MagiReco Another Story 8.4

Aug 15th, 2018
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  1. 8.4 Kamihama's Abnormality, and Reunion
  2. nighttime in the streets of Sakae Ward
  3. Sayaka: "The air is heavy... something is definitely going on... We're definitely gonna save Mami-san, though!"
  5. 8.4.1
  6. [at night on the streets of Sakae Ward]
  7. Sayaka: "...So what should we do first?"
  8. Homura: "I'd like some clues to follow to Tomoe-san..."
  9. Madoka: "Yeah, and I want to see if Iroha-chan is---"
  10. [she gets attacked]
  11. Madoka: "Kya!?"
  12. Homura: "Kaname-san!"
  13. Madoka: "I-I'm fine!"
  14. Sayaka: "What the hell are you doing!?"
  15. [we see two black feathers]
  16. black feather 1: "...nnnggaah"
  17. Sayaka: "Are they... minions of Magius?"
  18. black feather 2: "...gah...aaaah..."
  19. Sayaka: "I don't think they were like this before."
  20. Madoka: "Yeah, there's something wrong with them. They're attacking us in the middle of the city..."
  21. black feather 1: "...GAaaAAAAH!"
  22. [she attacks Homura]
  23. Homura: "Ugh!"
  24. "And they're stronger than before!"
  25. [she transforms]
  26. Homura: "We have to transform and fight back or else we're not going to make it!"
  27. [Madoka transforms]
  28. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  29. "Let's go somewhere with less people. Here we might end up getting other people hurt."
  30. [Sayaka transforms]
  31. Sayaka: "Okay! Leave rear guard to me!"
  33. 8.4.2
  34. [in an alley]
  35. Sayaka: "Now stay down! Yaa!!"
  36. [she attacks a black feather]
  37. black feather 2: "...ugh...ah!?"
  38. Madoka: "Stop this! You should already know how this will turn out!"
  39. [the black feather attacks]
  40. black feather 2: "Guh!"
  41. Homura: "Maybe... they don't understand what we're saying?"
  42. [a different black feather attacks]
  43. black feather 1: "...Gah...Aaahh!"
  44. [she hits Sayaka]
  45. Sayaka: "Kuh!"
  46. [...who counterattacks]
  47. Sayaka: "Really, would you cut it out already!?"
  48. black feather 1: "Gah!"
  49. "...uuaAAARGH!"
  50. Sayaka: (This is bad! That's a big attack...)
  51. (But!)
  52. black feather 1: "..."
  53. [the music stops]
  54. Sayaka: "...huh? W-what? They stopped?"
  55. Homura: "Don't let your guard down! It might be a trap!"
  56. Sayaka: "Y-yeah!"
  57. Madoka: "That's right."
  58. black feather 1: "What... was I doing... up til now?"
  59. black feather 2: "...ugh... Ah! It's you!"
  60. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  61. Madoka: "W-what's going on?"
  62. black feather 1: "..."
  63. black feather 2: "..."
  64. [they leave]
  65. Sayaka: "They ran!"
  66. Madoka: "Let's chase them! They might know about Mami-san!"
  67. Homura: "Yeah!"
  68. [now on the streets of Central, in blackout conditions]
  69. Sayaka: "Dammit! We lost them!"
  70. Madoka: "I remember their magic signature, but there are so many signals nearby it's hard to follow them."
  71. Homura: "And also, there was a blackout all of a sudden..."
  72. "What is going on?"
  73. ??? (offscreen): "Ah! Homura-chan?"
  74. Homura: "Huh?"
  76. 8.4.3
  77. [on the streets of Central Ward, in a blackout]
  78. ??? (offscreen): "Ah! Homura-chan?"
  79. Homura: "Huh?"
  80. "Ah, Utsuho-san!"
  81. [we see Kanoko, Karin, and Natsuki]
  82. Natsuki: "Thank goodness you were alright."
  83. [now we see just Sayaka and Kanoko]
  84. Sayaka: "Ah, you're from that time!"
  85. Kanoko: "Thanks... for that time."
  86. Madoka: "Someone you know?"
  87. Homura: "Yeah, Utsuho Natsuki-san. She was helping support me before."
  88. Natsuki: "Nice to meet you!"
  89. Kanoko: "I'm Yayoi Kanoko. Nice to meet you."
  90. Karin: "I'm Misono Karin."
  91. Sayaka: "I am Miki Sayaka. This is Kaname Madoka and Akemi Homura."
  92. "That's enough introductions. Can you tell us what's going on?"
  93. Kanoko: "Well... we don't know."
  94. Madoka: "You don't know?"
  95. Karin: "Yeah..."
  96. "I was reading manga at my club and was about to go home when..."
  97. "All sorts of things happened."
  98. "I can't contact senpai or Nagi-tan..."
  99. Kanoko: "It seems we totally got started late."
  100. Natsuki: "The girls who were headed to the heliport..."
  101. "They said we should hear the story at the Adjuster's."
  102. "The three of us were just heading over there."
  103. Kanoko: "About that..."
  104. "It seems to be an important secret regarding magical girls..."
  105. Homura: "Secret? Maybe it's..."
  106. Madoka: "Yeah."
  107. Sayaka: "..."
  108. (This secret about magical girls... it's definitely... about turning into witches.)
  109. (I don't understand what's going on, but...)
  110. (If they're telling everyone, they must have been driven into a corner...)
  111. (Mami-san... I hope you're okay...)
  112. Natsuki: "You know it already?"
  113. Homura: "I think it'd be better to hear it at the Adjuster's than to have us try to explain..."
  114. Natsuki: "I see..."
  115. "What are you all going to do now, Homura-chan?"
  116. "If you'd like, why don't you come with us to the Adjuster's?"
  117. Homura: "Thank you for the offer, but we're looking for someone..."
  118. Kanoko: "Someone?"
  119. Madoka: "Mami-san... A magical girl called Tomoe Mami."
  120. Kanoko: "Ah, her... I haven't seen her today."
  121. Natsuki: "I don't think I've seen her either."
  122. Karin: "Who?"
  123. Sayaka: "I'm pretty sure... I have a picture of all of us..."
  124. "There it is! Her."
  125. Karin: "...Ah! I saw her just before!"
  126. Sayaka: "Where!?"
  127. Karin: "Very close to here."
  128. "Tokiwa Nanaka's team was carrying her, though I couldn't see her face."
  129. "But there's no way I could mistake those spirally drill twintails!"
  130. Madoka: "S-spirally drill twintails..."
  131. Sayaka: "Umm, if they were carrying her, that means they were taking her somewhere?"
  132. Karin: "Umm, to the Adjuster's or something. They seemed to be in a hurry."
  133. [Sayaka addresses Madoka and Homura]
  134. Sayaka: "You two!"
  135. Homura: "Yeah!"
  136. Madoka: "Let's go!"
  138. 8.4.4
  139. [at the Adjuster's]
  140. Kanoko: "..."
  141. Natsuki: "The air is... kinda heavy."
  142. Karin: "There's nobody I know here..."
  143. Akira: "Natsuki! Kanoko-san!"
  144. Natsuki: "Akira!"
  145. Akira: "Thank goodness you're okay. I was worried because I didn't see you."
  146. Kanoko: "I'm alright, but I don't know what's going on..."
  147. Karin: "Ah, it's her!"
  148. "One of the people who was carrying drill-twintails!"
  149. Sayaka: "Mami-san! Where is Mami-san!?"
  150. Madoka: "Is Mami-san okay!?"
  151. Homura: "Please tell us what happened!"
  152. Akira: "Wha! Umm... Please calm down!"
  153. Nanaka: "You're her friends, right?"
  154. "She is currently unconscious, but her life is not in danger."
  155. "Come over here."
  156. [we see Mami]
  157. Mami: "..."
  158. Madoka: "Mami-san!"
  159. "I'm sorry we're so late."
  160. Mami: "..."
  161. Sayaka: "Mami-san!"
  162. "I'm sorry, we always need to be saved."
  163. Mami: "..."
  164. Homura: "Tomoe-san!"
  165. "I'm sorry that we weren't able to understand your suffering."
  166. Madoka: "But from now on, we will accept you..."
  167. Sayaka: "No matter what, whoever you are."
  168. Homura: "Please fight alongside us once again."
  169. "Together, we'll look for a way to avoid becoming witches!"
  170. Sayaka: "Find a new answer, together with us."
  171. Madoka: "So please, wake up, Mami-san!"
  172. Mami: "..."
  173. [she wakes up]
  174. Mami: "sigh..."
  175. Madoka: "Mami-san!"
  176. "I'm so glad you're awake."
  177. Sayaka: "Thank goodness you're okay, Mami-san."
  178. "Well, you might not actually be okay though."
  179. Homura: "Is everything alright? Is there anything you need?"
  180. Mami: "..."
  181. "Thank you, everyone."
  182. "I'm okay now."
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