________
  750. GM Hello      9:37 PM
  751. (It no budge.)
  752. ________________________________________
  753. Narumi      9:37 PM
  754. Shaking her head, Narumi moves over to the chest. "Hold on... Can we be... subtle about this?"
  755. ________________________________________
  756. Kuzen      9:37 PM
  757. "Looks clear. I'll go check the food supply, but some foods do just smell nasty." He backtracks to the second wagon to investigate the food, though he keeps his hands clear.
  758. ________________________________________
  759. Narumi      9:38 PM
  760. "Toghrul-san, if you can bring me some oil from my pack? I think I left it near where we were hidden, next to my bow..."
  761. ________________________________________
  762. Lionheart      9:39 PM
  763. "Hai." The multi-colored unicorn steps off to gather this oil and returns with it shortly.
  764. ________________________________________
  765. Narumi      9:41 PM
  766. "Thank you," she said, before seeing if a little bit of oil helped to loosen the lock.... Until she smacked her forehead. "Did we even..? We should check to see if any of the samurai or peons had the key..."
  767. ________________________________________
  768. GM Hello      9:42 PM
  769. A search would reveal that they didn't. Probably because they couldn't be trusted.
  770. ________________________________________
  771. Kuzen      9:43 PM
  772. "Their job was to bring it to its destination. They don't need to have a key." Kuzen uses his knife to gently poke at the food crates, checking for anything suspicious or out of place. Especially the rice.
  773. ________________________________________
  774. GM Hello      9:44 PM
  775. The rice looks fine.
  776. Well kept and not tainted. Everyone has a piece of jade they can poke it with.
  777. ________________________________________
  778. Kuzen      9:46 PM
  779. "Well, I say we gather this up and get it where it needs to go." Kuzen draws his katana and goes around removing the heads of the fallen enemies. "We've done what we can in the field."
  780. ________________________________________
  781. Narumi      9:48 PM
  782. Narumi seems to hum in thought to herself. "Aye, I think you're right..." she said.
  783. ________________________________________
  784. Lionheart      9:49 PM
  785. "A proper tool should suffice. Many with this sort of expertise back at the castle." Toghrul simply shrugs and goes back to picking through the kimonos.
  786. (player out)
  787. ________________________________________
  788. Narumi      9:49 PM
  789. "I doubt we'll be able to though. We need to bring it to the site while disguised, remember?"
  790. ________________________________________
  791. Kuzen      9:50 PM
  792. "Well, so long as the lock holds up, and it stays inside." Kuzen flicks the blood off his katana, sheathing it fluidly. "This is likely the prime item needed."
  793. ________________________________________
  794. Narumi      9:51 PM
  795. "Agreed... Now... we'll need to disguise ourselves. As... unseemly as it is, we'll need their uniforms I think..."
  796. ________________________________________
  797. GM Hello      9:52 PM
  798. The group would don their foes' armor and arrive at the next checkpoint looking like they had been attacked. A magistrate would greet them with 'alarm' and start berating Kuzen for how he looked and how the wagons were a mess.
  799. ________________________________________
  800. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:53 PM
  801. ((Kuro withdraws with Toghrul!))
  802. ________________________________________
  803. Narumi      9:53 PM
  804. Narumi stays quiet through the exchange, simply watching for what happens next.
  805. ________________________________________
  806. Kuzen      9:53 PM
  807. Kuzen will bows his head and take the berating, "Hai, Magistrate-sama. It is as you say Magistrate-sama, I allowed myself through carelessness to suffer damage to my armor."
  808. ________________________________________
  809. GM Hello      9:54 PM
  810. The magistrate walked up to the samurai. "You must ride as quickly as possible. No excuses I don't care if you die!" And (26 slight of hand.) magically Kuzen finds a set of travel papers have appeared in his pocket.
  811. "I don't care if all of you die, you can't be late!" The Magistrate gets out of the way of the caravan and continues yelling at them.
  812. ________________________________________
  813. Kuzen      9:55 PM
  814. Kuzen bows again, frowning slightly to himself that he didn't catch the travel papers appearing in his pocket.
  815. ________________________________________
  816. Narumi      9:56 PM
  817. Narumi follows along with Kuzen, getting the caravan going again as the Magistrate 'hounds' them
  818. ________________________________________
  819. GM Hello      9:57 PM
  820. In the end they travel to the next city where they hand the wagons off to a confused looking crew. The samurai and ashigaru shrug and take the wagons and 'new' orders without question. Our heroes arrive home 3 days after they set out, looking like someone ran over them with a horse.
  821. (you may rp from here if you want. I am going to be lazing about.)
  822. ________________________________________
  823. Kuzen      9:58 PM
  824. Kuzen looks over at Narumi, "Don't think I caught your name or a proper introduction in all of this... somehow. That was sloppy of me."
  825. ________________________________________
  826. Narumi      9:59 PM
  827. Narumi is glad to be back, though she only shows a slight sigh, before looking over at Kuzen. "Narumi is my name. And it is forgiven. Not many notice me to begin with."
  828. ________________________________________
  829. Kuzen      10:00 PM
  830. "Kuzen." He bows, "I've known a few people for whom that is the intention not to be noticed. It is a way to survive in a world gone mad."
  831. ________________________________________
  832. Narumi      10:01 PM
  833. "Hai. In my case, it is simply something that is, however. I do not believe I will be one of those known for deeds of valor, though I will do my duties nonetheless..."
  834. ________________________________________
  835. Kuzen      10:02 PM
  836. "Not many ronin are known for deeds of valor, just for quiet competence. That's the best some of us can ever hope for." He pulls out a bottle of something and takes a drink from it. "You were certainly effective in battle, and had the means to treat others."
  837. ________________________________________
  838. Narumi      10:03 PM
  839. "I had to learn such. Living on the road means that one cannot rely on there being others to lean on after all."
  840. "You did well yourself."
  841. ________________________________________
  842. Kuzen      10:04 PM
  843. "Thanks, though again, sloppy. Letting myself get nicked a few times, and letting some strikes go awry. I do know plenty about living on the road though." He nods.
  844. ________________________________________
  845. Narumi      10:05 PM
  846. "A life that many are forced to endure these days. Hopefully we will see the end of those days within our lifetime."
  847. ________________________________________
  848. Kuzen      10:06 PM
  849. "Somehow I doubt it. A thousand years this fight was building, we had our moment, and we lost. I don't expect to see our victory in my lifetime. But I will do all I can to ensure it comes soon enough in someone else's."
  850. ________________________________________
  851. Narumi      10:09 PM
  852. Narumi, for once, lets a look of actual anger cross her face. "I cannot say that I agree with your thinking... No matter if it is not in our lifetime or not, it was not a mere 'moment'... It was a promise... One that was taken from us."
  853. ________________________________________
  854. Kuzen      10:10 PM
  855. "Life is made of moments, some pass us by unremarked, some are built of other moments. Some moments can change a life forever. As they all trickle past us like sand in our fingers. As far as promises go... we were promised a chance. It was up to us to succeed."
  856. ________________________________________
  857. Narumi      10:11 PM
  858. "Then we'd best make sure that it's not too late to do so..."
  859. ________________________________________
  860. Kuzen      10:12 PM
  861. "That moment in the Throne Room is come and gone. But through out efforts we may find another moment to change things. We cannot fail then."
  862. ________________________________________
  863. Narumi      10:14 PM
  864. "Indeed... Have a pleasant day, Kuzen-san..."
  865. ________________________________________
  866. Kuzen      10:14 PM
  867. "You as well Narumi-san."
  868. ________________________________________
  869. Narumi      10:15 PM
  870. (And that's scene then. I gotta go get ready for work here. Thanks again everyone!)
  871. (Thank you for GMing Hello!)
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