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Apr 30th, 2015
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  1. Hi all. Just thought I'd send out a sub email message out, since I haven't streamed for a
  3. while, and still might not for a bit. I like writing things like this out, but don't want to make it -too- public, this seems like the best outlet.
  5. So, I went to Melbourne for a week. That was scheduled, and I put that in my title etc. It was a really good trip, and I had a lot of fun.
  7. Since I've got back, things have not been great on my end. One of my best mates has been doing some really creepy/disgusting shit, having money issues on the home front with my mum, I'm finding it really hard to get back into speedrunning after my break (especially considering I'm apparently banned from GDQs, something I still have to discuss with the staff when I get my headspace right because the reasoning is pretty ridiculous in my opinion), and one of my other best friends is getting abused in her home and may end up having to take refuge with me.
  9. As you might understand, I'm really not up for dealing with masses of people at the moment. It might take me some time before I'm ready to start streaming again. I do want to start doing some runs and/or practice, but off stream stuff. Check YT in the coming days if you want proof I'm still alive I guess, as that's where stuff will go for the moment.
  11. I guess I just wanted to let you guys know, because I guess I feel guilty not streaming more. Which is a bit ridiculous, but it's there. I hope you understand that other matters have to take a priority.
  13. In regards to games, Pokems might be taking a backseat for a while again. My plan was to get super serious about Emerald and run both glitched and glitchless at some point in June/July to submit any% to AGDQ, but that may not be an option anymore. It's also getting much less fun to run, pretty much the only Pokemon games that feel even remotely appealing to me are the Johto games.
  15. However, I will be attending ASM, which is an Aussie Speedrunning thing happening on July 18th/19th. It's being held at AVCon, so speedrunning isn't the main priority of the entire event, but I still think it's cool that an aussie speedrunning thing got put together. Here's the schedule for those interested:
  17. Games you might see in the future include Sonic CD, Wario Land 3, Tails Adventure, Sonic 2 (SMS), and as seen above Sonic 2 (GEN) and Wario Land 2. There are lots of others I'm thinking about, but those are most likely on the top shelf that are more than just really small projects (like Pingu)
  19. Thanks for reading & understanding. I appreciate it a lot more than I let on.
  21. Cheers,
  22. werster~
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