Brendan Keogh & Dan Golding

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  1. Subject: Brendan Keogh & Dan Golding
  2. Sources: Overland, Press Select, Twitter.
  3. Date Compiled: April 27th, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Investigation.
  5. ~@boogiepoprobin
  6.                                         ************************************************************
  8. Summary:
  9. There is evidence that Brendan Keogh and Dan Golding had a personal relationship while Keogh recommended (In Overland) Golding's "Listening to Proteus".
  11. 09.20.10: (@brkeogh) @dangolding Yay! We are not XBL chums, are we? I'm ********* if you want a friend. (Don't we all?)
  12. 01.14.11: (@brkeogh) If facebook is accurate, then it is @dangolding's birthday today. Happy birthday, @dangolding!
  13. 03.05.11: (@brkeogh) @dangolding. You got like an hour or so to add me to Steam if you still want an uncensored L4D2, yo.
  14. 06.28.12: (@brkeogh) Forget Tim Schafer, I’m hanging out to see the dreamy @dangolding on stage. #GameMasters
  15. 07.23.12: (@brkeogh) @dangolding NP! I'm tweeting them because they are worth reading, mind. Not *just* to get you paid :p
  16. 08.03.12: (@brkeogh) @dhindes I didn't yet, but I have borrowed a capture box whatsit for my 360 off @dangolding so I am going to!
  17. 03.13.13: (@brkeogh) For my 27th bday I ate brunch, played MW3 all day, drank some beer, and got a PS2 from @dangolding. All in all an okay day.
  18. 02.21.14: (@brkeogh) @dangolding oh good, at least i'm not just filling up your phone with never opened snaps. i often wonder this
  19. 05.09.14: (@brkeogh) @dangolding Hey Dan want to learn how to play Netrunner?
  20. 05.26.14: (@brkeogh) @dangolding wanna do my final tutes tomorrow? I think I’m pretty done
  21. 07.07.14: (@brkeogh) @dangolding @pdstafford I'm brkeogh on wiiu but whatever no one ever asks me
  23. 11.22.12: Killing Is Harmless: new avenues for videogame criticism (Dan Golding)
  24. "As much as I’d like to, I won’t publish a review of it as it’s never a good idea to review a friend’s work" (Referencing Brendan Keogh)
  26. Keogh also co-founded "Press Select" with Dan Golding.
  28. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  29. Autumn 14: On video game criticism (Overland)
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