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NSA Watchlist

CyberZeist2 Dec 20th, 2016 (edited) 12,386 Never
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  1. USA might be releasing the list of entities on its watch-list but that disclosure will be highly redacted. Here is partial list of IP addresses that are still on their watch-list which may or may not be released in general. I am releasing the list "As-is". I haven't tried to trace the IPs to their destination. This list contains close to 12K IPs which is just a small part of what I got hold of. Wikileaks won't accept it as it is not a document/email leak. I am under heavy scrutiny due to few election and bank hacks, so you won't find me on twitter till the matter cools down or I am able to change my real identity.
  3. I am currently publishing this list while I am on the move, rest list of IPs will be disclosed as soon as I land. I know many people won't be concerned about this release but some people on my followers list and also in this irc will get the point.
  5. Link - https://paste.ee/r/YBAc3
  7. I will republish the links if it gets deleted!
  9. twitter.com/cyberzeist2
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