151 no underflow

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  1. fishing mons:
  2. poliwag (can do non-glitch city CT)
  3. goldeen (double distort)
  4. shellder (get in seafoam 20% or CT in bill's cottage)
  5. slowpoke (CT in forest)
  6. magikarp (double distort or buy at moon center)
  7. seaking (evolve from goldeen or fish in unk dungeon)
  8. slowbro (evolve from slowpoke or fish in unk dungeon)
  10. 151 no underflow
  11. name rival preset "ASH" (do not name him ASH from the naming screen!)
  12. check TID at some point and mark it down
  13. buy 7 balls and 1 para heal at mart
  14. get pidgey
  15. heal in pewter (note: if your pidgey cannot be max HP for btw, deposit pidgey, heal and withdraw pidgey)
  16. btw to coin case room (if you had 16 HP, s+q in celadon center)
  17. get coin case
  18. get abra, name it ;;
  19. go to mart, pickup tm18 and drink tms
  20. get another fresh water
  21. go to 2F, sell tms
  22. buy as many great balls as possible (12)
  23. exit mart, get eevee
  24. go back to saffron (DON'T TELEPORT!)
  25. get tm29
  26. trainer-fly on route 6
  27. save+quit at pewter PC
  28. btw to saffron, then to lavender. avoid trainers Kappa
  29. continue to snorlax on route 12, then go to diglett's cave
  30. (safety save) catch level 19+ diglett
  31. swap diglett to the front, fight ekans guy (x6 growl dig x1)
  32. get bike voucher
  33. flash menu, walk to route 6
  34. catch gastly, name VV
  35. teleport back to pewter
  36. exp underflow gastly, evolve to haunter
  37. swap bulba back to front, btw to viridian gym (when you open menu for s+q at btw guy, teach tm29 to haunter)
  38. once in the gym, swap haunter to front
  39. teach tm29 if you haven't so
  40. fight cooltrainer: (psychic x1)
  41. fight blackbelt:
  42. - Machoke: Lick + Night Shade
  43. - Machop: Night Shade + Lick
  44. - Machoke: Lick + Night Shade
  46. walk through the opening created
  48. fight gio:
  49. - Rhyhorn: Night Shade x2
  50. - Dugtrio: Night Shade x1
  51. - Nidoqueen: Psychic x1
  52. - Nidoking: Psychic x1
  53. - Rhydon: Night Shade x2
  55. exit gym, teleport back to pewter
  56. swap bulbasaur to the front, brock skip
  57. don't move after loading save
  58. walk back to where btw guy was, use the empty path to get back to route 3 to reload him
  59. talk to him, btw to silph co
  60. go to 5F, fight rocket (night shade x1)
  61. get card key, make way to rival (pick up TM09)
  62. fight rival:
  63. - Pidgeot: Psychic x1
  64. - Exeggcute: Night Shade x1
  65. - Gyarados: Psychic x1
  66. - Alakazam: Night Shade x1
  67. - Charizard: Psychic x1
  69. get lapras
  71. fight rocket:
  72. - Cubone: Night Shade x1
  73. - Drowzee: Night Shade x1
  74. - Marowak: Psychic x1
  76. fight gio:
  77. - Nidorino: Night Shade x1
  78. - Kangashkan: Psychic x1
  79. - Rhyhorn: Psychic x1
  80. - Nidoqueen: Psychic x1
  82. Pick up Master Ball.
  83. Pick up rare candy on 10F
  84. Exit out Silph Co (Do not use Dig)
  85. Heal in Saffron (depo pidgey if non-max HP)
  86. Deposit all Pokemon except Abra.
  87. T-Fly on route 6 while swapping Master Ball to 6th slot.
  88. Get Missingno Encounter
  89. Swap Rare Candies into 6th Slot, catch missingno with master ball.
  90. Do another T-Fly, toss 1 master ball, swap to 6th slot.
  91. deposit missingno
  92. Get missingno encounter again.
  93. Go to PC
  94. Deposit antidote (so that it dupes master balls)
  95. deposit bottom master ball stack
  96. deposit 1 rare candy
  97. Go to withdraw menu.
  98. swap potion with antidote, then swap with master balls
  99. withdraw antidote
  100. withdraw 199 master balls.
  101. convert trainer id to hex, take first byte (first two numbers from left to right)
  102. if first byte is greater than $63:
  103.         convert to decimal
  104.         subtract 256 by the first byte (decimal)
  105.         withdraw that amount + 99 + 17
  106. if first byte is less than $63:
  107.         convert to decimal
  108.         subtract 99 by the first byte (decimal)
  109.         withdraw that amount + 17
  110. if the amount you need to withdraw is more than 56, then go to the toss menu, toss the 56 master balls, go back to the withdraw menu and withdraw the needed amount
  111. alternatively, you can withdraw without +17 and withdraw 17 a second time
  112. walk out saffron center to warp to route 16
  113. get fly
  114. toss tm27
  115. swap so master ball x99 is the last slot in the inventory
  116. teleport back to saffron
  117. walk to celadon center
  118. withdraw 1 master ball
  119. withdraw haunter
  120. swap haunter to front
  121. walk to route 15
  122. (in battle, swap master ball to 2nd slot)
  123. catch ditto and venonat (bellsprout, weepinbell and pidgeotto are bonuses) (you can skip catching venonat in exchange for venonat CT)
  124. name ditto kk
  125. teleport back to saffron, walk to cerulean.
  126. get dig tm from dig rocket:
  127. - Machop: Lick x1
  128. - Drowzee: Night Shade x1
  129. get bike and swap to first slot, use rare candy on a pokemon, swap to 6th slot, then swap 99 balls to bottom.
  130. teleport back to saffron
  131. bike to vermillion (do not toss to get back to the top)
  132. fight jr trainer-m (female is de-activated):
  133. - Spearow: Night Shade x1
  134. - Raticate: Night Shade x1
  135. deposit all but ditto, haunter, abra (all named a two letter name)
  136. change box
  137. heal in vermillion
  138. bike back to route 6, trainer-fly
  139. walk to gambler, avoid trainers
  140. fight gambler:
  141. - Voltorb: Lick x1
  142. - Magnemite: Lick x1
  143. go to route 12
  144. teleport back to vermillion city
  145. bike to route 6
  146. get mr mime
  147. name mr mime [multiplication sign][multiplication sign]
  148. bike back to route 12
  149. Fight rocker:
  150. - Voltorb: Lick x1
  151. - Electrode: Night Shade x1
  152. teleport back to vermillion
  153. swap ditto to the front (kk)
  154. go to diglett's cave, get CT move
  155. swap rare candy to 6th if you haven't already
  156. do in-battle missingno CT, catch missingno
  157. name missingno EE
  158. look at missingno stats, do in battle horsea CT, catch horsea
  159. name horsea FF
  160. open inventory, swap super rod to 4th slot
  162. do the double double distort method for all pokemon in the party (remember to catch the mutated pokemon while having a pokemon out that's name corresponds to a pokemon not caught yet)
  164. you can catch other pokemon while doing the double distorting, but it may make cooltrainer more finicky
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