DBL - Chronoa and Shalloh

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  1. [2019-09-20 16:57] *[user]Chronoa O Clock[/user] was up to her ever watchfulness! Now and then a small pink-hued nightingale fluttered about, following Shalloh and sailing overhead, nestled here and there.. or perhaps there were just lots of those pink birds in the Void Nexus? Although there never seemed to be more than one around. Things seemed somewhat calm.. [b]somewhat[/b] and dark eyes studied the curious Time Patroller. The issues of West City hadn't been ignored, but were.. not exactly what she was focused on, for the moment. Chronoa waited, biding her time and taking mild comfort in that small form before she again took flight, this time circling closer, lower and lower, and clearly the nightingale was honing in on the Saiyan.
  3. [2019-09-20 17:09] *[user]Shalloh[/user] wasn't exactly hard to find! Just, y'know, follow the trail of occasional destruction. She'd spent the night at Pan's house after their incident the other day, but when the attack on West City began, Shalloh took off like a bat out of hell.
  5. Not [b]towards[/b] the city, mind you.
  7. No, instead she tore up the earth and stone sprinting as far [b]away[/b] as her legs could carry her, and in her case, that's quite the distance! Every voice in her heart shouted at her to charge in and offer whatever aid was possible, but her body staunchly refused, instinctively knowing there was no place for her. At best, she'd be horribly outclassed, and at worst, she'd only go mad with fury and make the situation [b]worse.[/b] So she did the appropriate thing and bailed.
  9. Coward.
  11. [2019-09-20 17:21] *[user]Chronoa O Clock[/user] disliked occasional destruction, and casual destruction. Thankfully the Void Nexus tended to heal itself when it came to the terrain and formations of land, the plants and overall ambient environment. Chronoa however saw it, the past trails, felt the mending, felt the pain and tears of the land. She saw what it had been, what it became, and what it was becoming for a sense of normality.
  13. Feathered wings took her onward, the small bird sailing and as things seemed clear, she swooped down at Shalloh. Was she going for a peck between the eyes?! No, no, the pink bird took on a soft glow and soon the kai just settled down, heels to the earth and hands resting knuckles to her hips. "Shalloh, right?.."
  15. [2019-09-20 17:30] *[user]Shalloh[/user] to her credit, didn't react by [b]immediately[/b] blasting Chronoa in the face. It was just a bird, after all, and she [b]was[/b] booking it pretty hard. Poor thing probably didn't even have a chance to react in time, which is why she went to swerve out of the way like she did for every tree, rock and other obstacle in her path OH SHIT THAT BIRD TOTALLY JUST SWOOPED IN FRONT OF HER, AGAIN, AND THEN FUCKING TRANSFORMED WHAT IS THIS--
  17. Shalloh practically screeched to a halt, ending up face-down in the dirt and skidding forward with her leftover momentum as she reeled from the surprise. [color=orange]"AH OH GEEZ WHAT THE HECK I, uh, ah-heh. Uh. Yeah! That, that's me! .... Sigh, guess paperwork continues even in this godsforsaken realm? Or... No, you're not here for paperwork. Imagine, me, lucky enough to get off [b]that[/b] lightly. Ha!"[/color]
  19. [2019-09-20 17:37] *[user]Chronoa O Clock[/user] smiled softly, trying to hold back a bit of a giggle as her fingers curled against her lips. "Sorry about that! It was either do this or try and freeze you and slow you down a bit, buuuut I didn't think that would be the right approach. As for paperwork? Yep! Follows us everywhere I'm afraid, just like your Time Signature. It's a fascinating patroller thing, really.. even in a place like this!"
  21. She gave Shalloh a bit more of a look over, magenta locks bobbing. "But this place hasn't been forsaken by the gods. On the contrary! It's become a focus to those of us here, as well as its inhabitants, such as yourself. And wow, your power Shalloh? That's pretty explosive and of note.. so I figured I'd come check up on you."
  23. [2019-09-20 17:47] *[user]Shalloh[/user] shook her head, frowning. [color=orange]"Might not be the worst idea, actually. Put me on ice for... gee. I dunno. How long you think it'd take to mellow out the [b]endless, infinite pit of white-hot, formless, meaningless [u]fury[/u][/b] inside me?"[/color]
  25. The young Saiyan wasn't exactly anything particularly special to look at, at least not as far as eyes were concerned. Maybe a [b]teensy[/b] bit more sullen and self-depreciating than entirely necessary, but well within the statistical margin of variance! [color=orange]"Well when you put it like that, it [b]definitely[/b] sounds like you ought to have me frozen. At this rate, I'm just making myself a big ol' juicy target for the Dark Empire. You know, before I ended up here, one time I went mad and almost killed a Supreme Kai."[/color] In training. But still! [color=orange]"You sure 'checking up' on me is the kind of risk you wanna be taking?"[/color]
  27. [2019-09-20 18:00] [user]Chronoa O Clock[/user]: "Oh no way. That only pauses matters, stops your development. There's no mellowing out or adjusting to the power you have through that method. The key is to not allow that fury to consume you. You're more than the rage you hold within. This power, it feeds on that, feeds on your self-views and the anger you bottle, so it can express it for you." Chronoa kept her smile, even while standing before the living Saiyan dynamite. "I have views and theories on the Saiyan variant known as the Legendaries that have cropped up every thousand years or so across times. They're so rare, probably beyond the mystical aspect, because their physical forms and minds can't keep up with the power they contain. Fighting is the best form of expression for you Saiyans.. but you have more than that at your disposal. You can talk too.. at least, those of you like yourself who are less primal."
  29. Her dark gaze drifted skyward at the mention of the Dark Empire. "I take lots of risks.. I'm partners with a man who's repeatedly tried to destroy and rewrite history. I have the Demon God of Death camping in my back yard and I'm debating inviting to dinner the student of my arch nemesis, who happened to time-warp a mortal child and now traumatized her trying to catch her in a cage." Chronoa giggled but it lacked mirth, yet her gaze remained hopeful. "Risks... It's kiiinda what I do these days. And you seem like you could use a friend, at the very least."
  33. [2019-09-20 18:33] *[user]Shalloh[/user] glared. [color=orange]"You know what I need? I need a life of my own. I'm tired of sharing this body with what feels like someone else entirely! When that... that [b]violence[/b] rises up from inside me... It's like I'm not even [b]me[/b] anymore! You know I'd never even thrown a punch before I came to Earth? This isn't... This isn't right!"[/color]
  35. She takes a few long, deep breaths, as if calming herself down... but what she was really just doing was pushing that directionless hate back down inside herself. Because clearly, it wasn't going anywhere else on its own.
  37. [2019-09-20 18:42] [user]Chronoa O Clock[/user]: "But Shalloh, [i]this [b]is[/b] a life of your own[/i], and what you make of it." She couldn't contain the giggle, but it wasn't a laugh at Shalloh. "Sorry about that, it's just.. You remind me of someone. She thinks of her energy, an energy she creates and uses, as not being part of her, just within her. She used to call it bad.. and still does. But Shalloh, this is part of you. Until you accept that, you'll continue to fight against it, bottle it and contain it.. and it will grow and lash out with the same force you put into trying to keep it down. Time changes people. Mortals especially, as you're here to learn, develop and evolve, to teach and expand. The past you is also still a part of you, still you.. and it's up to you to work on how future you will become by focusing on the you here and now."
  41. [2019-09-20 19:01] *[user]Shalloh[/user] grit her teeth, and for a moment, she looked like she was considering throwing a punch at Chronoa!
  43. Instead of doing [b]that[/b] horrible, ill-advised blunder of a thing, she reached out and grabbed the shorter woman by the shoulder. [color=orange]"Chronoa... Can I show you something?"[/color] With her permission, she closed her eyes and started meditating, plumbing inside herself for the depths of her power. She had an inkling of what would happen as a result of this exercise, and that only meant she was slightly better prepared for what would inevitably happen. At first, nothing out of the ordinary happened, her energy just steadily rose, the Saiyan powering up like it was totally fine and dandy.
  45. Until it [b]wasn't.[/b]
  47. There was no warning, no gradual transition, not even the faintest hint of what was coming next. Sure, there might have been some nervous anticipation on Shalloh's part, but nothing that could have prepared Chronoa for what was coming next. Her energy kept on rising, right up until she hit a [b]wall.[/b] Not a wall of force, not like "oh, there's nothing more to draw from," but the boundary between natural ki energy and a wild, furious, blazing hot [b]rage[/b]. Just the briefest touch made Shalloh let go of Chronoa, and she threw her hands up into the air to unleash a [b]ferocious[/b] beam of destructive force, shouting with untamed emotion.
  49. After the feeling passed, Shalloh fell to her knees, panting deeply to catch her breath. [color=orange]"I know this power [b]can[/b] be controlled... but every time something like [b]that[/b] happens, I get more and more convinced that I, personally, won't ever be able to do it."[/color]
  51. [2019-09-20 19:16] [user]Chronoa O Clock[/user]: Chronoa let herself be grabbed, giving a small nod. She was rather quiet, uncharacteristically so.. but this was a time of listening and analyzing. It was a wait.. and she observed with open eyes and senses alike.
  53. "You have a disconnect, Shalloh.." Chronoa flinched, wincing away from the brilliant light, the sheer power and the destructive force that chomped its way skyward through the Nexus. A single hand rose, magic helping to curb that energy, dissect it and tear it apart in a rapid dwindle of its time so that beacon of power didn't risk being a wayward assault to anyone or anything. "You convincing yourself into being incapable, will make you incapable. Honestly.. Despite he's not a Saiyan, this is something that I think Demigra could help you with. He knows all about taming fury and persistence. But this disconnect between your controlled life energy and this raw wild power sounds like something a.. ugh.. [i]a demon once told me about[/i]"
  55. The time kai huffed, arms crossing over her chest, gaze skyward. She was NEVER going to admit she paid attention to a demon's rambles! NEVER! "It's an ability that goes beyond your mortal shell and thus is currently beyond your reach. It creates a distinct separation and disconnect, instead of the two being properly intertwined to be utilized on a natural scale. Your mindset only helps build and increase that barrier. It's good you can at the very least willingly let it out and command it, will it into release.. but you'll need to work with that more, and give yourself more time."
  58. [2019-09-20 19:29] *[user]Shalloh[/user] grit her teeth even harder at that insinuation. It was bad enough to have everyone and their mother lecturing her about how she can't keep shutting that side of herself away, but now to be sent to an [b]actual demon[/b] of all things? And considering the war she'd started waging on their kind even [b]before[/b] being dumped into the Nexus... hoo boy, there was simply [b]no[/b] way that particular interaction ended well.
  60. [color=orange]"You know, if I had a dime for every time some well-meaning mentor figure told me to just [b]give up[/b] and succumb to the foul urges that would reduce me to a cruel, malicious [b]killer[/b] like [b]every other goddamned Saiyan,[/b] I could buy a wish on the Dragon Balls to get this problem fixed once and for all. Not happening! If I have to choose between being a monster [b]some[/b] of the time verses [b]all[/b] of the time, the choice is easy!"[/color]
  63. [2019-09-20 19:42] [user]Chronoa O Clock[/user]: "Give up? That's not what I'm saying. Accepting that part of yourself isn't giving up, it's just no longer fighting against it. I'm certainly not telling you to become some malicious killer.. but it's a shame you think that about your own kind." Chronoa's frown reached her eyes, a welled up pity there as she watched Shalloh, head tilting. "While the gods have made races, I wouldn't consider them damned.. Saiyans are known as a warrior race, yes.. but.. I even watched Cumber, a Saiyan with a reputation as being an Ancient Evil.. have the most tender care and concern towards another.. His aura is so vile it can contort others, even those pure of heart like Goku.. and in that moment, you'd never guess him capable of such a thing. ..Shalloh, every race, every person has their moments. Mortals and gods alike. What you work for, how you go about it, will define yourself in those moments. Choosing to go another path is.. it's not giving up... It's just going another path on time's journey. ...The Dragon Balls were not meant for wishes like that.. Not for panties or boyfriends.. They're divine gifts, aspects of the Heavenly Realm made tangible by Namekian power and more, at least in relation to Earthling access.."
  65. She went quiet, still giving Shalloh that same look, shaking her head slowly. "You're not a monster.. but you have all the potential to become one, either by making yourself into one or letting it happen. And that is about you, not your race. Mortals have vast potential.. and each of you is special, different and with a path all your own. ..But how you traverse that path is also up to you."
  68. [2019-09-20 20:05] [user]Shalloh[/user]: [color=orange]"Then give me a sign! Show me there's even an [b]ounce[/b] of goodness left after I let it all go! Show me that I'm not [b]doomed[/b] to follow in the footsteps of millennia of raping, looting, pillaging, conquering, murdering, [b]filth and evil![/b] Above all else, show me that a decent, kind-hearted Saiyan who [b]doesn't[/b] give into the impulses of hate and malice is more than just the exception that proves the rule!"[/color]
  70. Shalloh's fists clenched tighter as she shut her eyes, retreating back within herself so as not to blow the lid on her proverbial tea kettle again. [color=orange]"Demigra..."[/color] The name felt like poison on her tongue, and she visibly recoiled just from testing the word out. [color=orange]"How can I trust such a vile creature? Surely, if the Saiyans' wickedness ever had an equal..."[/color]
  73. [2019-09-20 20:30] [user]Chronoa O Clock[/user]: "The sign is in of itself, Shalloh.. The future is not set in stone aside from the preservation of history. Things that have already happened.. and even that can be uh.. chiseled a bit, situation depending. Your energy is not you, but is an extension of yourself. This rage, this.. this [i]hate[/i] is also part of you, the biggest part of your challenge to overcome." Chronoa frowned, drumming to her fingers. "Bardock.. Gine.. Goku.. Vegeta.. Each one has varying kindness, each one has changed for the better. I watch my patroller Maize work often and she doesn't seem to have bloodlust, just a thrill seeker. Cumber, a renown malicious, evil Saiyan.. was so tender and caring, careful and catering to someone so much smaller and weaker than he.. This rule you have set in your mind for Saiyans, how they act, what they hold within.. is just a rule in your head. It's nothing no one made but is certainly something thought and developed over time. But you can change that and develop it into something new."
  75. Chronoa straightened, taking on more of a stoic expression, slender brows narrowed. "He is NOT a vile creature. He is my partner. Demigra is a man who made choices, took one path, then altered his path and developed his views further. He was foolish and learned from it. He makes active strides to defend this place and myself, to take down Mechikabura and even look after others in his own way. Things are not as black or white as you seem to think. You judge an entire race.. you judge a man without giving him a chance or knowing him.. and while mortals can be pretty judgmental, it's really stupid. Before you go on about the wickedness in others... you need to truly look within yourself and conquer your own hate and rage. That is the wickedness you should be concerned with.. Not with my partner who took in a little girl and reads her bedtime stories, who tries to surprise me and sets my kitchen ablaze or kidnaps my bathtub, who hides his wounds gained from defending this place and repairing rifts, who seeks to take down a true, vile evil wickedness that is Mechikabura. I trust Demigra. And he nearly destroyed me and all that I protect and work for, betrayed me and left me alone for 75 million years to do a two-person task alone.. yet you ask yourself how you can trust him?.. What has he done to YOU for this judgment that you're so pent up on blocking out forgiveness or trust?"
  78. [2019-09-20 20:42] *[user]Dark Saiyan Cumber[/user] Taking a few, long, yet slow strides out of his subterranean lair, Cumbers large, armored boots cause heavy foot falls and prints in the floor of the void forrest floor. Slowly marching in a straight line as the large saiyan trampled over underbrush and even knocked down a tree or two as he marched. A loud, slow breath was taken in through the mask around his face before cumber exhaled. Eyes locked forward on the empty air as he marched. With every single step his power level began to rise higher, and higher. Climbing to dangerous levels as The large saiyan started to shake like a nearly erupting Volcano. "Rrrggh.....Rgggggh...." Finally he blasts off the floor of the forrest, the sheer amount of fource causing a few trees around himself to explode into splinters as the Evil saiyans body became Engulfed in red and black ki. Kicking both feet backwards, there was a loud, sonic boom of a thunder clap and a ring of energy left behind in his wake as Cumber blasted off towards the Snow region. Hurtling himself forward at high speeds, ignoring the whipping, racing, biting wind around his body as the growing ball of rage made a direct, streaking line towards the snowy biome.
  80. [2019-09-20 20:42] [user]Shalloh[/user]: [color=orange]"He turned an innocent soul into a vessel to harvest energy for some demonic superweapon. He [b]tortured[/b] that child to extract said energy. He tried to destroy everything that was and everything that will be, thanks for giving me [b]that[/b] blemish on his record. But I'll tell you what he [b]didn't[/b] do, he..."[/color] Shalloh suddenly doubled over, clutching at her chest as her energy surged wildly, rapidly fluctuating up and down. [color=orange]"Nngh.... grrh..."[/color] Uh-oh.
  83. [2019-09-20 20:51] [user]Chronoa O Clock[/user]: "What?.. WHAT?!... Wait wait wait. Explain this." Chronoa straightened, arms tightening their fold as a light pink glow flickered about her in shielding. "Get a hold of yourself and talk to me. You're better than this, better than you think you are."
  86. [2019-09-20 21:01] *[user]Shalloh[/user] would have [b]loved[/b] to give a thorough, detailed explanation of just what she knew about Kayel's situation, but that was not to be. Instead, she was shaking violently, her body twitching and convulsing... and swelling... as the pained grunts and groans turned into a furious, enraged scream! [color=green]"GWOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH!"[/color] With the savagery of a Legendary Super Saiyan bursting forth, the enlarged, green-haired, pupil-less Shalloh took off like a rocket... on a [b]direct[/b] straight-line path towards Cumber!
  89. [2019-09-20 21:08] *[user]Dark Saiyan Cumber[/user] The temperate, warm climate of the forest soon bled away, the temperature dropped, lower and lower and lower by the seconds. Dropping to freezing in less than a minute but Cumber didn't seem to care. He kept heading forwards. Today was the start, the start of his new empire, the start of his return to power, the start of his new era. The green below distorted to sheets of blue ice and white snow. A sudden, spike of an idea struck him, and the saiyans path altered only slightly, diving down suddenly towards an expanse of a frozen lake.
  91. Cumbers right arm came across his chest as he turned and rammed his shoulder into the frozen sheets of ice. Plunging through with a shattering crash and into the black depths of water. A short, moment of hesitation, hopefully long enough perhaps for the outpost to start evacuating if they had detected him by now. The lake began to tremble, large, fissures spider webbing across its once peace full surface, and unexpectedly, one of the frozen ice bergs partially jutting out of the surface began to rise up. Slowly getting higher and higher before it was revealed that Cumber, had gone down into the water, sliced off the upper portion of the Ice berg, and was now carrying it from beneath.
  93. The massive mass of ice was being flown over the Tundra now, heading towards the outpost once again. Cumber could sense stronger power levels now starting to converge towards his position. One, Oddly familliar even. If he remembered the females name had been...Pan. But Familliar or not, he wasn't going to stop. Cumber kicked up the power in his flight and kept racing towards the Outpost's direction.
  95. It must have been quite the sight for whoever was at the outpost, in the distance they'd see a floating, large, white object at first. And as Cumber got closer and closer, the realization that it was a flying iceberg, Well it would have been great to see the looks on anyone's face. Instead, Cumber kept up his flight, Speeding, knowing that some berserk force was on her way towards him, yet he didn't care. When he was withing a thousand yards of the Outpost, probably close enough someone would be shouting out to him to 'stop, don't come closer' or 'state your business' or what have you, Cumber did stop. But, only to gather up his strength. "RRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHAAAAAAA!" A roar, a deafening, powerful, roar of rage was loosed as Cumber used his might, still no ki tho, and Hurtled the Ice berg at the base.
  98. Watching it launch and fall towards the outpost while the massive saiyan prepared to see who, what, and how many foes would actually come forth to face him. His blood was pumping, his heart pounding, adrenline causing his veins to throb and pulse along his bare arms, heating him in the snow as the dark saiyan waited for the first foe to come forth, waited for the first exchange of words.
  101. [2019-09-20 21:11] [user]Chronoa O Clock[/user]: Chronoa was not quite aware of the connections of Shalloh and Kayel, and her alarm was heightened, but riddled with pure confusion. "SHALLOH?!" She braced herself with crossed arms up, blinking rapidly as she slid backwards across the ground, kicking up airborn. That pink hue flickered into a dome of a shield, a scowl shot up after the green blaze that was Shalloh. "..Green again.. I can understand why Kayel is so afraid of it, if this is how Broly acted and it's so.. intense.. ..But then what's with the orange?.."
  103. She shouldn't have been out and about this long as it was, away from The Watch, away from the artifacts and scrolls.. the little kid hiding and the Demon Gods that traversed the halls. "Kai-kai.." And with that, she was gone for home, to monitor things as her Time Patrol watch beeped on the fritz.
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