TWWHD endgame route

Demon9 Oct 31st, 2013 80 Never
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  1. Skip BPR chart after FH and go straight for ETI
  2. After you set Din's Pearl sail to outset and get islet of steel chart and gold ship chart on the way
  3. After you got medli:
  4. Warp to SFI
  5. Sail to ice ring and get iron boots
  6. Sail to cabana and get the shard and rupees
  7. Warp to outset and sail to headstone
  8. Earth Temple
  9. Get song and makar
  10. Wind Temple
  11. Warp to tingle island and decipher chart (#1)
  12. Warp to outset and do savage labyrinth (500 rupees)
  13. Sail to Diamond Steppe and get ghost ship chart
  14. Warp to tingle island and decipher chart (#3)
  15. Warp to FH and sail to Bomb island for ghost ship (get rupees)
  16. Sail to BPR and get chart #2
  17. Sail to Cliff Plateau for shard
  18. Warp to Tingle Island and decipher last chart (#2)
  19. Warp to DRI and sail to Overlook
  20. Warp to greatfish and get shard and then sail to stonewatcher
  21. Warp to ToG and watch cutscene
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